BJ Bliss Ch. 08 Hustle , Blow

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Katrin’s co-workers looked at her anxiously from across the office as she finished her phone call, hoping to get the scoop on what sounded like a very important development.

“Well, Marco just quit,” Katrin announced. She adjusted her glasses and sat up straight, trying not to look disappointed and hoping that she could keep her team in good spirits.

Malena had already overheard as much and she sat with folded arms under the bulging bustline of her shiny sequin shirt, shaking her head with disappointment. “Did he say why?”

“He says he has a full-time, modeling gig—of the non-blowjob variety,” Katrin explained. “But the weird part is that he confessed to a relationship with the twins. You know, those Japanese girls that work for Studio Trésor. I guess Felicia sent them to seduce him and they really hit it off.”

“Get the fuck out!” Malena exclaimed.

“You have to admit, it was very admirable for him to tell us, he could have kept it to himself. He swore that the relationship with the twins has nothing to do with his career decision and that it’s just a coincidence. Our company secrets are safe with him. He sounded sincere and felt really bad about the whole thing. I’m honestly not too worried.”

“Clever girls,” Malena said with eyes scrunched, in secret admiration of the conniving depths that Felicia and her employees would resort to in the name of competition.

Justin was anxiously waiting to interject. “Did you say twins? As in both of them? At the same time?!” he begged to know with an increasing southern twang to his accent that seemed correlate with his level of excitement.

“I suppose so,” Katrin confirmed.

“Damn. Good for him. Still, I’m gonna miss that guy,” Justin said with a solemn nod. “So I guess it’s all on me now, huh?” He eyed the bulge in his pants. “No second shooter?”

“Katrin, seriously, what are we going to do without Marco?” Malena asked, worried for the afternoon mother-daughter blowjob workshop that was fast approaching. “Didn’t they pre-pay for two models?”

“Well, I’ll just call and tell them that only one model is available today. We can partially refund them.”

“Or get another model?” Holly chimed in. She thought about Felicia’s former employee, Bob, and how she promised to try and help him after he got fired. She quickly realized that she would have to explain how she knows him and held her tongue. Her recent encounter with Studio Trésor—and the resulting deal that she had struck with them—had put her in the awkward position of a mole: nonchalantly participating in the daily activities of BJ Bliss and secretly feeding information to their competitor.

“I wish we had another blowjob model, but there’s no time,” Katrin said with disappointment.

“Um, um, um!” Malena called attention to herself with a raised hand like she was in the back of a classroom. “I have an idea!”

Katrin gave her overeager business partner a suspicious look. “Don’t you dare suggest it.”

12:10 PM

“You heard me correctly. Are you in?” Katrin asked Peter over the phone.

“So, should I come over there right now?”

“Yeah, or else I have to call and make an embarrassing refund. It’s only our second official week in business and business is slow,” Katrin explained.

She was completely torn between her personal and professional motivations. On one hand, they could salvage the workshop and, hopefully, book many more to come. On the other, she’d have to sit there with a smile while a group of women pleasured her boyfriend’s cock in front of her.

“Okay, if you’re sure that you’re alright with this, I can be there in twenty minutes.” Peter waited for a response. “Katrin?”

“Yes, I’m sure. See you soon.”

12:30 PM

“Welcome back to BJ Bliss,” Katrin greeted Peter at the door with a nervous smile. She proceeded to walk him through the office. “You know Malena.”

“Hi, Peter!” Malena waved at him from where she sat crosslegged atop her desk. Her sparkly sequin top glimmered in the daylight and he could smell her perfume from twenty feet away.

“This is our intern, Holly,” Katrin continued. Holly stood up for a handshake and blushed as she looked over Katrin’s tall, handsome boyfriend. “And finally, your brother-in-arms for the day, Justin.”

“Nice to finally meet you, man,” Justin said as he shook Peter’s hand with enthusiasm. “Thanks for helping us out with the workshop and don’t worry, I’ll show you the ropes.”

Peter was a little overwhelmed by the situation. Everyone looked him over, hoping that he was up to the task. Katrin clasped his arm with a nervous death grip as she escorted him to her desk. It’s okay, Katrin, she told herself. He’s just going to get sucked off by some lovely women at a blowjob class. Just an old-fashioned, run-of-the-mill, mother-daughter blowjob class.

“So what do blowjob models wear?” Peter asked.

“Katrin, I have an idea!” Malena yelled bahis siteleri out with enthusiasm. She hopped off of her desk and made her way over to Peter and took him by the arm. “Holly and I can dress him up! It will be a good warmup and it’s with people that you trust,” she explained, knowing full well about Katrin’s jealous tendencies.

“Good idea,” Katrin agreed. “Peter, go with them. They’ll take care of you.” He looked at Katrin with wide eyes for a brief second before Malena dragged him into the office lounge, with Holly trailing behind.


“Remove your clothes and pass them over to Holly,” Malena demanded with her hands on her hips as she looked him up and down. Holly stood at Malena’s side, smiling innocently and watching with anticipation. Peter did as instructed. He pulled off his shirt and felt their eyes leering over his toned chest and arms. He stepped out of his pants and handed over his clothing.

“Nice try,” Malena said with a disapproving nod. “You know that I meant everything.”

Peter reluctantly lowered his boxer briefs to his ankles and felt his cock begin to swell. Katrin’s co-workers looked at his dangling cock and balls with interest and he stood uncomfortably in front of them hoping that he could avoid popping up with a full-on erection.

“This is a good sign,” Malena commented to Holly. “Standing naked in front of fully-clothed women turns him on. Do you think you can handle a room full of giggling women sucking on your cock, Peter?”

“I think I can,” Peter replied as his hanging cock continued to swell involuntarily in front of them.

“Please get him a pair of green bikini briefs,” Malena instructed Holly. Holly quickly made her way to the nearby wardrobe and returned with the briefs in hand.

“Bikini briefs, huh?” Peter asked.

“Yeah. Are we going to have a problem?” Malena shot back.

“No problem,” Peter said with a chuckle, impressed by Malena’s dedication to her humorless, commanding temperament.

Holly politely handed over the briefs and Peter slipped them on in front of them. Malena and Holly kept their eyes laser-focused on his cock before he pulled up the briefs snugly and concealed himself.

“Good,” Malena confirmed with a nod in Holly’s direction. She turned back to Peter. “Hands on the wall, hot shot.”

Peter turned and reluctantly pressed his palms against the wall. Malena approached him from behind and gripped him firmly by the ass. He felt her hot breath against his ear. “You didn’t think Mama was going to let you go without a feel, did you?” she said, causing Holly let out a giggle.

“How’s everything going, Malena?” Katrin suddenly sneered from the doorway.

“Great,” Malena confirmed unapologetically as she turned to look Katrin in the eyes. “Holly, get him a tight fitting t-shirt and a pair of breakaway pants and he’s ready to go.”

“Thank you. He looks good,” Katrin said to Malena, attempting to conceal her jealousy. She glanced at herself in the nearby mirror, feeling renewed confidence in her sexy sleeveless white blouse, short red skirt, and matching red heels.

“Justin, Peter, it is time to head out. It’s just going to be me and the boys today,” Katrin announced.

1:00 PM

Malena and Holly settled in at Malena’s desk, preparing to follow up on some blowjob workshop inquiries when Holly’s phone vibrated with a text from Claudia: The article has been published, here’s the link. I’ll pick you up in two hours. Be ready.

Holly gasped out loud and quickly corrected herself. Studio Trésor had finally made good on their plan to leak the details of the controversial BJ Bliss workshops to the public. Soon enough, everyone in the city would know all about Katrin and Malena’s risky endeavor to provide male models to roomfuls horny women; how they were essentially trading cock for cash and getting away with it…for now.

“Can you believe Marco is dating those twins? As far as I’m concerned he’s aiding and abetting the enemy,” Malena declared.

Holly was shaking nervously, her face looking particularly pale with tears were forming at her eyes.

“I’m sorry. You know I don’t mean it. Marco is a good guy,” Malena apologized, noticing how visibly distraught Holly had suddenly become.

“It’s not that,” Holly replied as she gathered the courage for her confession. “It’s me who’s been aiding and abetting the enemy.”

“No!” Malena gasped. “What are you talking about?!”

“Malena, I’ve been lying the whole time. I’m not a college student. I’m an undocumented immigrant. I lied about being a college student to get the paid internship with you. The job sounded seedy enough that I could get away with it. I couldn’t find a decent job anywhere,” Holly wiped her eyes and tried to gather her composure.

“Holly, I am very disappointed to hear this, but what does that have to do with aiding and abetting the enemy?” Malena wondered.

“Felicia is going to get me a green card. Her husband’s canlı bahis siteleri family owns multinational corporations and they can sponsor me.”

“And why in the hell would she do that?!”

Holly pulled out her phone and launched the link to a popular online news application, fearfully passing it over to Malena. “They just wanted me to corroborate some details about our workshops. I didn’t want to do it, but they were going to hunt down your clients and get information from them. I thought it might be safer coming from me.”

“Fuck me, we are in the news!” Malena exclaimed. She tore through the article with a dropped jaw, gripped in suspense with each passing word.

“This is amazing!” Malena declared as she proceeded to quote the article. “According to the BJ Bliss intern,”—Malena glared in Holly’s direction—”in addition to the typical toy-focused instruction this sort of novelty entails, BJ Bliss actually provides the lucky male models, who adhere to a strict testing regimen and diet, so that the attendees can hone their fellatio skills all the way to completion. Completion?! Ha!”

Holly was relieved to see that Malena was not furious over the article and seemed almost overjoyed.

“What exactly are they trying to accomplish with this?” Malena wondered.

“They want to expose BJ Bliss for what it is and then offer to buy you out and save you from the public pressure,” Holly explained. “They promised me that they would protect you after the article came out.”

“That is a ridiculous plan. As far as I’m concerned, we just hit the big time. We don’t need their protection. Hell, this article should have been my idea!” Malena exclaimed. “Still, she stole our Marco, she turned our intern against us, and she leaked this story. This is all out war.”

Malena calmed down and looked at Holly with sadness. “So you’re really going to leave us and work for one of their companies?”

“Yes, I have to. I’m so sorry,” Holly confirmed with a sniffle. “I really loved it here. I didn’t mean to betray you. Will you and Katrin will ever forgive me? I wanted her to be here when the article came out. They were very clear that I wasn’t allowed to say anything until it did.”

“Hey now, it’s alright,” Malena consoled Holly, finding herself unable to get mad about the situation with Holly looking so distraught. “Don’t worry about, Katrin. I can talk to her. I told you the first day we met, we are immigrant sistas, and I meant it. I have your back.” Malena handed over some tissues. “Besides, we never should have sent you to spy on her. We put you in a very bad position, but I’m glad that it worked out for you, I really am. If you need a green card, this is probably your only shot. I can’t blame you for taking it.”

“I’m not in a position to ask for favors,” Holly began cautiously, “but will you consider hiring Felicia’s former employee, Bob?”

“Bob?!” Malena asked with surprise. “You mean the big guy that broke into the office?”

“Yes, but you have to understand. He’s really very sweet. He came to help me when I was cornered by Felicia at Studio Trésor. He lost his job because of me. It would be a great way to get back at them.”

Malena fondly recalled Bob’s office break-in and how much she enjoyed kicking his ass and hiking up her skirt to tease him as he lay helplessly on the floor. She tried her best to try and rationalize the request. “I suppose it would be nice to have a bodyguard, now that we have some public exposure. He has intel on Studio Trésor that we could use against them.” Her eyes lit up as she thought about the possibilities. “I could have him drive me around, pick up lunch, beat people up. I’m going to look into this right away!”

“Thank you so much,” Holly said as she enjoyed a lingering hug with Malena. “I’m so sorry that this happened. You and Katrin were so good to me.”

“Holly, it’s okay, really,” Malena assured her. “I’ve done some things that I’m not proud of too.” She eyed Holly’s golden crucifix necklace and remembered her own, long-since disavowed, Catholic upbringing. “I won’t cast a stone. Jesus and Malena forgive. Dimittimus, debitoribus, nostris, all of that bullshit.”

Holly and Malena broke out into laughter as Holly handed over her office key. She looked over the BJ Bliss Headquarters one last time, from Katrin’s dust-covered bike to the ridiculous office jacuzzi and then headed out, anxious to be ready for Claudia when she arrived.


Holly surveyed the sparse interior of her studio apartment, hoping that it would be the last time that she would ever lay eyes on the cheap futon that robbed her of so many nights of sleep. She lugged two hastily packed bags to the bottom of the stairs and waited patiently.

Claudia’s car pulled up in front of the building and Holly quickly ran out to meet her. The driver politely took Holly’s bags and opened the door for her, casting a crack of daylight over Claudia’s elegant appearance. canlı bahis She was dressed head to toe in black, her crossed legs showing off her patterned stockings as she sipped on sparkling water from a fluted glass. Holly got in and sat next to her in silence.

“Did you say your goodbyes today?” Claudia asked, still looking straight ahead through her sunglasses as the driver returned to his seat.

“Just one goodbye. Katrin was already out at a workshop.”

“Don’t worry. You’ll be seeing her again very soon. You can count on it.”

“Where to, Ms. Niculescu?” Claudia’s driver asked.

“Where to?” Claudia asked Holly, deferring to her unexpectedly. Holly looked up in confusion. “Anywhere in city you want to go, we’ll go. Money is no object. Reservations aren’t required. You’re one of us now.”

“Okay,” Holly said as she tried to gather up the appropriate confidence for her new station in life. “I want to eat the most expensive steak in the city,” she requested, causing Claudia to laugh with amusement.

“Okay, if that’s what you want, that is what you will get, but it won’t be possible until the dinner hours. How about some shopping in the meantime?”

“That sounds great!” Holly replied.

“I’ll have you try things on in front of me. We’ll start with some coat shopping, move on to evening wear, and end with lingerie. I’ll buy you an entire wardrobe.”

Claudia nodded to the driver who knew exactly where to go. She took off her sunglasses and turned to Holly, grazing a finger up her thigh. Her piercing eyes immediately put Holly back in her place. “When I get you home, I’m going to do whatever I want to you.”

Holly trembled with pleasure at Claudia’s touch and felt the warmth between her legs. Claudia continued to slide her finger with intent under Holly’s skirt and slipped it under her soaking panties. She dipped her finger into Holly like a hook and put her sunglasses back on, looking ahead casually as they coasted down the street towards the approaching skyscrapers for a salacious evening of shopping and steak.


“We can still back out,” Peter offered as Katrin put her Kia in park, several blocks away from their afternoon blowjob workshop destination. She had become increasingly tense and quiet throughout the commute.

“No,” Katrin assured him. “I think this is good. It will be good for us. I’m good,” she repeated nervously as she pulled her keys out of the ignition and dropped them between the seats. Justin quickly scooped up the keys and handed them up front.

“Okay” Peter replied uneasily as they exited the vehicle. The three of them made their way down the sidewalk, darting through pedestrians and street vendors as they walked by the colorful yellow murals and graffiti art of the neighborhood. Katrin suddenly stopped in front of an eye catching, bohemian-style brick building and turned to Peter.

“Just do me a favor,” she asked.


“Don’t flirt with them or smile at them. Just be a speechless, motionless, piece of meat.”

“No smiling. Speechless piece of meat. Got it,” Peter confirmed. His practice began immediately as he struggled not to smile at this very request.

“I’m serious,” Katrin threatened as she poked him in the chest. “I have a job to do. I’m not going to have my handsome boyfriend charming the panties off of my clients!”

“No panty charming,” Peter confirmed.

Katrin turned her head to glare in Justin’s direction and he looked at the sidewalk, desperately hiding a smile. She pressed the condo unit buzzer and gathered her composure. That wasn’t fair. What’s the matter with you? You can do this. The door buzzed open and they scaled up three floors before they were greeted by a teenage girl who was chewing gum and looking over them suspiciously.

“Hello, we’re here for the…workshop,” Katrin explained tactfully, thinking that she might have the wrong apartment. She looked over the young woman in front of her, donned in a tiny black tank top and jean shorts over fishnet stockings. Her face was pasty white with pronounced black eyelashes and dyed black hair.

“Mom!” the young woman called out as she continued to look over Katrin and her male companions with curiosity. Her friend, a petite blonde with wild pink highlights and an eyebrow ring, suddenly popped up at her side.

“Are you BJ Bliss?” the blonde asked with a giggle.

“Yes, we are.” Katrin replied with a fake smile plastered on her face. “Are you ladies going to invite us in?”

“Sorry!” a woman suddenly called at as she rushed to the door, peeking over the teenagers. “I had my hands full in here. Please come in, Katrin. I’m Gwen. I scheduled the workshop with your partner over the phone.”

Gwen was a classic brunette beauty, who couldn’t have been much older than forty, with a pin-up hairstyle and the blue retro dress to match. She looked as though she popped right out of a magazine ad from the early 1960’s. Gwen’s resemblance to her attractive, gothed-up teenage daughter was quite apparent, despite their stylistic differences.

Katrin followed Gwen through the doorway and gasped in surprise as she surveyed the busy livingroom.

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