Blood Lust


My name is Jackson Shaw; at least that is what I call myself now. I have gone by many names over the ages. I am a vampire. I was turned the year the great pyramid was completed. Yes, I am over 2000 years old, ancient even by vampire standards. I have lived in the shadows for most of recorded human history. I say human history because it has been a long time since the title human could be associated with me.  Time teaches all to he who has the luxury of eternity. And what the ages have taught me is that mortality was a gift. After I was turned, I learned that the for lack of a better word the “life” of a vampire was one fraught with danger. One would tend to think that a vampire would have very little to fear, but that is far from the truth. As with most things I would discover, there are always consequences. What my kind most feared, were ironically enough the very creatures that we preyed upon. Because for as long as there have been vampires, there have been vampire hunters. Yes, we can die. But death for a vampire is nothing like death for humans. You see, there are always consequences; “immortality” has a price. For in exchange for all the power, and the perceived deathlessness, you surrender your soul. And when the soulless die there is no heaven, there is no rest, there is only oblivion. In life, I was a merchant from an area that would be now called Nubia. It was during my return from a trading expedition to the Egyptian capital city of Memphis that I was turned. It was a dusk, when I came upon what I thought was a group of bandits attacking a young Egyptian woman. They had tied her to a tree, and looked to be preparing to behead her. I quickly retrieved my spear from the back of my camel and launched it at the man holding the sword. It struck its mark, hitting him dead center in his back killing him immediately. I then drew my sword ready to dispatch the remaining two men, but they just turned and ran. I quickly made my way to the woman and cut her from her bonds. She rubbed her wrist and thanked me for saving her life. She told me her name was Amunet. “The hidden one” I replied, trying to impress her with my knowledge of Egyptian names. “What was all that about, who were those men, and why were they trying to kill you?” I asked. “That one”, she said pointing to the man I had killed with my spear. “That one is Akhom, my husband. The one’s who ran were Akil and Ako his brothers.” “Why were they trying to kill you?” I asked as I slowly began to regret the rashness of my actions. “They think that I am a demon” she said with disgust. “And why would they think that” I Asked? She began to spin a tale of the mysterious deaths that had occurred in their village shortly after she had arrived. And how the village elders had blamed her for the deaths, and had labeled her a witch and a demon. She also informed me that this was to be her wedding night. “Well, Ankara bayan escort are you demon” I asked. “Do I look like a demon?” she said “I have no idea, I have never met a demon” I said. She looked at me for a second, trying to decide if I were jesting. “Come on my little demon, it’s getting dark. We will set up camp just over the next dune. There is an oasis there. We can get drink, eat, and get a good nights rest. And in the morning, we will figure out just what to do with you.” I said. “Come, come” I commanded as I reached my hand out and took hers. We walked back to my camel hand in hand, and led it to the oasis. Stopping only long enough to gather her few things, and for me to pull my spear out her dead husband back. Once we arrived at the oasis, I quickly lit a fire and led my camel to the waters edge. Amunet, unrolled the two rugs I had given her, and place them in front of the fire. I filled my canteen with water, and as I turned to walk back to our camp, I got my first real look at her. She was truly a lovely young woman. She had dark brown hair, and a sandy brown complexion. Her eyes were brown, and their almond shape was exaggerated by her traditional Egyptian eye makeup. She wore a simple linen sheath dress. It’s just a rectangular piece of cloth folded once and sewn down the edge to make a tube. The dress extended from a few inches above her ankles, to just below her breast. Her breasts were uncovered, as it was the fashion of the day for Egyptian woman to leave them bare. I openly stared at them as walked over to sit next to her by the fire. She smiled at me, obviously aware of my eyes caressing her form. But she made no attempt to cover herself. In fact, she seemed to push her breast out further in my direction to give me a better glance. They were full, firm and capped with small brown nipples. They were a full C cup by my estimations, and to today’s standards. I sat down on the rug next to her an offered her a drink of water from my canteen. She refused stating that she was not thirsty. I then reached into my bag and offered her some bread, dates, and dried fruits. She again refused, stating that she had eaten shortly before our meeting. “I’m beginning to think that you do not trust me my little demon. You will not take food, nor drink from me. Where I come from that is considered to be an insult.” I said, tying my best to sound serious. “It was not my intention to insult you my savior.” She said pausing as she looked into my eyes. “What’s wrong” I asked, fearing that my jest had really upset her. “It’s just; I do not even know the name of the man to whom I owe my life.” “Well, that is easy enough remedied. I am Olijimi” “Given by God” she interrupted, speaking the meaning of my name. “Well, my little demon you do impress.” I said. “Not yet, But I will.” She said as she stood up. “You saved Escort bayan Ankara my life, you let me sit by your fire, and you even offer your food. How shall I repay you?” “No payment is needed Amunet” I said. “What I did was done mostly out of reaction. I saw a woman being attacked and I reacted. And where I come from it is customary to share what ever food we have.” “That may be true, but you are still due payment for your actions.” She then put her thumbs into the edges of her dress and pushed it down to the sand. She stood before me in all of her naked majesty. She was by my estimations about 5’2, at about 110 lbs. Her hips were wide and curvaceous, and were the perfect complement to her proud firm breast. I admired her nakedness as my manhood began to stir. She was lovely, and I must admit it had been sometime since I had been with a woman. I wanted her, but not like this. I was not one to take advantage of woman who had been through what she had. I liked a woman to come to me because she wanted me. Not because she was in a weaken state. But before I could utter a word of protest she was atop of me. She forced her mouth to mine pressing her tongue pass my lips. Her mouth was slick and hot and our tongues rolled and caressed each other. I could feel my hardness begin to awaken fully between my legs. She pushed open my robe and ran her hands across my chest and nipples as she continued to kiss me. It was then that heard her say “I’m going to enjoy giving you what you are due”. So caught up by the moment that I almost did not notice what had just happened. “How I could hear her while we were kissing.” I thought “Then it dawned on me as my mind screamed “By the gods she is a demon!” I tried to break our connection only to find that I could not move. As I struggled to figure out was happening I heard her voice again. “There is need to be afraid my savior. It is not my intention to harm you. In fact I wish to give you a gift.” I lay paralyzed by what ever spell she had cast on me. My mind reeled as I tried desperately to move my limbs. All the time she continued to kiss me. I looked into her eyes I was shocked to find that they were now entirely black. Terror griped my mind as I tried even more desperately to move. She leaned back breaking the connection with our lips and sat atop of me for a moment. It was then that I noticed that not only had her eyes changed, but also her mouth. As she looked down at me smiling, and I saw that to which almost made my heart stop with fear. A pair of inch long fangs had replaced her once smaller canine teeth. “As I said before there is no need to fear” she said running her now longer serpentine tongue across each tip of her fangs. “Release me!” I screamed, realizing that I had regained control of my mouth. “Now what fun would that be? I said that I was going to repay you and Bayan escort Ankara that is just what I’m going to do.” She said as her tongue flicked across her lips. She then leaned back into me, and began to suck and lick my nipples. I shuttered as my body betrayed me. Even in that state of horror my body was alive and feeling pleasure from her actions. Amunet continued her deliberate, teasingly slow oral assault. I felt her lips as she kissed down my chest, past my abdomen, stopping only when she reached the knot that held my pants up. “What do you want from me?” I asked in a whispered voice filled with fear and what I must admit, a bit of arousal. “I thought it was obvious what I was after my savior. I am after your long hard spear. And I will not stop until I have it.” She said as she ripped the knot and my pants releasing my hardness to the night air. She took hold of my manhood and began running her long tongue up and down its length. The sensation was unlike anything that I had felt before, and the control that she had with her tongue was unlike anything I had seen before. It coiled around my hardness, like a long pink slick snake, only stopping when its tip reached my balls. I moaned in spite of my self at the intense pleasure. She then took the head of my shaft into her mouth and began to suck gently at first. But slowly she began to increase the pressure, and I felt the blood being pulled to the head of my already engorged hardness. I groaned with pain and pleasure as the pressure continued to increase. Pleasure was quickly replaced with torment as my cock head filled to the point where I thought that it would burst. “Release me Demon!!!!” I screamed in panic and agony “Now is that anyway to speak to me?” I heard in my head “I mean, do you really wish to anger me now that I have you in my mouth?” The logic of her comment registered, and I made a mental note not to speak again with such distain. It was at this point that her tongue suddenly contracted around me. I felt it as it slithered, constricting me tighter and tighter, trapping the blood in my engorged member. “Mercy, Mercy, please show me mercy! I saved your life!” I screamed. “Now you want mercy” I heard her mocking me in my head. She began to bob her head up and down slowly, taking me deeper and deeper with every stroke. With one hand she tightly griped the base of my length as she loosened the constriction of her tongue. With her other hand she took hold of my balls, gently rolling and massaging them in her small fingers. My shaft, filled to its bursting point with blood held there by her vice like grip began to twitch. She increased her speed and suction, moaning at what I believed was the taste of my flesh. Amunet continued at this pace for what seemed like ages. I do not know if I was the gasp that she had on my length, the fear, or the spell she cast on me. But what ever it was she had kept me from ending longer than I had ever gone before. But now, I could feel the release as it began to build at the base of my hardness. “Yes my savior, I see that you are ready to give me your seed” I heard her say in my head. She once again increased her speed and I knew I was moments away from my journey’s end.