Blame the Candyfloss…

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Big Ass

For Stephen Sheppard, the raucous noise of the visiting fair was the exact antidote he needed to lift his mood. Three hours of checking final exam papers had left him in a contemplative ‘What if…?’ kind of mood, but he had learned from past experience when to stop himself before descending into trying to understand why his ex-wife had left him and reaching for the whisky bottle. His face broke into a rare smile as a young child, screaming with delight, ran past him carrying a pink ball of sugary delight so big that it blocked his line of vision.

There was a cacophony of screams to his left as a bumper car in which four girls were riding came into a head on collision with another car filled with boys. He recognised one of the well-built, massive nippled, bra-less girls from one of his classes as being one of the many who were blatantly sexually active, and there was no doubt in his mind that she would have somebody lined up before the night was out. He also wondered how many of the cars’ other occupants would also get laid that night, something that he himself had not managed to do for more than a year. He had even reached the stage of fantasizing of what he would like to do it with some of the girls he taught, (especially the bra-less one), but that had only lead to further frustration and then masturbation, a poor substitute for the fantasies that had brought about his aroused state.

It was then that he saw it. It was nothing more than large square box on wheels with a tatty banner above it that read ‘Gerry’s Floss’, but it was surrounded by a jostling crowd fighting for preference in being served that sugary, sticky, tooth-damaging treat on a stick, that reminder of youth when the world was a fairer place and everything seemed possible.

He smiled again, but this time at his own self-indulgence as he joined the bustling crowd. On a constant guilt trip for his marriage not working, he was pleased with himself for allowing himself to enjoy something in life. It was then that he came face to face with her, a woman he had not thought about in years: his first sexual conquest.

It must have been almost twenty years since that night in the loft of the school gymnasium when they had both finished sore and bloody after ‘doing it’ three times in quick succession, yet deeply pleased with themselves that they had passed through that all important rite of passage. Now both were no longer virgins, could now hold their heads high and nod in a knowing way instead of blushing when their friends spoke about sex. Just seeing her stirred a heat in Steve’s groin that he had not felt in a long time.

Until then busy talking to her friends, it was when she turned and saw him that her face blanched as though she had seen a ghost, the whole of her groin contracting as she also remembered that night, him pumping into her with her legs high over his shoulders…

‘Steve?… Steve Sheppard?’

Lost for words at hearing her voice he just lamely nodded his head. Then, realising that she was feeling embarrassed in front of her friends by his silence, cleared his throat. ‘Lyn Hughes! You are the last person I expected to run into, in…in a nice way of course! What are you doing here? I thought you had run away to the big city.’

Wishing to talk but unable to break away from her friends, Lyn threw him one of her smiles, the same kind of smile that had drove him crazy twenty years before. ‘Look…I can’t talk now, but are you free tomorrow lunchtime? Maybe we could meet for a coffee or something?’

‘Something?’ that was Lyn, master at the innuendo. Steve nodded his head and shouted, ‘McDonald’s, town centre.’ grabbed his candyfloss as it was thrust into his hand, then, when he turned his head back in her direction, she was already lost in a swirl of bodies.

That night Steve went to bed early, leaving the exam papers just where they had been before he had walked out. He had been half-hard all the way home, and was fully hard even before he undressed, his erection anticipating what was in store. He had not felt this hard in ages…

Standing in front of the full-length wardrobe mirror, he fondled his testicles with one hand while the other searched out a nipple in the mat of hair that covered his chest. Lowering his eyes so that his face was out of his line of vision, he slowly began to pump his throbbing erection with one hard while squeezing a nipple with the other, all the while imagining what he was seeing belonged to someone other than himself.

He turned himself sideways, and in no time had small spurts of pre-cum dribbling down to his clenched hand, his meat now standing as rigid as a flagpole. My God he felt hard! and, looking down could see the results of a year-and-a-half of daily exercises with the penis enlarger, a good two inches in length and extra thickness.

Working both his hands in unison (one to pump his erection, one to squeeze his right nipple in time with his pumping hand), and his memory showing an accurate action-replay of what had happened with Lyne so long ago. He had just got to the part where he had come all over her Travesti flat belly and perky tits when his balls contracted violently into his scrotum.

He just had time to turn towards the mirrored wardrobe when his erection erupted sending a fountain of steaming sperm splattering, slithering down the reflected image in front of him. He had not come so much or stood so hard in ages…

Lyn had no such problem. Soaking wet by the time she got home, she left a trail of her clothes on the way to the bedroom, finally throwing herself naked onto the bed.

Wiping her left index finger between her saturated vaginal lips, she licked it clean with a groan. She had always liked her taste, ever since she had learned what juices were…

Rummaging in the top drawer of the bedside cabinet she withdrew her ‘modern day survival tool’, a nine-inch vibrator complete with pump-action head already fitted with a ribbed, Trojan condom. Raising her legs into the air she and without the ceremony of foreplay, slowly slid the whole length of the vibrator as deep inside her lubricated vagina as it would go and then turned the pump action onto ‘high’.

The effect was immediate. Holding the head of the vibrator as hard as she could with her thighs, she could feel the ramming head of the tool pushing itself deeper and yet deeper inside her. Lyn was pleased that she lived alone as she groaned and whimpered out load for mercy from the huge man tearing her apart inside, the smell of her juices flooding the room. Then, just as she felt herself about to come, she pulled the vibrator half out of herself and rammed it back in as hard as she could in time with the pulsing head. Then she screamed out loud as the waves of her climax washed over her body, her senses scrambled, her muscles twitching like someone with an uncontrollable affliction, and, in her last second of logical thought, wondered if Steve would be able to make her feel the same way…

‘Lecturer of English here, at Tees-side University.’ he said in answer to her question, ‘and you?’

She waited until they found two seats in the pedestrian mall before she answered. ‘I’m the secretary to the works manager of a firm that publishes books and magazines.’

It was only then as Steve really looked at her that he noticed that she was dressed entirely in leather, some of it of so fine a grain that it looked like material. Skirt, waistcoat, jacket, overcoat, shoes, handbag, everything in the same tone of expensive hide and suddenly he felt cheap for dressing casually and for not taking her out to lunch. He hoped that she didn’t feel the same way about him.

‘Oh?’ Steve asked as he gave up trying to stir his coffee with the plastic whisk. ‘Anything interesting?’

‘That depends,’ she said as she skimmed her coffee cup lid expertly over the pavement between the passing pedestrians and into the rubbish bin, ‘on whether you read pornography or not.’

‘You mean…’ he lowered his voice to a self-conscious whisper, ‘you work for a company that publishes porno magazines? How the hell did you get into that line of work?’

Lyn smiled at his embarrassment. ‘AS the say, someone’s got to do it, and the pay’s good, so it might as well be me. Anyway, what’s wrong with adult books? All they do is put into print exactly what people are doing anyway. Not only that, they bring a lot of satisfaction to a lot of people who don’t get the chance to do the things that they read about in our books.’

Even as he sat on the bench in the shopping precinct, Steve could feel himself getting hard at the thought of Lyn lying naked on the top of her bed reading a porno novel and then jacking herself off to satisfy her aches. Suddenly he wanted to bed her. Would she be just as tight as she once was? Had she learned anything more than the missionary position? ‘Tell me,’ he asked, ‘did you ever get married?’

Lyn nodded her head as she drained her coffee cup and impressed Steve by bowling it over-arm to join the lid in the bin. ‘Yes. And divorced. Thank god there were no children to drag through it. And you?’

‘Same answer, married, divorced with no kids. But you never had a chance to answer my question last night, what are you doing in Middlesbrough?’

Lyn fished in her handbag for her cigarettes and lighter and lit one before answering. ‘I’ve just arrived two days ago. The girls you saw me with last night are all from where I work. The company where I work are opening a printing works here in the new industrial estate, and they wanted me here as secretary to the works manager. It doesn’t have the status of my last job, that of secretary to the board of directors but it’s far better paid, so that means I’m looking for a house here.’

Steve drained the last of his coffee, threw and missed the bin by a mile. He shook his head and shrugged his shoulders as he stood up to retrieve the errant cup. Maybe she would go out that night to dinner?

‘So, what are your plans for the rest of the day?’

‘I’m free. I’ve got the rest off the day off to go house-hunting, what about you?’

Steve smiled. Ankara Travesti ‘Just need to make a ‘phone call and then I’ll be free to take you wherever you want to go. Where would you like to start?

‘How about your place?’ she said, lowering her head and linking her arm in his.

The drive to his place was undertaken in almost silence. They both knew where they were going and why, and both hoped the outcome lived up to the expectations.

As they drove up the driveway Lyn was surprised by the size of his detached house.

‘Well! It looks like someone’s being doing well for himself!’

‘Three bedrooms and three reception rooms.’ He said, anticipating her question. ‘I…we bought this when we were first married and … and had plans. Since the divorce I’ve had nothing to spend the money on so I’ve spent it on this.’

Steve showed her into the living room full of tasteful, high quality furniture, and went through the formality of offering Lyn something to drink. She went through the formality of declining, instead placing her bag on a chair and removing her coat. Without removing his coat Steve led her upstairs to the master bedroom, threw his coat onto the emperor size bed, then held her tightly to him and kissed her roughly on the mouth all in one move.

‘Do you know how many times I’ve fantasised about fucking you?’ he gasped as they broke for breath, ‘In my head I’ve fucked you every which way!’

‘Not as many times as I have you!’ Lyn whispered, wrapping both arms around his neck. Her hands clamped together behind his head and she showed Steve what rough was, her tongue shooting into the back of his throat, her hands grinding his face into hers. Then Steve’s tongue felt as though it was going to be pulled out by the roots as she sucked it into her mouth with such force that her teeth scratched its full length.

When she did let him go it was only to give him an order in a quiet voice. ‘Undress me, slowly, I love to feel the leather sliding across my skin. The one thing that turns me off is quick fucks.’

Steve, massaging his tongue around his mouth to try and regain its use, slowly undid the buttons of her waistcoat while she went to work on his shirt. Then, as she requested, he slowly slid the animal skin down her back as he took it off. The effect on Lyn was electric even through the fabric of her blouse, her eyes clamping shut, the whole of her body trembling and shuddering as the waistcoat slid the full length of her back, the faint hairs on her arms standing to attention as the sensation overtook the whole of her body.

Her eyes snapped open as the waistcoat dropped away, she dropping to her knees. “Now, let’s see what you have.” With deft hands his belt was unbuckled and fly unzipped in seconds, his trousers forming two pools around his feet at she dropped them to the floor. Sliding her hands up to his chest, she flicked his nipples with her fingernails while nibbling the whole length of his almost hard erection though the fabric of his underpants. In seconds the hardness of his erection was fighting with the restraining band of elastic at the top of his underpants, its head already oozing pre-cum.

‘Wow! You seem to of grown quite a bit from what I remember.’ Lyn said, flicking the peeping erection head with the tip of her tongue, ‘ and much thicker too, both in size and taste! But, before you get too carried away,’ she said, standing, ‘you can finish undressing me.’

The blouse was gone in a second, and then Steve was faced with her bra. The leather bra fascinated him, for he had never seen one like it before, but its removal showed him that Lyn, too, had grown, her breasts standing firm even without their leather support, her nipples, which had also grown, standing hard in anticipation. Having learned from the waistcoat, the bra also was slowly slid down over Lyn’s firm belly and then up over her shoulder and down her back for good measure. Then, unable to control himself any longer, he leaned forward and sucked a hard nipple and swollen rose deep inside his mouth. The reaction was not what he expected.

‘Don’t suck it, bite it! Bite it as hard as you can! Bite the end of the nipple, I really love that!’

Steve nibbled as hard as he dared, but that was not enough for Lyn. ‘Don’t fucking play with me, bite me!’ she gasped as she bucked her breast harder against his mouth to show him that she was enjoying the pain, ‘don’t worry, I’ll tell you if you hurt me!’

He bit as hard as he could, a bite that would have had himself screaming in agony, but the only reaction from Lyn was a deep groan of pleasure as she threw her head backwards, her eyes clamped shut. ‘That… feels… good…so good.’

Releasing her breast from his vacuum suck, he slid his hands down her buttocks, carrying with them the leather skirt.

‘Now, rub it all over my ass and back.’ Steve looked between his hands for her underwear, but there was none…

Steve trailed the skirt up her back and over her belly twice before dropping it on the floor, the whole of Lyn’s body trembling.

‘Now, hold istanbul Travesti me tight and kiss me, gently.’

Steve cupped her buttocks in his hands, his mind racing trying to figure her change in mood, but he needn’t have worried, for there hadn’t been one. Lyn buried her face in the nape of Steve’s neck and whispered, ‘Now, squeeze me as hard as you can. I want to feel the strength in your hands…’

Steve clamped his fingers as hard as he could around her firm muscles, Lyn groaning louder and louder as he did so.

‘Now, smack me! Smack me as hard as you can!’ all the while her teeth nibbling harder and harder on his shoulder. Steve brought both his arms back as far as he could and, as they landed with a loud ‘crack’, he scooped her off her feet and threw her onto the bed.

With his erection standing so hard that it was painful, he hard intended to throw her legs over his shoulders and give her a good, hard fuck, just as he had done on that first night, but that was not in Lyn’s program, not yet. In one deft movement Lyn pulled him onto the bed then straddled him, smiling. ‘Rules of the game, first I fuck you and then you fuck me!’

Steve felt her saturated crotch soaking his pelvis, his erection twitching between her muscled buttocks. Glancing between her legs Steve could see that she had trimmed hair hairs real short, and could imagine probing his tongue deep inside them and licking out the juices that were dribbled over his thighs as Joyce arched her back and slowly tried to lower herself onto the nine-and-a-half-inches of throbbing meat between her legs.

Watching her, Steve saw his dribbling glans and over a good half of his length disappear inside her and then she stopped. She looked down at him, smiling. ‘You are far bigger than I remember, a lot thicker too! I hope that you can last longer than you did way back then!’

Steve laughed in embarrassment. ‘You bitch, you remember after all these years? I remember that we were both so horny that we both came three times in less than half-an-hour!’

Without another word she dropped her full weight onto his pelvis burying him deep inside her, her juices running so free that it only took a few seconds before his twitching balls and anus were just as wet as her crotch.

‘You may have come three times back then, but I didn’t and I’m going to make up for it now! Now, just lie still like a good little boy and let me enjoy myself…’

Lyn started slowly, pulling herself off him and then slowly sliding back down the solid bar of muscle inside her, but it being so long since she had felt something that length and thickness inside her, it did not take long before she could feel her climax building and speeded up her thrusts, so that soon she was bobbing up and down on to of him as fast as she could.

Steve was more than happy to let her do all the work, for his it was a turn-on just to see a woman riding him after so long. He cupped Lyn’s firm breasts in his hand and flicked the nipples with his thumbs. The reaction from Lyn was a ‘don’t tease, squeeze! Squeeze them as hard as you can!’ shouted as loud as she could

He closed his hands around Lyn’s breasts only to be me with the rebuff ‘Not my tits, you asshole, my nipples! Squeeze then as hard as you can!’

Lyn by this time was riding as fast as she could, the first tremors of a climax beginning to build in the muscles of her stomach and the soles of her feet. My god he felt so good! He was reaching parts that hadn’t been touched in a long time…

Steve knew exactly when her climax hit, not from the thrashing of her head and the deep animalistic groan that came from far within her throat, even before that he felt the whole of his solid muscle being clamped far tighter than it ever had before, so tight that it initiated his own climax. But, before it could build, Lyn, feeling him getting even harder inside her, forced herself half off him and then, reached between her legs with the index finger and thumb of her right hand, gripped the root of his erection so tight that his climax died even before it was even born.

“Not yet!’ she groaned, ‘you’ll come when I want you to come, not before!”

There was harshness to Lyn’s voice that ignited something deep inside Steve’s subconscious, something that made him more than willing to just lie there and to be used as Lyn dictated. His ex-wife had been dominant on occasions, but never like this…

There was ten minutes of slow riding before Lyn started to come the second time and shouted out the same order, ‘Squeeze them! Squeeze them as hard as you can! Harder! Harder!’

That second climax was one that Steve would remember for a long time, for he had never seen a climax as violent as that one was. Apart from the now familiar thrashing of her head and groaning loud enough to wake the dead, all of her muscles contracted so hard that he could see cubes of muscles down her abdomen and her thigh muscles became so taunt that they clamped his pelvis in a vice-like grip. His vital organ felt that it was being cut off from its blood supply and he no longer could feel himself inside her. It took a good five minutes for Lyn’s body to stop twitching and for her vaginal muscles to relax enough so that he could feel the blood returning to his erection and she could slowly slide forward and lie down along Steve’s chest.

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