Boredom and Therapy


The following is a true story. Naturally, all the names have been changed but all the events described took place just as I have written. If a bi-sexual threesome is not to your tastes then move on. If you are too young to be reading this, then move on.


I was so bored. Even my dog couldn’t shake me out of it and. believe me, he tried. I didn’t care to take him for another walk as I had just done that.

Chasing a ball forever made it worse. I was bored and a little depressed.

I had just completed a great job and I was suffering from post-partum-like depression. It was a tremendously creative job where I could exercise my jones to the max. I had delivered it on time and it was very well received. The producer told me that they planned to commence filming in six months. He asked me if I would mind making a few changes in some scenes. “No problem,” I said. While I considered the integrity of my art, this was not “art”. I had delivered a piece of commerce, that’s all. While I stuck my sensibilities into the script, I had no qualms about making revisions. And so I did. And they loved it even more. And it helped that they paid me big bucks and the major writing credit. It helped a lot.

So, here I was, done to a turn. Bored out of my mind. And so what do you do when you’re bored? You roll a joint and surf the web. And surf the web. And surf the web until you get bored again. That’s where I was.

I surfed over to a dating site I hadn’t been to in a while and checked to see if anyone was online, maybe broadcasting. I love to watch good-looking women jerk off. I was about to turn off my computer and go out to buy rolling papers when my Instant Messenger tolled. It read “You have an incoming message from Sissy, do you accept?” I quickly clicked on her name so I could get some info on who was paging me. I clicked on her profile. She was three miles away…49…hmmm…nice looking…in good shape…the blouse showed nice chest…hmm?…married. “Husband has ED and can’t perform. He will be present and watching”. Hmm.

I accepted the page.

Me: Hello. I’m here. What can I do for you?

Sissy: Hi. I’m really Brenda. You’re cute. I need someone to chat with. Do you wanna?

Me: Sure, Brenda, for a little while.. And I’m Ray. What’s on your mind?

Sissy: Can we go to a private chat. Do you have a cam? I’d like to see you.

Me. Sure. Give me 5 min to set up my camera. I’ll meet you back here and I’ll make a private chatroom.

I sure was curious. My mind clicked back in and pushed the boredom aside and I was now rolling. I felt my whole body lift. I wasn’t bored anymore and I hoped the feeling would last a while. When I finished setting up, I contacted her. She pressed on the link I sent her and we entered the private chat. I was broadcasting and her cam popped up. She smiled and spoke.

Sissy: “Hi. Oh, you’re handsome!”

Me: “Well thanks, Brenda. Your very pretty, yourself.” I wasn’t kidding or just being polite, I meant it. She was wearing a pink tee with a deep cleavage. Her breasts looked firm and very appealing.

Sissy: “Thanks.”

Me: “Pink looks good on you” She got up from the computer and twirled around in front of the camera. I saw a very good-looking woman, slightly pudgy in the right places wearing a spaghetti-string pink tee, no bra and a matching pink thong. She was a happy surprise.

Me: “Make that very good.”

Sissy: “Now you.”

I stood up and pushed my chair away. I decided to strip for her. I mean, let’s cut to the chase. I pulled my Derek Jeter pin-striped tee over my head. She commented on my lightly hairy chest. I dropped my shorts and stood there in my Body Glove boxer brief-style underwear, my boner making a good impression with its sideways attitude. I like the feel of this underwear, sort of a Lycra bikini. I twirled around. She giggled and let out a wolf whistle.

Sissy: “Nice ass! Okay, that’s better. I like to be on equal footing.”

Me: “But we’re not. You still have your shirt on.”

Sissy: “Oh that! No problem.” She lifted her arms and slowly pulled it up over her head. Her tits looked positively yummy, with no sag, pert lift and silver-dollar nips. The untanned globes were covered in light freckles…her red hair put me in mind of a cute Irish coleen.

Me: “You are beautiful. Great body. I love those freckles. Irish?”

Sissy: “Nope. It’s a big gene pool.”

Me: “That it is. Matching cuffs and collar?”

Sissy: “Used to be before I shaved. Hahahaha.”

Me: “So now that we’ve got that settled, what’s on your alleged mind?”

Sissy: “Ok, here’s the thing. I’m married for twenty-four years. About eight months ago, I thought my husband, Harry, was losing interest in me. He couldn’t get hard and it really upset me. He went to the doctor and they discovered bladder cancer in it’s early stages. He entered the hospital and they think they got it all. Now he’s recuperating in bed, but he still has no desire…make that” he has the escort bayan desire but not the wood, if you know what I mean. He doesn’t like to go down on me but he thinks it’s terrible that I often have to jill myself. I love him so he’s given me permission to find a lover. The only thing is he has to be there, he has to watch. I want to see if it will make him hard. I really love my husband and I’ll do anything to fuck him again and bring him pleasure.”

Me: “That’s noble. So I’ve been selected?”

Sissy: “Maybe. I spoke to a few men yesterday but they turned me off. You’re my second today and so far so good.”

Me: “Well, I’ll try not to be a sloppy second. I’d like to get to chew on your thong.”

Sissy: “(Laughter) You like it?”

Me: “I like it.”

Sissy: “Will you show me your cock?”

Me: “Sure. It’s all part of the interview, I guess.” I stood up to put on a show for her. Turning around, I slipped my light blue briefs halfway down my butt. I bent over and slipped the underwear off letting my fruit basket hang between my legs. I turned around with my hands over my cock and slowly exposed its semi-hardness. The head seemed to be winking at her.

Sissy: “Mmmm. Nice. I like that your balls are shaved. Nice size and girth. I like it.”

I was standing in front of the camera stroking myself and getting harder. I liked the exhibitionism aspect. I stood there and slowly stroked my cock while she asked me a set of intimate questions; Do I like oral sex? Do I like anal sex? And like that. Fortunately, I gave all the right answers. I was only being honest. She particularly liked that I gave massages.

Sissy: “Wait. Stop beating off. You win the prize. Don’t get hard now. Save it for me. Can you come over to my place in an hour? I want to clean up and get sexy for you to give me a massage? We’ll start there. Remember, my husband, Harry, will be there.”

I agreed immediately. She was cute, a nice body, seemingly uninhibited and very horny. She gave me directions and I figured it would take me five minutes to get there. I showered, shaved and trimmed by pubes. I got my massage gear into the trunk. I set my dog up with food and water and, as it was time to go, drove away.

I got to her house in no time. It was a large spread out ranch adjacent to the golf course, a MacMansion, if you will. Brenda greeted me at the front door in two-piece bathing suit that showed her curves off to great effect.

“Come in, Ray. Care for a drink? I’ve opened a bottle of wine.”

There were three glasses set up. She took them and led me out to the pool. Her husband, Harry, a good-looking well-built man. slightly taller than me, was sitting by the side of the pool. It seemed to me that he was too young to be having erectile problems.

“Hello Ray. I see you’ve brought your massage table. Good. Take good care of my wife, will you?”

“Hello, Harry. That’s my goal. Always prepared.” I set up the table in the shade and placed my oils on it. Then I went back and joined them for some wine.

“Ah, nice…a Washington State Pinot Noir, chewy and full-bodied. Thanks. Want some of this?” I pulled out a joint which I quickly lit and passed around. “So, Harry, how are you feeling?”

“Oh, I’m much better, thank you. I should be off this drug I’m taking soon and I won’t have any problems. I hope.”

“I’ll drink to that!” We clinked glasses and sipped the wine. “So, are you good with this?”

“Oh yes. This is a gift to my beautiful wife. I’m very much in favor of this. In fact, I pushed her.”

“Is that true, Brenda?”

“Well, let’s just say that I wasn’t hard to convince. I’m very horny.”

“Then why not take off your bathing suit and lie on your stomach on the table. Let me relax you.”

“Okay, but please take off your shorts first.”

I dropped my shorts and was wearing a black pair of Body Gloves. My seven-inch cock was clearly outlining the Lycra. Brenda was smiling. Harry, I noticed, was also smiling. I turned to Brenda, “Do I pass the audition?” She reached over and gingerly copped a feel.

“Harry Honey, is Ray okay?” Harry reached over and gave me a tug, too, which surprised me.

“Yup. He’s has a nice cock. Enjoy it”

Brenda walked over to the table and with her back to us, quickly stripped down and lay down on the massage table. Harry finally stopped fondling my cock and I joined Brenda. My mind was trying to figure out where Harry was coming from.

“Now then, Brenda. While I give you the massage, tell me if I’m too rough, or too gentle. Point out any muscles that are sore. Communicate with me.” As I said this, I dripped some oil into my hands and onto her back.

I won’t bore you with the details of my long and sensual massage but what follows are some highlights.

– While I massaged her upper legs and tush, she spread her legs for me and I could smell a waft of her well-lubricated vagina. When I turned her over, she was putty in my hands. Her pussy was beautiful, altıparmak escort bayan vertically smiling at me. Her flat belly and shaved pubes glistened with sweat.

– I spent special attention to her breasts, rolling them under my palms until she made cooing noises. “My breasts are very sensitive. I can cum from just having them played with…” I leaned down and took a nipple between my lips. She arched and gasped.

– After about twenty minutes of intensive vaginal manipulation. she was soaking and hungry for release. I placed my lips near her nether lips and blew air on her clit. She shook. I led my tongue on a path from her ass to just above her clit. She shook again. I placed my finger in her and began to rub her g-spot with a “come here” motion. I think she might have cum two or three times from that alone.

– She idly rubbed me while I massaged her. Finally, she reached in to my underwear and grabbed my cock. I stepped out of my underwear and let her explore me. While I rubbed her breasts, she took me in her mouth and licked me.

– At one point, I looked over to Harry, who was naked and stroking what to me looked like a very erect thick ten inches. He didn’t seem to have any erectile dysfunction to me.

Finally, I finished the massage and I let Brenda rest. I sat down next to Harry and sipped my wine. My hands were tired and so I flexed and exercised them to get some feeling back.

“I think you gave my wife a very good massage. You will be well rewarded, I’m sure.”

“Harry, I noticed you sporting wood a little while ago. You didn’t seem to have any problem.”

“No, Ray, I was very turned on. Seeing you pleasure my wife was great. And you have a nice cock.”

“You should talk. It’s worth getting that monster repaired, isn’t it? What are you, ten inches?”

He laughed. “I wish. No, it’s about eight and one-half inches.”

I laughed too. “Well, it’s a beaut, that’s for sure. It would be a shame not to put it to use soon!”

Brenda got up off the table and walked into the pool and swam around languorously. We watched her backstroke and those beautiful tits ate up the sun. After a few minutes, she got out, dried off and came walking over to us.

“That was the best massage I ever had. You should take some lessons, honey. Thank you, Ray.” She got on her knees and began to blow me, all the time looking at Harry. After a bit, she got up and sat down on my cock in a reverse-cowgirl position. Oh, she felt good as she wrapped her cunt muscles around me and kegeled. She began to slide up and down on me. I closed my eyes and let her do the work. It was heavenly. I never noticed Harry get up and kneel between our legs. He began to slurp her clit and she began to moan. I didn’t realize he was there until he licked my cock. I took it in stride by sliding down on the chair and spreading my legs to give him a wider target.

“Lick my clit, Harry…lick it…oh that feels so good…” Brenda was in a frenzy now, nearly bouncing on my cock. She was cumming with a rising burst. Harry couldn’t stay fastened to her clit as the rocketed into an orgasm. I could feel her dripping on my legs. She settled back down on my cock. Harry was watching her drip and so he set about to lick my balls. Brenda saw this and squealed. This seemed to set her off again and she convulsed several times leaning back on me while I held her tits. She hopped off with a pop and got on her knees to watch her husband lick me.

“Oh God, Harry, that’s so cool. I never thought you liked cock! That’s it, suck him. Let me see you make him cum.” She brought her small hand to his cock. “Oh, you’re so hard!”

Harry was no beginner, I could tell. He knew his way around a cock. He knew all the right spots to hit. I was quickly building to an orgasm. “I’m cum-mmm-mmm-ing!”

“Make him cum…that’s it…I want to see him cum…don’t swallow it all…share, Harry!” Brenda gave a command.

I pulled out and stroking my cock, I sprayed their faces. My aim was not too good as there were strands of cum on their cheeks, on their noses as well as in their mouths. They kissed and shared the load between them. Then Brenda licked the cum off his face.

“Oh, Harry. You’re still hard!”

She lay on the grass next to the patio and spread her legs. “Come here. I don’t want to miss this opportunity.”

He got up and went to her but I noticed he was starting to get soft. I jumped up and said, “Wait. The fluffer is on the way.” I went over to them, got on my knees and took his dick in my mouth. It instantly measured up. After a few sucks, I took his dick and lined it up to Brenda’s eager cunt. I went behind Harry and began to caress his balls with one hand while the other hand played with his ass, one finger in, two knuckles deep. He seemed to be gripping my finger deeper into his ass. He was opening up for me.

Brenda was grunting and crying out “fuck, fuck, fuck” I started to pudge up again. When I was good and nilüfer eskort stiff, and while Brenda was moaning and pinching her tits, I slipped the head of my dick up to his back door. He pushed against it and it slipped right in. Oh, no, he was no novice. I began to fuck him as he fucked her and soon, it was Harry whose sandwiched body began to shake.

“Yes. Cum, baby, cum in me. Yes. Give it all to me.”

Harry was cumming and cumming. It was a load he’d saved up for months. And as he came, his ass checks clenched and squeezed my dick. The pleasure was exquisite and soon I was shooting into his bowels as his wife wailed in ecstasy. She began to bounce her hips up and down. Covered in sweat, she barely missed a beat. He had his finger on her clit and was it driving her mad. I pushed into him again and he pushed into her. She snapped like a cracker and had a very wet orgasm that dripped down her legs, onto Harry’s crotch and onto my balls. Wow, did we cum! We were soaking in it. Whew!

I slowly pulled out of him and walked into the pool, limp and satisfied. Harry and Brenda lay together in the grass recovering from the fireworks. After a few laps, they were still there and didn’t move an inch. I walked out of the pool and dried myself off. “Are you two still alive?”

“I don’t know what you did but that was the best sex I ever had. That was explosive and sooo good.”

“I’d say that we had a meeting of the minds.” That was my polite way of telling Harry that I knew he, too, was, at the very least, bi. He was easy.

“Harry, I never knew you liked cock.” Brenda said with a smile.

“It was spur of the moment, you know. It felt good.” He was lying. It felt great and he wanted it.

“Well, it turned me on like crazy.”

“It turned me on, too.”

Brenda got up she saw how she was covered in dried cum. “I’m going to take a quick shower. You’re not leaving yet, are you? I want another round.” She walked into the house.

I turned to Harry. “Harry, you have a great ass. Good blowjob, too. It’s not your first rodeo, is it?”

“You can tell, huh? No, I’ve been secretly bi for a few years. I’ve been afraid to tell Brenda. This seemed like the right time. And I was very horny.”

“Yes, I knew. You have a seasoned mouth and ass.” His cock was rising with my comments. “Let’s go in and join Brenda in the shower. I’m up for some more. And I want to get you hard again to fuck your wife. My mission here is to satisfy her and so far, I think I’m doing well.”

“Good idea.”

We walked into the master bathroom. Brenda had just started her shower as we stepped into it. She looked at us and smiled. Wordlessly, she hooked her eyebrow, wondering what was coming. I placed her between Harry and me, with me at her front. We began to lather Brenda. This made her groan. It was clear she relished this as we kept her between us and at our mercy. Her breasts rolling around my chest, her soapy slit rubbing along my dick, her ass sliding along Harry’s cock – yes, she was in heaven. I reached around her and felt Harry’s cock. It was hard. I stroked it a few times and then slipped it back between her asscheeks. She gasped at his hardness and so I turned her around. With my cock now dancing between her cheeks, I lifted her up. Harry pulled her legs up to his shoulder and with her hole as a target, zeroed right in. I held her buttocks as she swung up and back against his cock. Harry was holding her buttocks, too, as she was pinned between us. I took the opportunity to caress his nutsack with one ball hanging low. My finger rolled it around and around. He moaned in appreciation.

All this time, the water cascaded off our bodies making us soapy and slick. Brenda and Harry were vigorously moving together, their orgasm approaching. I held her buttocks as she bounced into Harry slapping against her. My dick was hard and sliding along her ass but now horizontally from her brown eye to her taint. I soaped up my dick and slid my dick to her rear. Hmmm, she wasn’t all that tight. Had she done this before? She pushed back against me during one of his thrusts and the head popped in. Now, she was being plowed from both ends and our rhythm synced our loins together…a complete double penetration. Brenda was delirious and started to come. She wailed as she fucked us both. Harry couldn’t take much more and he followed her, his cock pumping against her sugar walls and my cock separated by a thin membrane. It felt exceptional. I could feel his spurts. And that’s when I let loose and boy, did I ever. Brenda squeezed my dick and sucked in my cum. I was spent in a few moments and my dick popped out. We slowly let Brenda down onto her legs. We were all shaking as we washed off and stumbled out of the shower.

We began to laugh as we toweled each other. “That was a fuck for the books, boys!” said a joyous Brenda, “I felt like a pretzel and it felt fucking great! That was my first time up the ass.”

“I can’t believe I fucked your ass! I felt Harry through you.” I didn’t believe that mine was the first cock to visit her butt.

“And I felt you, too.”

“Imagine that. I felt two big cocks at once! That was much better than my vibrators. I’m the winner! I want to do that again!” Seeing our limp dicks, she shook her head, “But maybe not for a while.”