Bisexual Trickster’s Adventure

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The situations I get into simply continue to boggle the mind. Sometimes, I think I might be a magnet for trouble. Right now, I’m visiting my friend Robert Jean-Pierre’s fine-looking, busty and big-booty mother Ashley. And man is she making my visit enjoyable! She once told me that she liked tall, burly brothers like myself but I never knew how much. Today I find out for sure. I’m leaning against the wall of her bathroom, my pants on my ankles. Ashley is busy eagerly sucking my cock and licking my balls. I sigh. What a way to start a Saturday morning in the City of Champions! As Ashley sucks my balls and fondles my cock, I try not to think about the messed-up week I’ve had. My ex-boyfriend Lewis robbed my place. The mother fucker broke in through the window and got into a fight with the landlord who was snooping around my apartment at the time. I was at school. When I came home, I quickly figured it all out. The police harassed me even though I was the victim in this case. Fucking Brockton Police Department! They all hate the brothers! And I’ve got to pay rent in three days or wind up homeless. Isn’t life great?

I came by Robert’s house because I thought he might be able to help me. He’s always been quite generous. A big and tall black guy I’ve known since our days at Brockton Community High School. We both play football for Brockton State College, which unfortunately doesn’t offer any athletic scholarships. Which explains why I’ve had to do certain unfortunate things in the name of making a few bucks. Speaking of which, if Robert walked in on me and his mother, he wouldn’t give me a few bucks. But he might give me a few bullets. He’s my buddy so I know he’s packing heat. A silver revolver. Old but still deadly. I’ve seen him spin it around to impress some big-booty Spanish chicks at a house party we both went to on the South Side.

As Ashley began flicking her tongue over my eight inches of thick, uncut black dick, I felt a rush deep within my loins. Oh, shit. I knew I was about to cum. Ashley sensed it even before I did. This foxy black mama has sucked her share of cocks in her day. When I came, she eagerly drank all of my cum. Including the drops that hit her in the face. Lots of females don’t like it when a brother shoots his load all over their faces. Lots of guys don’t like it when you do that either. Lewis let me do it because he was a freak. Man, Lewis and I had some good times together. He’s a six-foot, light-skinned, sharp-featured brother with long black hair braided into neat cornrows. He’s originally from Malden but moved to Brockton for college. I made him for a queer the moment I laid eyes on him. He looked real good when we first met, sporting a red and gold Brockton State College men’s basketball uniform. We had a lot of fun together on the down low.

As almanbahis adres Ashley finished licking me down, I gave her a hand up. We kissed, then she led me into the bedroom. We got down and dirty. Our clothes quickly came off. She climbed on top of me and slowly lowered herself onto me. I pushed my cock into her pussy and began pumping it into her. She wrapped her arms around me and urged me to go harder and faster. I did. It had been a while since I’d gotten laid, so I made sure I got mine, as they say in the hood. Ashley was a wild woman. The stuff that came out of this woman’s mouth while we fucked would have shamed a New York City cab driver. I couldn’t believe my best friend’s church-going mother was saying stuff like that. Shoot, I didn’t mind. Whatever floats her boat, you know? We tried different positions. I put her on all fours and took her from behind. I drilled my cock into her pussy in that position. I must say I liked it like that. Watching the sexy older black woman’s big booty shake under the force of my thrusts. We both enjoyed ourselves. Afterwards, we lay on the bed, recuperating.

I know my timing was bad but I couldn’t help but think about Lewis at the moment. I guess I miss my thieving ex-boyfriend more than I care to admit, folks. Yes, my guy had sticky fingers but he definitely knew how to make this brother’s toes curl. I remember the first time we hooked up. It was after a football game. The Brockton State College varsity football team had its ass kicked by Worcester State College. We lost. Badly. It’s times like these that I wished I’d gone to a better school like Boston College or something. They got a good football team and they actually give athletic scholarships. Instead I was stuck playing on a losing football team for a rinky-dink school in the middle of frigging nowhere. Not what I had in mind after high school, folks. These were supposed to be my glory days.

After the game, I walked all over town. It started to rain, which made matters worse. I felt like shit. That’s when this good-looking brother driving a bright red convertible ( with the top down) pulled up and asked me to get in. I hesitated. Did I know this cat? It ain’t a good idea to get into the car of someone you don’t know. It can lead to an early grave in my town. I took a closer look at the driver and realized that I knew this guy. Lewis Dodson, a dude from the men’s basketball team. I’d seen him on campus with Lydia, some white chick he was supposedly dating. Yeah, he seemed cool. I got in. I thanked him for offering me a ride. In Brockton, folks who see you walking under the rain while they’re driving don’t offer to help you. Not usually. Most of them would rather mock you. Glad to see Lewis wasn’t like that.

The two of us just drove silently almanbahis adres for a minute. Then, out of the blue, the guy began asking me twenty questions. He asked me whether I had a girlfriend. I shook my head. He grinned and told me that a fine-looking brother like me needed someone in his life. I smiled. The last chick I dated was Shaniqua Brown, from the Brockton State College women’s basketball team. She was something else, folks. Six feet tall, dark-skinned, thick but in a good way, with fine-ass tits, and the big ghetto booty from hell. We had a lot of fun together. Unfortunately, this gal just couldn’t stay with one man. Hell, she couldn’t stay with one person, period. I found out through my friends that she cheated on me mad times. She hooked up with a biracial dude named Kyle Archer, of the wrestling team. She also got down with Jane Weiss, a tall white chick from the women’s volleyball team. And if that wasn’t all, Jake Aston from the men’s track & field team bragged about banging my girlfriend in the women’s locker room after a game. I gave Jake a bloody nose for that. And I dumped Shaniqua.

I told Lewis about all that. Of course, he knew. Just like everybody on campus. I was the laughingstock of the campus for a while. The big and tall football player whose girlfriend slept with half the school. Lewis promised he’d find a way to take my mind off my ex-girlfriend. I chuckled. Did he have a magic pill or something? Lewis did something very strange while we talked. He leaned over and kissed me. I was stunned. Wow. A man was kissing me. And I was kissing him back. And this, folks, is how it all began. Lewis and I began seeing each other on the sly. Just hooking up at first, then we began going to movies together. It was all hush hush. When my father threw me out for smoking in the basement, Lewis offered me a place to stay. Later, we got an apartment together. He dumped his girlfriend Lydia and we began a monogamous relationship. All was fun. Until the day I caught him with Hector, the muscular pizza delivery guy. I threw them both out. Lewis isn’t the type of man who goes down without a fight. He moved back with his mother, swearing revenge. He retaliated by storming the apartment while I was gone. He took the rent money. I’m flat-out broke. I got fired from my security job. Things are not going well, folks. Which explains why I came over to see my teammate Robert about a loan. Instead, I found his mother.

I was so lost in thought that I didn’t hear the footsteps coming up the stairs. In an instant, the worse-case scenario began to unfold. Robert was home, and was coming up to see his mother. Oh, shit. I had to get out of there. I shoved Ashley, startling her awake. She stared at me blankly as I whispered that her son was home. The woman’s eyes widened. almanbahis adres She told me to get out of there fast. No shit, lady! I put my pants back on, grabbed my shirt and looked for escape routes. Ashley pointed me to the balcony. Grimacing, I went there. She pulled the curtains over the window, and went to greet her son. I stayed there, cursing myself silently for my carelessness. I should never have hooked up with my best friend’s mother. If he finds out, he’s gonna kill me. Robert is bigger than me and he’s got a temper. Not to mention a gun. Oh, shit. I am so screwed! I had to get out of there.

I looked at the street, twenty feet below. If I jumped, I’d break something. I could kiss playing college football goodbye. The one good thing I had going on in my life. I couldn’t give it up. So I stayed where I was. Hunkering down like some kind of punk. I closed my eyes and said a silent prayer. If I got out of the current mess intact, I was seriously going to change my life. No more hooking up with hussies or knuckleheads. A loud masculine voice snapped me out of my prayer. Surprise, motherfucker! It was Robert. Oh, shit. I was fucked. Robert was at the window, holding a crowbar in one hand while he pushed his mother out of the way with the other. My best friend’s face was a mask of rage. He was swearing up a storm, saying he was going to kill me. I had to get away. Fast.

In the movies, when a guy finds himself in my situation, there’s always a huge car or truck driving right underneath him. He jumps onto it and gets away while his pursuers stare dumbfounded. Well, this isn’t a movie. It’s my life! And it’s going to end unless I get away from ex-best friend and his murderous rage. I looked at the pavement, and gritted my teeth. This is going to hurt. Big-time. But it sure beats a crowbar to the brain. I leapt off the balcony. I crashed onto the pavement like a statue off a building roof. I felt a sharp pain, and then there was only darkness. When I came to, a crowd of people was gathered around me. Anxiously, my eyes looked for Robert. Where was my would-be executioner? I saw him rushing out of the house. And I couldn’t move. Later I found out that I had broken both my legs, and my arms, and fractured my ribs. Fortunately, my neck wasn’t broken. Or my spine. No permanent or crippling damage. Which means I would walk again. The paramedics came and I was hoisted gently onto a gurney. A burly Hispanic EMT wrestled with Robert as he came after me like a rabid dog. I smiled and realized that I had enough strength left in my hands to give him the middle finger. I’ll never forget the look on his face. I smiled as I was taken to Brockton Hospital. All of a sudden, I realized that my problem was solved. I wasn’t going to be homeless. Nah, I was going to be in the hospital for a while. My dad would be notified and he’d come and help me. My grandmother would force him to. Hmm, the hospital. Well, well. I hope the nurses are hot! Both the ladies and the gentlemen. You know a player like me don’t discriminate!

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