Blue Moose


Steve sat hunched over the bar of The Blue Moose. It was his favorite watering of yesteryear- before Sunny. It seemed like such a long time ago, but the place hadn’t changed much. It was like an old friend; you could always count on it to be there and to pick up right where you left off. That’s when she walked into his life. A blur of burnished gold and burgundy. This woman had confidence that she yielded like a whip and her sexy surefire walk caused the crotch of Steve’s pants to tighten. Her skin was dewy with an incandescent shimmer. She sat down at the barstool next to him and ordered a Morgan’s sunrise. Steve looked down at his own captain and coke and laughed. His chuckle caught her attention.

She looked over at him and smiled. She was wearing a gold shirt with a plunge v-neck that showed off her décolletage. The perkiness of her breasts made Steve’s cock surge in his pants. He followed the lean line of her torso and saw more of her bronzed skin on display. She introduced herself and they chatted easily about their favorite books, movies, even bar’s. This woman was making him forget all about Susan and Sunny. This time it was the little strip of skin where her shirt ended and her low-slung pants began. Steve could see the dimples in her lower back and he fantasized about seeing the golden curve of her back as he pressed his thumbs into those very dimples and entered her from behind. He wanted to lick her shimmering skin, to taste her heat. “Blonde or brunette?” She threw him totally off-guard with her question and Steve wasn’t sure where this was going.

“Neither. Red head.” Steve had beaten her at her own game and even delivered a fastball back. “I’ve got one. Full coverage or thong?” He raised one eyebrow and looked at her askew.

“Neither.” It seemed that Aerie had once again one-upped him. He was going to have to step it up a bit if he was going to compete with this spring chicken. The lines around Steve’s eyes crinkled when he laughed. In the midst of their bawdy conversation he did think about Susan and Sunny. He saw her wide blue eyes and brown curls. Ever since the baby had been born it was “Susan and Sunny, Sunny and Sue.” The two were inseparable. Sue was terrified that if she left Sunny for any substantial amount of time something might happen. Susan had even started insisting that Sunny sleep in their bed with them. Steve and Sue were supposed to form a “love circle” around their baby. Steve was okay with it at first, but after a few nights he was losing sleep and he was terrified that he was going to roll over and squish Sunny. It was starting to affect his work performance and finally Steve refused to be a part of the “love circle.” How could he be expected to be the sole breadwinner and participate in her New Age parenting crap? Steve had mentioned the idea of Susan going back to work but each time she launched into a lecture about how important it was to be there for Sunny. Steve finally gave up trying.

His knees creaked as he slid off the barstool and it was clear that barhopping belonged to his youth. Aerie whirled around on her barstool and hopped up, grabbing his wrist and dragging him to the other side of the bar. “Let’s play darts.”


“Yeah, come on. 301.”

“I don’t know how to play,” he stammered out.

“I’ll teach you, then.” Aerie flashed him a smile that made it impossible to say no. She fed a dollar into the machine and it came alive. The lights started blinking and honky-tonk music emanated from deep inside. Aerie entered all the information, grabbed the three darts, and marched to the shooting line. “Like this.” She threw each dart at the dartboard, hoping for a bull’s-eye, but taking what she got. “First one to zero wins. If a dart falls out, no do over. After your turn hit this button.” She pulled the darts from the dartboard, punched the player change, and handed the darts to Steve.

He closed one eye, meticulously lined up each shot, and launched the dart. Never once did it land where he intended it to, but all three were solid shots. Aerie jumped up and ran behind the line taking her second turn. She threw three quick and easy shots. Bam. Bam. Bam. Steve watched her feminine bicep tense and relax. He wanted to know more about her but something held him back from asking him the things he most wanted to know. “I got one. Shag carpeting or hardwood floors?” Steve was glad that the bar was dark and he hoped that she didn’t see his crimson face, afraid that she would throw her drink in his face and slap him for asking such a forward question.

“Well, again the answer is neither. I’d say it’s more of a throw rug. You know, just enough to add some decoration and warmth to the deneme bonusu veren siteler place!” She giggled flirtatiously. “Lights on or off?” Steve had to squelch the urge to go into a monologue about how Susan always insisted that the lights stay off.

“I’m flexible. On or off, it doesn’t matter. It’s not like I can’t find it in the dark.” He gave Aerie a knowing smile and she blushed. Aerie didn’t know what to say back to him so she just handed over the darts and let him take his turn. She beat him twice and he reluctantly turned down her offer for best of five. He knew that he had to get going, it was almost midnight. “Aerie, I’ve never had so much fun here and I’ve been coming here for ages.”

“Really? Then why haven’t I ever seen you here?”

“Lets just say that I haven’t been here recently.” He turned to go but Aerie caught his arm. When he turned back to her their lips met in a hungry kiss that couldn’t be denied. Instead of backing away from his desire she charged into it with a ferocity of her own. Their tongues warred as they mashed their mouths against each other, Steve placed a trembling hand on the swell of her breast and gaining confidence he slid his hand inside her shirt. Her nipple had already hardened into a tight nub and he pinched it and rolled it between his fingers. Aerie pushed her groin into Steve and it took all of his strength to break himself free of her force field. With ragged breath he whispered, “I can’t.” Aerie looked into his dark eyes and whimpered.

“Please, I need you.” She took his hand and slid it down the front of her pants. His fingers slid between the folds of her labia and felt her moistness. Steve couldn’t remember the last time a woman had begged him to take her. He was the one begging for a blowjob, or making bargains over household chores for sex. But here was a warm, wet, woman panting for him. It was just too much. He took Aerie by the hand and led her to his car. “Wait, I live just around the corner.” Their roles shifted and Aerie was now leading Steve by the hand. The balmy air was thick and moist. It had been a long time since Steve was intentionally up at this hour, and even longer since he had been outside. He was reminded of the nights that he used to stay out all night, hopping from place to place, always settling in at Moe’s Diner, the only twenty-four hour joint within ten miles. “We’re here.”

Steve looked up at the apartment building. It was nondescript and he didn’t know if he could find it again on his own if he had to. They walked mute up the stairs and Aerie let him into her apartment. He stood in her living room looking around. It wasn’t what he expected at all. She had a beautiful entertainment center with a flat screen TV, an x-box, and a DVD player. Aerie quickly rushed through her apartment removing stray dishes and clothing but Steve barely noticed. He was still taking in the scenery of her home. Against the railing that led downstairs was a burgundy couch with flowers sprayed across it and oversized pillows. She had a matching loveseat and a coffee table that matched the wood of the entertainment center. “Oh, I work two jobs. I know what you’re thinking- how does someone so young have all this nice stuff.” Steve turned red with embarrassment. He didn’t mean to make Aerie feel like she had to apologize for her svelte furnishings.

“It’s a great place. You have a great decorating sense.” It was all he could do to save himself from his embarrassment. “Can I have the grand tour?”

“Actually, I wasn’t expecting to have company tonight. I generally only keep the upstairs clean, my bedroom is a total mess. I haven’t really had time to do laundry.”

“Maybe another time then,” he had said it in an offhanded way but it hung in the air like cigarette smoke, swirling them both in a web of infidelity. Aerie walked through the living room and into the dining room. She motioned for Steve to follow and he trotted behind like a puppy.

“This is probably my favorite room. I spend most of my time in here. The walls were lined with bookcases, full of textbooks, notebooks, and paperbacks. Her office was like a tiny library. Steve sat down in her office chair. It was smooth burgundy leather accented with gold furniture tacks. “Don’t laugh, but here is the best compliment that I have ever received.” Aerie reached up to a memory board overflowing with concert tickets, movie stubs, and miscellaneous pictures and things. She handed a slip of silky paper to Steve and he read the inscription to himself.

You are the most interesting girl of the millennium,

and my thoughts of you are forever frozen like bugs in amber.

“Wow, the millennium, gerçek para ile slot oyunları that’s like 1,000 years.”

“I know. Isn’t that the best? I keep it around because I find it really inspiring on crappy days. I am way too sentimental, I keep everything.” Steve walked over to her and resumed their hungry kiss from the bar. Aerie threw herself into the tongue war and before they knew it their mouths and hands were a blur. Aerie impatiently unbuttoned Steve’s shirtfront as she traced his lips with her tongue. Steve tugged her gold shirt over her head and released her perky breasts. They jostled slightly but free of their restraint they barely moved. Her nipples were pulled into tight little rosebuds and Steve cupped her breast and brought his lips to her nipple. He traced his lips with her nipple, slowly dragging it back and forth across his stubble. He flicked his tongue over her nipple and before he could do anymore Aerie’s hands were tangled in his hair, pushing him lower. He licked his way down her flat golden torso, taking in as much of her as possible in their frantic race to be naked and satisfy their lust.

Steve found the button of her pants and he unzipped them and pushed them down to the floor. She stepped out of the rumpled pile of clothes and Steve stood up to gaze over her body. She felt brazen and shy all at the same time and she took her mind off of it by kissing his neck and sliding his shirt over his shoulders and to the floor. She dropped to her knees and kissed the sensitive flesh just above the waistband of his pants. As she undid his belt buckle she alternated between licks, nibbles, and kisses. Steve put his hands on her shoulders to balance himself. Aerie pulled his jeans down his muscular thighs and as he stepped out of his jeans Aerie sat down on the floor and pulled him down to her. She laid back and he spread out on top of her. He kissed and licked her body trying to slow himself down enough so he didn’t rush through the best part.

His cock was hard and he couldn’t wait to feel her soft warmth surrounding him. He licked her collarbone as he rhythmically ground his groin against her. She slipped her hands inside his underwear and lightly scraped her nails across his thighs. Aerie slowly moved her hands across his legs until they met in the middle and found his penis nestled in a bed of curly hair. She wrapped both of her hands around him and squeezed lightly. She could feel the blood pulsing in his veins and she released her grip and slid her hand up and around the head of his penis. She started pulling his underwear off and he squirmed out of them. He rolled off of her and lay on his side. She continued to stroke his penis while he whispered incantations in her ear and nibbled her neck. She pushed herself onto her knees and crawled between his legs, spreading them open to accommodate her. She held his penis with her right hand and cupped his scrotum with her left. Ever so slowly she brought her tongue to the head of his penis and tasted his pre-cum. It was slippery and sweet.

She licked around the head of his penis in a circular motion and then starting at the base and working her way up she moistened his shaft with flittering flicks of her tongue. Once he was wet enough she place the head of his penis against her lips and slowly slid down his length, tightening her lips around him and licking him with her tongue simultaneously. Steve lifted his head to watch his penis disappear into her mouth. When she reached the base of his penis she held him in her mouth for a moment, still licking at his shaft with her tongue, and then she started her way back up. As the air circulated his penis he felt a twinge between the heat of her mouth and the chill of the air. She was at once gentle and demanding. Finally she let him slip from her mouth and rest on his stomach like a torpedo waiting to be launched. She rolled over onto her back and lay next to him. He slid her panties off and traced his fingers from her ankle to her thigh and then pushed open her legs and gazed down at her sex. Just as she had said, she was completely shaved except for a tiny little strip of brown curls that ended just above her clitoris. He used his fingers to spread apart her labia and expose her aching clit to the air.

Steve could see the wetness glistening around the opening of her vagina and he used his index finger of his free hand to distribute her wetness around the opening of her vagina. He could see her tensing her muscles in delight and once he had sufficiently lubed her up with her own juices he moved to her tight little nub. He licked his finger and placed it against her. She mobil slot siteleri gyrated her hips up and down against his thumb, creating the sweet friction that she craved. Steve grabbed her thigh with one hand and with the other he guided the head of his penis to her opening and slowly started to push himself inside of her.

Aerie met him with little resistance and as he found himself fully immersed within her he grabbed her hips and pulled her towards him. He could feel her tightening around him and he was relishing the gentle but firm pressure from her cavern. Slowly he pulled himself partly out, stopping just at the ridge of his head, and then slowly slid back in to her. Aerie was moaning in pleasure. She had never had someone enter her so slowly before and the sensations that she was feeling were incredible. As Steve found his rhythm Aerie started to move her hips in opposition intensifying the friction for both of them. She pushed her fingers into her mouth and placed them on her clitoris. As Steve thrust in and out of her she rubbed her moist fingers over her clitoris giving herself the stimulation she needed to climax. “Oh, that’s so good. Please, just keep doing what you’re doing.”

“You feel so good to me. I can feel your muscles tensing around me; oh you are going to undo me. You are so hot!” Steve reached up and grabbed her breast, pinching and twisting her nipple as he continued to move his hips. They looked at each other and time seemed to be suspended. It was at both an incredibly long time and a very short time before Aerie was panting with pleasure. She started stroking her clit a little faster and Steve noticed the minute change in her rhythm and he started to pump with more determination. After a few thrusts Aerie’s body tensed and shuddered with relief. She stopped toying with her clit and Steve pushed himself deep inside of her and let her ride out her orgasm before he resumed thrusting.

Aerie’s eyes snapped shut and she pushed her head back and arched her breasts, trusting her pert little breasts towards the sky. On her descent she grabbed Steve’s forearm and opened her eyes, staring back at him with an intensity that spurred him on. He started thrusting slowly at first, but within a minute he was pistoning in and out of her hot cunt and she was moaning him into absolution. Finally, Steve’s body started to shake with the impending orgasm and he came in three quick bursts, each accompanied by a knife-like stab into her before he collapsed on top of her. Aerie stroked his hair as they both came down from their sex-induced high. Steve lifted up his hips and his penis slowly slipped out of her. They dozed off for about twenty minutes before Steve woke up and looked at the clock. He kissed Aerie’s shoulder and she murmured something unintelligible before opening her eyes and seeing Steve still there. “Hello.”

“Hi. How are you?” Aerie made a noise of satisfaction and then rolled over onto her side. Steve needed to get going but he needed to take a quick shower before he left. “Uh, Aerie, do you mind if I use your shower?” By this point Aerie had woken up and was coherent.

“Oh, not at all. Come on.” Aerie stood up and walked into the hallway, disappearing behind a small door. Steve hadn’t noticed the linen closet earlier but he wasn’t really paying attention. Aerie came out with fresh towels and a basket of miniature bottles. “I travel a lot, and I must confess that I am one of those people who always take the free samples.” Steve was almost offended at first that he wasn’t good enough to use her shampoo and soap but as he was lathering up with the French-milled soap from the Radisson he happened to notice that all of Aeries’ bath products were scented. Like girl. Lavender, strawberries, peaches, you name it- if she used everything in there she would smell like a summer fruit salad. Steve realized that these berry scents were a far cry from his own suave shampoo and lever 2000 soap. He became acutely aware as he rinsed off that Aerie had only his best interest in mind.

But as he toweled off a dark thought crept into his mind. Had she done this before? Was it her game to go out to a local bar and troll for guys, preferably married or attached ones? Was that how she got her fix? Steve couldn’t believe that he was thinking such a thing. He had to admit that it was great sex, better than any he’d had of late with Susan. What was he doing? He quickly dressed and as he stepped out of the shower he was perked up by the aroma of coffee and the sight of Aerie, still naked, thighs smeared with their fluids, offering him a cup of coffee. “Thanks.” Steve drank it quickly and said a quick goodbye to Aerie. He tried to forget about her and think about his family but he couldn’t shake the image of her standing there naked with a cup of coffee in hand. Susan had never given him a second thought after she was sexually satisfied. And here was a perfect stranger offering him more kindness than his own wife. On the drive home Steve couldn’t help but wonder when he would see Aerie’s bedroom.