Birthday Trip Ch. 04

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After Mom and I had sex in the one-person sauna cabin, Mom smiled at me and put her purple bikini back on. Afterwards she opened the door and carefully looked out of the cabin. There was nobody around. So Mom got out and headed to the showers. Me on the other hand… I went straight to the hot water pool and jumped in. After Mom came back from taking a shower, she lay back down on her lounger and watched me. She smiled at me. And I smiled back.

When Dad came back from his massage, twenty minutes after Mom and I came out of the sauna cabin, Mom was lying on her lounger and I was swimming in the pool. Everything looked like nothing happened.

The rest of our trip… eight days and two new European towns later, Mom and I still had no chance to be alone again. I mean… we were alone for maybe a couple of minutes, but we didn’t have sex. No blow-job. No hand-job. I didn’t see her naked. I didn’t kiss her.

I was so horny almost all the time. I was getting crazy. We arrived at our last stop and we only had three more days left until we had to fly back home. And I remembered what Mom said:

“It has to stop before we get home.”

I knew the vacation was the best ever and that I was pretty lucky how it turned out… I mean “lucky” might be the understatement of the century… I fucked Mom three times: on a boat, in the hotel room and in a sauna. I came in her mouth twice. It was more than I could ever dream about, but it wasn’t enough for me. I wanted it to continue.

I mean at first I felt really guilty because it was my own mother, but during those last eight days my opinion changed into:

“It’s the best sex ever and it’s your own mother you dumbass. This is the hottest thing ever.”

So I hoped for another chance to be intimate with her. But there never was one. We only travelled during the day… Dad was always around as well… and I had no idea how I could ditch him for an hour or two.

It was weird… at the time my parents told me about my birthday trip to Europe I was thrilled. I wanted to go to Europe for a long time. And now that I was here… I didn’t really see anything. I mean we did a lot of touristy stuff… sightseeing, shopping, swimming, hiking, whatever, but those last eight days I was completely oblivious of my surroundings. I didn’t observe what happened to my right… I didn’t observe what happened to my left. I only saw what was right in front of me: Mom.

I watched her the entire time. I wanted to be with her so bad. Every day when we had breakfast and Dad told me the plan for the day, I thought about possible chances to be alone with Mom. But there never were any…

So three days before we had to fly back home, we arrived at our final destination. We arrived in the morning and did a lot of sightseeing during the day.

In the evening we went to a tiny amusement park. There were a lot of people there, so it was pretty crowded. So Mom, Dad and me slowly strolled through the park, but after fifteen minutes I already had enough of it. Usually I would have loved it there, but I wasn’t in the mood. I was in the mood to have sex. And since I didn’t get any… I was pretty pissed off most of the time. Of course I didn’t want Dad to know that I was in a bad mood, because he planned the trip and he paid for it.

So I told my parents that I wanted to walk through the amusement park all by myself…

But as soon as I was alone, I was thinking about Mom’s naked body. I mean there were people everywhere… there were loud noises and music everywhere… but I blocked all of it completely out.

After an hour or so, I saw the ferris wheel. The varicolored cabins drew my attention. When I looked closer, I saw that almost every cabin was empty. Also, the ferris wheel turned very slowly. So I thought that it would be the perfect place for me to just be alone and get away from all the noises and screaming kids.

So I made my way through the park. But on my way there I saw Mom and Dad. Dad was standing at shooting range. He had a small rifle in his hand and he was aiming at a can or something. Mom was standing next to him. She looked pretty bored. So I walked over and talked to Mom for a little bit. I told her that I was about to take a ride on the ferris wheel. Dad barely noticed me.

So five minutes later, I said goodbye and walked away. But as soon as I turned around, Mom grabbed my arm. Right at that point Dad put the rifle down. But he didn’t talk to me, or Mom, he turned to the guy behind the counter and handed him more money. And then he picked up the rifle again.

Mom made a step towards him and kissed him on the cheek.

“I’m going on the ferris wheel with our son. You’re pretty busy anyway…”

Dad obviously didn’t care.

“Alright. You guys have fun.”

An then Dad turned around and concentrated on his task again. Mom and I walked away from him. When we got to the ferris wheel, there was no line. Apparently we were the only ones who wanted to ride that thing.

So an overweight guy opened the door of a red cabin and Mom and I got in. We sat down on a small bench Isparta Escort next to each other. The cabin was made completely out of medal and instead of windows it had medal bars on the side to look out. And then the guy closed the door behind us and the wheel started to turn again.

About ten minutes later, our cabin had reached the three-o’clock position. Neither Mom nor I said anything. I was looking around… down on the people and the town… and then I looked into the other cabins. Every single one was empty. And then Mom finally broke the silence.

“So honey… did you like your birthday trip?”

I didn’t really know what to say.

“Of course, Mom. I loved it.”

I paused for a second.

“But I don’t want it to end.”

Mom looked at me. She knew exactly what I meant. I wasn’t talking about the trip. I was talking about having sex with her.

“I know, honey. But it has to end.”

“But… it’s only two more days and…”

“I know.”

“I wanna be alone with you one more time. Do you think we can be alone back home?”

“No honey. I told you… What we did was a mistake. It kinda happened. But what we did is not right. We can’t continue…”

“But I wanna touch you again. I want you to touch me again.”

“I know you do…”

I looked out of the cabin. Our red ferris wheel cabin almost reached the two-o’clock position. Mom turned away too. She moved closer to the side of the cabin and looked through the medal bars. Even if your face touched the medal bars, it was almost impossible to look down on the park.

And then all of a sudden Mom’s hand landed on my thigh. She was still looking out of the cabin. She was watching the people down in the amusement park. And then she was surveying the other cabins.

And then Mom’s hand moved further up and landed on my groin. She let it rest there and to my surprise she began to massage my private area through my pants.

Even though the entire trip had already been so strange and so crazy, I didn’t expect that. But because Mom and me had to be extremely careful not to get caught… on the boat, on the train, in the whirlpool and in the sauna… I kinda knew what to do.

So I looked out of the cabin. I looked down to the people beneath us. The medal bars on the side of the cabin started at our chest. So there was no way… absolutely no way, someone from down there could see what went on below our chests. They could probably see our heads, but that was it.

Nevertheless it was a strange feeling. There were a lot of people at that amusement park. But still, the further our cabin was up in the air, the softer were the noises from the park down there.

Of course it only took three or four strokes for me to get hard as a rock. I was permanently horny the days before. So as the cabin reached the twelve-o’clock position, I opened my pants button and my zipper.

Of course Mom recognized it. She turned around and faced me. And then she shook her head and softly said: “No.”

But all I could say was: “I have to…”

Mom turned around again and looked in every direction possible. Me on the other hand… I pulled down my boxers a little bit. And as soon as I did, my dick jumped out. And then I took Mom’s hand and placed it on my crotch again. And as soon as Mom’s fingers felt my dick and they grabbed it, Mom sighed and so did I.

Mom’s hand froze around my dick. Both me and Mom looked around. We tried to see everything… everything that went on in every other cabin of the ferris wheel… we tried to see everybody down in the amusement park… we surveyed everything.

And then Mom began to knead my dick with her fingers. And about thirty seconds later I felt pre-cum ooze out of my dick. Mom caught it with her thumb and spread it out on my shaft. And then she began to stroke my cock. Very fast. Of course we both knew we didn’t have much time left. The cabin already reached the eleven-o’clock position. It was already on it’s way back down.

I was so horny. And I was so hard. It was an absolutely amazing feeling to feel Mom’s fingers around my dick again. And then the ferris wheel stopped for about thirty seconds. I was so thrilled. That gave me more time. I closed my eyes for just a second and concentrated on the feeling of Mom’s hands stroking me. And then the wheel started turning again.

Still, Mom was working her fingers up and down my shaft in a very fast rhythm the entire time. She also massaged it pretty roughly. I knew I was about to come soon.

But then Mom suddenly turned around. Her hand stopped moving.


“There are people in that cabin.”

I turned around and saw them. That was why the wheel stopped turning. Fuck. Soon our cabin would be at the nine-o’clock position and their cabin would be at the three-o’clock position and then it would have been too risky to continue what we had been doing.

Mom took her hand off my dick. And I tried to somehow get my prick back into my pants. Of course it helped that Mom and I almost got caught. My dick went limp Isparta Escort Bayan in a second. So I pulled my boxers back up and closed my pants.

When our cabin finally reached the nine-o’clock position, the people in the other cabin weren’t looking in our direction at all. But it would have been too risky anyway. There was the possibility that somebody else might have seen something.

But of course I was so close to an orgasm, that without these other guys, I might have had a chance to reach my orgasm. But the way it turned out… was absolutely fucked up. I mean, yeah, Mom stroked my cock again, but I was so close to an orgasm, that I had no idea on how to get through the rest of the day.

When we finally stepped out of our cabin, everything appeared to be normal. Nothing happened the rest of the night… Nothing happened the next day.

There were one and a half days left before we had to fly back home. I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t wanna except the fact that the incident inside the ferris wheel cabin could be the last time Mom and I were intimate with each other. Fuck.


On the next day I slept until 11a.m. Mom and Dad went shopping in the morning. Then all three of us had lunch in, what seemed to be, a nice restaurant. On the afternoon we decided to wander through the town and go sightseeing.

At about 4p.m. I noticed that Dad was holding his stomach a lot. Thirty minutes later he told us that he was feeling sick. When we looked at him, we saw that he looked pretty pale.

So we headed back to the hotel. I went to my room and turned on the TV and watched European TV shows. It was pretty funny… for half an hour. Then I turned off the TV and started to read a book. It was an absolutely horrible last day.

About two hours after we got back to the hotel, Mom visited me.

“I have to take Dad to the hospital.”

“What? It’s that bad?”

“Yeah. He threw up twice already. We have to get him checked out.”

“I’m coming with you guys.”

So one cab ride and half an hour later, we arrived at the hospital. I spent most of the time in the waiting area. Mom accompanied Dad to most of the doctor’s he had to see and to most of the tests he had to take.

An hour later Dad was lying in a hospital bed.

When I came into the room, Mom was standing next to the bed.


“Food poisoning.”

“Oh my god. Are you alright, Dad?”

But before Dad could answer, a female doctor came into the room. Right away Dad asked her:


“It’s not as bad as it looked.”

She spoke in a very funny and thick Italian accent.

“So can I go home?”

The doctor looked at Mom and then looked back at Dad.

“Well, actually, I would like to keep you overnight. We have to get lots of fluid in you. And I want to monitor your status. We will decide in the morning.”

Dad didn’t expect that. And he didn’t like it either.

“No. I can’t stay here. It’s the last day of our vacation. We’re flying home tomorrow.”

The doctor didn’t quite know what to say. And then Mom intervened.

“Baby, I think you should listen to the doctor. You can’t be sick on the plane. It’s a long flight. You don’t want to use the bathroom on the plane every twenty minutes.”

“But it’s our last day…”

“I think you should stay here. I want you to be well tomorrow. Think about it…”

Dad didn’t say anything. And the doc didn’t say anything. So Mom turned to me.

“What do you think, honey?”

Oh boy. Why do I get involved in this? I didn’t know what to say.

“I think you should listen to the doctor. Ten hours on a plane with a stomach ache… That doesn’t sound like fun.”

Finally, Dad agreed.

So Mom and I stayed with Dad until 8p.m. Then Mom kissed Dad on his forehead and we left. We took another cab and went back to the hotel. We didn’t speak the entire cab ride.

When we stepped out of the cab Mom said:

“I wanna sleep in your room tonight.”

I looked at her. I didn’t expect that. I didn’t even think about that. I didn’t think about the fact that Dad wouldn’t be around the entire night. I could only nod.

“I’m taking a shower and I’ll come by later…”


So I went to my room and took a shower myself. I couldn’t believe it. Mom wanted to spend the night with me.

At 9p.m. I was lying on my bed. I was only wearing a pair of boxer shorts. Mom still didn’t show up. I was getting more and more nervous by the second. I put my hand into my shorts and started to massage my dick. I was already so horny. I couldn’t wait for Mom to come.

But almost an hour later, Mom still didn’t show up. I was getting worried. I thought she might have changed her mind.

And then… I heard a knock at the door.

I jumped off the bed and ran to the door. When I opened it, I immediately felt my heart beat in my chest. Mom was wearing a summer dress. She looked amazing. She looked hot.

I closed the door behind her and followed her into the room. I could see Escort Isparta that she wasn’t wearing a bra. As soon as I caught up with her I grabbed her and kissed her. It was an electrifying to feel her tongue again.

And then Mom broke the kiss.

“We have the entire night. But tomorrow, it’s over. Okay?”

I nodded.

And then Mom kissed me again. A minute later, she sat down on the edge of the bed and began to kiss my stomach. And while she was doing that, she slowly pulled down my boxers. After I stepped out of them, Mom grabbed my ass and pulled me towards her.

My dick was already semi erect just because Mom was there and because I felt her lips on my stomach. Now, I felt her hands on my ass cheeks. And then Mom started licking over my groin area. And in circles she slowly made her way to my penis.

She didn’t use her hands. Her hands remained on my ass the entire time. She just used her mouth and her tongue. She licked over the side of my balls and then she had reached my shaft. Then her tongue slowly went up the entire length of my shaft and landed at the tip of my penis. And then Mom let my dick glide into her open mouth.

She started sucking on the tip again. Apparently she really liked that, because she did that a lot. And then Mom pulled away from me.

“Lie down on the bed, honey.”

And I did. And as soon as I did, Mom continued to suck my dick. This time she used her hands and her mouth to pleasure me. I pushed my hip upwards to push more of my dick into Mom’s mouth. Mom stroked my cock with her fingers while she was sucking it.

And then she moved away. My cock sprung free. Still, Mom continued to stroke my hard dick with her hand, but she didn’t suck it anymore. And then suddenly I felt Mom’s tongue on my balls. Again, it was an electrifying feeling. It felt so amazing to feel her tongue on my balls. And then Mom began to suck on them. And everything she did, felt amazing.

She even went a step further and licked the underside of my balls and the area between my balls and my asshole. I couldn’t believe it. I got goosebumps. And my arms started to tingle. The sensation of feeling Mom’s tongue lick that area was so overwhelming that I felt it on every part of my body.

While she did that, Mom continued to stroke my cock with her hand. I knew I was about to come.

“Oh god, Mom, I’m cumming.”

Mom didn’t stop or didn’t change position. She just kept going: jerking me off, licking my balls and the area between my balls and my asshole. It was too much for me.

“Ohhh. I’m…”

And then I came. I came all over my stomach. Mom kept on stroking my dick. I lay there for almost ten minutes. I couldn’t move. Mom was still playing with my dick and my balls. I had an amazing orgasm. Thank god we had all night… because I was completely spent… I didn’t really do anything. Mom did all the work… and I was completely spent.

After fifteen minutes I stood up. I had to take a shower. When I left the room, Mom was still fully dressed. While she was sucking my cock, she was still wearing her summer dress.

When I came back out of the bathroom, fully naked, Mom was lying on the bed. And now Mom was fully naked, too. She looked fucking amazing. So I approached the bed and lay down next to her. I immediately started to touch her. I started at her tits, but I wanted to touch her entire body. But we had all night, so I took my time and massaged Mom’s breasts for quite some time.

And it seemed like she really enjoyed it as much as I did. Her nipples were stiff in no time. They looked so fucking delicious I had to suck on them. And that’s what I did. I had to put one of them into my mouth. I started to swirl my tongue around it. Mom had her eyes closed and she was moaning softly.

And then I went to the other one. I spent just as much time licking and sucking on the other nipple. And then my eyes started to move down her body. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Mom’s pubic hair and my dick started to react right away. I felt it get hard again.

So I crawled over the bed and soon I was lying between Mom’s legs. I just lay there and looked at her pussy. I looked at Mom’s pubic hair… at her pussy… at her vulva… I wanted to take everything in. It was probably the last time I would see Mom’s pussy.

I reached out and let my fingers wander over Mom’s pussy. And as soon as I made contact, Mom shrugged and let out a soft moan.

Carefully my fingers stroked Mom’s pubic hair. And then my fingertips touched Mom’s lips and slowly and carefully spread them just a little bit. Then I took my hand away from Mom and put my index finger in my mouth to make it wet with saliva.

Then I reached back out and without a heads-up I slid my finger into Mom’s pussy.

“Ohh. Mhh”, was Mom’s response.

So I began to move my finger in and out of Mom’s pussy. All the time I watched closely as Mom’s pussy swallowed my finger.

But again, I couldn’t really control myself. I took my finger out of Mom’s pussy and leaned forward. I stuck out my tongue and touched her pussy with it.

“Ohh.. honey…”

I started to slide my tongue into Mom’s pussy. I had to taste her. But soon I concentrated on Mom’s clit and her pussy lips. I started sucking on them. I swirled my tongue around her clit. I spread her lips with my fingers so I could really lick around Mom’s clit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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