Bob and Carla Get It On

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“Do you want to go inside and have a drink, Bob?”

Carla asked me that as she finally took her hand out of her bikini bottom. I took it in my mouth and licked all the taste of her juices from her fingers. Cum was still dripping from my freshly stroked cock and my knees were pretty weak. She took a bit of my cum on her fingertip and tasted it

“That sounds good to me. Let me get my trunks back on.”

I stopped over for a dip in Carla’s pool and ended up jacking off in front of her after she read the stories I wrote at Literotica. I got off while watching her work her pussy under her bottoms. Shit! I never even saw her tits or her pussy. I was the only one naked. But for the moment, my cock was satisfied and it fit comfortably in my tight trunks.

She talked to me over her shoulder as I followed her into the house, “That’s some pretty hot stuff you wrote. One of these days, you’ll have to tell me all about you, Liz and Tim — the real story, I mean.”

She was wiggling her ass a little more than I ever saw her do before. I took that as a come-on.

“And the finale — your cock — well, I didn’t ever think of it being that big.” She stopped and turned suddenly. I bumped into her and her still hard nipples pressed into my chest. “I’ve only seen you in your swimsuit and, frankly, when you get out of the pool, it looks kind of little. I guess the water does that to all guys.” She reached behind me and drew me close. My cock jammed against her pussy. “But I know the truth now.” That brought on another tongue-filled kiss. “And, thanks for letting me cum. I guess we both needed that. Do you always gush like that? I’m surprised you didn’t slip on the mess you made on the patio.”

“Sometimes more — I wasn’t excited for very long.”

“Wow! You mean you cum more that?” She turned and started walking away again. “That was more cum than I’ve seen in the movies I watch.”

You watch porn?”

“Yeah, Bob. Lot’s of it. It keeps me from doing crazy things like coming next door and raping you or stripping the pants off the pizza delivery guy.” She stopped and turned again. “I guess this opens a new door in our relationship. By the way, Liz and I have watched a few together.”

“And what else have you and Liz done together”

“You’re not talking Kıbrıs Escort so neither am I. That’s fair, isn’t it?”

We entered the house and while she fixed the drinks, she said, “Liz said you never fucked her. But after reading those stories . . .”

“She’s telling the truth – that much I’ll tell you.” Of course I didn’t tell her all the other things we did just short of fucking over the course of two years. “Now, can we change the subject?” We clinked our glasses in a toast.

“Just one more question. Did you ever suck Tim?”

I was silent and just twirled the ice around in my glass.

“I’ll take that as a ‘yes’.”

“You can take it any way you want to. I’m not telling — that’s all.”

“Liz says your cock is much bigger than Tim’s.”

“Just how much has Liz told you about us?”

“I’m not liberty to say, Mister Silent One. You’re ot telling and neither am I.”

“Carla, you are the one who brought up the cock size subject. So let me ask you a question. Have you ever seen Tim’s cock.”

“I can answer that one. No.”

“Then Liz must have told you.”

“Of course she did. We talk about a lot of things.”

“So I can ask her about all the guys you’ve ever fucked.”

“I’ll bet she wouldn’t tell you.”

“Well, Carla, she did say something about you.”

“What?” Carla looked quite surprised. “She wouldn’t say anything… What did she say?”

“You go first — about the cock thing.”

“Okay. Liz did tell me about the night Mary was out of town — and the hot tub.”

Mary and I broke up shortly after that night — for other reasons. Tim, Liz and I got pretty well smashed at the club and we ended up at my old place. The entrance to the hot tub was through our bedroom and I went into the bathroom to strip to my shorts and let them use the bedroom to get down to their underwear. The four of us had used the hot tub that way a few times before when they didn’t have swimwear. I glance out the bathroom window and saw Tim and Liz. In the darkness, it looked as if they didn’t have anything on. I went out to the porch and sure enough, they were naked and Liz was on Tim’s lap, humping away. I took off my shorts and stood there playing with my cock for a minute or two before joining them in the tub. Kıbrıs Escort Bayan I sat next to them and Liz acknowledged my nakedness by grabbing my cock while she fucked Tim. When they were done Liz let go of my cock and sat between us while I finished myself off.

“Liz never told me how much you came. Now after seeing you cum, I guess she wasn’t surprised by all that spunk. Hmmm, she must have already known, right?”

“Listen here, Miss Detective. You aren’t getting anything more out of me.”

“But you do have to tell me what she said about me.”

“Okay. Here goes. It’s not much really. She told me that you have nipples that stay hard most of the time. And that much I’ve noticed on my own.”

“There must be more to it than just that. Why would that ever come up in your conversation?”

“It was at the club one night. Tim mentioned how Liz’s nipples were standing out. He said they were just like yours, Carla — that yours seemed to stick out all the time. And that’s when Liz mentioned you had very sensitive ones and hated anything tight fitting — like bras.”

“Well, she was right on and I guess that’s not really too personal. Maybe that’s why I’m horny all the time. Anything touches my nipples and the feeling goes right to my pussy.” She rubbed her pussy in the outside of her bikini to make the point.

“And you rubbing your pussy like that goes straight to my . . .” I put a hand over my cock to make my point.

“Why don’t we sit down and exchange hands, Bob?”

I was ready again and willingly let her lead me to the couch. She sat down and before I did, I stepped out of my trunks. She responded by lifting her butt and pulling off her bottoms. Then she turned her back to me and indicated the clasp.I unhooked her top and lifted it from her. My hands found her tits before my eyes did and I was very careful with her nipples. Her breasts were larger than Liz’s, but just as firm and the nipple tips were like little stones.

“Let me sit back and you can suck them — gently.” I did just that and reached between her parted thighs and caressed her hot, damp pussy. “Put a finger in, please. Ooohh, you know the right spots, don’t you.” Her hand grasped my cock and skillfully worked up and down as far as the loose skin would Escort Kıbrıs allow. I moved my mouth to hers and we shared the deepest kiss yet. She took my hand from her cunt and raised it to her mouth, talking as she licked it, “I want this in me now.” She squeezed my cock in case I didn’t know what she meant. “I’ll suck you later – right now I just want to get it wet so it’ll slip in.” She covered my cock with saliva and went to the floor — one throw pillow under her head and one under her ass.

That was the first I saw her pussy. No, let me call it a cunt now. Her pussy turned into an eager cunt – spread, wet, and waiting. She guided my cock between her legs and put the tip at the cunt opening. She raised her ass and half of me was in her. Little by little, I inched the rest into her until I was buried to the hilt.

“Just fuck me. We can make love later.” I answered with deep hard thrusts, my balls slapping her ass. “Oh, Bob — it’s better than I dreamed. Just fuck me hard.”

I didn’t have to do much work. All her squirming ground the base of my cock against her clit. I pulled out just far enough with each stroke to let my cockhead hit that g-spot and thrust in as far as I could. If she would have spread her legs any more, I would have been punching her womb, but she controlled the penetration perfectly. I could slam away and not hurt her. Her juices were flowing so freely, I could feel them dripping on my balls.

Her breathing matched my strokes. I should call them gasps. Her eyes were closed and her face all scrunched up. At that point, she was a fucking machine in high gear — not the sexy nice alluring neighbor. We pounded, grunted and groaned. My sweat dripped from my chin to her face. Her hard pointed nipples rasped mine.

She was going to cum. I could tell by the way she tensed. I wanted to slow down and keep her at that peak but she demanded I keep fucking hard. That tingling sensation started in my toes and it looked like we were both right on time as I gushed into her. I wanted to hold still and let all the cum spurt, but she urged me on keep up the rhythm as she exploded at the time. It seemed that my cum wasn’t ever going to stop flowing.

And then we were through and we both knew it. Her cunt held my cock hard after I came and as she finally relaxed, I oozed out of her with my cum following it. I rolled over on my back, fully spent and fully satisfied.

“Carla, that was one hell of a first fuck. How are we going to make it better?”

“We don’t need it to be any better — just keep it the same.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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