Born to Suck Ch. 04

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Like a puppy following its master, I was right on Mr. Jarvis’ heels as he entered his bedroom. He stepped over to the bed and turned on a light sitting one of the bedside tables. The light cast a warm glow over the room. I looked around and the room was tastefully decorated without being overly ornate. You could see from the types of pictures on the walls and the colors of the bedspread that a woman had had a hand in decorating this room.

“I just have to make one more quick call,” Mr. Jarvis said as he reached over and picked up the phone next to the lamp. “I need you to be real quiet for me, Joey. They usually have a bad connection at their house.” He punched in some numbers and then put the phone to his ear.

“Hi honey, it’s me…..How are things at your sister’s?…..Good, good. Yeah, I had some of that tuna casserole…..No, no, everything’s fine here.” I was surprised to hear that he hadn’t asked anything about his brother-in-law who’d had the heart attack. “Uh, yeah, so you’ll be home tomorrow afternoon?…..Okay, okay. Well, say hi to Helen and Jack for me…..Okay, bye.”

“So how’s your brother-in-law?” I asked.

“Jack?” he said as he gave me a puzzled look.

“Yeah. He’s the one that had the heart attack, right?”

“Oh yeah, right. Uh….she said it wasn’t as serious as they thought and he’s doing fine. Yeah, they’ll probably just keep him in hospital for a day or two.”

“That’s good. I’m glad he’s going to be okay.” I kind of stood there awkwardly, not knowing what I should do. Mr. Jarvis seemed to sense my uncertainty and stepped up next to me. He took his hand and put it back on my forehead to check my temperature again.

“Hhhmm, still pretty warm. We better get that medicine on there as soon as we can.” He stepped over to queen-sized bed and pushed a bunch of pillows up towards the top at the same time as he pulled down the comforter and top sheet. Once he had the covers pushed down near the bottom of the bed, he rearranged the pillows into a big stack up against the wood headboard. Once he was satisfied with the arrangement of the pillows, he slipped off his robe and tossed it onto an easy chair they had sitting a short distance away from the bed. He slid onto the bed and sat with his rear end far up in the middle, his back supported on the stack of pillows behind him.

“C’mon Joey,” he said as he started to draw his knees up and let his legs fall to each side, “this is where you belong.” He nodded to the empty spot between his thick spread thighs and I simply stood there and stared at his heavy thick cock. It was hanging invitingly between his spread legs with the broad flared head actually resting on the sheets. Still dressed in my t-shirt and jeans, I moved towards it as if hypnotized. I crawled onto the bed and moved forward on my hands and knees until I was poised right in front of his waiting cock.

“That’s a good boy. Here you go,” he said softly as he reached beneath his heavy dormant member and held it up towards me.

“Do you….do you have some of that stuff here?” I asked uncertainly. Every time we had been together, we had always used the Baby Fresh Scent Vaseline. He understood what I was talking about.

“I’m not sure if I have any here,” he said. “But I think I know what we can do instead.”

“What’s that?” I asked eagerly. I was glad that even if he didn’t have any of the lubricant in the house that it wasn’t going to put a stop to our evening.

“Well, I think if do what you usually do with your mouth, that feels just about perfect for my cock-head.”

“But…but what about using my hands on the rest of it?” I asked curiously.

“I think once you get the head fully into your mouth, if you work up mouthfuls of saliva and let it ooze out of your mouth and down my cock, it should make things nice and slippery for your hands.”

“Wow! I never thought of that,” I said as I looked at his beautiful big cock. “That…that might work.”

“Oh, I’m pretty sure it’ll work, Joey. How about you get your mouth down on it and give it a try,” he said firmly as he lifted the gorgeous fat cock-head up towards my face.

“Yes sir,” I said obediently and leaned in closer to his magnificent piece of man-meat. I opened my mouth and brought my parted lips right up against the sensitive spongy membranes of the wide flared crown.

“Oh yeah, that’s it. Slip those beautiful lips of yours right over the head.” I was thrilled to hear him say I had beautiful lips and pursed them tightly against the smooth velvety surface as I moved further down. My lips spread open further as they approached the thick ridge and then I felt them grip down on his shaft as they slipped deftly over the widest part.

“Mmmmm,” I let out a soft purr again as I closed my lips around that big mushroom head and held it lovingly in my mouth.

“That’s good, Joey. Now just put both your hands around the shaft as usual…..that’s it.” As I reached forward, he withdrew his own hand as my two smaller ones wrapped around the exposed shaft. “Now just hold onto the shaft like that but let me feel that sweet tongue of yours.” bahis siteleri Under his words of praise, I let my tongue roll all over the warm surface of his cock-head trapped within my mouth.

“Oh God, you are so good at that,” he said with a slight groan as I continued to bathe the entire surface of his flared crown with my tongue. I could feel his cock slowly start to swell in my hands. “Now, keep your lips tight to my cock, but slide them back until you’re right at the very tip.” I did as he asked and the feel of those soft spongy membranes felt exquisite as my hot wet lips slid back over them. I kept my lips adhered tightly to his cock-head as I moved them back until they were pursed together as if in a kiss. I stopped with just the tip of his cock still within my mouth. I couldn’t resist and feathered the point of my tongue right into the split of the red eye at the end of his cock.

“That’s good, Joey. Now slide your mouth back down until you’ve got the whole head again.” With my lips making a nice smooth tunnel, I slid my mouth forwards until my lips slipped right over that thick purple ridge once more. “Now bring it back to the tip again.” I tugged my lips slowly back over the pronounced ridge and then kept my lips tight to the smooth membranes as I followed the flared surface right back to the tip.

“Oh fuck, that is so good, son,” he said with a deep growl and I was elated that he was enjoying what I was doing for him. I could feel his swelling cock getting thicker and thicker in my mouth and beneath my fingers.

“Now, just start going back and forth like that, only from now on, make sure you work up a lot of saliva and just bathe my cock with it. And don’t worry if it runs out the corners of your mouth, that’s what we want. It’ll just run down the shaft and you can use that to lubricate your hands.” Without taking my mouth off his cock, I nodded in agreement that I understood what he was telling me to do. I could feel the saliva welling up in the back of my mouth and pushed it to the front. As I did, I slid my lips back down over the swelling head. I used my tongue to swirl the warm saliva all over the big flared crown as my lips slipped right back down over the ridge. As soon as I felt them close around the smooth shaft, I drew back once more. I pulled back with my lips closing down until I was right at the very tip and then slid forwards again.

“Oh fuck, now you’ve got it,” he said with low groan. I pushed more saliva to the front of my mouth and this time when I drew back towards the tip, I felt some leak out from the corners of my lips. His cock continued to grow and extend further into my mouth. As I continued to move my mouth back and forth over the big mushroom head, the stiffening shaft got thicker and thicker and my little hands were forced to open up even more. While his swelling cock-head filled more of my hot oral cavity, I felt my drooling saliva start to run onto the edges of my fingers. I loosened my grip slightly so the warm fluid could run beneath. As the amount of saliva running down his upright shaft grew, I started to move my hands slowly in a gentle twisting motion. I could feel my gooey saliva acting as a warm lubricant allowing my hands to move smoothly around the velvety surface of his cock.

“Oh Jesus, that’s the way. That’s beautiful, Joey,” he moaned as my hands started to move more freely around his hardening cock. Within another minute or so, it was totally rock hard and standing up stiffly from his groin. My hands were now able to move up and down as his shaft had become entirely coated with my warm flowing saliva. I was now using that slow agonizing corkscrew motion as I slid my hot mouth back and forth over the huge flared head.

“Oh yeah, nice and slow…..that’s it……take your time, Joey, we’ve got all night,” he said as he reached out and stroked my head tenderly. I was almost overwhelmed with happiness under his gentle touch and to show him how much I appreciated what he was doing for me, I sucked in with my cheeks so they gave a nice gripping hold onto his cock as my mouth moved rhythmically back and forth.

I guess getting that load of medicine out in the shower had taken the edge off because he was totally content to just sit back against that stack of pillows and let me service him. For the next twenty minutes, I kept my mouth and hands moving all over that beautiful hard piece of man-meat as my saliva flowed freely down his turgid shaft. It felt incredible; so hard and powerful, I loved it. His big smooth cock-head fit beautifully inside my mouth; it was almost like they were made for each other. As my mouth slid back and forth, I could feel the building heat emanating right through the surface of his cock, onto my lips and then right through me into my very soul. I surrendered myself to the luscious wonderful feeling that was overwhelming me and I was purring and moaning constantly into the smooth hard surface of his virile manhood as I worshipped his powerful cock.

“Oh God, Joey,” he said as I slobbered and sucked on his 9″ of rigid muscle. “That feels amazing. But I think it’s time for your next load canlı bahis siteleri of medicine. And the doctor says this one should go right on your face.” I wasn’t sure exactly how we were going to do that and I was reluctant to give up my oral grip on his cock, but he reached forward with his hands and stopped my moving head. He pulled back on my head until my mouth slipped right off the top. I wanted to put my mouth right back on it and must have looked like a fish out of water as I gasped with my full lips pursed towards it.

“Lay back against the pillows,” he said as he scooted out from in front of me and got to his knees. He took me by the shoulders and turned me over until I was lying flat on my back with my head propped up at the base of the stack of pillows.

“That’s it. Perfect,” he said as he flipped his leg over my body until he was straddling me. I looked up at his huge upright cock thrusting towards the ceiling. He looked down at me with a lustful look of desire on his face as he took his hand and pushed that rigid monster down towards me.

“Open wide,” he said as he pointed the oozing tip right at my face. With my eyes glued to that gorgeous hard cock, I opened my mouth into an inviting “O”. He moved his hips forward and the wide crimson crown slid right into my welcoming mouth.

“Mmmmmm,” I let out a soft mew as I felt the smooth membranes of the head filling my mouth. Once my lips had closed down against the velvety smooth shaft, he released his hand from his cock and leaned forwards and I flicked my eyes up to see him grip the back of the headboard with both hands.

“You look beautiful with my cock filling your mouth like that, Joey,” he said as he held still but rotated his hips to stir his cock-head all around the inside of my mouth. “Now you just need to stay still and keep sucking on the head. I’m just gonna fuck your mouth for a few minutes before I cum on your face. Yeah, it’s almost time to do a little face-painting.” I looked up at his big rugged body looming over me and nodded my head slightly in agreement.

“Good. Here we go,” he said as he started to draw his hips backwards. He withdrew his burgeoning cock until only the very tip remained between my lips and then he flexed forward.

“Mmmmmm,” I let out a low groan of pleasure as the enflamed cock-head slid smoothly right back into my mouth. As soon as my lips slid over the blood-filled ridge, he started to withdraw again. I kept my lips tight to the taut membranes of the surface as he started to move the engorged head more rapidly in and out of my mouth. The bed started squeaking as he flexed his hips back and forth. I wondered if it made the same noise when he made love to Mrs. Jarvis. I didn’t care, I was just glad that I was there beneath him right now with my mouth being plowed full of his big powerful cock.

With his cock moving in and out of my stretched lips, it was difficult but I did my best to keep up a constant sucking motion on his moving cock-head. I could tell that he liked what I was doing; he was letting out a series of low guttural growls as he gripped the headboard with both hands while he continued to flex his hips back and forth towards my face. His movements started to get a little jerkier and I felt his rigid erection get just a little bit stiffer.

“OH FUCK…..GET READY JOEY,” he said with a husky groan as he pulled his engorged cock-head right out of my mouth and wrapped his hand around the thick shaft. I kept my eyes glued to the angry menacing crown as he quickly slid his pumping hand back and forth. He had it pointed right at my face and I watched as the gaping red eye at the very tip started to fill with pearly fluid.

“OH YEAH,” he said loudly and then stopped his jerking hand and held his throbbing dick right in front of my face. I could almost see it pulsate and then the pearly drop at the tip seemed to swell slowly for a split second and then a long ropey strand shot forth.

“Aaaaaahhhh,” I gasped in surprise as the long milky rope of semen hit my forehead and then fell downwards across my nose and onto my cheek. A second white ribbon jettisoned forth across my other cheek, over my nose and down the other cheek to my chin. He pumped a couple of more strokes and then further shots continued to rain down on my upturned face. It felt amazing as his warm thick cream landed everywhere. One big gob hit right into my right eye-socket and slid down my cheek. I watched with my other eye as he pumped out wad after thick creamy wad of his semen onto my face. I felt it on both cheeks, on my upper lip, on my forehead and some was even running down my chin onto my neck. His orgasm lasted a long time and I lay there gasping in awe as he proceeded to almost cover my entire face with his potent seed. He finally stopped and I watched as he took the tip of his cock and drew the final oozing drop right across my full pouting lips.

“Oh wow, Joey, your face is a mess!” he said as he sat back on my chest and looked down at me. For a second I was alarmed that I’d done something wrong. I think he saw the look of concern on my face immediately. “No, no, canlı bahis it looks fantastic,” he added. “You actually look great with my cum all over your face like that. It looks like that was the way your face was meant to be.” As I listened to his kind words, I felt the initial feeling of panic leave my body and was able to concentrate on the luscious feeling of his semen covering my face. It felt deliciously warm and comforting as I could feel the thick creamy weight of it on my skin. I could feel the thick heavier gobs clinging in big wads in certain areas while some of the thinner more liquidy ribbons were running slowly down the sides of my face onto my neck and into my hair.

“Yeah, I think that’s just what the doctor ordered,” he said as he reached towards my cum-covered face. “Here, let me get that gob out of your eye.” I felt his fingers slide across my slippery skin and scoop into my eye-socket. As I felt the wad of gooey fluid leave my skin, I opened my eye. I could see him smiling down at me as he held the silvery gob of cum on the tips of his fingers.

“There, that’s better,” he said as I was able to watch him with both eyes now. “Let me just rub some of this in to make sure those vitamins get right into your skin. We want to make sure we bring down that fever now, don’t we?” I simply nodded my agreement as he took his fingertips and spread the milky gob of his potent seed around my forehead. When he was done that he continued to slide his big manly hand all around my face as he smoothed that slick musky cream right into my skin. It felt wonderful to have this big rugged man tenderly applying the soothing medicine to my skin. I lay there blissfully serene as his thick fingers slid all over my face and even over the trailing rivulets that were running down my neck. Finally, he sat back and looked down at my cum-covered face.

“That’s good, Joey. I think the doctor would agree that’s the best thing for you. I’ve got it all over your face now. We’ll just leave that on and let it soak in and do its work. Now just lick my fingers off so you can get the last of that medicine inside you.” He brought his hand to my mouth and I eagerly licked his fingers, thumb and even the palm of his hand clean. I could taste the familiar manly flavor of his semen as I enthusiastically lapped up every last drop.

“That’s good, son. Now how about going and getting me another beer.” He swung his leg off me and as he stood next to the bed with his spent cock hanging heavily between his legs, I got up and made my way to the kitchen. As I walked, I could feel the air against the warm coating of semen on my face. It felt so different than normal; but I found myself smiling as I experienced the new sensation. It made me feel good to know that Mr. Jarvis’s cum was now a part of me and yet it was so different to have it on my skin than its usual nice warm spot in the pit of my stomach.

I opened a beer for him and when I came back to the bedroom, he had turned on a TV that they had sitting on their dresser a short distance from the foot of the bed. Mr. Jarvis had thrown on his robe and was now sitting in the big easy chair next to the night table. He’d put on the sports channel again and already seemed to be involved in the game in progress as I handed him his beer.

“Thanks,” he said as he never took his eyes off the game. He took a big slug and let out a loud burp as he continued to watch the TV. Not sure what to do, I eased myself back onto the bed and kind of leaned against the big pile of stacked up pillows. I tucked my blue-jean covered legs up beneath me and watched the game along with him. I was totally happy just to be near him and as I watched, I casually ran my own fingers over the slimy film of semen on my face. My craving got the better of me and I gathered up one bigger gob on my cheek and brought it to my mouth. I slipped my fingertips into my mouth and licked them clean. I felt like a cat with a bowl of warm cream as I let the manly flavor settle on my tongue. I looked over and watched as Mr. Jarvis took another long pull on his beer as he watched the game intently. When there was a break in the game and a commercial came on, I figured this was the best time to ask him what I’d been thinking about.

“Uh….Mr. Jarvis?” I asked tentatively.

“Yeah, Joey?” he said as he looked over at me.

“So, I guess I have to wait for two hours before I get my next dose of medicine?” I asked with a bit of a disappointed look on my face. My question made a warm smile spread across his face.

“Not necessarily. The doctor said you should have a dose AT LEAST every two hours. He said that more often than that would be even more beneficial.” He paused as he looked at me. I’m sure he could see me looking at him with adoring eyes as he sat contentedly in his easy chair. “Are you ready for more, son?” he asked as he reached for the knotted belt of his robe. I couldn’t even answer as I watched mesmerized as he undid the loose knot and tossed the ends of the belt to each side. I could feel his eyes watching me as I my own were locked on his moving hands. He took a side of his robe in each of his hands and drew it open. He let the two sides of the fabric fall to each side as he exposed his big rugged body to me. My eyes immediately were drawn down to that long heavy tube of manly flesh lying against his thigh.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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