Bohemian Rhapsody and the FBG

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Authors note: Special thanks to user Lushinlace whose audio stories provided me the inspiration for Molly’s voice. If you haven’t heard any of her work, it is definitely worth the listen.


The ticket had been pinned to the bulletin board in my kitchen for three months. It wasn’t just any ticket; it was the ticket. The ticket to my favorite band. The best arena rock band of all time, Queen. That little slip of paper was my entry to see Queen at Madison Square Garden in a few short days. The band was touring with Adam Lambert for the first leg of the Rhapsody Tour. I wasn’t old enough to have seen the band in their heyday, but I have been a huge fan since I saw the movie Highlander in my teens. I’d collected everything they had ever released, most of it on vinyl and getting to see them live was the capstone of my fandom. So, shoot me, it’s not my fault I was only 10 when “It’s a Kind of Magic” came out in 1986.

My plan was to take a few days off from work and drive down to the city from Syracuse the day of the concert, see them on the 6th, maybe score tickets for the 7th and if so, drive back on the 8th. It would be amazing.

The Garden was, as usual, astounding. The stage was set up at one end of the floor with the expensive seats on the floor with less wallet busting ones as you went up the sides or towards the back of the arena. I had a middle-priced ticket. Halfway down one side, halfway up the tiers of seats. The place was packed, and the mood was electric. This wasn’t just any band. This was QUEEN!

Every concert I have ever attended has been a mixed bag. The opening acts range from okay to downright terrible. The opening acts were there for some exposure and for people to buy merch, get their drinks, and find their seats before the main event. I’d bought my concert shirt on the way in and didn’t feel like paying $12 for a small beer so I took the opportunity to people watch as they filed in.

You might think that a 50-year-old band would have fans of a certain age. Don’t get me wrong. There were plenty of people in their 50s and 60s but there were still plenty of others who ran down the age ladder to their 20s and teens. Some of the teens were clearly there with their parents and I thought that was really cool. That’s how bands get to be in the business for 50 years after their founding, cross generational appeal.

Young, old, male, female, the crowd filled the Garden. People started to file into my row as well. I had purchased an aisle seat because I get a bit claustrophobic. The downside is that I had to get up every time someone wants in and out of the row. Most of the time I just smiled and shift so the person can get to their seat. That’s the price I pay for a bit of elbow room and a place to stretch a leg during the show.

And then there are the times when it is a real pleasure to have to move. When Molly showed up the stars aligned just a little bit. I didn’t know her name was Molly when I first saw her but when she came bounding up the stairs to where her seat was, I certainly noticed. Like the song says, “Fat Bottomed Girls Make the World Go Round”. She wasn’t classically beautiful in the supermodel sense with cheekbones carved by the gods. She was if anything better. She had, for lack of a better term, a healthy roundness to her. Her blue eyes sparkled above blushing apple cheeks, a bit of a snub nose and a wide smile with what looked like ridiculously kissable lips and a shining white smile. She was shorter than average, maybe 5’3″ if she was fortunate. The skin on her face and arms was pale and she fille out her concert T-shirt very well. And of course, there was the, ahem, fat bottom. She had a beautiful ass. Or so I figured that she did based on the black mini skirt that she wore.

“Can I get through please? My seat is right there.”

I stood up again to let her pass and as she edged by me the supple roundness of her butt brushed against the front of my pants. Not intentional, just a narrow row and a plentiful booty. I still liked it.

Her seat turned out to be the ne right next to mine. She set her beer in the cup holder and folded the seat down, holding it stationary with one beautifully shaped calf. She turned to me, “Thanks! I’m Molly.”

“Nice to meet you. I’m Ben. I guess we are going to be seat neighbors tonight.”

“Looks like!” She looked me up and down. I know what it is to be appraised. Heaven knows it happens every time I go to a club and I would be lying if I said I didn’t do the same thing, or that I didn’t check Molly out more thoroughly as well.

Like I said before, Molly filled out her T-Shirt very well. By my quick estimation she had to be an E or an F cup. The Q in Queen encircled where I imagined her right nipple would be. The last downstroke of the “N” bisected the left one. Molly had a bit of a pooch to her belly, perhaps better to call it a bit of a muffin top. But her joie de vivre shone from her eyes, bubbled from her laugh, and wafted from her like rare perfume. almanbahis She clearly loved herself and her life. Her hips were well rounded and thick, supple thighs descended from her skirt until they ran into her argyll knee socks encasing her calves. She burst with life. Not a conventional beauty but Molly took my breath away.

“Is this your first-time seeing Queen?”

“Yep, I’ve been a fan since I was a teenager and they never toured anywhere near where I lived so when I found out they were coming to the Garden, I knew I had to see them. What about you?” Molly said.

“Pretty much the same. Although I’m guessing my teen years were a bit before yours. I came downstate to see them tonight.”

As I finished talking the lights dimmed and the stage lights kicked off as the opening band started their set. Like most opening acts, they were forgettable. The crowd was on its feet rocking along but no one really felt it. During the set, Molly and I half shouted at one another about what we thought of the band, what songs we were hoping to hear and what we thought of Adam Lambert. She was in favor, I was against. A generational divide I think.

I really liked Molly. She was cute, bouncy in all sorts of interesting ways and she kept throwing these sidelong glances at me when she thought I wasn’t looking. I still noticed. Now this was a typical concert. Everyone jumps, bounces, or dances around. It’s part of the whole experience. If you are dancing around to the music, you’ll bump into the people next to you and they will bump back! Usually that’s just a hip or a shoulder bump in time to the music. Queen wasn’t really mosh pit material you know?

Molly was not usually thought. It started with a hip mump, then a bid of side boob when the crowd was swaying back and forth to a song. Not a lot of side boob but just enough against my bicep to make me aware of the very large soft tit pressed against my arm. And Molly kept her tit there long enough that it had to be intentional. For the opening act finale, Molly turned around and rubbed her big juicy peach against my thigh. My world was starting to go round, that was for sure.

The opening act finished up and the stage crew started their highly practiced maneuvers to pull the openers equipment off stage and put up Queen’s kit. From experience that meant we would have around 20-30 minutes of intermission to get drinks, hit the bathroom or whatever.

“I have to visit the ladies room Ben. Back in a flash!” Molly grinned and scooted by me, this time facing me chest to chest. She made sure that she dragged her tits across me with suggestive pressure. I pushed back, just a bit to let Molly know I knew what she was doing.

Molly grinned wider and bounced down the stairs to the exit. I’m pretty sure she flipped the back of her miniskirt at me but that could have been a factor of her enthusiasm and motion. In any case, I got a flash of red panties and the bottom outline of her shapely ass. She must have had the luck of the Irish because she was back in about 10 minutes carrying two large beers.

“How did you pee and make it through a beer line that fast?”

“A magician never reveals her secrets. This is for you” Molly handed me one of the foaming cups.

“So, you are a magician are you?”

“Sure I am! All women are magicians. It is our special talent. Give me half a chance and I’ll show you a magic trick.”

“What trick is that?”

“I’ll make your cock disappear!” Molly laughed, a full-throated laugh that came right from her toes.

I just stood there. I sipped my beer and then licked the foam off my upper lip.

“Is that how it is?”

“Could be Ben. We’ll just have to see.” Molly winked at me and then leaned against me. Tentatively, I put an arm around her shoulder. Molly snuggled under my arm and lay her head on my chest while we waited for the show to start again.

“So did you just pick me up or did I pick you up Molly?”

“Does it matter Ben? Like the song says, ‘It’s a Kind of Magic'”.

“It is at that.”

I sat there, sipping my beer, and enjoying my good fortune. Not only did I score tickets to a band I’d adored forever, but I’d also found a delightful woman who seemed equally happy to be with me. If it led to more than that, I was hardly going to complain.

The screen over the stage and the jumbotron lit up and roger Taylor’s drums started to roll out of the speakers across the Garden. This was “Innuendo” and while it was a great song to start the concert, Molly hadn’t left much room for double entendre.

Molly squeezed my thigh and looked up at me, “I’m so excited!”

I hugged her back and we listened to “Innuendo” As it finished, the stage went dark again and then spotlights illuminated the drum kit, keyboards, and microphone stands as the band came out to play their in-person opener “Now I’m Home”.

The Garden was dark except for the stage lights and the emergency lighting. We were far enough away that you couldn’t see much other than the stage and anyhow, who is looking around when Queen is almanbahis yeni giriş playing? As Adam Lambert wailed his way through “Hammer to Fall” I felt Molly’s hand creep up my thigh and give the growing bulge in my pants a squeeze. In return I let my hand drift down across her tit, grazing the nipple and then squeezing back.

Molly gasped and then whispered in my ear “You dirty man, coping a feel in the dark!” Then she nipped at my earlobe and went back to listening.

“Killer Queen” brought everyone to their feet. Molly took the opportunity to wedge herself in front of me. The row was narrow enough that it was a tight fit. That was entirely the purpose I suppose. I put my hands on Molly’s hips and guided her in front of me. Once she was shielding the front of my pants I wiggled around a bit and shifted my cock to a vertical arrangement before lining up behind her and wedging my erection against the crack of her ass.

“I think I found your magic wand Ben.”

“Oh god that was a groaner, Molly.”

“Doesn’t make it any less true.”

“I’m not complaining, just saying it was a groaner.”

As the concert proceeded Molly grinded against my crotch in time to the music. It was everything I could do not to pop in my pants from the attention. Every time I got close, I would push her ass off me while keeping my hands on her round hips. I didn’t want her to go away, I just needed her to wait until after. If she was as willing as it seemed, I’d give her a proper fucking at my hotel.

She didn’t just grind on me though. Molly got increasingly handsy as well and encouraged me to be so too. I ran my hands over her hips, ass, and the tops of her thighs. During “I Want it All” she grabbed one of my hands and shoved it up under her t-shirt. I found myself with an overflowing handful of very hot tit in a very thin bra. Despite her size, Molly didn’t need much help to keep gravity at bay. I gently massaged her breast and explored her nipple with my index and middle fingers. She had a barbell through the nipple and Molly hissed in pleasure when I flicked one end of the piercing.

“Now who is the dirty girl, Molly?”

“You don’t know the half of it Ben. The other one is pierced too and I’ve got a ring down below,” Then she pushed her ass back against me for emphasis.

“Keep it up like this and we are going to have our own concert when this is over Ben. I’m in the mood and you are hitting all the right notes.”

That answered that. She wanted cock and I was happy to oblige. The rest of the concert was a low to moderate intensity make session between Molly and me. Her sex talk got dirtier too. During “Who Wants To Live Forever” Molly spun around, looked up in my eyes and then pulled my face down to hers. The instant our lips met, her mouth opened, and her tongue speared past my lips and into my mouth.

“I’m yours tonight, Ben. However you want me. I’ll be your sinner, your saint, your slut. I’ll be whoever you want. Your girlfriend, your mistress, your wife, your cumslut, your whore.”

She grabbed my cock through my pants, working it with her hand, “Just give me this”.

“I’ve got a hotel room, as soon as the show is over, we can go. As for what I want, all I want tonight Molly is for you to be my Fat Bottomed Girl.” I slapped her ass, and she breathed back into my waiting mouth.

“This Fat Bottomed Slut is going to make your world go around. I guaran-fucking-ty it.”

My god she was hot, physically, and metaphorically. The air in the room was warm from so many bodies and Molly’s dancing had coated her in a light sheen of sweat. When I kissed her neck, I tasted salt. When I grabbed her tits during “Fat Bottomed Girls her boob sweat was obvious. We were both so focused on fucking each other’s brains out in a bit that I didn’t mind at all. Molly’s perspiration was a signal of her desire, no different than a well wetted pussy.

And hers was. During “We Will Rock You” I slid one hand down the front of her skirt and found her sopping pussy. She was shaved except for a small triangle of well-trimmed hair. In time with the entire Garden stomping and shouting I finger fucked her alternating between flicking at her clit and it’s little ring on the “We Wills” and sliding my finger deeper into her on the “Rock Yous”.

That turned her into a live wire. She shoved her ass back into my crotch, arched her back and cried out. A sudden flood of her juices poured over my hand.

“When the lights came up at the end of “God Save the Queen Molly looked up at me. “Get me the fuck out her Ben.”

Then she whispered in my ear, “If we get to the car in the next 5 minutes, I’ll blow you on the way to the hotel.” I don’t think I’ve ever moved so quickly. I grabbed Molly’s hand and started “Airport Walking” through the crowd. You know the walk, the “I’m not going to run like a moron, but I am going to make it to my gate on time so get out of my way.” I think we made it back to my Jeep with about 10 seconds to spare but we made it.

I went around to the passenger side to let Molly almanbahis giriş in. Before I could get her door open she half tackled me, pressing my back up against the side of the SUV. She crushed her tits against me and looked up at me for a kiss. My hands gravitated to her ass, feeling the soft heft of each cheek in my hands. This girl had it going on above and below.

I kissed her, our tongues dancing a complicated rhythm, firs in her mouth then in mine. My world shrank to just Molly and me. The car disappeared; the Garden disappeared. Molly’s mouth and body was all there was. I don’t know how long we stood there making out and groping each other but I know I got handfuls of ass and tits and she was working my dick through my pants like it was a shake weight infomercial. We didn’t stop until somebody honked their horn driving by and yelled “Get a room!”

“We’re going to!” Moly yelled back.

I let Molly into the Jeep and walked around to the driver’s side. By the time I got into the driver’s seat Molly had stripped her t-shirt and bra off to expose her massive tits. They were everything I’d hoped for and more. Her creamy globes hung close together, forming a tight cleaft that I quickly imagined my dick sliding between. The nipples were pale brown and already hard. Gold barbells glinted in each one.

“You like what you see Ben?”

“Oh my god. I’m going to fuck you so hard.”

“I showed you mine, you show me yours.”

Molly dove at my crotch, working the belt, button, and zipper, digging through the layers of cloth, hunting for my dick.

“Hey at least let me back out of the parking spot first,” I put the Jeep in gear and backed out. As soon as I moved the gear shift lever to D, Molly was back across the center console. She pulled my cock from my blue boxer briefs and eyed it appreciatively.

“Oooh, look what I get to play with!” Molly took an experimental lick. Her eyes widened and a smile sprang to her lips.

“Your cock is so tasty!”

Molly made a swallowing motion and took the length of my cock into her mouth and down her throat in one long gulp. I tried to keep my eyes 0n the road as I navigated through the parking garage and out onto the street. While I did, Molly happily bobbed away on my dick. She was kneeling in the passenger seat, ass up to the window. Her skirt had fallen forward so anyone looking got a beautiful view of red panty clad ass cheeks.

“Mmmph, your cock is so…Mmmph big. I want all of it.,” Molly said between slurping bobs on my shaft. She went back down on me and I felt her straining, trying to deep throat me regardless of the angle. I gripped the wheel tightly and tried to concentrate on the road.

“Mmph Mmph Mmph,” Molly grunted a bit every time she went down on my cock. I felt her shift around and then she started to play with my balls while she blew me.

Alls fair. I took one hand off the wheel and reached under Molly to grab one gently swaying breast. I love tits. Big tits, small tits, huge tits. I love side boob, under boob, and hanging boob. My favorite is how a woman’s tits look when she is on her hands and knees. Molly’s breast filled my hand. Her nipple was an intense pressure point in the middle of my palm. I squeezed, gently at first and then with greater pressure. My fingers dimpled the flesh as I squeezed, and I heard molly groan in pleasure around my cock. Tits were my favorite stress ball. Didn’t matter how bad my day may have been, a handful of beautiful, fat, supple tits can always make me smile. If anything, holding Molly’s tit like this was even better than the make out session during the concert or the fumbling outside the car a few minutes earlier. Her breasts were so delightfully heavy. I moved my hand so that I could play with the nipple and it’s piercing. As I flicked the barbell and toyed with the hard nub of flesh at the tip of her breast Molly started to squirm about on her seat. I could tell the sensations were getting to her and her oral attention went into overdrive.

The wet slurping noises coming from my lap increased in speed as Molly added suction and pressure to the blowjob. I prayed that I’d hit a long red light soon because I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to keep control of the car if I came in Molly’s mouth while I drove.

Molly came off of my throbbing rod and sat up for a moment. She grabbed her tits and pushed them together. God I could not wait to fuck her silly.

“How much further to your hotel Ben?”

I looked at the GPS on the dashboard, “About five blocks Molly”.

“I’d better get back at it then. I want your first load before we get there.”

Molly dropped her face back onto my cock. While she sucked it she started to jack the shaft in one hand as well. I needed that red light.

Finally, two blocks from the hotel parking garage the fates smiled on me, and I hit a redlight. It couldn’t have happened to soon. My balls were boiling, and Molly’s mouth was a spot of ecstasy on earth as she fucked me with her face. I balled my fist into Molly’s chestnut hair and pushed her down my shaft as far as she could go. I felt the head of my cock push deep into her mouth and then my balls were exploding. My cock spasmed and I shot ropes of sticky cum into Molly’s mouth. I felt her throat swallowing quickly as I painted her mouth and throat with my seed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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