Bill Was Special

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Bill Was Special

by Larry Malone

It was the 1970s, height of the sexual revolution and way before the AIDS epidemic that cooled it down and I was in the middle of it living in the San Francisco Bay area. I became an eager participant of the “free love movement” with no reservations. I had recently tried being “Bi”, giving and receiving, and enjoyed the experience to the point I was really looking forward to doubling my pleasure and the number of available partners.

I was experimenting with everyone and everything sexually available and that’s when I came across Bill’s sex ad in one of the many sex newspapers and magazines popular at the time. Bill referred to himself as a “transsexual” looking for “no strings attached sexual meetings” and in my novice sexual uninformed mind I interpreted that as another term for a transvestite male who wanted sex as he dressed as a woman. I was never with “one of those” so I was anxious to add one to my growing list of partners of new sexual adventures and whatever that included.

After answering the ad and exchanging some brief notes via post office boxes and an even briefer telephone call I was invited and went to Bill’s apartment on a sweltering summer afternoon. Bill met me at his door in a red tank top with dark chest hairs spilling over the top of it and that blended into his full-face beard. There was ample visible hair under his arm pits, and a full head of dark wavy hair. He was over 6′ 0”, trim but not buffed, with hairy legs showing under his short gym shorts popular at the time. I figured him to be in his early 30s. I thought to myself, this guy was going to be one ugly “female” if he was going to dress in drag. He invited me inside where there was a distinct aroma of marijuana lingering in the air mixed with an equal amount of the smell of stale beer. Bill had obviously been enjoying both before I got there. He offered me a cold beer which I took and a marijuana joint which I refused. He pointed to an easy chair opposite the one he was sitting in as he popped open another beer for himself and lit up another” toke.”

He was silent and just stared at me with his deep-set brown eyes as he alternated between drinking his beer from the can and “taking a hit” (smoking) on his toke and it was obvious from his glazing, dropping eyelid eyes that he was close to being “under the influence.” He asked me what I knew about transsexuals escort bayan and I answered “I thought they were men who like to wear female clothing.” He called me an idiot. I was a little taken aback by his comment but chalked up his bad attitude to his “under the influence” state of mind. He then asked me to strip which I did. My 7-1/2” uncut cock stayed soft as I sat down nude, legs apart, and sipped my beer. He sat there still staring at me then took off his tank top revealing a full chest of dark hair and then took off his shorts revealing a hairy bush of more dark hair in his crotch with nothing else showing. I still didn’t understand until he slowly parted the crotch hair showing a glistening red gash that was obviously a vagina. Stupid me asked him “what happened?” to which Bill again called me an idiot and explained he was born without a penis and spent his early years growing up female with the birth name Belinda and being treated and dressed as a girl and had a birth certificate to prove it.

He told me that It wasn’t until he reached puberty that things started to change. He started to grow taller, get muscle mass, and instead of growing breasts and having a period, he started growing hair everywhere to the point where the family eventually started taking him to doctors since the peer taunting at school was becoming alarming. Extensive medical testing revealed that Bill was indeed a genetic male, he would never have a penis although his vaginal clitoris was of average size. His testicles were inside his body and could never “drop” outside and he had no female plumbing other than the vagina and clit and never could become pregnant or have children. He and his family had to make a choice, did Bill want to be a boy or girl? If he chose being a girl with the biological limitations listed, he would have to start a lifetime of hormone treatments to achieve and maintain a female body with breasts, less body hair, more soft curves, etc. If he chose being a boy, nothing need be done but he would never have a penis which in those days was almost impossible to artificially create medically and extremely expensive to achieve in this country. Bill and family thought long and hard and together decided life would be easier and they would save a lot of money on hormone treatments if he decided to be a male. He and his family changed his name and wardrobe, he started to learn to dress and act differently, changed kocaeli escort bayan middle schools and started life as a guy except for having a medical letter that excused “him” from gym and any group showering. Before I got any more information about Bill’s private life my attention was drawn to Bill’s wide spread hairy legs and his now probing fingers.

Bill was slowly fingering his pussy and tweaking his clit, his pussy lips were expanding with excitement, as any vagina would, and started to really get wet and glistening. I wanted a closer look and Bill noticed my interest and motioned me over, as he held his vagina open I knelt in front of him and at first looked closely and noticed there were the usual inner and outer labia or “lips” but then instinctively I leaned in and started to lick the slit and the clit. I was amazed that Bill tasted like a guy! I had enjoyed my share of cunnilingus with females to know that pleasant intoxicating erotic scent of a clean woman and I had also started to go down on enough guys to know the different distinct aroma and taste of a clean guy. Bill smelled and tasted like a guy! As I started to suck and lick his pussy, I started getting hard. Bill was obviously enjoying what I was doing too since he was getting wetter and flowing more juices that also tasted like normal male “pre-cum” juice. He grabbed my head and pushed my face into his bush and I thought he was going to cum but then he had me stand up.

We proceeded to Bill’s bedroom and bed where I continued to arouse him via his sensitive vagina by sucking his clit and tongue fucking him which he really enjoyed. I tried licking his male size nipples on flat male breasts but I had a problem getting through the tangle of hair surrounding them and didn’t enjoy the tentative probing when I did try and never tried it again. When he was ready, he made it obvious he wanted me to enter him. He raised his legs high in the air, spread them wide and presented his upturn exposed glistening pussy to me. My 7-1/2” uncut cock had been rampant since my first taste of his pussy and I didn’t need any further encouragement, I entered his vagina in one straight push pleasantly feeling that it was hot and naturally lubricated. The first unique sensation I noticed was the extreme pleasure of not having to use protection or a condom which was liberating since in those days, birth control was not as readily kocaeli escort available or reliable as today. It felt great to feel body heat along the full length of my erect cock with no “rubber insulation”. Then I got a second surprise I hadn’t counted on, when Bill grasped my cock deep in his hot pussy with his internal muscles, it was tighter than anything I had ever felt including the one or two willing virgins who wanted me to “deflower” them. He had muscles that no woman I had ever been inside of had. He could internally flex and make his vagina tight as a closed fist almost to the point of pain but also made it highly exciting.

I fucked like it was my first time and before I knew it or was even ready, Bill had a verbal, body shaking huge internal orgasm. He clamped me with his legs around my back, arched his hips up and I felt his strong vaginal contractions grab my cock as he released his load that I felt lubricated his pussy more than it had been. I kept fucking hoping to catch up and have my own satisfaction but before I could, Bill said that was enough he was through and told me to pull out. I thought to myself now I know what a woman feels like, typical of a guy, once he “shot his load” he was done and wanted nothing else except to roll over and go to sleep and to hell with the sexual satisfaction of his partner.

Bill made a point of saying he really enjoyed my sex play and our fucking since not too many guys wanted to fuck a “male vagina” and he couldn’t find a female who was comfortable being with a guy with no penis but a vagina instead. He wanted me to come back again for more sex but I told him I would only do that if the next time we fucked I came first and shot my load inside him. He agreed. I did return, we did have another great fuck and I did cum first which was more than satisfying and then was able to keep fucking him until he got off. I even enjoyed sucking his pussy and drawing out both our loads while getting him off.

For some strange, psychological reason he would not let me fuck him anally, he said it was “too queer” and ironically like a lot of females, he didn’t suck cock either. All he wanted was for me to “go down on him” and then when told, to enter him and fuck him. Well, at least I didn’t have to buy Bill drinks and dinner before we had sex. The more I saw Bill the more I noticed his drinking and pot smoking were increasing each time I was there and his “attitude” was getting more and more hostile with each visit so I ended my meetings with him a couple of times after that. Bill was unique and special and I never met anyone like him since.

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