Blackmailing Mother Ch. 01

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Chapter One: Coffeehouse.

I put down my newspaper and watched the woman cross the busy road. She waited for a break in the traffic and then strode purposely across the bitumen barely lifting her head from her from her phone, almost daring the steady stream of vehicles to take her on. A car beeped its horn at her and she stood still in the lane and glared at the driver, before striding off.

She wore an expensive camel-coloured London Fog raincoat cinched at the waist, which hid her figure but it was obvious that the body under that bulky coat was worth more than a second glance. Even from this distance I could see that her long, shapely legs were sheathed in gossamer hosiery. Flesh-toned, almost transparent they were so sheer; expensive I bet. Her feet were shod in black, patent leather Christian Louboutin high heels. Her brunette hair was coiffured into a stylish bob, the nap hung to her shoulders, her fringe straight and level with her brows; discreet cerise highlights complemented her icy blue eyes.

Her makeup was heavy, but perfect; dark smoky eyes, rouged cheeks, ruby-red lips. Her gold jewellery glittered in the dim light creeping through the overcast sky.

I twisted in my seat so I could follow her progress as she approached the coffee shop. I had deliberately taken a booth in the back corner of the busy enterprise and had taken the bench seat facing the wall. I turned the other way as she entered the coffee shop. She took off her coat, shook it and hung it on the coat rack adjacent to the entrance. Her voluptuous figure was now fully displayed; she wore a tight-fitting navy-blue power suit, the hem of her skirt resting well above her knees. Several of the male customers turned her way to gawk.

She struggled to squeeze between the crowded tables as she made her way to my table at the back of the room. I stood up as she approached. She gave me a forced smile and air-kissed my cheek, I was immediately enveloped in her perfume; something spicy and expensive. She smoothed her skirt under her as she slid into the booth across from me.

The looked at me with steely blue eyes.

“What is it now Nathan? An increase in your allowance? Uni fees so you can study Patagonian Basket Weaving? Crashed your car?” her disdain for me evident in her voice.

Her phone vibrated and she quickly lost interest in me and began to text.

“Order me a skinny latte darling,” she didn’t even look up at me.

“And make it to go.”

I was taking her away from important matters and she barely had time from her busy schedule to deal with me.

She hardly noticed when I stood, but a look of annoyance and disgust crossed her face as I slid onto the bench seat beside her.

“What the hell…” she began.

“No. Look at this Bethany, I’m sure you will find is very interesting,” I held my iphone in front of her.

I pushed a bud into my ear and offered her the other.

“God no,” she looked disgustedly at the proffered earbud.

“It’s better with sound,” I insisted and brushed aside the nap of her hair pushed the bud into her ear.

Before she could protest again I pressed play and the video began to stream on the screen of my iphone. Bethany became silent and sat stunned, her mouth agape.

On the phone in vivid colour a woman lay on a bed her legs spread wide. Her panties and pantyhose were bunched around one ankle but other than that she remained fully clothed. Her skirt was hiked up and a man, also fully clothed, lay between her legs performing cunnilingus.

The woman was writhing with lust, pressing both her hands on the baldhead of the man as he lapped at her cunt. She was gasping and moaning with wantonness and delectation.

I tapped the volume button and the woman’s squeals filled the little buds.

“Oh my god Roger, that’s so fucking good,” her heels drummed on the bedclothes.

“Now fuck me! Fuck me!” she pawed at the man, encouraging him to mount her.

The man began to unbutton the woman’s blouse but she slapped his hands away impatiently.

“We don’t have time for that Roger! Just fuck me!” the woman gripped the man’s long thick penis, protruding from his trousers.

She arched her back and guided him to her sex. The man slammed his cock into the woman’s vagina and began to fuck her vigorously; she lifted her legs, crossing her heels behind his back. The woman was still wearing her high heels and she uncrossed her ankles and raked the stilettos on the man’s flanks.

The man groaned and fucked the woman harder. She wrapped her hands around the man’s neck and pulled his face to hers and kissed him passionately as he ground her pubis against his, her orgasm evoking a stream of obscenities which she gasped into the man’s open mouth through her red lipsticked lips. The man ground against her, obviously spending himself.

They writhed on the bed until their climaxes subsided. The woman, now sated and disinterested, pushed the man off her and reached out to the nightstand and grabbed her phone. She lay there, her skirt hiked up, legs wide open as the man’s issue dribbled from Başakşehir Escort her vagina, ran down the crevice between her buttocks and soaked into the towel on which she lay.

The woman checked the messages on her phone as she absentmindedly reached for a handful of tissues and wiped her quim. The man wiped his penis and put it away, zipping his fly. He bent down and pecked the woman on the cheek.

“Same time next week?” the man asked as he put on his jacket.

The woman nodded absentmindedly still fiddling with her phone. The man went out of frame followed by the sound of a door closing. The woman rolled over and put the phone on the pillow so she could still see the screen while she kicked off her heels and began to pull up her pantyhose and then her knickers.

I froze the video there and popped the earbud from the woman’s ear and plucked the other bud from mine. The woman just sat there stunned, staring at the frozen image of her pulling up her underwear on my iphone.

The woman finally tore her gaze away from the phone and looked at me; there were tears forming in the corners of her eyes.

“What do you want?” she whispered, her voice shaky.

“I want this,” I whispered back at her, my voice was shaking too.

I slipped my hand between her legs and lazily stroked her gossamer-clad thigh, my fingers crept under her skirt, lingering briefly in the crease where her thigh met her groin. Then they slid across the front panel of her sleek satin panties and pressed the silky fabric into her cleft. I rubbed the satin panty crotch against the gusset of her sheer-to-the-wait pantyhose and felt her outer lips open as I pressed my fingers into her mound.

The woman froze, she was astounded at my brazenness. She gasped and then issued a sob; covering her mouth to smother the sound in the crowded coffeehouse.

“I want this mother,” I whispered in her ear and began to stroke my fingers between her legs.

She gripped my wrist and held my hand still.

“You’re crazy Nathan. I always knew you were a strange boy with strange wants and needs, I’ve found enough evidence of that over the years; but this is preposterous!” she tried to move my hand from between her legs.

“As preposterous as you fucking dad’s brother; getting rogered by Roger,” I smirked.

“And you and Dad in the middle of a bitter divorce. Sure, you have the great job, the nice apartment, the BMW and the Merc; your designer clothes and your high-flying friends and acquaintances. But that’s nothing compared to half of Daddy’s fortune…is it mother?” I grinned viciously.

I gripped her thigh despite the hold she had on my wrist.

“I bet Daddy would be very grateful to me if I gave him a copy of that video. Very grateful indeed,” I released my grip on her leg and patted her thigh.

“Ok. I get it. How much,” the venom evident in her eyes.

“Oh we will get to that. But first I want this,” my hand slid back between her legs.

She slammed her knees together, trapping my hand.

“You’re fucking crazy Nathan! What you’re proposing is not only disgusting, it’s illegal,” she hissed, trying to keep her voice down.

With my free hand I manipulated my iphone and held it so she could see it. The email program was open with a draft message on the screen addressed to my father. ‘This will interest you,’ the message read; there was a file labelled ‘mom being Rogered’ attached to the email.

“This is what’s going to happen mommy. You’re going to pleasure me right here, right now, and I’m going to do whatever I like to you while you do it. If you don’t I’ll send the email. If you deliberately bring attention to us I’ll send the email. If you try to leave I’ll send the email,” I grinned at her.

“You are fucking crazy!” she hissed.

I said nothing. I looked around the coffeehouse and saw that although it was crowded, everyone was busy talking or playing with their own phones; no one had time for anyone else anymore.

I took the newspaper and spread it out across both our laps. Being in the back corner booth we were shielded from everyone anyway, but the newspaper was an added precaution.

“What the fuck are you doing,” mother whispered, her voice heavy with concern.

“This,” I whispered in reply removing my hand from between her legs.

She was momentarily relieved until she realised what I was doing. The ominous sound of my fly unzipping could just be heard above the chatter and din.

“Oh my god no!” my mother squirmed in her seat, trying to force herself into the corner of the booth.

I took my hand from under the newspaper and my finger hovered over the send button on the email on my phone.

Mother gulped and then she sighed. I grinned, figuring that she was now resigned to her fate.

“You fucking pervert!” she muttered.

I raised my brows and wriggled my finger over my phone.

“Ok. Jesus ok! Take your finger off the phone!” she gasped, a tear ran down her cheek.

“Put your hand where it belongs first,” I insisted.

Mother sighed and the newspaper Başakşehir Escort Bayan crackled as her hand tentatively crawled under the table and into my crotch. The back of her fingers grazed my erect penis and I flinched and let out a sigh.

I had been dreaming of this moment for so long that it now seemed like a dream.

I leaned into my mother and breathed in her perfume.

“Take it in your hand,” I whispered in her ear.

She gulped and nodded tentatively.

Her fingers closed around the girth of my phallus. It was big, a lot bigger than Uncle Roger’s.

“Oh my!” my mother was surprised.

“It’s been a while since you saw it, isn’t it mother,” I sniggered.

My face was so close to hers that I could taste her sweet breath.

“You know what to do,” I wriggled my hips slightly.

My mother slowly began to stroke my hard cock. It was thick and veiny, the angry purple glans leaking pre-ejaculate already. My mother used the pre-ejaculate to lubricate the shaft as she ever so slowly and ever so lightly stroked my erect penis to full tumescence.

“Mmm,” I purred.

My mother was being tentative with me because she hated what I was making her do, but unbeknown to her, she was playing into my hand. Had she just gripped my cock and wanked it I would have ejaculated immediately; as it was I was now receiving full enjoyment from my mother’s ministrations.

I slid my hand under the newspaper and stroked my mother’s knees. I had always longed to play with her nylon-encased legs; it was my greatest fantasy. I slid my fingers up her thighs, taking my time, my fingers lightly exploring her smooth flesh.

My mother gasped. She closed her legs tighter. I leaned in closer and nibbled on her earlobe, chasing her face as she tried to move away.

“Stop it! I’m not fucking around anymore! One more show of resistance and I’m sending the email and you can eat shit!” I hissed in her ear.

She slumped visibly and nodded slowly, tears running down both cheeks.

I moved my lips to hers and began to kiss her. To anyone looking at us we would appear to be two lovers necking while we waited for our coffee.

I slid my tongue into my mother’s mouth and felt no resistance; she was now utterly compliant but not actively participating. It was good enough for me. In fact it was perfect.

My mother slowly stroked my throbbing cock as I kissed her, enjoying the sweetness of her breath, the taste of her lipstick. I began to stroke her stockinged thigh, gently prying her legs open. My hand slid under her skirt and once again my fingers explored that silky crevice where her plump thighs met her body. Her nylons were soft and silky to my touch.

When my fingers began to slide across the slinky satin panel at the front of her panties she gasped into my mouth.

“Please don’t,” she whimpered around my tongue.

Her fingers closed tighter around my cock and I figured her ruse was to get me off quickly before I ventured into places forbidden.

“You don’t get off that easy mom,” I sighed and kissed her harder.

My tongue explored her mouth while my fingers explored under her skirt. I caressed the satiny fabric of her panties, enjoying the feeling of the shiny material rubbing on the gusset of her sheer pantyhose. I thought I could hear the whisper of her knickers rubbing on her pantyhose over the slight rustle of the paper.

I slid a finger into the cleft of her sex, rubbing the crotch of her panties against the gusset of her pantyhose. I felt the shape of her mons and slipped my finger inside her panties and pressed it into her labia, rubbing the shimmering translucent pantyhose material against her clitoris.

“Jesus no!” mom shuddered.

“Please don’t,” she begged.

But her body betrayed her. I felt her juices begin to flow and she involuntarily but instinctively pushed against my finger. It was only momentarily; but it was enough to encourage me.

I moved my finger in little circles over her tender bud and felt my mother quiver against me and her sex begin to moisten. She dragged her fingers over the glans of my penis and worked the pad of one finger on my fraenulum.

She could no longer pretend that she was not enjoying her participation in my illicit game; even if it was against her will.

“Fuck you Nathan! I hate you for this,” she growled but her tongue suddenly came to life and she responded to my kiss.

“Can I take your order?” a young girl stood grinning at the end of the booth.

She couldn’t see what was going on under the table but she could see that a young man was making out quite passionately with an older woman.

“Christ!” my mother whipped her hand from under the table and slammed her legs shut.

I kept my hand where it was and deliberately pressed my fingertip on my mother’s clitoris making her gasp.

“Two skinny lattes please,” I grinned up at the pretty young girl.

“Sugar?” the girl asked.

I ground my finger against my mother’s clitoris and was rewarded with a gush of vaginal juices. Escort Başakşehir My mother squirmed in her seat.

“No thanks,” I smiled.

“You want any muffins, cake, scones?” she read from her menu.

I pressed another finger inside my mother’s vagina. I could only get the tip inside her because her pantyhose prevented me getting it inside her any further.

Mother gasped and drummed her heels on the floor.

“I don’t think so,” I grinned up at the girl who returned my smile.

“Anything else from the menu?” the girl continued her well-rehearsed litany.

I worked my finger inside my mother’s cunt while I thrummed her clitoris; her pantyhose gusset and panty crotch were now soaked with her secretions and she was biting her lips to stop herself from moaning.

“Just fuck off and get the coffees!” my mother bellowed so loudly that people at nearby tables turned our way.

“To go,” I called after the waitress as she spun on her heels to take our order to the counter.

“You fucking asshole!” my mother hissed and smashed her lips against mine.

Her tongue slid into my mouth just as her fingers once again found my manhood.

Any pretence of reluctance was long gone as my mother firmly gripped my shaft and ran her fingertips over my glans, milking more pre-ejaculate so that she could stroke my hard throbbing cock.

She opened her legs and allowed me full access to her sex; a tincture of the scent of her quim wafted up from under the table.

I placed my free hand around my mother’s shoulders and pulled her to me; she reciprocated and kissed me hard, nipping at my lip and plunging her tongue deeper into my mouth. Her hand gripped my cock harder and she began to vigorously wank it.

The newspaper fell from our laps but we didn’t care. I worked another finger inside of my mother’s quim, my fingers had finally pierced the diaphanous nylon and I could feel her pink, warm, moist flesh clutching at them as I worked my fingers in and out of her. I pressed my thumb on her clitty and gently rotated it.

“Oh god!” my mother gasped into my mouth and her body tensed.

I could sense her orgasm approaching as was mine.

A mom and dad with a small boy and girl in tow approached the back corner of the coffee shop intent on taking the booth next to ours.

They got one table length away from my mother and I before the mom realised what we were doing. She turned to her husband who was also shocked but couldn’t help but stare at us.

“Come on kids; let’s sit closer to the front of the shop,” she turned her children around before they could see what we were doing and kicked her husband in the shins to get him moving.

Mother was gripping my cock tightly now and squeezing it and teasing it as she vigorously wanked and stroked it. She felt it begin to palpitate and knew I was about to ejaculate. She tried to aim it away from her but I thrust my free hand under the table and forced my cock against her leg.

“Oh my,” my mother mewed as scalding hot semen erupted from my cock and splashed onto her pantyhosed thighs.

Mother orgasmed with me; she pulled me close, driving her tongue into my mouth, biting my lip as she tried to stifle her scream. Her whole body shook as I worked my fingers in and out of her spongy, clinging cunt and thrummed my thumb on her clitoris.

Her heels drummed on the floor.

The most intense orgasm I had ever felt washed over me, the epicentre was the glans of my penis which was spewing a gelatinous fountain of warm semen over my mother’s legs. The veins in my shaft throbbed and bulged as I climaxed. I pushed my cock onto my mother’s silky thigh so I could feel the tingly caress of her nylons on my manhood as she drained the last of my seed on her expensive sheers.

Mother convulsed and shivered against me; pulling me close to her as she climaxed. Her crotch was drenched in her juices and the musty smell of semen and tang of vaginal secretions enveloped us.

We clawed at each other until we were both spent and then we simply held each other in silence as the enormity of the offence against nature that we had just committed dawned on us.

My mother extricated herself from my embrace and pulled my hand from under her skirt. I saw tiny globules of my semen clinging to her red fingernails as she reached for the paper napkins.

She wiped her legs, vainly attempting to mop up the semen that had soaked into her stockings. She wiped between her legs and adjusted her panties, pulling down and straightening her skirt, then she sat up straight. She scooted into the corner away from me as I took a wad of napkins and wiped my deflating penis and pushed it back into trousers. I zipped up and then bent down and picked up the newspaper.

There were gobbets of spunk on it so I folded it shut and put on the table.

You could cut the silence with a knife; both of us unsure what to say to each other. Mother reached into her bag and pulled out her compact. She fixed her makeup and repaired her lipstick.

I looked around the store but if anyone had been paying any attention to us they had lost interest. Two teenage couples were engaged in their own make-out sessions elsewhere in the shop and no one was paying attention to them either. The mom who had guided her family away from us gave me look of disgust however. I just smiled and shrugged at her.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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