Blind Fantasies


It was a lazy weekend afternoon that seemed headed toward a similar evening. She was stretched out on the couch, the hem of her skirt pushed up over her knees as she devoured the paperback novel she held. He watched her as her foot ran up her silky leg, engrossed in the story. A pair of lovers lay entwined on the cover of her book, and as he watched, her breath began to quicken, her breasts rising and falling with each sigh. As he stared at her, sordid thoughts began to flit across his mind. He saw images of his lovely bride with her lips wrapped around his erection, brushing those large breasts against his inner thighs as he tangled his fingers in her chestnut hair, and he saw himself peeling her clothes from her body so he could bury that erection in her waiting pussy.

As he fantasized, he began to feel his cock stirring in his pants, becoming thick and firm in anticipation of the realization of his daydreams. Absentmindedly, he rubbed himself through his pants and closed his eyes, giving himself over to his fantasies. Before long, he had his pants open and his cock out, stroking it with long, firm motions. He felt his own breath quicken as the head of his erection swelled and throbbed, insistently demanding satisfaction.

He was shaken from his reverie by the sound of a quiet moan. Opening his eyes, he saw his wife had abandoned her story, and she had two fingers buried deep inside her pussy. Her panties were between her knees, her skirt pooling above her waist. Her eyes were closed, and her head was thrown back, exposing the white skin of her throat. Wordlessly, he stood and crossed the room to where she lay writhing and lowered his mouth to her neck. She responded instantly, shivering underneath his busy lips. He slid his hand up her shirt and began tweaking her nipples, making them hard casino siteleri as marbles. She arched her back and turned her face to meet his, and their lips locked together in a futile war for dominance. As he kissed her, he pulled the red kerchief she had tied on her head, and her dark hair framed her face in soft waves. Running his fingers through her tresses, he pushed the locks behind her ears and tied the soft cloth over her eyes.

Once she was blindfolded, he led her to the dresser in their bedroom, placing both of her hands palms-down on top of it, so that her body was arched toward him, her breasts close to his face. Before she could protest or ask questions, he placed two large coins on the backs of her hands, and informed her that she was not to let the coins fall from her hands. She trembled as he pushed the fabric of her camisole up her body, letting the fabric gather at the base of her throat. The lacy bra she wore clasped in the front, and he wasted no time in releasing her breasts from their captivity. As they swung free, he devoured each in turn, tracing each nipple with his tongue and gently tugging it with his teeth. She moaned, and her knees began to shake, but the coins were unmoved. He worked his lips down her torso, covering her body with long, loving kisses. As he reached her hips, he pulled her skirt down over her ass and let it drop to the floor.

Seeing her half-stripped and blindfolded before him sent another surge of blood to his cock, and it began to throb in his hand. He stepped into the circle her skirt made on the floor, pressing his chest to hers and trailing his tongue around the sensitive hollow of her neck. She whimpered, and as she rose onto her toes to keep from losing her coins, her knees opened and he had a clear path to her pussy. Slowly, yüksek bahisli casinolar he guided his cock toward her quivering slit, rubbing it against her clit and coating the head with her moisture. He couldn’t penetrate her from where she stood, but he was able to stimulate her most sensitive area and watch her squirm before him. She bucked and writhed, her moans growing louder and more impassioned. Soon, she was groaning and quivering, begging him to take her. He responded by nibbling her nipples and running his tongue between them. The stimulation he was receiving was bringing him close to orgasm, and he was doing all he could to make her drop those coins. Pulling away from her, he drove three fingers into her pussy and began thrusting them in and out with a slow, steady pace while he sucked her nipples. His cock was still slick with her juices, and he was dying to plunge it into her. He brushed it against her stomach, and ran it in a line until it was between her legs again.

Suddenly, her arms were around him, and the coins were flying across the room into corners unknown. She struggled to get her shirt over her head, and blindly, stumbled onto their master bed, her arms caught in the fabric and her naked ass in the air, trembling. Wasting no time, he stripped his pants off and pulled her ass toward his erection. Slowly he pushed the head of his cock into her hot pussy, savoring the feel of the warm, moist darkness. Inch by inch, he buried himself in her, until his balls rested against her clit. She moaned in ecstasy, and a grunt of pleasure escaped his lips. Slowly, he pulled his swollen cock from her pussy and penetrated her again, this time giving her his entire length at once. She pushed her ass back to meet him, and he began a steady rhythm mobil casino of thrusting, slowly at first. Eventually, she worked her arms free of her garments and supported herself on her hands, her breasts swinging free over the sheets. Reaching around her shoulders, he grabbed for her nipples and tweaked them lightly as he continued to drive his cock into her. She was bucking her hips and screaming his name, pressing her head into the pillows to muffle her cries. Releasing her breasts, he gripped her ass cheek with one hand and tangled the fingers of his other hand in her hair, tugging lightly. She arched her back down and raised her head, her ecstasy renewed with the new sensation of light pain.

Taking her lead, he began to pump his cock into her pussy with new enthusiasm, increasing his speed and force until his balls were slapping against her clit, sending her reeling with each dull, audible smack. He slapped her ass once and dug his fingers into the soft flesh of her cheek, releasing her hair so he could hold her ass with both hands as he thrust his way to orgasm. He felt the familiar buildup of pressure that started somewhere beyond his toes and gathered speed as it all converged at the core of his body, sending it in a shot of power directly to his cock as his balls contracted. With a passionate groan, he released his ecstasy into his lover’s body. As he stiffened over her in the throes of orgasm, her own body was rising to meet his crescendo. Her knees locked, the strength died from her arms and her pussy began to contract around the shaft of his cock. Screaming unintelligible words of affection, she came with him, milking the last of the fluid from his cock with her pussy.

Exhausted, they collapsed together in the heat of their passion, tangling themselves together in the sheets. He kissed her gently on the face, and pushed the blindfold out of her eyes. She ran a finger lovingly across his face, laying her head on his chest so she could hear his heart rate slowing. “I lost,” she said. “The coins fell somewhere.” Kissing the top of her head, he smiled.

“Best two out of three?”