Bosses Big Surprise


My boss and I have been working closely together for a few years now and have grown super close with one another. He’s literally my best friend. Over the years we’ve cracked jokes back and forth about our fantasies, things we like to do in the bedroom (

My boss and I have been working closely together for a few years now and have grown super close with one another. He’s literally my best friend. Over the years we’ve cracked jokes back and forth about our fantasies, things we like to do in the bedroom ( or out of the bedroom for that matter! ). Harmless flirting. There has always been a strong sexual connection between us that we both feel but have never acted upon. We found through the jokes that we both share the same ideas about sex, stimulation, fun, taboo, just the plain erotic pleasure of it all.

Clyde, my boss, runs multiple million dollar enterprises and his stress level is over the top. We have been on the road now for 3 days of nothing but meetings, mergers, and stroking the cocks of egotistical males. We both agree tonight we are going to relax and let off some steam. Being the great assistant I am, I found us the hottest club in town. “Mingle” is the newest club to open in Denver for the type of fun we both enjoy. Clyde was blown away I was able to get us in.

Both of us show up in our hottest outfits, easily the sexiest couple walking in. He loves the stares we get from women and men. I tease him a bit and start running my fingers across his ass looking at a hot couple checking us out. He laughs, but I tell him he could have them both in a second if he wanted.

The ambiance of the club is a turn on all of it’s own. It’s dark, seedy, with velvet couches and chaise lounges scattered all around. Some have see through silk drapes around. Everywhere you look you can see cuffs, satin ties, and chains hanging from the ceiling. My pussy is dripping wet just walking in. And I can see by the bulge coming from Keçiören Escort Clyde’s sexy tight pants he feels the same. All I can think about is that bulge pounding my pussy until this wonderful throbing goes away…. but that can wait. I have much bigger plans for him tonight.

We get comfortable, and enjoy the view. Couples, groups, singles all playing out different scenarios all around us. Watching porn does not compare to the real thing. I’m contemplating joining one of the groups, I know Clyde is into that but instead offer to Clyde to get a private room. The sexual tension has been building in us and tonight he doesn’t hesitate. I’ve been making eye contact with this hot girl since we got here. Her desire for Clyde was evident. We send winks and kisses back and forth while she acts out what she wants to do to my date. Yes, I’m thinking she is perfect for what I need. I take Clyde to our room and blindfold him. I ask him while cupping his balls through us pants if he can be my good sex slave and do whatever I ask?

He replies “anything for you, my godess”. He’s going to be better at this then I thought. I make him get undressed. I want him completely naked other than his blindfold. I start sucking his cock rough squeezing the shaft so tight with my lips at the same time my finger slides into his ass tickling his prostate. I can feel his cock start to pulsate so I stop. Not yet, my slave boy we have so much more to do tonight. I tie one wrist to the lounger sideways on his stomach so his gorgeous ass is on display while he’s on his knees. I told him to continue to stroke himself picturing how wonderful my pussy is going to feel and how naughty we are for doing this since he is my boss.

It takes me a bit to get back, I know he was wondering where I went and what I was doing. I get even more turned on knowing this. My sex slave is still doing what I asked with Etimesgut Escort enthusiasm, stroking it so hard. I then introduce him to my toy. She is in a tiny skirt with a cropped off t-shirt that you can see her tits coming out the bottom of it. I tell Clyde I’m going to reward him for doing so well while I was gone and take his blindfold off. He looks quite impressed with my selection. I lift my toys shirt up and start sucking on her tits, she does the same to me. She turns me around and wraps her arms around me to the front. She slides her hand to my pussy and with her fingers starts rubbing my clit. I can’t stop staring at my slave as I’m getting fingered. I want his hard cock inside me now!!

I am so ready. I say to Clyde “now you are going to help get my toy ready for us”. We both get undressed and he sees what I mean. I take his wrist out of the strap and put his blindfold back on. Like the pro he is, he takes her big cock into his mouth. He starts to gag, I get close to him and whisper how wonderful he’s doing and to open that throat if he wants to please me. He does as I ask and my toy starts to mouth fuck him. I start stroking his cock for another reward for doing so good. I can hear the muffled moans coming from my slave. He’s really into this and loving it. “Look my sexy slave, you’ve already got my toy rock hard for us”.

I have my slave lay down on his back, I straddle his cock and start riding. I already know I’m going to cum fast, my toy comes up behind me and starts licking and sucking my slaves balls, pushing her fingers in and out of his asshole, licking and sticking her tongue in and out to get him ready. All while playing with my tits. I’m still riding him when my toy sticks her cock into my slave. I can feel her tits on my back as she is thrusting into him. My slave moans over and over. He’s being pushed to a level of ecstasy he’s never felt. Demetevler Escort That pushes me over the edge and I scream out my orgasm that feels like it lasts for ever.

After I catch my breath and recover from my eruption,

I tell my toy to keep working my good slave boy and I flip him over on his stomach. She pushes her cock deep down into him. She is pounding him now, he is clutching the sheets taking the pounding better than any slave I’ve had before. I situate myself underneath him and lick all my pussy juice from his cock. He cries out “oh god yes” over and over. I can feel his cock pulsing in my mouth again and out of no where he explodes in my mouth. I suck up every last drop.

After my slave recovers a bit I ask him to sit in the chair. I take his blindfold off and make him watch me. My toy roughly throws me on the bed, flips me over and starts fucking my pussy from behind. I didn’t think I could get this horny again but the ache was growing again. We go at it for awhile, I glance over at my sexy slave and see that his cock is getting hard again. I’m absolutely amazed how fucking hot he is and his fucking stamina. My kinky little slave is getting turned on watching me get fucked. I instantly thought of some more fun. I change positions with my toy and start riding her.

I tell my slave to fuck me in the ass while I am rubbing my clit all over our toy. He does as I ask with no hesitation. He’s so gentle and takes his time as he slides in and out until I’m completely stretched. They are both now pounding into me so hard I can’t tell who’s who and what’s where. I can feel my climax building higher than I’ve ever felt. I think it might rip me apart. Right before I think I can’t take anymore I release and so does my slave. He shoots his cum into my ass grunting loudly at the same time I’m squirting all over our toys cock.

I roll off of her and lay on the bed. I tell my slave to get on his knees and clean our toy up with his tongue. He licks all my juices off her cock. “You’ve been wonderful my slave, now finish her with your mouth”. “I want to watch her cum all over your face before we leave”.

The night ended wonderfully and I don’t think my boss has ever been so relaxed on a plane ride home. Needless to say, I got a big fat raise!!!