Book 03: A Match Made – Ch. 03

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** October 13, 2014 **


Dear Diary,

I’m wrapping up a meeting with a client at her office on Columbus Day. Moments away from shutting down my computer, my Gmail notification pops up. Just seeing that it’s from her, Lissy, brings a blush to my cheeks. I know without looking that my miss has instructions for me.

No longer listening to what my client is saying, I click on the email and divert my eyes just enough so they don’t realize. Oh my… she wants me spend the afternoon naked while I finish my day at home. This isn’t the first time. We’ve played this way before. More than a couple of times I’ve nearly been caught, but that’s the point. The rush, as the adrenaline pulses through me, making my pussy ache.

Back to the client’s office and our ‘meeting’. Good lord; there’s another ‘request’. Take my panties off before I leave. The blush is in full force now and I look up to see if the client noticed. She’s smiling but still talking. I can hear my heart pounding. I need to get to the ladies room.

I excuse myself and rush down the hallway. The visceral reaction to my miss’ words is extraordinary. To make matters worse, kitty has her goggles on and thinks loving is on the way. I go in and close the door. Whispering under my breath, begging my body to calm. Under control, mostly, I slip off my shoes and begin taking off my pants. OUCH! I hit my damn elbow on the damn sink. This bathroom is tiny. Oh shit, how loud was that? Well, no reason to stop now. I take them the rest of the way off and drape them over my shoulder. Hooking my thumbs on either side, I slink the silk down my legs. I look in the mirror, my pussy throbs, I’m flushed… sexy. I smirk and stuff my panties into my purse.

Presentable again, I return to the office and finish packing up my things. Half afraid to make eye contact with anyone as I walk out, I say my goodbyes and get to my car as fast as possible. I need to get out of here.

Small, itsy problem… the drive home is two and half hours! How the hell am I going to make it. I swear I heard kitty giggle. Brat!! Air conditioner on full blast, radio loud, I head out. Nobody knows what I’m thinking or that I’m not wearing panties, but each car that passes, my heart skips. I like to imagine they do know and they’re looking as they go by. shiver!!

Home at last. I’m eager to get inside and take off the rest of my clothes. As soon as the garage door begins to close, I begin. By the time I get to our room, I’m unhooking my bra. Done! Just me in my birthday suit!

Quick stop in the kitchen for some water and I walk to our home office. Do I dare open the blinds? Of course I do. Now there’s a trick I play on myself when I do this, I don’t look as I open them. At each of the three windows, I stand straight in front of as I pull the cord and the slats open, never looking to see if anyone is out there.

Sometimes, I have to close my eyes because the urge to look is so strong. I turn and sit in my chair, and tell myself someone is walking by. They saw me and they’re turned on. They are standing out there right now wondering if they should come to the window. I begin to pant as the thought of it is overwhelming. My hand cups my pussy and my hips raise up. Ohhh… a deep moan escapes. Do I dare turn my chair around?

What are they doing now? Is it a woman? My mind says yes. Is she as wet as I am? Fingers slide between my wet lips, clit already taut and sensitive. My palm presses against it. I cry out. Fuck, I’m so close. I feel her approaching, I have to turn. Ahhhhhh… it hits me as my chair spins towards the window. My eyes squeezed shut, hips bucking… my body not my own. It’s hers. That’s what sent me over so fast. Just before I turned, I thought — what if the woman outside is you?

Just remembering that thought and writing it now, I’m on the edge. Again. My nipples are screaming. One tap on a clamp would send kitty into oblivion. Oh how I want… need.

You wonder how I came so easily this morning? Well, besides the fact you give great phone! You were my last thought before I went to bed and my first thought this morning. Before we met, this woman, the woman naked in front of the window, was trapped. Clawing to get out as I ignored her.

She’s been freed, baby. And she’s barely under my control. She’s obviously under yours! How long is this trip of yours?

Please hurry home. We miss you desperately.



** September 14th , 2015 **

Lissy and Kara

Life can be funny, can’t it? The same day the adoption of our son (gulp!!) was finalized, we closed on our new, joint residence in downtown Chicago.

After Britta died, and after the wake and funeral, we stayed in pretty close touch with Niklas and Karen. They had primary custody of Mick, but it was obvious they were more than a little overwhelmed for a child his age to drop into their respective laps. When Kara and I had talked it over, we approached Mick’s grandparents with our proposal.

Obviously, we didn’t do it right away. There was too much Maltepe Escort grief for everyone involved.

“If you and Karen would be agreeable, we would have Michael into our home once a month. More if it would suit you.”

The couple looked at each other, relief palpable on their faces. We had agreed before going to their home that we didn’t want to push it.

“What might you mean by more?” Niklas asked.

“Well, perhaps we could take turns. A week with you, a week with us.” They each nodded. So I decided to go for broke. “Also, if it would be okay with you, we’d like to begin the paperwork process to arrange for Kara and I to legally adopt Mick as our son.” Karen’s face fell; Niklas’s face took on a mask-like quality. But I didn’t read either response as particularly negative.

“Please understand. You’re his grandparents and we would make sure he continues to be a part of your life. And I expect that will change over time.” Niklas’s eyebrows rose quickly. “Oh lord, I’m so sorry. What I tried to say was, once Mick starts school, some of the visit times may have to change. I’m sorry if the way I worded it confused or upset either of you.” I could see the look of relief on Kara’s face. Turning to my honey, I asked, “Sweetie, do you have anything you would like to add?”

Think ‘deer in the headlights.’ Honest to god, I didn’t do that to make Kara uncomfortable. But she is half of this relationship and I thought it important to give her a voice, given the givens.

“I was upset when my good friend lost her life to the disease. She helped me a great deal in the first few months after my rehab. And Lissy and I can’t imagine what the two of you are feeling in this cauldron of confusion and pain.” She paused a moment to look in the eyes of each of the elderly couple, then said, “Lissy and I promise to love the precious little guy as if he was our natural son. And while we haven’t known each other very long, and it’s hardly been under the best of circumstances, we will make sure you continue to be a big part of Mick’s life. You have my word on it.”

I was so proud I wanted to kiss her. But no. Wrong time, wrong place. Later? No comment!!


Now, about selling two residences, buying one, and conjoining lives. Brenda Gleeson, a stunning strawberry blonde, was handling the sale of my Glenview home. In her 30’s, married with children, she was, she said, a full time Mom with a nearly perfect job. Personable and sharp as a tack, she had urged me to move the sales process along.

I haven’t mentioned it before, but my children weren’t crazy about me selling their childhood home. But once Mick came into the picture, any griping stopped abruptly.

My family had lived in that home for quite a while, so I had considerable equity, not to mention how demand had driven up prices in an upscale suburb like mine. Four bedrooms and three and a half baths isn’t a mansion, but it was more than enough for the Stone clan. When Brenda first gave me her suggestion for a listing price I was stunned.

“How can that be, Brenda? It’s a lovely home and big, but I just can’t believe it.” She smiled. I gulped. Yeah, she really is that gorgeous.

“Lissy, you’re hardly alone. I have handled a good number of properties on the North Shore, and people who have been in their homes as long or longer than you have been quite often are startled at how things have escalated. I’ve run the comps on homes like yours, and this is the range I think you should list it at. Plus, you did tell me you’d like to close on the sale rather quickly.”

I had told her that. As I said above, things changed when the adoption was final. Each of us having our own condo, and sharing week by week was cute when it was just us, but that didn’t work anymore. I’d kept Brenda up on the details as I had diddled with everything in the near past.

I don’t know exactly why I was reluctant to put the eventual sale price in this tale. Kara told me I was being silly. Shrug. I took a little less than Brenda suggested ($1.925 to $2 million). I still had a mortgage balance that was a little over $200,000. So I cleared a bit more than a million and a half.

Your turn, blondie!!


Okay, so my near West Side condo was being handled by my girl friend Barb, as Lissy and I had agreed to.

I was pretty much like my honey; I dragged my feet for absolutely no good reason. Barb nagged me pretty regularly, but she had good reason to. And I made sure any appointments with her at my place or her office didn’t include Lissy.

Like Lissy said, once Mick’s adoption neared the finish line, everything changed. Much like my honey, I had diddled and dawdled for most of 2015, and I don’t really have an explanation or an excuse. It just happened.

So anyways, Barb responded to my phone call with a snort. Couldn’t blame her.

“What lit a fire under your butt, kiddo?”

“Things are moving along quickly now on the adoption and we’re both out looking for a new Maltepe Escort Bayan place to live. And that means I want to be rid of this place… and soon.”

“Okay, well I can get it pushed along by scheduling an open house. First for any realtors who haven’t seen it, and again this weekend for your adoring public.” I snickered.

“Okay, that sounds excellent. Is there anything I can do to help before this weekend?”

“Can you meet me tomorrow afternoon or evening? I want you to clear out some of the detritus you’ve got there. It’s best to show a clean, relatively sparsely furnished place.”

I frowned, but said, “I’m sure you’ll show me what you mean tomorrow. Let’s agree on a time.”

I had to find a bunch of empty boxes quickly. I got lucky. The receiving room at the bank gets its share of deliveries of all kinds, and that meant boxes of all shapes and sizes. The friendly crew ogled me and one fine gentleman (eyeroll) carried the boxes out to my car. I smiled sweetly and asked if he’d put as many as he could in my trunk.

“Girl, what all kinda junk do you have in this vehicle?” le sigh No dead bodies… yet!!!

So that went well. And holy mother of god, Barb is one ruthless realtor when it comes to cleaning out my treasures. If you’ll excuse me, I have to go smack my honey. She was reading over my shoulder as I typed this bit, and couldn’t stop laughing at “my treasures.” I hate her! Not really.

Much to my surprise, I had a bunch of people wander in and out, per Barb. I guess two bedrooms and a bath and a half, 902 square feet, and a balcony (of sorts) made it… I don’t know. It seems like there are literally thousands of condos in the Loop and all corners of the area surrounding the city’s center on all sides. Naturally, all I cared about was my little slice of condo.

Life got hectic in a big hurry, what with Mick, his grandparents, the adoption process, our jobs, and… Lissy and I doing our best to find a new place to live. I think Lissy, with her kids, was used to a frenetic pace to life. I, on the other hand, had lived like a nomad, and a roaming nomad at that, for a damned long time.

My honey was the first time I fell in love. Hard. And completely. I had told myself I’d fallen in love before, but it wasn’t. No, I mean, I never felt for anyone like I do my Lissy. I have to stop and wipe away tears that have mysteriously appeared. She may read this (I have!!!) and that’s okay. (Good… cuz I have tears too). I love her, and I almost lost her. And I’m so glad we found our way back together.

May I share? I lived life in rehab in abject disgust with myself and sheer, cold terror that I would lose the woman… oh damn. The tears are back. Sorry.

Okay, I’m settled, I think. I woke up every day wondering what Lissy was doing. I missed her terribly. Not just the sex. No, no, no, not by a long shot. Some of my favorite times were times we haven’t written much about. Just sitting on the balcony, or on Lissy’s patio, at the end of another day, watching as the sun slipped away, just the two of us. I’d remember those days and nights, and the others too, sometimes, and go through my day determined to heal what was broken in me. And fuck there was a lot.

Janny helped me so much. It’s impossible to imagine I was such a total bitch to her in the beginning. It seemed she knew what I was thinking and feeling. And still she kept the course and helped. I hated her, and then I didn’t. She kept reminding me that I couldn’t be all I could be with Lissy if I wasn’t the best possible me. Make sense? It didn’t when I started but, believe me, I understand now. And I’m doing my damndest to live it every glorious day.

And when we get married, I’ll be the best wife I can be for my honey. Kara Ann Thornton-Stone. I can’t wait!!

The couple who wound up buying my condo were Julia and Bob Stark. Cute, young, obviously in love, and not quite married. I was happy for them. The damn thing sold for nearly $300,000, which shocked me all to hell, and with what I owed, I wound up with a bit less than $100,000. Which was like… totes amazing.

** September 28th , 2015 **


I wrote this a couple weeks after we closed on our new residence for no other reason than we had been frightfully busy with it. As in, coordinating moves from Kara’s condo to our home and my home to our home.. Lemme tell ya – it wasn’t easy!!

Remember, I’d been in my home and raised my family for almost twenty five years. We moved in late fall of the year Rachel was born – 1991. And even though my children had taken just about all of their prized possessions with them to their new homes, there was still a lot of stuff left. Because there were things that just belonged in those bedrooms. Nowhere else. Know what I mean?

Dylan had had an office on the first floor. It was meant to be a study but he found it useful for doing paperwork and other things related to his business. Even now, after he had been gone for a while, I really hadn’t begun to get into all that Escort Maltepe was still in there.

Kara and I had talked and visited both places over and over again, comparing notes and making plans for what to keep and what to get rid of. And as we got closer to the ‘deadline,’ we invited the kids in to pick through what they wanted. Both treasures from their bedrooms, furniture, and just stuff. My stuff. The stuff from my house.

It’s funny how we women glom onto something like a house and call it ‘my house,’ isn’t it? I work with a lovely 30-something married kid named Therese. She sort of strutted and floated (trust me, it was an interesting moment!!) into my office a couple weeks ago and proclaimed, “I’ve been in my house for a year!” Mind you, she’s married to a nice dude named Sean, but even she had gotten right into line with (it seems to me) the rest of us.

I had to share. What can I say?

Jenna and Ella had flown in from Minnesota and stayed with J.R. and Andi at their house. Ian, being a doctor, had to work. On call and all. They’d come in Thursday night and would fly home Sunday evening. Hurry, hurry. Like always.

It was fun having all my kids together in one place again. They’re hysterical with each other like they always are. Well, now that their all grown anyway. Jenna couldn’t get over how much Andi was showing (it wasn’t much) and proclaimed herself jealous that Andi was preggers. You’ll be shocked when I tell you that my honey hinted, “I bet you know how you can change that picture, Jenna.” Titters and more followed. And a deeply blushing Jenna shot back, “I’ll get right on that Sunday night.” Okay, we’re gay; so is Rach, so is June. And we all joined in the laughter that followed at my oldest kid’s most excellent double entendre.

I’d made it clear that the pictures that lined the wall on the staircase from the first floor to the second were pretty much off limits. Those pictures, as Kara and I had agreed, would line a similar staircase in our new abode. However, the dutiful Mom did agree that each kid could take at least one favorite picture. And so they did.

We won’t go into detail about furniture, etc. You’d be bored. Trust me. You might be wondering why I’m even bothering to go into detail about all that I have and will. Because it’s my story… well, mine and Kara’s. Our lives, which were about to come together. Finally. And, oh yes, there was another announcement to be made.

Rach and June drove up to the house in their car and were first to arrive. Andi and J.R. would follow closely. But it was June who spotted the new addition to Kara’s hand and screamed, “Oh my god!!! You two are engaged!!!”

Yeah, great. We were gonna break the news to the assembled flock of my kids and their spouses, but you know how life goes. The best laid plans and all.

So amidst much giggling and gushing, the girls took turns fawning over Kara’s ring, kissing and hugging her, and just short of assaulting me.

Rachel, being Rachel, pouted and said, “Why didn’t I know about this earlier, Mother!!”

I started to answer, but June swatted her honey, my kid, on the shoulder and said, “Probably because they were going to tell all of us when everyone who’s coming got here.” Ta da!!

Rachel pouted again and said, “You hit me, you dork. And yeah, I pretty much had that figured out. But I’m still put out…” she looked at me with a death stare and said, “Mother!” In what passed for a cold voice.

Which sent June into hysterics. I’m not kidding. I thought she might collapse in a heap on the carpeted floor. But she took hold of Rach’s arm and wouldn’t let go in an effort, successfully, to steady herself.

My blondie looked at me, shook her head and said, “This is gonna be some kind of fun, sweetheart.” Agreed!!!

Anyways, they made us kiss, hold hands, show off Kara’s ring, all the while taking pictures with their phones.

I think they both asked the same question pretty much at the same time.

“Have the two of you set a date yet?”

“Wellll… kinda, sorta,” was my reply. Eyes rolled.

“We talked about getting hitched between Christmas and New Years,” said Kara.

Shrieks ensued.

“That’s not very much time. How are you going to make it all work?”

And the front door opened and in walked Andi and J.R.

“Make what work?” asked my handsome son.

The girls ran, shrieking, yelling in unison, telling them the good news.

My son met my gaze, nodded his head, smiled, and said, “Well, it’s about damn time isn’t it?”

More shrieking, more laughing, and they crowded around us with the other two for hugs, kisses, and gawking at the ring.

We had been downtown anyway, at what could be our new place, when I blurted out, “Why don’t we go shopping for an engagement ring for you?” Probably not a very good idea, because Kara just about fell over, crying. I, of course, was shocked for some reason. We had talked about it and everything. But for some reason, me talking about actually shopping for a ring set Kara off. Here we were, in the lobby of the building where we might just wind up living, and, after wiping her face, Kara put her arms around my neck, on tiptoes, and kissed me. And let me tell ya… it was that kind of kiss. Just like you’d expect from Miss Can’t Keep Her Hands Off Me.

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