Boogie Van Ch. 06

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As we talked a bit more over dinner, I found myself thinking she looked familiar. Not someone I knew personally but someone…then it hit me. She bore more than a passing resemblance to Lisa Ling. Oh man, I’d had a thing for that Asian beauty since I’d caught a few clips of Lisa when she was on “The View,” and with Lisa on that new CNN show, “This Is Life”, I made sure to never miss an episode. Elaine’s face was slightly more rounder, but the resemblance was more than suggestive.

Elaine saw me looking, and grinned as she said, “Lisa Ling, right?”

At my look, she giggled and said, “You’re not the first one to notice the resemblance. I’ve actually had people come up to me and ask for an autograph!”

I replied, “They must have been disappointed when you told them that you weren’t her.”

She gave me a mischievous grin, and said, “Actually no. If they wanted to believe I was her, hey, I went along with it. There are several people that have my autograph, as Lisa Ling! Hey, it made them happy!”

She giggled again, and I chuckled along with her. And as if to prove the point, our waitress asked her for an autograph, and again, another “Lisa Ling” autograph was given by Elaine.

Back on the road again, this time, Elaine was upfront in the passenger seat, as we looked for a spot for the night. A half-hour later, we saw a sign for an RV park/campsite, and it looked good from the approach. Electrical, sewer, and water hookups for RV’s, the price posted was a fair rate, always a plus. We decided to call it a day, right there.

We found a spot that had lots of trees, about a hundred feet behind our site a river ran along. Being that it was a Monday, we had most of the RV region all to ourselves. Ah good, peace and quiet, and no noisy neighbors nearby. There was a pallet of split logs for firewood, and after parking and hooking up to the electrical, sewer, and water services, I asked Elaine if she’d like a fire.

“I’d love it, firelight is always so much fun to watch, ever since I was a little girl, I’ve loved it. Do you have some wine or beer to drink?”

I replied, “Indeed I do, in the cabinet next to the sink, there’s a bottle of Cranswick Estate merlot, it’s an Australian merlot that’s become very popular, and you’ll find a couple of wine glasses, along with the cork opener.”

Elaine smiled and said, “If you want to get some wood and start the fire, I’ll pour us some wine.”

The pallet was just a hundred feet or so away, and I picked up an armload and carried it over. I got out a small hatchet and chopped one of the half logs into kindling. My boy scout learning stood me in good stead and I soon had a fire going, placing two lawn chairs around it, and Elaine came out of the van, carrying two glasses filled with the dark ruby color of Merlot. She had changed into a sleep style jersey, a pair of sweatpants, and sandals. The curves of her body and the lack of underwear lines made it plain that she was totally naked under her clothes. I filled my eyes with the sight, then tore my gaze away, god, she looked amazing.

Elaine handed me a glass, and said, “I want to toast. To my white knight, who came to my rescue. Salut!”

I added, “And to the lovely damsel in distress, who saved me from having to go cross country without a charming companion. Prost!”

We clinked glass, and the firelight caught a gleam in her eye as we went over to the fire pit. She picked up her chair and brought it over right next to mine, and she seated herself.

Elaine said softly, “I love sitting around a campfire. My parents are avid outdoor enthusiasts, lots of great camping places in Washington state, and it was always a treat. So tell me more about yourself Colin.”

“Well, I can trace my American lineage all the way back to the Revolutionary War. One of my ancestors, who is several generations back of grandfather, was a Major in the 2nd New York Regiment. The regiment was authorized on May 25, 1775, and formed at Albany from June 28 to August 4 for service with the Continental Army under the command of Colonel Goose Van Schaick. The enlistments of the first establishment ended on December 31, 1775. istanbul escort They went on to see action in the Invasion of Canada, the Battle of Valcour Island, the Battle of Saratoga, the Battle of Monmouth, the Sullivan Expedition, and the Battle of Yorktown. The regiment was furloughed on June 2, 1783, at Newburgh, New York, and disbanded on November 15, 1783. He survived the war, as you can see, or I would probably not be here. I wish photography had been invented earlier, I’d love to see what he looked like.”

Elaine smiled, and said, “My ancestors go back to the Qing dynasty. That was the last imperial dynasty of China, established in 1636 and ruling China from 1644 to 1912. As best as we have been able to figure out, somewhere around the early 1800s is where we’ve gotten a record of my great great great great grandparents. My grandparents got out of China in 1939, they were fortunate, the Japanese army was murdering civilians left and right, just for the simple fact that they were Chinese, and not Japanese. They were able to get passage on a freighter from an understanding and sympathetic ship’s captain, whose port of call was Seattle. Once they landed, they fell in love with Seattle and Washington State, and they quickly put down roots. Their baby daughter, who grew up to be my Mom, loved Seattle just as much, and when she got married to my Dad, they wanted to stay in Seattle just as much. Their love of the city has been passed down to me, and I can’t imagine living anywhere else.”

The first glass of wine had gone smoothly, and I said, “Would you like a refill?”

Elaine cooed, “Trying to get me drunk, so you can take advantage of me?,” then she broke out into giggles. When her giggling subsided, she said, “I’d love another glass, please.”

I brought the bottle out and poured us out another glassful.

Elaine started to get loose, she was swaying a bit, and her talk became bolder. She started to talk about sex, I heard what positions she liked, how much she adored oral sex, both giving and receiving, and I could feel myself stiffen up.

Elaine suddenly stopped talking, jumped up, and hurried back inside the van. Damn, she must have embarrassed the hell out of herself.

A few minutes later, I heard the door open, and I watched the fire as I sensed her getting nearer. I sensed her standing just to my side, and she said softly, “Colin.”

I turned my head and just about fell over, she was totally nude. Damn, that 4’11” held one hell of a hot body, looked like she had a set of perky 34B’s topped with stiff, very hard nipples. Her curves were awesome, flat tummy, the nice swell of her hips, and a neatly trimmed nest of black pubic hair.

Her voice was husky, as she said softly, “Too many guys, they see me as some kind of China doll, and some of the lovers I’ve had, their fucking is so timid, I get nothing from it. But I’m no breakable China doll, I need hard solid fucking. I don’t throw my body around like a slut, but when I meet a man I want, I let them know. I’m not too drunk, and I want you to take advantage of me. Colin, get naked, lift me up, then lower me down on that stiff cock, fuck me hard, really ram my tight little pussy, right out here in the open, I want it now!”

I was out of my clothes in record time, I lowered by my knees as Elaine stepped forward, positioning herself. I felt her hand around my cock, positioning my cock head against her labial lips. I lifted up, nudged tight, and penetrated, grasping her ass cheeks firmly, I lifted her up as I stood up. I felt her legs wrap around my waist, and wiggling her hips enticingly she slid down my shaft, letting out little cries of pleasure as I felt the tight walls parting around me then closing back in, encasing me in a tight, virgin like grip.

Elaine purred, “Ummm, so deep, so big, I love being spread open like this. Use my Oriental cunt for your fucking pleasure, like it’s your own personal live sex toy, stretch out my tight little Asian fuck-hole, fuck me, lover!”

I lifted her body, and let her slide down my pole again. The words Oriental cunt and tight Asain fuck-hole really ramped up my lust, oh yeah, escort bayan she was tight, hot and very wet, bottoming out tightly against her cervix. Her cunt gripped me tight as I cupped her ass cheeks tightly and started to lift her up and down, letting the tightness milk at my prick, Elaine’s cries of pleasure urging me on.

I felt the hard nudge of my cock head against her cervix, she let out a loud cry as I breeched her, poised inside her womb, and she growled, “Yes, yes, just like that, I’m getting the good driving fuck I’ve been hungry for, fuck me, hard lover, really ram my cunt!”

I could feel the juices bathing my cock, she was so wet and eager, her breath was coming in short gasps, her body clinging tightly to me as I shafted her eager heat, savoring the hot, wet slide.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, so good, I love getting the hot, hard fucking I need”, Elaine purred. “Keep fucking me lover, make me cum!”

I could feel the stirring in my balls as the orgasm built. I was on the verge, then the familiar jerk, swelling tight with a massive urgency.

“Oh yeah, your cock is so big, I’m gonna cum,” Elaine gasped, “Cum with me Colin, let that load go, fill my burning cunt, cum with me lover, cum, cum, yes, yes, yes, YES!”

Her howl of climax took me over with her, the tight grip of her body around me, the tightening up of her sweet fuck-hole brought on the explosion, as I blew a thick load, my spunk filling up her womb, our bodies shaking in the climax, her eager tightness milking and sucking out every drop.

She clung to me for a few minutes, not ready to break contact, and I held her tight against me. When I let her down, her eyes were dreamy, her voice softly whispered, “Colin that felt so good.”

We relaxed by the fire, and it was fun to sit outside naked, the fire dancing before us, I was savoring our fuck.

Elaine said softly, “Colin, when we go to bed, I don’t want us having to sleep alone, I want your sexy body with me, in your bed. And I want to put your mattress to good use.”

A few minutes later, and we were back inside, snuggling under the covers. I felt her soft hand reach down, her gentle tugging on me brought my cock surging back up, I could see a gleam in her eyes as she found me more than ready.

“Mmmm, a hard man is good to find. Missionary time, take me that way Colin, pin me to the bed and fuck me hard, ram my tight little Oriental pussy again, it needs more stretching out!”

I said, “First, I want to taste you, baby.”

She let out little coos of pleasure as I gave her a tongue bath, I was sucking and nipping gently along her neck, taking her mouth in long, tongue filled swirls of passion, then nursing at her breasts, kissing all over her sexy milk jugs, then sucking and nipping at her perky nipples. Elaine’s purrs and soft coos of pleasure were like music to my ears, and I slid down, placing a line of kisses downward. I swirled my tongue through her navel, then kissing her lightly, kept going down. Elaine eagerly spread her legs and pulled them back, as she felt me kissing my way through her neatly trimmed bush.

She giggled and cooed, “Unlike the popular myth, you can see my pussy lips don’t run vertically! Mmmm, oh you sweet man, so good.”

Her lips were flared open, I leaned in close, and could enjoy the musky, hot scent of her juices. I dipped my face down, and rode my tongue along the outer lips, licking up her juices.

“Oh yes, I love to be eaten, lick my pussy lover!”

I pulled her lips apart and ran my tongue along her delicate inner flesh. I licked up her cream, listening to her breathing become little gasps of pleasure. I started to lick at her clitoral hood, feeling her body vibrate.

Elaine gasped, “Colin, you sweetheart, lick my clit, and make me cum!”

I did as she asked, her clit rose up to my tongue, her dark pink orgasm trigger seeking more stimulation, and I concentrated my tongue, running along the twitching bud with long, broad strokes. Her body was shaking all over. Her hands pulled my mouth tightly against her pussy.

“Fuck, oh fuck, eat me alive, fuck, so good, eat MEEEEE!!”

Her escort istanbul voice shrieked out as her orgasm crashed into her. Her body shook wildly, and her burning pussy became a vat of hot molten juices, as she came all over my face. I licked her gently, lapping up her tasty juices, her body shaking with the aftershocks, as she rode her orgasmic high.

I rose up, my cock rock hard and eager for more. She smiled at my eagerness.

“So hard, so ready, I never leave a hard, ready cock unfulfilled. Give me another hard ride baby, let your living China sex doll have it all!”

She grasped my cock, and led it to her creamy entrance, and Elaine gasped as I slid into her. She grunted with pleasure as my cock spread open the walls of her creamy pussy, and went in, right to the balls. I grunted with pleasure as I felt my cock split open her sexy cunt, burying my cock, my balls smacked her ass.

“Oh yes, just like that. Let me have another hard ride, pin me to the mattress, and fuck my tight little Oriental cunt hard again, I love it!”

Fired up by her fuck lust, I was happy to do so. I gripped her ass cheeks as I pulled back and then powered back in, forcefully spreading open the walls of her tight Asian pussy, letting out a grunt as I stuffed her pink fuck hole to the balls, impaling her completely on my steel hard eight inches, then pausing for a moment, savoring the feel of her clamped around my shaft.

“Tell me, lover, tell me how good it feels,” Elaine cooed.

“Fuck, so tight, so hot, your sexy Oriental fuck hole is a joy to drive into, the tight grip, oh fuck, so fucking good.”

“Oh, fuck me, fuck me hard and deep…!” Elaine cried out. “You know how to fuck, hammer my Oriental cunt, stretch out my tight little Asian fuck-hole, and flood me with more hot cum!”

I pulled back again until just the head of my cock was inside, then surged forward again, burying my cock to the balls, once again. I felt her cervix parting for me, Elaine’s grunts and cries of pleasure were like music to my ears, and clutching her ass cheeks tightly, I started to ram my steely shaft into her, my cock withdrawing almost all the way, and then I’d power thrust it back into her, my excitement spurring me on, power fucking her tight cleft. She made wordless sounds of pleasure as I fucked her wildly, her body writhing wildly beneath me as I tested the liquid depths of her tight Oriental fuck hole. I felt her head against my chest, clutching tightly to me as I rode her. Every plunge into the exquisite tightness of her fuck-hole made me grunt with pleasure, and I savored the slide, Elaine was going to get a long hard boning.

“Oh yeah, do it hard…harder…yes, yes, oh yes, fill my tight little Asian pussy with more hot sperm! Oh yes, gonna cum, gonna cum so hard, ffffffuuuuuucccccckkkkk…!”

She shrieked with pleasure, and I felt the pulsing of her pussy walls around my cock, milking at me. I was building up a load, and I continued to power fuck her, shafting her with long, deep to the ball plunges.

“Oh god, gonna do it, gonna cum again, FUCK!”

I felt the tightening up as she crested a second time, and like a dam breaking, Elaine was riding a string of orgasms, my van was filled with her shrieks and howls of ecstasy as she rode that wave, the slick tightness constantly pulsing around my cock, my balls were starting to churn, building up a load. I was consumed by the way Elaine’s tightness milked at my cock, making my spunk sizzle, the soft feel of her skin, hearing the juicy liquid squelch from her cunt as I drove in and out of her, over and over, how it felt to fuck the steamy depths. I could feel my cock jerk, swelling tight with a massive urgency, she let out another cry of orgasm as my cock swelled inside her, I could feel the hot spunk sizzling up my shaft. My wild groan of pure pleasure joined Elaine’s howls of pleasure as my cock erupted, pulsing and squirting wildly, and I slammed as deep as possible inside her, gushing 8 thick ropes of spunk deep into her tight gripping pink hole, emptying my cock deep into her womb. She squirmed around wildly underneath me, the tight grip of her pink walls sucking every drop out of my cock.

I rolled off her and lay pleasantly exhausted next to her. I felt her body snuggled against me, as our breathing returned to less gasping sounds.

Elaine cooed softly, “Ummm, so much better than being stuck on a bus.”

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