Black Lace

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It was around nine one evening and Mona and I were at Rista. We often met up there after dinner on Wednesday nights for an “over the hump” round. A few times one us has wound up at the other’s place and stayed until the next morning. We knew a great deal about one another, shared secrets as well as fantasies and we have woken up naked in one another’s arms on more than one occasion.

Mona is a total piece of eye candy, stands a couple inches taller than me with dark features, long legs, jet black hair that cascades almost to her ass, and the cutest little A cup tits you’ve ever seen, punctuated with big nipples that go stiff with very little provocation. She grooms her crotch but retains an inch wide swath of short dark hairs, otherwise her body is hairless and silky smooth. She has an incredible collection of gorgeous lingerie as well as at least a hundred pairs of shoes.

If you’ve read some of my other tales you may already know about me, but I’ll assume you haven’t and illuminate you. I stand five foot three in my bare feet and tip the scales at one fifteen these days. I wear a B cup bra, a size four dress, and for all you foot freaks, a size four shoe as well. I have soft brown hair that is mid back length these days and for the last ten years my pussy has been kept absolutely smooth and hair-free.

I met Mona about five years back when she was half of a couple I would play with occasionally. They were into orgasm denial and we would take turns tying one another up in various positions (although usually spread eagle to four bed posts) and then by various means take that individual right to the edge of orgasm over and over until they would beg for release. Under those conditions I actually ejaculate when I am finally allowed to orgasm. When Mona’s ex was permitted to release he could hit the wall a good seven or eight feet from him with jizz.

We would also blindfold one another and bring other people in for a peek or for bukkake and on a couple occasions to anonymously fuck. One time Mona and I tied up and blindfolded her boytoy and then had a half dozen guys masturbate and then ejaculate all over him. He wasn’t really very happy about it but we thought it was hot as hell, especially since we were fellating and fucking these guys before they blew their wad. They were like trained seals – you want some pussy, be prepared to pull it out and spurt over him.

But I diverge.

This particular hump day we were both ogling the stunning piece of male eye candy at the other end of the bar. I put his age at early thirties. He was slim, probably around five-eight, with dark hair that was on the longish side and slightly curly. His face betrayed a trace of stubble, his eyes were dark and intense and he wore a black two piece suit and white shirt that was unbuttoned at the neck.

Mona noticed my interest and reached into her purse. Out came her dice. Joe, the bartender, immediately glared at us, assuming we were up to something he and the owner Kayseri Escort could get into trouble over. But what he didn’t know was that Mona carried the dice purely for moments like this. A simple roll of odds or evens would determine which of us would close in on this prey and which would stand back and/or assist in cornering the quarry.

Luck was on my side once the dice had chattered on the bar top then come to a rest. Mona sighed as she slipped the wooden cubes back into her satchel. I shimmied my frame off the stool and proceeded to sashay my way the length of the bar, passing by Mr. Tonight on my way to the ladies room. After I emptied my bladder then primped a bit at the mirror, I retraced my steps. Approaching the prey again I glanced at Mona and caught a subtle positive nod, a signal indicating to me that he had indeed checked out my ass after I’d earlier passed by him. She and I had both been burned by handsome men on earlier occasions when it turned out they were gay and not interested in a couple of oversexed women. I wanted to establish that I wasn’t barking up the wrong tree.

This time as I passed by we made eye contact. As I headed along back to my stool I glanced back over my shoulder and he was still watching me. I smiled invitingly and soon he was there at the empty stool to my right, waving to Joe, then holding two fingers aloft before pointing at Mona and I. The timing was excellent as we both had barely a mouthful left of the cabernet we had been nursing. Joe handed our new friend a fresh martini, served dirty. I noticed an attractive older blonde with glasses in a business suit watching with a somewaht dejected look on her face.

“Come here often?” was his opener. Not too original but also not in the least bit offensive like some I’ve heard.

“Only on Wednesdays” I countered. “How about you?”

“First time” was his reply.

Just to establish a certain tenor I countered “I’m guessing you’re no first timer”.

He blushed slightly. It was so charming and made me think perhaps he was younger than I had gauged. As we continued to chat we discovered that his name was Frank and that he was the son of a developer. He was in town on business investigating potential projects. As the alcohol disappeared, I discreetly moved closer to him and eventually ended up with my hand resting on his knee as I emphasized a point in the conversation. Mona knew that was a cue of sorts and finished off her wine. Donning her coat, she then moved alongside Frank to give him a hug and a peck on the cheek as she thanked him for the drink.

I used this as an opportunity to slip my hand a little further up his leg to mid-thigh so as to leave no mistake about what might be on my mind. Frank looked at me and smiled softly. We picked up our conversation but the next time we both raised our glasses it was mare a gulp than a sip. Joe appeared to see if we needed refills and after we both nodded no Frank pulled out a card and Joe Kayseri Escort Bayan rang us up.

When I stood I did so right between his legs. Slipping a hand to his waist I guided myself forward and our lips met. It was a long passionate one full of tongue and combined with my body firmly pressed against his, left no room for misinterpretation. I wanted this gorgeous young man to fuck me.

The blonde smiled approvingly as we passed her on the way out. I’ve seen her there before and I have the feeling we’ll be speaking sometime in the future.

He drove. My car has spent more than one overnight in the parking lot at Rista. On the way to my apartment we said very little. I wondered what might be going through his mind but I had just met him. You only get to ask that sort of thing when you had a relationship going. My read on this one was that this would be a one nighter. We would get naked, fornicate, and that would be it. I imagined that he must have at least one hot young thing back in his home turf who serviced him regularly. But tonight he was mine and I was so horny I thought I might explode in spontaneous orgasm right there driving along the dark streets.

Things seemed to falter once we were within the confines of my apartment walls. There was that uncomfortableness that sometimes occurs when it gets right down to taking your clothes off. Not that I have any problem being naked in front of others, in fact I love it. I left Frank in the living room, hoping he wouldn’t bolt while I used the bathroom. Aside from leaving on my heels, I undressed completely before emerging. That wonderful rush of exposure came down over me as he saw me. I strode in his direction and again pressed my body against him. His arms went around me and our lips and tongues met for a second time.

Franks hands wandered all over my bare flesh, from my shoulder blades to my asscheeks then up my sides to my armpits, along the way his thumbs grazing the sides of my breasts. Then he grasped my shoulders and as I tilted my head back his lips lingered at the nape of my neck before drifting downward to kiss and gently suck on my swollen nipples. I was in heaven as this Adonis savored my flesh.

I slid my hands into the shoulders of his suit jacket and slid it off him then started working on the buttons of his white shirt. His chest was smooth and hairless but nicely sculpted and as I pulled the tails out from the waist of his slacks I almost squealed in delight as I discovered a subtle trace of six pack abs. His olive skin was deeply tanned in contrast to my winter paleness.

His hands had now wandered lower, fingertips my abdomen. Any moment they would be tracing the line of my slit, discovering that my labia were already unfurled and my cunt juicy with anticipation. I could smell my lust, surely he must too?

I reached to unfasten his belt and he kicked off shoes then stepping away he brought up first one and then the other foot to remove Escort Kayseri socks. His hand went to his crotch and slowly unzipped the slacks before allowing them to drop to the floor.

To my surprise and delight I found that he was wearing black lace panties.

I’m certain my jaw dropped. Sinking to my knees I extended my hand and touched the fat bulge, The lace was stretchy and soft, it molded itself to the contours of Frank’s member like a coat of paint. These were no dime store bargains – they were classy knickers that fit him exquisitely. There was just something so incredibly hot about having this man present himself to me like this that just sent me over the top. Keeping one hand in place on the bulge I reached down with the other and began to masturbate myself, my middle finger locating my throbbing little knob and then sliding deep into my vagina. I was dripping wet and after only a few strokes I exploded.

After my orgasm receded I moved closer and peeled the waist of Frank’s panties down, revealing a cock as gorgeous as the rest of him. Not huge but beautifully shaped with a pronounced mushroom head, just as I like. I slide the feathery fabric down and back, tucking it behind his gonads so that I had access to them with my hand as I drew the head and then shaft of his member into my mouth. As I sucked, licked, and fondled him in that position for the next ten minutes or so, I would reach behind him with my free hand and grasp his firm male ass clad with stretchy lace. When he came it was a hot gooey eruption that I guzzled like a starved young bird.

When he had finished and I’d sucked every possible drop of cum from him I pulled the panties back in place, carefully tucking him in. He helped me to my feet and we embraced again.

“That was a nice surprise.”

“I was afraid you’d be turned off.”

“Not at all. I think that’s sexy as all hell!”

“Glad you do.”

“You dress like that often?”

“Only on Wednesdays” he quipped.

I giggled. He added “Actually I wear panties all the time. I think I have a bigger collection than even my sister.”

I then found out more about Frank. He had a twin sister and he discovered several years earlier that he enjoyed wearing her undergarments, particularly panties. Soon he was buying his own.

Frank stayed the night. The panties never came off but were peeled back from time to time as the need arose. For my second orgasm he lay on his back and I sat on his face, then I returned the favor as he facefucked me, panties tucked back behind his balls. Finally he grabbed my legs, pinning my knees to my ears so that he could fuck me properly, long deep thrusts culminating in a pussyfull of spunk that then oozed out all over the sheets. We mopped it up as best as possible and the lay a towel over the spot before falling asleep.

In the morning I awoke just in time to catch a glimpse of his panty clad physique before he slipped his shirt and slacks on.. Even fully dressed he was hot as hell because I knew what he was wearing underneath. It made me wonder how many men there are out there wearing lingerie under their clothing.

Frank has my number, I hope he calls. If he does, I’m going to ask if he’ll wear stockings and high heels for me next time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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