Booth Sucker


Sometimes I get a craving for cock. And I just want to suck one after the other until my mouth’s so sore I can’t get it around a dick anymore. I also like it anonymous. There’s something so very hot about not being able to see the guy whose cock I’m eating and his not being able to see me except the glance of me he gets through the glory hole at the xxx bookstores that I sometimes go to.

I like to dress in lingerie. Generally black satin tap pants with a black bra and thigh highs. I wear boy clothes over them along with some black boots and I take off the boy stuff once I’m in the booth. I stick a five or ten dollar bill in the slot and set the channel to some TV or gay stuff and sit back to see what happens.

Last week I was at one of the last remaining local stores with glory holes and was sitting back rubbing my cockclit through the tap pants when I heard the door next door open. I looked through the hole and could see some thin legs encased in jeans. The guy bent down to look through at me and I gave him an eyeful. I stood back and let him see me rubbing myself through the satin and rubbing my breasts at the same time. I kind of fell to my knees in a puddle of leftover cum and stuck my tongue through the hole for him to see. I left it there for a second and felt something warm and mushroomy shaped on it. I drew back and his cock followed me into my side of the booth. He was an easy seven inches and nicely thick. I took the head into my mouth and swirled my tongue around it while my fingers traced the vein on the underside. He pushed it all the way through and I took it deep into my mouth and sucked him. I blew his fikirtepe escort cock for a good five minutes before he pulled away. He whispered through the hole to me.

“Hey bitch, you want me to come over there and mouth fuck you dontcha.” I didn’t say anything so he continued. “You know you want me to fuck that slut cunt face of yours til my cum shoots into your throat and I take it out and spray it all over your face.”

I normally don’t let anyone into my booth but his cock and dirty talk had made me really hot so I told him to come over. I heard his door open and I unlatched mine so he could get in. I kept my eyes down so I wouldn’t see his face. He came in and immediately took his cock out of his pants, grabbed me with his hand on either side of my jaw and pried me open so he could stick his meat into me.

“Open up you slutty cunt.” He said as he stuck it into my mouth. I was trying to suck him but he was too busy fucking himself in and out of me. I had my hand around my own stickpussy and was jerking on it while he furiously fucked my mouth. He had hold of my hair and was pulling it. He was groaning and all of a sudden he shoved deep into me and shot a big load of man cum down my throat making me gag. He shot three or four streams and because there was so much of it it was coming out my nose and I was choking but he held it there and made me take it. I was milking him when he pulled out and shoved me away, stuck it back in his pants and went out the door without another word.

I stayed there on my knees panting and gasping. My stockings were run and the door was open for anyone who walked gebze escort by to see. My cock was out and hard and I wanted more so badly it almost hurt.

I shakily closed the door and tried to collect myself. I heard the door next door open and shut and knew there was another guy in there. I looked through the hole in the wall but it was pitch black. He hadn’t put any coins in the slot yet. He was waiting for something but I had no idea of what. I stuck my tongue through the opening and wagged it and then pulled back to see what would happen. A huge cock head came through. I do mean huge. It had to have been two inches across. The shaft hosed into the booth behind it and the whole thing was a good eight inches on my side of the booth. I was so hot from the other guy that I trembled wanting this one and I leaned forward to take it into my mouth. I got just the head in. My jaws were stretched but I could still feel the velvet smoothness of it and swirl my tongue around it as my hand circled the shaft and started to slowly stroke it. The guy on the other side was pressed tight against the wall and was trying to push more of himself into me. I was just getting into it when he pulled away and took it back into the other booth. I kind of fell forward. So disappointed. He whispered to me through the hole that it was him and another guy in there and that one of them wanted to come over to my booth while the other stayed where he was.

I was soooooo fucking hot that I simply unlatched the door and kept my face at the hole while one of them came in. I didn’t see him as he got behind me and started playing with my cock içerenköy escort and balls and running his fingers up and down my ass. The big cock came back through the wall and I started sucking on it while the guy with me put something liquid on my ass and pulled me up to my feet. I was bent over with my face on the wall while the huge cock slid in and out of my mouth when the guy behind me stuck his cock up my asspussy. He was big enough to shove my face against the wall and when he did the guy on the other side started fucking my mouth while he fucked my ass. He was reaming in and out of me while he was pulling my hair and then shoving me into the cock in my mouth. I could feel my stickpussy leaking and twitching as the cock in my ass slid in and out when all of a sudden he pulled out of my ass and reached down to squeeze my balls really hard and then shoved his cock back into me making me gasp around the fat cock in my mouth. He was going in and out of me while his friend was going in and out of my mouth and it was so fucking hot.

The guy fucking my mouth shoves in and holds it at the back of my throat and then pulls away from the wall. I have my mouth shoved up against the hole and he shoots off into my mouth and on my tongue and then shoves his cock through the hole again and his cock leaks and slides down my throat while his friend is fucking my pussy really hard. I have one hand around my cock and the other on the filthy floor while my face is pressed against the wall. I can feel my-self getting so close and all of a sudden I feel the guy inside of me swell and he grabs my hips and his cum shoots into me and I swear to god I can feel it and the hotness of it and it makes me so hot that when my hand slides over my cock just once more I shoot all over the floor.

The guy pulls out of me and leaves me there for anyone who wants it.

And others did.