Bliss and Alex…Slaves! Ch. 1


– Part I (bliss’ thoughts) –

How could the Master do this to me? I am so fucking hot, this damn Sybian is going to make me cum! He knows that. It is rotating so slowly, oh, there it goes again rubbing my G-Spot! He knows what it does to me. Shit, I have to keep that vibrator away from my clit.

And this cock, pushed into my throat, this bastards going to cum, I just know it! But I have to keep him hard! I can feel the rings of the Gates of Hell wrapped around his cock, mmmm… That’s it, you asshole, get nice and hard, I want to feel your cock in my throat! MMMM… get harder your bitch! The bastard’s pre-cum is so slick… Don’t you cum you puke… I better stop… relax baby… that’s it relax…

I feel like I have to pee, please come back Master… Damn this Sybian… why does it have to be so good at what it does…? No! I will not cum… Oh, Master! Relax… Bliss… Relax… Concentrate…

Oh no you don’t… You keep that cock rock hard… Yes… Groan you fucking wimp… but don’t you cum… mmmm… You know what will happen if you cum… The Master is liable to castrate you… Giggle…

Oh, I need to cum… I want it so bad… This fucking fuck machine is driving me crazy… I’ll bet there is a puddle of my juice on the floor… No! Stop that! No, Bliss, you can not cum! No… No… No… Please, Master, please come back!

How long have we been like this?

– Part II (the Master returns with a friend) –

“Well, well, what have we got here? I hear a strange female voice. “Alex, what is that attached to your cock?”

I hear him grunt, his cock swells and slips farther down my throat. No Alex don’t! Don’t cum Alex! The Master will kill you…

“Tell me Alex.” She removes the ball gag from his mouth. “Is she as good a cock sucker as I am?”

“You may speak Alex.” She says just before she locks her lips over his.

Please don’t cum Alex, please don’t. Your pre-cum is streaming istanbul escort now! You’re going to cum and that will be the end of you…

“No, Mistress!” Alex gasped… “We have been like this for two hours, and she has not made me cum!”

“Do you want to cum?” His Mistress whispered.

“Yes, Mistress.” He moaned.

I felt the strap being undone at the back of my head, then the scarves, and the restraints on my thighs… A pair of strong hands lifted me onto very wobbly legs and guided me to the bed. My legs and arms both spread eagle, and bound again…

“Master Peter! Look how hard Alex is!” Alex’s Mistress exclaimed. “Alex, you have never fill seven rings before! I am so proud of you my slave!”

“Now let’s just keep it hard.” She said as she attached a chain to the ring at the end of the Gates.

I heard Alex groan as she attached the clips to his nipples and hooked the chain connected to his cock to them!

She hummed as she took the head of his cock in her mouth…

“Sit back and enjoy Mistress.” I heard my Master says, as he guided Alex’s Mistress onto the Sybian, and strapped her thighs in place.

“Oh, what is this?” I heard her say, as the small dildo attachment slid into her vagina. “It’s not very big, I don’t see how it is going to pleasure me.”

I smiled and could imagine the looked on my Master’s face.

My Master removed the mask from my head, and I watched as he attached electrodes to Alex’s ball sac and nipples. He did the same to me attaching two electrodes to my pussy lips and my nipples.

Alex’s cock was still dripping a steady stream of pre-cum, which his Mistress was slowly licking up, his cock twitching every time her tongue came in contact with it. Master Peter removed the chain hooked to the tip of the Gates, and hooked it to the ring at the base of Gates.

My Master leaned down and kissed the Mistress softly and then passionately, Escort Anadolu Yakası as he did this he began to manipulate the controls to the Sybian. The Mistresses hips began to undulate as their kiss broke. Master Peter whispered to her. “Enjoy my sweet.” Guide her lips to Alex’s cock and her hands into the soft cuffs attached to Alex’s waist. He then attached electrodes to her nipples also.

Walking over to the bed, my Master released my binding. I immediately kneeled before him.

He placed his cock at my lips, I kissed it and took it as deep as I could.

Then I felt it, my pussy twitched, as my Master manipulated the electrodes attached to it. I glanced up at him and her indicated that I should look in the direction of Alex and his Mistress. Alex’s balls were twitching at the same rate as my pussy. The chain connected to his nipples was tight against his chest, the nipple clip pulling cruelly down on his nipples. His Mistress licking the huge blood engorged head of his cock.

My Master increased the rotation speed of the Sybian, we watched as she pressed her pussy down against the saddle. She began to grind her pussy onto the intruder, trying to get it in as deep as possible. Her lips were now around the head of Alex’s huge cockhead, I know her tongue was probing his pee slit, when the Master turned on the Sybian’s vibrator. Her body shuddered and she ground her wet now leaking pussy down hard on the apparatus!

The Master then increased the charge to the electrodes attached to both Alex’s balls and my pussy. My thighs began to twitch as I watch Alex’s balls, his thighs shaking.

I sucked my Master’s cock deep into my throat… He sat down in the lounge chair, my face still attached to his cock, my pussy on fire, my juices running down my thighs, he sent a charge to the electrodes attached to all our nipples. I saw Alex’s Mistress tits begin to quiver, Alex screamed and arched his Anadolu Yakası Rus Escort back as the jolt went through his body, I began plunging up and down on my Master’s cock, my nipples on fire! My body screaming for release!

The Master was getting close… He was staring at Alex’s Mistress when he set all the controls to their maximum setting…

“CUM!” he commanded.

“CUM you beautiful Mistress slut!”

“CUM my slaves!”

“CUM with your Master!”

Alex’s Mistress’s body spasmed hard, she suck Alex’s whole cock into her mouth and down her throat…

Her cum squirting out of her as she desperately tried to free herself of the machine that was ravaging her pussy…

Alex’s whole body was shaking violently as his initial cum shot, blew down his Mistress’s throat…

Suddenly, her body arched up and back, snapping his cock out of her mouth! His cock was huge! Twice the size it had been when I sucked it! It was firing like a cannon, firing shot after shot all over his Mistress’s face, and body.

Her body covered with cum, shaking violently, she stared at my Master her eyes begging.

Pushing me away, the Master went over to her and kissed her roughly, the Sybian stirring her sex, the electrodes firing on her tits. She was a cum machine!

The Master then placed his cock on her lips… she immediately kissed it and took all 10 inches into her mouth and down her throat. The Master then turned off the machines releasing us from our quaking body, finally allowing our muscles to relax.

Alex’s Mistress continued to suck my Master’s cock her head bobbing up and down, she suck for all she was worth. She was soon rewarded as my Master cock exploded in her throat. He pulled her off his throbbing spurting tools and splashed her face and covered her tits with his cum… He lifted her limp body up, and carried her up the stairs to his bed.

He then came back down and told me that I was to spend the night here in the dungeon. He handed me the riding crop, and told me that Alex’s cock was to stay hard…

To Be Continued…

* * * * *

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