Birthday Stuffing

Ass Up

During a tedious day in the office I begin to wonder what I could get my wife for her birthday which was coming up soon. I was short on ideas on what to buy her. I mean what could I possibly buy someone that didn’t want for anything. We both have good jobs and want for nothing. Then it hit me like a thunder bolt from the sky what if just for her birthday I could make one of her fantasys come true. Which was being totally stuffed with a huge cock only being average en downed myself she as always longed to have the sensation of being totally filled and stretched open.

Reaching for the phone I give my best friend a call who I knew measured up to Leannes fantasy from when we have shared showers together after working out at the gym..

“Hi Steve, how you doing mate.”

“Doing great Rob, getting a new car tonight.”

“Thats fantastic maybe you can come round and show it off sometime.”

“Okay Rob how about next week.?”

“Can you make it Thursday. (Leannes birthday).”

“Thats perfect see you then Rob, At about 6pm”

“un huh bye for now.”

Perfect I thought as I put the phone down for as long as I’ve been with Leanne. Steve as often telled me he wouldn’t mind having his wicked way with Leanne.

The days flew by I woke Leanne up the morning of her birthday by playfully sucking on her nipples. she rests her hands on my back. and purrs. “Mmm morning babes.”

“Hiya birthday girl.”

Pulling my self away from her now harding nipples I reach down and hand her a neatly wrapped package from under the bed.

“A little something before the main present.” I told her.

She eagerly unwraps it to reveal a lace body suit with tiny black thong.

“Want you to wear that tonight babes, its linked to your main present.”

“Damm you and your surprises.” She says as she holds the thong up.

Sensing shes a little disappointed at her present so far I reassure her and tell her to be patient her main present is worth the wait. As I head to the kitchen to prepare breakfast in bed for her. Leaving her pondering at what I had in store for her.

On heading back to the bedroom with breakfast on tray I peek my head round the door to catch a glimpse of her standing in front of the full length mirror admiring herself in her body stocking and thong she looked so sexy and hot. Coming into the bedroom and placing breakfast on dresser I whistle at her.

“That really shows off your curves babes.”

“Thank you Rob.”

Holding myself back from fucking her there and then I tell her.

“Put a dressing gown on babes and eat your breakfast.”

Time went quickly spent most of the day kissing and cuddling Gaziantep Merveşehir Escort in bed but no sex or heavy foreplay I wanted her being hot and sexually frustrated for when Steve got here. I pulled myself out of bed at about 4pm to get dressed as Leanne ran to the shower. Heading to the kitchen I grab a beer out the fridge and crash out on the couch in front of the telly I flick through the channels trying to relax not able to stop my mind racing.

Feeling a hand on my shoulder I turn round It was Leanne she was all ready she looked absolutely stunning she had on her Knee length black skirt with the split up the side, red blouse and I hoped underneath it all the present I had gave her earlier.

Hearing a large roar outside.

“That must be Steve.”

Me and Leanne head out to the car park and see Steve walking around his new car.

“Hey Steve nice car.” I call at him.

“Thanks Rob, want to come for a spin.”

It a two seater sports car so I get in and tell Leanne to go inside and wait a few.

Steve says to her. “Don’t worry birthday girl be back in a few to take you for a ride.”

Steve wheel spins the car out the car park I turn to him and bluntly tell him.

“When we get back and you take Leanne out I want you to give her a good hard fucking.”

“Are you sure Rob.” He replys.

“Come off it Steve don’t take the moral high ground ever since I’ve been with Leanne I’ve known you have wanted to give her a fucking. Well heres your chance your my birthday present to her.”

“Well Rob seeing as you put it like that you’re on.”

Steve drives faster on the way home soon we pull in the car park and he beeps his horn Steve turns to me and says.

“Don’t wait up mate I might be a while.” A big grin on his face.

At that moment Leanne comes running out taking my place in the car I bend down give Leanne a kiss on the lips and say “happy birthday sexy.”

I get in the house pulling another beer from the fridge and flop down on the bed. The next thing I knew was Leanne sliding into bed next to me. I glanced at the luminous dial on the clock and was amazed to see it was 3.00 a.m.

“What have you been doing?” I asked her to which she cuddled closer to me and stuck her tongue in my ear. My heart started pounding and my imagination started running wild. I pulled her tightly into my arms and sought her mouth with mine she was reluctant at first. But I gently prized her lips apart and probed deep into her mouth with my tongue. Was I imagining it or was there an unfamiliar tang on her lips a strange musky fragrance on her breath.?

I started caressing her hair and cheek and when I ran my fingers gently over her throat I felt a strange stiffness on her normally soft skin. As if some sticky solution had been spilled and left to dry. My imagination was now totally out of control as I pictured what Leanne and Steve had been doing only moments ago. Her tits were also covered with the same dried solution but it was spread more thinly, as if it had been massaged in afterwards. I wondered who had done the massaging. Probably both of them.

I still had to have the final question had Steve also sprayed his cumm into her pussy? Had he actually put his cock inside my wife’s pussy and fucked her? Very slowly I slid my hand over her belly and over her trimmed pussy hair. Her legs were tightly clamped together and she was reluctant at first to reveal her pussy to me. I gently pried her legs apart just a few inches at first, until finally she surrendered and of her own free will spread her thighs wide apart.

My fingers slid through the stickiest wettest pussy I have ever experienced. They plunged headlong between two very swollen and pouting pussy lips, and slithered into her freshly gaping cunt that had up until a few minutes ago had Steves cock in it and was now full of his cumm. It had already started to trickle between her cheeks leaving a large wet patch on the sheets. It had even run down the inside of her legs as far as her knees on the short walk back from the car park to the bedroom.

Unable to contain my excitement I positioned myself between her legs and went down on her and started to lick her gaping swollen pussy. (another one of her fantasys, to be licked clean after being fucked by another man.) I pause between slurping at her dripping cunt to ask.

“How many times.?”

“Four times.” She said, “And I sucked him off once.”

This was more then I could handle and I promptly lifted my self up and drove my cock in to her gaping pussy it hardly touched the sides of her stretched sloppy hole. I blew a enormous load of cumm into her. This was truly the most erotic experience of my life. I orgasmed another three times before the sun came up. Each time Leanne told a little more of her night of passion with Steve.

How it had started when Steve pulled into a secluded spot in the mountains and Steve popped the hood on the car to show Leanne the engine and how he had made his move on her then by starting off with kissing and caressing before he bent her face down on the hood ass sticking up. How he had lifted her skirt up and fondled first her bottom. Then her thighs then between her thighs. She told me how he Kneeled down and pulled her thong to one side and planted kiss’s on her pussy and tugged her lips with his teeth. And how he had pushed his tongue deep inside her pussy. she told me how she turned round onto her back and grasped his head with both hands and pulled it against her aching clit whilst she orgasmed time and again onto his mouth.

Later she told me how she had knelt down in front of Steve and taken his huge cock in both hands and gently stroked her face with it. Stopping now and again to lick off the drops of pre cum that had started to leak from it. Eventually she had taken his engorged Knob and slid it to the back of her mouth sucking slowly at first and then faster until his cumm spurted. First into her mouth and then over her kneck and tits.

She told me how she rolled his hot cumm across her tongue and teeth whilst the rest slowly ran down her chin and over her kneck and tits. I heard how she had rubbed his cumm into her tits squeezed it between her fingers and nipples and eventually pushed four sticky fingers up her own wet and tingling pussy as she licked the last few drops off his cock.

She told me how gentle Steve was has he entered her the first time how he spread her pussy lips wide apart with one hand and with other hand took hold of his thick shaft and rubbed his huge knob between her lips and gently nudged it in a tiny bit at a time.

She told how good and totally stretched her pussy felt has his knob worked its way in to her tight pussy. How he then pulled out and went through the whole process again just fucking her with his knob bringing her to orgasm with his knob. How her creamy pussy juices flowed and gushed down Steves cock and dripped off his balls. How he pushed in to her deeper inch by inch totally filling and stuffing her pussy.

At this point she confessed she wanted me to see her with cumm all over her face she wanted me to watch Steve fucking her. Later that night Leanne told me how she had layed a blanket out in front of the glare of the cars headlights. And lying on her back with her legs spread wide open had slowly started playing with her pussy in front of Steve. He was fading but she was still hungry. Gently parting her wet and swollen lips with one hand, she slid first two then three and finally four fingers up her gaping pussy. She told me every detail of how he had straddled her and slowly inserted his cock.

She had felt his cock starting to swell in time to her own climax. and as he spurted his hot thick stream into her she had bitten him on the shoulder hard enough to draw blood. Twice more that night Steve had put his cock up Leannes pussy twice more spraying his cumm in her cunt the last time being over the hood of his car doggy style in the car park moments before she finally crawled in to bed next to me.

Leanne thanked me for the best birthday present ever before falling soundly asleep.