Birthday Girl

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Alicia was not happy. It was the day before her thirtieth birthday and she was going to have to spend it stuck inside because of this stupid virus. Still though, it was almost the weekend and she was sure that at least she’d get some nice gifts. Her friends would probably surprise her with something nice. And she’d probably get some dick, for a change. Maybe it wouldn’t be as lame as she thought. Only one more day of work at the hospital. Easy.

She also had to smile at how good she was looking today. That cute resident James would be here today and part of her present to herself was going to be the look on his face when she walked by. She had some of the best assets in town and she knew it. Her enormous tits were pouring out of her blouse. The heels she had slid on earlier, a rarity at work, had her ass looking like it belonged in a magazine. Her long, raven hair swayed as she walked. If she would have been a centerfold, absolutely no one would have complained. As she was admiring herself, she saw James trip over a cleaning cart. She smiled again. Thirty years old, sexy as ever.

She arrived at her desk to see a few nice notes about her birthday. It wasn’t surprising, she was a well liked girl and had a lot of friends. She might be a lot to handle, but the consensus was, generally, that she was worth it. As she was about to sit down, her phone vibrated. It was a snap from her friend, Alex. Alex was, also, a lot to handle. He had been obsessed with Alicia from the first moment they’d met. She was definitely interested, she’d seen his cock. It was pretty good. But she was a good girl. The most they’d ever done was kiss, barely. And she intended to keep it that way. She was expecting a gift from him, but all that was in the message was a hyperlink. She clicked it to see .com pop open in her Snapchat window. The story was titled “Birthday Girl”. She was stunned and read a bit, before eventually just scrolling to the end to see how it ended what. She almost dropped her phone when she read the last line.

“As the cum dripped off of her face, a smile crept across it. She loved how it felt to be treated like the slut she was. Alicia was happy.”

A lot of words could be used to describe how she was feeling. Angry, creeped out, and strangely horny. She was very flustered. But at that moment she was not happy. He had told her he made her something and that it was definitely inappropriate. He promised her boyfriend wouldn’t see it. That was, technically, true. There was no way she was showing this to anyone. Her pussy was throbbing, though. She’d thought about doing those types of things with him before. She’d even fantasized about getting fucked by him when she was with her boyfriend. Her phone vibrated again. This message simply asked: did you like it?

Her head was spinning now. She had so many questions. Was this the birthday present she’d heard about? Had he actually written an entire story about her? Did she like it? She wouldn’t let herself answer that last question. She reached into her pocket to grab her phone, but thought better of it. Her hand lingered in her pocket though, it felt nice rubbing her thigh. That was not the part of her that currently needed rubbing, however. Her pussy was still throbbing. She was not going to be able to get back to work. This needed her immediate attention.

She looked at the bathroom door. She looked back at her phone. Fuck it, she thought. She walked in, closed the door behind her, and locked it. She didn’t even make it to the toilet before she had driven her fingers inside of her. The thought of Alex’s cock ravaging her throat was cemented in her mind and it did not take long for her to give herself the most intense orgasm she had felt in a long time. Her panties, soaked to the point of uselessness, were slid off of her body and into the trash can. She wouldn’t need them anymore that day.

As she pushed the door to the bathroom open she heard a commotion on the other side. James, who had obviously been listening to her through the door, was now lying on the ground. She could see the outline of his crotch. He had obviously been listening. And he had obviously liked what he heard. If she wasn’t blushing before, she was now. She kept walking, she had work to do. She wasn’t just working there because of her good looks. Though, she was sure they couldn’t hurt.

But she didn’t get much work done. She was in a haze. Every time she thought she could get focused on her work, her mind started drifting. She hadn’t had the chance to read the entire thing, just what she’d seen on the screen earlier. Her brain always started with the image of ataköy escort her face, cumming dripping off of it, with a big smile on her face. She’d work backwards from there. Sometimes she would be on her knees, taking a money shot. Or she might be lying on her back, Alex’s cock thrusting into her enormous tits until he blasted his warm load across her face. One particularly naughty sequence included her hungrily choking on his dick while his girlfriend’s face was buried in her pussy.

As her mind wandered, her fingers migrated to her waist line and had slid under her zipper. She thought for a moment about who might see her, but realized her hand was under the desk and that no one other than a huge pervert would even suspect her of anything. A coy grin crept across her face as she slid a finger inside of herself. A light gasp escaped her mouth as she inserted another and started playing with herself. This time she pictured herself face down, a collar and leash around her neck, Alex thrusting into her tight asshole while he pulled a handful of her hair. She continued to think about having him inside of her most intimate spots while her pace intensified. She looked around again and saw no one. The benefits of social distancing, she thought, as she felt herself inching closer. She could hear Alex’s voice in her imagination. “Good girl” he snarled. She was inches away when she swore she heard him tell her to come for him. She couldn’t contain herself anymore; she bit her lip as an orgasm as intense as any she’d felt in years rolled over her body. She didn’t care who could see her, it was worth it. She’d worry about the huge damp spot on her pants later, it was a few hours before she had to leave anyways.

She would spend those hours trying to keep her mind focused on work. It was torture, but eventually she finished her shift and made it to the car without anyone noticing her juices soaked through her pants. If anyone at the hospital were as twisted as her, they surely would have picked up what had happened. She was honestly a little disappointed no one did. She secretly got off at the thought of someone knowing what a little slut she was.

Just then, her phone vibrated. She pulled it out to see a message from Alex. “Did you have a good day at work ;)” was all he had asked. Apparently, she had been too quick to assume no one knew she was a little slut. Alex had her pegged correctly. She thought about responding, but walked to the car and drove home instead.

The phone vibrated again. She thought about answering it, but thought better of it. She could check it when she got home. But the longer she drove, the more tempted she was to open it and check. As she approached the next red light, her curiosity got the better of her. It was another text from Alex. Again, she knew she shouldn’t look, but she just had to see what was going to happen next. She opened the text to see a picture of Alex’s engorged cock, covered with cum. It was accompanied by a caption that simply read: thinking about you.

She was in shock. And she was suddenly very wet again. She stared at the phone for god knows how long until a chorus of honks started sounding off behind her. The light was green and without thinking she stepped on the gas and drove. She was in a daze again and would not think about anything else the rest of the drive outside of that cock covered in cum, which she had inspired. She couldn’t help but be a little flattered; after all, there was an awful lot of it. He must have been very turned on. She got even wetter. She thought about sending him a text and telling him that, but she knew that was just what she wanted.

As Alicia pulled into her driveway she decided she might as well play into it. She pulled the strap of her seatbelt across her boobs to make them look even better and made a kissy face. She could just picture him opening his phone and seeing that picture. His cock getting stiff at the thought of fucking her right in the car. He would definitely start masturbating. Alicia was sure of it. She wondered, was that why she sent the picture in the first place? Did she know what she was doing? She was such a slut, she giggled. Her phone buzzed immediately. It was a devil emoji, nothing more. She felt a tinge of disappointment that she didn’t get what she wanted. She always got what she wanted.

As she was fuming, she heard people calling her name. Her friends, well, most of them were her friends anyways, some of them were friends of friends or friends of her boyfriend and she could take them or leave them. She hadn’t realized it but Britney, her best friend, was standing right outside her escort bayan istanbul window.

“Hey biiiiiiitch, Happy Birthday!” she joked. Her joke turned into a gasp as she looked down and saw the huge wet spot that had been plaguing Alicia’s pants all day. “Are you thinking about what John is going to do to you tonight?” she asked, playfully. Alicia realized that this was the first time she’d thought about her boyfriend in hours. Britney had to be joking. She knew if Alicia wanted any dick tonight she’d have to hope John would be able to stay awake through all the drinking and then manage to get it up after. Not such an easy task, and she’d have to beg for that to happen anyways. She assumed the night would end up with her fingers buried back in her pussy, but given the way the day had gone so far, that might not be so bad.

The party did go largely as Alicia had expected. She did a bunch of cocaine, took a lot of shots, and was now in bed next to her passed out boyfriend while she was playing with herself for what seemed like the one hundredth time that day. Suddenly, her phone vibrated. She picked it up to see a text from Alex.Then another.

“I have another present for you”

“Come outside and get it”

The last text was a picture of her house. Apparently, he was serious. She couldn’t believe his audacity. How did he know when to text? How did he know she’d be awake? How did he know her boyfriend wouldn’t be up? She asked herself these questions while she cuddled into her bed. There was no way she was going outside.

She slid on a shirt. There was absolutely no way she was going to take a gift from this guy at 3 am, she thought as she slid on her slippers. I am absolutely not going to do anything with him, she said out loud as she slipped out of her bedroom. I’m just going to go outside and tell him he needs to leave, she said more audibly as she walked out her front door. She walked towards him to say he needed to go when he grabbed her by her hair and pulled her in for a kiss.

She fought for a moment and melted into him. Their tongues intertwined as he immediately shoved his hands down her pants and inserted a finger into her already wet pussy. She felt his hard body pressed against hers and she started to explore it. He was so muscular and he felt so strong. His arms looked like they belonged on the cover of a cheap romance novel. He had a much better ass than she thought. Breaking the kiss, he pulled back and smiled. Then stuck the finger in his mouth and sucked on it. He seemed to revel at the taste of her juices.

“Do you want to do this out here or in my car?” he asked, gesturing towards his sedan that surely wouldn’t fit both of him. Alicia thought for a second and eventually decided, what the hell, it’s her birthday and at least someone had the thought to give her what she really wanted. It was her turn to check out just how turned on he was. She reached for his shorts and pulled them down, revealing his hard, thick cock. She licked her lips and kissed her way down his chest, slowly teasing him. She licked her lips. Happy birthday to me, she thought.

Normally, she was one to do this slowly. She liked to tease and to be teased. But she was so hungry for this dick that she just shoved it into her mouth. Alex responded in kind by grabbing a handful of her hair and slamming his cock into the back of her throat. She ironically gagged as he asked her how much she loved his taste. She tried to respond, but her mouth was obviously full. He laughed and told her to get to work. The instruction made her pussy tingle and she responded by dutifully going to work. The taste of him was driving her wild and her pace increased. She was in a frenzy now. She needed to taste his cum and she didn’t want to wait. Alex stifled a moan. He didn’t need anyone to hear about this now, he wanted desperately to cum as well, and he was close.

Alicia’s fingers were inside of her again, relentlessly rubbing against her clit. Her pussy was dripping like a faucet now, she couldn’t remember the last time that she had been this wet or this close to cumming without having a cock inside of her. She looked up into Alex’s eyes as she continued to work his glistening shaft. His hand still full of her hair, he pulled her off of him and up to her feet. Then, without warning, he spun her around and pulled her sweatpants down to her ankles. Before she knew what was happening, the head of his cock was pressed against her pussy which was literally dripping in anticipation. She couldn’t believe she was in this position, she swore to herself that she was a good girl and that she wouldn’t beylikdüzü escort do this type of thing anymore. In that moment though, she knew what she wanted and for whatever reason, he had not given it to her yet. As she thought through all of this, he still wasn’t inside of her.

“Are you gonna fuck me or what?” she asked.

“Only if you ask nicely”.

She was shocked by this response. Most men would have already blown their loads in her and she was still waiting for him to start. She had barely finished the thought before he reached around and started gently massaging her throbbing clit. His other hand, still in her hair, pulled her back and upright.

“I said I want you to ask nicely, slut” he breathed into her ear. She was shocked to hear that, but was even more shocked when she heard herself whisper

“Please fuck me”. She couldn’t believe it. Where did that come from?

But still, he was still pressed against her, now rubbing slightly harder and with more purpose. He whispered a question into her ear:

“Who’s pussy is this?”. She thought for a moment, but didn’t think long. She wanted it so badly at this moment. She’d say anything. As long as she got what she wanted.

“It’s your pussy”. Alicia was surprised that saying that didn’t feel wrong. No, it was his pussy. It did belong to him. Now that she thought about it, she was getting annoyed. Why did it take him so long to take her when she was so obviously his? Why had she fought it for so long?

“Good girl” he said softly but firmly as he plunged his cock, glistening with her spit, inside of her. She had never felt such an intense wave of pleasure before as Alex slowly began to work into a rhythm. She could feel him pressed up against her insides, filling her up. He pulled on her hair with the perfect amount of firmness. He was now rubbing her clit in perfect synchronization with his increasingly powerful thrusts. She couldn’t believe how close she was to cumming already. Her pussy was on fire as he pulled harder on her hair as he continued to penetrate her from behind. She was filled completely. Her eyes started to roll back into her head as her pussy became a vice around Alex’s cock. She was completely on the verge when she heard “cum now”. That was all her body needed. She complied. Her legs trembled. She almost fell over but Alex’s strong arms caught her and continued to fuck.

She turned back to look at him as waves of pleasure swept over her body. She admired how hot he looked while he fucked her. He looked into her eyes and smiled. “What took you so long?” he asked. “See how much fun you’ve been missing out on?”. It was like he had read her mind. He was right. This should have happened a lot sooner. She felt bold now.

“You’re just upset I’ve been taking other cock” she purred. He slapped her ass, firmly. She yelped and followed up with “but I think I finally found the right one”. After hearing that Alex’s speed intensified. He had clearly liked what he heard.

“You want me to fill this pussy up, slut?” he said, almost challenging her to defy him. She realized what he was asking. He wanted to cum inside of her.

“Noooooooo” she whined. “You can’t. I’m not on birth control”. It was true. She wasn’t. She didn’t fuck her boyfriend with anywhere near enough regularity for that to be a problem. He couldn’t do it, there was no way she was going to risk getting pregnant, regardless of how good this cock felt inside of her. She felt another crack on her ass. Alex’s hands grabbed her hips and he began to fuck her like she’d never been fucked before. He was on a mission.

“You’re my little fucktoy now and I will cum wherever I want. Do you understand?” this was punctuated by another firm slap on her full ass. The sound was immediately lost in the cadence of Alex’s body slapping against hers as he continued to fill her up. She was on fire again, the sensation from earlier was back. Hearing that pushed her over the edge. She was his fucktoy, she knew it. Her body knew it too, she wanted to make him happy and she did it when she came all over him a second time. She bit her lip to stifle what would have been a scream so loud it would’ve woke up the entire neighborhood.

Alex struggled to pull out of the vice grip Alicia currently had on his cock. As he freed it, he told her to get on her knees. She obliged, her juices dripping all over the cement underneath her. She thought about what a whore she must look like. She didn’t care. She knew what was about to happen and she was looking forward to it. Alex exploded rope after rope of hot cum all over her now sweaty face. She was relieved he didn’t cum inside of her, but she also felt a twinge of disappointment. Hopefully he will do it next time. Alex looked down and admired what he saw. As the cum dripped off of her face, a smile crept across it. She loved how it felt to be treated like the slut she was. Alicia was happy.

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