Birddoggin’ Ch. 3


Edited by: Sixty-nine

This story is, naturally enough, a continuation of Birddoggin’ 1 & 2. While this dog is intended to be sexy enough to hunt on its own, a proper understanding of the art of birddoggin’ can only truly be appreciated in sequence! ~~Red

* * * * *

“Come on, Dad,” Summer encouraged me with her beautiful smile. “Rub my feet!”

My daughter was naked and lying on her back. Her small breasts were still firm and conical in that position, as only a young girl’s can be. Her mother, chaperoning the two of us, sat on a chair in the corner of our bedroom ostensibly reading a book.

Though neither of them said it, I had the impression that until Summer and I made love Lori would always be chaperoning us. Her concern was that, through my persistence and determination, I’d get my nasty ol’ cock up Summer’s tight virgin pussy before she was ready.

I’d never do that to Summer, though. She was my darling girl just as much as she was Lori’s. In a sense, their distrust was mildly aggravating, but they were giving me a lot of leeway here. A real birddogger like me just loves leeway. Pressing leeway to its inevitable capitulation was exactly what birddoggin’ was all about.

“I’d love to rub your feet, baby-doll,” I said sweetly, grinning down on her lovely face and beautiful body. I was naked too and I figured that the longer we played around naked in bed the closer I’d get to the day that Summer was ready to spread those wonderful thighs for me.

With my honey-haired daughter lying flat on her back, I took one of her legs and put it between my own kneeling legs. I was sitting back on my haunches and scooted all the way forward until Summer’s foot was tucked in tight against my cock and balls. Then I lifted her other foot into both hands and began to sensually massage it. “I’ll rub your feet if you rub me too,” I grinned mischievously.

Summer’s eyes became big and wide as she considered this new trick of mine. Tentatively, her small, soft foot wiggled and nuzzling itself between my already erect shaft and loose scrotum. Under my encouraging smile, she began to gently stir my balls with her toes.

“That’s nice, baby-girl,” I encouraged her, rolling my eyes and enjoying the strange sensations. In return, I gave her a world-class foot rub, tenderly caressing the soles of the foot in my hands. I used my vast massaging experience to press my thumbs with just the right amount of pressure into the balls of her foot and its delicate arch.

A woman’s foot is truly a thing of beauty if well cared for. Unfortunately, most women I’d known took more care of their shoes than their feet. With dead skin and hard calluses it’s no wonder their feet hurt so much when they stand up all day in the shoes they wear.

Now there are two very good reasons for the dedicated birddogger to have a sincere interest in a woman’s feet. The first, of course, is that a good foot rub is almost always appreciated. Ingratiating himself into the hearts and the beds of the woman he’s after is the whole of the game for the true birddog. The path to many a woman’s bed was in massaging her feet. I’d learned that early on from Mom. She damned near climaxed every time I rubbed her feet once she had taught me how. She still did whenever we were together, too.

The second reason the dedicated birddogger needed an interest in women’s feet didn’t really apply just now with Summer. Usually, when you’re in a position to massage a woman’s feet, you’re also in a great position to look up their skirts. Since my only daughter was already naked, it didn’t work that way this time. Still, by spreading her legs just so her labia opened just a bit more and the light but heady fragrance that wafted up my nose was just lovely!

So first one foot and then the other. Very slowly I rubbed her feet the way I knew she liked. Summer had the most beautiful, small feet. She could have been an Asian girl with such perfect feet!

When the first foot was done, I lowered it into the place of the other and started on the second foot. I gave Summer’s foot a nudge with my pelvis and used my hand to show her how to rub her foot up and down the hard shaft very gently. It wasn’t the most stimulating sensation I’d ever felt, but it was intriguing. More importantly, though, it was a sexy thing to do. It was exciting Summer and getting her to use her imagination about sexy play.

So I kept rubbing her foot, occasionally nuzzling it with my face and blowing warm air between her toes. Thankfully Summer wasn’t ticklish on her feet.

Even a dedicated birddogger like me gets bored with such games eventually, though, so I reached down and started caressing the thin lips of my daughter’s vagina between two fingers. She was wet and excited already from the play. Like most young girls, it didn’t take her long to climax but, just as typically, such a quick cum wasn’t hard or deep.

Summer’s orgasm relaxed her even more, too. Meanwhile, bursa bayan eskort I was hard and ached to fill her up right then and there. It would have been the perfect time, too. Her flower was all wet and open. It would have been so right to fill it!

She must have seen it in my eyes because Summer reached out her arms and held me off. “I’m not ready yet, Dad,” she whined softly.

My balls were tight and aching from wanting Summer so badly. I think that’s why my wife stepped in when she did. “You can’t just leave him like that, Summer,” her mom said gently. “A man has needs too, just like you a minute ago. You got him all hot and bothered. You have to learn to take care of him.”

“What should I do, Mom?” Summer asked, tentatively reaching forward, grasping my hard prick in her hand and pumping it slowly.

“That’s a good start right there,” Lori grinned, “but you need to learn to be a bit more creative to really please him.”

I moaned softly, letting Lori know that creativity was exactly what I wanted. When Summer looked back questioningly at her mother Lori started to describe something even we hadn’t tried in a long time. “Have him sit on the edge of the bed, dear,” she began to explain. Summer and I both moved to comply making sure Lori would get a good view of the proceedings.

“A little further to the edge so that his balls hang down nicely over the side of the mattress,” Lori continued. “Yes, just like that. Now on your knees in front of him, girl. A man always loves to see that. That’s good. Now pump that fat cock in your hand and watch his face for a reaction.”

This was kinda fun, especially with Lori giving directions. She must have sensed that we both liked it because, after just a moment, she went back to her instructive dialogue. “Swirl your tongue in your mouth now, Summer. Build up a lot of saliva. When you have a whole mouthful, rise up and let it dribble out over that hard cock while you’re pumping it. Be sure to keep his prick nice and tall, that way it won’t run off to the side. Try to coat his whole shaft with it.”

To me she said, “Lean back on your arms more, darling. You’ll still get a good view from there. Don’t hover over her so much. Let your young lover have room to work.

Then again to Summer, Lori said encouragingly, “That’s perfect, Summer. Just like that! Now use the wetness to make your grip on his cock nice and slick. Yes, just like that. Men love a good, wet cock, dear. That’s the secret to a great handjob or blowjob. Keep that fat prick good and wet and he’ll love you for it, won’t you, baby?”

“It’s wonderful, girls,” I told them both agreeably. “Damn that feels so good! A little faster, baby. Yes, there!”

Lori got up from her chair and kneeled behind Summer. At first, she looked like she was going to whisper in her daughter’s ear, but when I grunted and my eyes grew wider Lori must have seen I wanted her to say it out loud.

With a smile, she told Summer just loud enough for me to hear, “Now bend over and start licking his balls. Keep the rhythm, though. Men love a sexy rhythm like that!”

Summer’s tongue on my balls was like heaven! Her licks were just instinctively right. She was initially tentative. The first few strokes of her tongue were very light and just enough to graze the prickly hairs that surround my sack. Soon, as my daughter became more brazen, her licks became firmer and more loving. Eventually, she was laving my nuts with her wonderfully wet tongue, just as good as her mother with years of experience.

Lori let that action go on for a while. She was looking up into my face. She could tell exactly how much I was enjoying it. Then, at just the right moment, she leaned over and whispered to Summer, “Very gently now, suck one of his nuts all the way into your mouth.”

I groaned aloud — it was almost a wail — at the feel of it. Summer’s hand showed she was excited by it, too. She began losing her delicate rhythm as she concentrated elsewhere, but she more than made up for it with her enthusiasm.

“Now the other one,” Lori instructed her. “When you get good at this, you can do them both, but not tonight. For now just go back to licking your daddy’s balls. Every now and then, suck a testicle in again.”

Summer’s hand was getting dry now. Lori must have seen this because she got up and brought some lotion from her dresser. Now sitting beside me, Lori leaned me back until all I could see was Summer’s hand thrusting up and down on my hard cock.

Then my wife raised the bottle of lotion and squirted just a dollop on the crown of my cock. It was cool and felt lovely, especially as it began to dribble down the shaft. When it reached Summer’s hand, I was in heaven again.

I started straining upward with my hips, trying to help Summer with the rhythm. Her mouth felt too good on my balls to let her stop. I wished terribly that Lori would have her bursa evi olan escort tickle my asshole as well, but that would have been asking too much.

“His hips are raising up high. He’s almost there,” Lori said. “No, don’t stop to look. You have to get a sense of these things, baby. Feel how close he’s getting. I bet that nut sack is nice and tight now.”

It was. My testicles had tightened so much that even eager Summer couldn’t get one all the way in her mouth. I was about to blow all over my sweet daughter’s grip.

Then Lori reached down and I could feel just the tip of her finger wiggle against my anus. With a roar, I yelled out a fierce grunt and spurt like a geyser, coating my stomach and the top of Summer’s head with hot spurt after hot spurt.

After the first shot hit her head, Summer looked up in amazement, not having the foresight to keep pumping even a little. She watched in joy as wads flew up in decreasing trajectories. Eventually, my semen just sputtered out in a weak, but soothing flow that coated my cockhead.

“Very good,” her mother praised. I wasn’t sure if my wife’s adulations were for my daughter or my tired cock. “He really shot a bucketload that time, didn’t he?”

“That looked so cool,” Summer said with teenage enthusiasm. Indeed, it had been very “cool” from my point of view to.

“Thank you, baby. That felt wonderful,” I gave her my heartfelt gratitude. Then, looking at Lori, I said, “And thank you, too. Especially for that bit there at the end.”

“What was it you were doing, mom?” Summer asked innocently.

“I’ll explain it to you later, dear,” she said, smiling mischievously. Then she cryptically added, “Secrets of the trade.”

“Go get a towel, dear,” Lori instructed her daughter. Then she turned back to me and smiled happily. “You seemed to enjoy that thoroughly.”

“Only one thing might have been better,” I said, relaxed but still focused. Always a birddog.

Lori laughed, then smiled as Summer came bounding in and only said one word in reply.


After they wiped up everything else, Lori stood my wilting staff up as best she could and gave me a mischievous wink.

“Now this part you have to finish off with your mouth, Summer,” she told her daughter seriously. “That soft head is too sensitive right now for the towel. Easy though, baby. Just gentle licks.”

For her part, Summer dutifully did as her mother instructed. She swabbed the head of my prick gently with her small, pink tongue. For my part, I was looking at her mother in astonishment, wondering what thrill she was getting from seeing her only daughter lick the semen from the crown of my cock.

When she was done Summer, with the refreshing innocence and sincerity of youth, announced to us both, “Doing all this has got me horny again. Feel like licking me now, Dad?”

I certainly would have loved to accommodate her, but Lori beat me to the response. “How about I show you something different, Summer? I’m sure your father will just love this lesson, too,” she said, throwing something of interest out for both of us.

As she rose from the bed, she instructed Summer to sit up near the middle and to prop herself up on pillows against the headboard. Then she walked over to her dresser. The moment she put her hand on the drawer, I knew I was in for a treat. Summer was in for an even better one! From her magical drawer of feminine underwear and whatnots, Lori pulled out a slim, delicate looking pink vibrator. It was the first one I had ever given her, and older model and it ran on batteries.

Lori turned it on, still turned away from Summer; just to make sure it still worked. I had no doubts about it, even when she held it to her cheek. That vibrator was special to Lori. She had a sentimental attachment to it.

Turning on her heels back into the room, Lori gave me a naughty wink and settled on the foot of the bed with me so we could both see the festivities. She held the vibrator erect in her fingers so her daughter could see it clearly.

“I’ll let you borrow this for a while, Summer, but I want it back in working order. You’ve got a job now, so I’m sure you can afford your own batteries,” she said laughing.

Summer’s eyes were wide and eager. I’m sure she must have known what a vibrator was. From the way they both were acting, I had to assume that Summer didn’t have her own yet. I was surprised that Lori had neglected this part of her education thus far.

“This is a slim one and I know your Dad will appreciate that later,” Lori said with a bawdy chuckle. “In fact, if we ask him, he might request that you refrain from putting it inside you for a while. You’ll have plenty of fun for now just rubbing it on the right places on the outside.” Lori handed the toy over to her daughter, showing her how to twist the base to start the vibration. Then they both sat back as Summer tried to bursa rus escort figure out what to do next.

“Cut it on to the lowest setting and then gently hold the shaft anywhere except directly against your clitoris, darling,” Lori instructed her daughter. “Your button will be too sensitive until just before you’re ready to climax.”

Summer did as her mom instructed, giggling nervously when she cut the mechanism on. She oscillated slowly through the three speed settings before going back to the lowest one.

Then her mother and I watched our daughter put the vibrator down between her widespread legs and gently place it just to the right of the hood of skin that covered her clit.

“Oooww,” Summer smiled, pulling it away briefly and looking at her mother with eager eyes. “That feels real nice.” From the look on her face when she returned it to its place, ‘nice’ was an understatement. Summer closed her eyes and seemed to concentrate solely on the sensation for almost a half of a minute or more. Then she nudged the small vibrator closer to her clitoris. A little too close, it seemed, because she pulled it halfway back.

There wasn’t as much action here as I would have hoped for. Still, I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of looking at Summer’s perfect pussy. Her lips were glistening and were getting wetter by the moment. The thin lips of her vagina separated even more clearly as she became aroused and I saw the lovely pink of her interior.

“Slide the toy between your lips, darling,” her mother instructed her in soft, easy tones. When Summer dutifully obeyed, Lori explained, “Use the toy to spread your moisture around, especially up and around your clit. That will feel so good baby.”

Summer was already starting to pant softly. Any fool could see she wouldn’t last long with that pretty toy between her legs.

Then Lori did another, amazing, astonishing thing. Taking my hand in hers, she brought my middle finger up into her mouth and liberally coated it with saliva as she lightly sucked it. Then she gestured with a nod of her head that I should use that finger to pleasure our daughter.

I knew just what she wanted me to do. When Lori used her own vibrators while I was around, she often had me stick a finger or my cock inside her to cum on. She’d told me that she had yet to find a vibrator that could simulate the feel of hot flesh in her vagina. So on my knees I crawled up gently, making sure not to break Summer’s concentration.

The moment my finger touched her wet slit Summer jerked reflexively and looked up When she only saw her smiling, encouraging father and mother, Summer closed her trusting eyes again and concentrated on the sensations that the toy was delivering to her young, inexperienced vagina.

Gradually I worked my thick finger into Summer’s quivering, young cunt. She was so very tight that it felt absolutely fuckinwonderful! I couldn’t believe how snuggly she gripped my finger. Lori had been right to make me wait. Summer’s pussy wasn’t ready just yet to accommodate my girth.

Not that she was far from it either. As her pussy got a real taste of a man’s finger, it seemed to fairly flower open and suck the digit in. She was slick enough and wet enough that I was able to give a gentle thrusting motion by the time I was in to the second knuckle. Summer gasped when I did that and then, somehow, opened her legs up even wider.

What a hot, little number my daughter was! Beautiful and lovely, Summer’s passion made the birddog in me howl at the moon. My god, I truly wanted to fuck her badly! The daddy in me also wanted to hold her tightly and protect her innocence.

Part of her looked so grown up and mature, especially right now. With her legs spread and my fingers inside her, Summer looked almost positively whorish. Still, the other part of her, the part that was responding to each new thing we tried and each new sensation, was positively innocent.

Both parts made me want to fuck her just as much!

Almost too quickly, Summer’s tiny vagina tightened up unmercifully on my thrusting finger. She squinted her closed eyes in concentration while the muscles along her belly rippled with convulsions. She let loose a low, grunting pant as she climaxed, a sound that made my balls tingle all the way to the root! “Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!” she chanted as she came.

With each breath, I tried to slide my finger deeper, most of the time to no effect. Eventually though, she loosened and relaxed suddenly all over. The hand baring the vibrator fell limply at her side, forgotten.

Lori leaned forward and took the slender appliance from her loose grip, switching it off. She brought the device up to her nose first, giving it a sniff. Then she offered it to me to do the same. Then, again to my amazement, she promptly drew it into her mouth and sucked it clean!

That night, Summer slept in our bed for the first time. She slept on the other side, away from me so I wouldn’t prod her accidentally with my hard cock throughout the night. Still, it was lovely to hear the gentle rhythmic breathing of the two women I loved most in the world.

Author’s note: Let me know if you’re continuing to enjoy the Birddoggin’ Series. I have appreciated all the feedback that I’ve received so far! Thanks for taking the time! ~~Red