Bound by Annabel Lucas


His eyes shone bright with anticipation in the darkness as they moved over her body. Something just beyond the edges thrilled her; had her heart racing before he touched her. Then he turned his attention to the work at hand. A lovely silk scarf slipped through his hands like water, a kaleidoscope of color- turquoise and blue, purple and red. It made her think of the woman they’d seen selling them at the market that morning; with her long dark hair and the little boy that held her hand.

Her attention was drawn back when he placed the same scarf over her eyes. Her heart skipped a beat- senses sharpening. The silk felt cool against her face. He wrapped it around her head, once then twice. The second time around blocked any light that filtered in behind the curtains and she trembled. Underneath her, the blanket was soft and warm enough to offer comfort to her bare skin but wasn’t the cold that made her tremble.

His hands moved over her and brushed the underside of her wrist. He repositioned her limbs as he pleased. He lifted her right arm gently. She felt the silky fabric, a second scarf, against her wrist. He duplicated the blindfold’s thin strong bond and wrapped it not once but twice around her wrist. She felt the fabric tighten slightly as he secured it with a knot. He loved making knots; his favorite were the kind that bound her. The gentle tension increased on her wrist and she knew he’d secured the other end. Her heart beat quickened. She wanted test the strength of the silk that bound her; but that would not please him. So, she waited.

The darkness was disorienting. She felt him leave the bed and listened hard to his movement. Her heartbeat pounding in her ears. When he touched her again, she could tell he’d moved to the other side of the bed. She leaned into his caress. He lifted her left wrist, wrapped it twice and secured it with a knot. She reached into the darkness with her memory, finding her way through the room as he tied her left wrist to the bed post. His fingers trailed along her arm, tracing the curve of her shoulders, as the muscles shifted into her taut bicep. She wanted more.

Touch is sight in the darkness. He’d told her that months ago. The words came back to her now. She concentrated on her breath and relaxed in the man-made darkness of the blindfold. He was at her feet now. He wrapped the silk scarf around her right ankle, and she felt him secure the other end to the bed. She was familiar with the ritual. He would take his time, never rush. He enjoyed the ritual, as much as she did. Her anticipation heightened by his methodical movements. His hand closed around her left ankle, shifting her body as he bound her, to pull the silk tight leaving her legs spread wide.

“Hold me down. Please, hold me down.” Those were her words, the begging words that tumbled from her mouth last night as she’d cum. Now, heartbeat racing, she lay in the darkness bound for his pleasure.

He kissed her in the dark then. His lips warm and soft. She wanted those lips everywhere. His tongue brushed against hers and she wanted to pull him in, to touch his face. She concentrated on accepting what was given and remained still. He liked that part, she knew. He loved to watch her struggle to please him against her own will. Sometimes the inner bonds were stronger than the physical bonds he created.

His fingers caressed her face, her lips; under her chin. His touch gentle, she raised her face to him, wanting more, as his hand slipped over her throat and he gave a gentle squeeze. She whimpered.

“Shhhh.” he said. Breathing in, she embraced the darkness and his voice. There was nothing else to hold on to. She felt his fingers trail over her skin in a downward descent; over her collarbone, between her breasts circling her nipples.

The bed shifted under his weight and she knew he joined her on the bed. His fingers moved over her legs, skimming the tender flesh on the inside of her thigh. The barely-there touch continued over her hip bones. Then his fingers retraced their path up her body. His fingers outlined the underside of her left breast; circling the curve of the pale flesh. His fingers squeezed as his mouth joined to pleasure her, sucking and tasting. “Ohhhh.” Her body melted in his hands, relaxing into the touch. Her breath caught in her chest izmir escort and increased as his hand squeezed. His mouth was so hot. She felt his tongue and the gentle pressure from his teeth. She arched up into his mouth and he pulled away teasing…always teasing her.

He read her body like brail, feeling her pleasure in the rise of goose bumps. His touch shifted and swayed, fingers caressing; creating unintelligible patterns across her skin. Even in the darkness, she could sense him, the essence of his body warmed her. He planted open mouthed kisses on the underside of her breasts, on her belly, the warmth of his breath on her the wet skin. His hands moved over her, down the length of her slim muscular legs, over her thighs and knees. His fingers tickling at the hollow where her right knee bent slightly outward, feeling his way down her calves, to delicate ankles and pretty feet. He loved all of her. He took her right foot in his hands, thumbs working tension out of the ball of her foot, then massaging deep into the high arch of her foot.

Her breath escaped without her consent. She felt his kiss on the bottom of her foot, a warm open-mouthed kiss, as his fingers circled her ankle. His fingers moved over the delicate skin of her ankle, then the inside of her knee.

“Higher, please, higher.” His kisses inched up her body, touching and tasting. Jesus. Tasting. His lips nibbled the inside of her thigh as he spread her knees further apart with gentle pressure. His hands were so warm and so big. The kisses resumed on the inside of her thigh, lips warm and wet, as his tongue tasting. Her heart raced as she arched into his touch. Please, please. She craved his touch, her pussy on fire with desire.

She twisted in her bonds. The silk held tight. His lips moved away. Her breath coming out in pants. When she felt his touch again, it was on the opposite thigh, warm and wet. He stroked her, encouraging her to spread her legs wider. She obeyed. Her legs already splayed ridiculously wide. He moved away, but she could feel him, his body close and warm. She willed him to touch and he complied, his breath on her skin, muscles tight. He delighted in her anticipation, racing heart, and her wet wanting pussy.

She felt a slight shift and knew she was alone on the bed again. She worked to relax, focused on releasing the tension through her breath. She let her body relax. She counted the seconds listening. He was moving, somewhere in the makeshift dark. That thought did not calm her. Her hands tightened in her bonds again. She concentrated on slowing her breath. She’d known that he’d make her wait. Somehow knowing was different than actually waiting.

He was across the room. She could tell. She listened into the darkness and heard the slightest sound of metal on metal followed by soft rustling. She waited, concentrating on her breathing and let her body relax further into her bonds.

She was startled when he kissed her. She opened her mouth to him and found him hungry, tasting and sucking as she was rewarded with his thick fingers gently separating folds of swollen skin, dipping into the honey sweet nectar of her body’s desire.

“Ohhhh god.” She moaned into his kiss. She shifted into his hand and breathed into the kiss, wanting to pull him close. She needed him to move those fingers. His starched shirt brushed against her skin. His fingers light on her pussy as he deepened the kiss, teasing her desire. She groaned into the kiss, as his fingers separated her, slipping through her folds. He made her wait a beat more and then his fingers found her clit. Circling the bundle of nerves, with slowly increasing pressure.

“Ohhhhhhhgoddddd.” She arched off the bed to meet his touch. While his other hand played with her left nipple, twisting and pinching. The speed of his fingers between her legs increased and then he kissed her, warm and wet. His lips gentle and probing, as he tasted her. She moved into the kiss wanting to touch him, her body melting under his touch.

His fingers dipped deeper, not penetrating, not quite. His hand move from her breast and slipped under the nape of her neck as he took control of the kiss. He worked her pussy, fingers slipping between her folds, only to return to her clit, without penetrating antalya escort her. The muscles inside her worked helplessly as they tightened with pleasure. She returned his kiss, and felt his desire rise. She caught his bottom lip between her teeth as she felt him withdraw, fingers retreating. She heard the clink again and felt something cold and hard replace the delicious touch of his fingers.

He circled her pussy with the cold hard egg, moving it between folds of skin. He teased her entrance with it as he dipped low between her ass cheeks. There was a slight hum as it came to life. She jumped when it touched her and made her pleasure audible. He pressed the little egg to her clit. She heard a click in the darkness and the buzzing increased, sending delicious waves of pleasure though her body. She breathed into it.

“Oh god. Don’t stop. Please don’t stop.” Her heartbeat quickened and she arched her back; wanting him inside her as he teased. He worked it over her, parting her, stretching her, and her knees began to shake. His fingers shifted the little egg and the vibration increased to a pulsing now. Oh god. He stroked her with two fingers, fuck, three fingers, slick with her wetness. He moved them between her cheeks, to touching her there too, pressing the egg against her swollen clit. The climax ignited at her knees. Her legs trembled as the orgasm climbed through her thighs. She wrapped her fingers around the silk scarves that bound her. Goosebumps covered her skin her pussy clenching helplessly as his touch disappeared. The orgasm lost its momentum, swirling away, leaving her helpless.

His hands were back, moving over her arms, caressing her shoulders and neck, fingers stroking her face. His kiss was gentle. Suckling and patient. His fingers intertwined with hers momentarily, then his hands were in her hair -on her face, as his mouth claimed hers. She was hot, so fucking hot. Needing him. “God, she needed him.” She grasped the scarves that bound her and tried to move; her legs held tight at the ankles. She felt his breath again, against her right thigh. The tip of his tongue drew a trail along her inner thigh as he positioned a pillow under her hips, to give him better access.

Cold. She felt something cold on her skin. His fingers stroked the liquid in making her already wet pussy, wetter. He blew on her and warmth tingled where his breath went. As his fingers slipped through her wetness, she felt his tongue draw lazy circles around her clit. His mouth closed and he sucked. Her hips jerked up to meet his lips. His mouth slippery against her, tasting and sucking as his fingers parted her ass, squeezing and kneading.

“Ohhhhhhgod.” The pressure inside her increased as he sucked. The pad of his index finger slippery with the lube pressed into her pretty pink asshole as he delighted her pussy. Her asshole burned as his finger stretched her. His fingers and lips moved between her legs, increasing her pleasure.

“Please, please. Ohhhhh, yes.” Yes. Her heart racing, the words came faster now. His hand obeyed and he added another finger. His gentle penetrating fingers moved deeper inside her, meeting her needs without request. Her hips followed the movement of his hands and his mouth as she began to ride her rising orgasm. She teetered on the edge of the white light, wanting to fall into it. White noise rang in her head as his hand withdrew.

“Ohhhhh…. Fuck.” Frustrated. She exhaled. She wasn’t sure she could take any more without the climax. She needed him to fuck her. She felt the coldness of the lube as he poured it onto her warm folds. Something probed at her pussy before slipping inside and filling her.

The dildo was thicker and longer than his fingers. It filled her, her breath coming in gasps. He noticed and slowed his pace. Her body, warm and wanting, wanted his. She imagined the dildo was his cock. She felt another orgasm building and matched his pace, thrusting into the air to fuck the toy. “Please…please don’t stop.” She stood at the edge of the building climax. Then nothing.

He withdrew the toy; left her wanting pussy empty and hungry. Her body frustrated. She listened for movement when she felt him untie the bonds around her ankles. She concentrated on relaxing and slowing kayseri escort her ragged breathing. His hands left her, and she heard the sound of clothes falling to the floor. Finally.

He was back and guiding her body, as she instinctively drew her legs to her belly. Exposed, she felt so exposed as he spread her legs, but she trusted him with her heart, her body. Her everything.

She tightened her fingers around the scarves that bound her wrist. Fingers on her pussy, he pleasured her while he pressed a small round bead into her ass. He used small movements that stretched her, allowing her to adjust to the new toy. The first bead filled her, then he added a second and a third. The anal beads moving deeper and deeper inside her, not withdrawing, simply pressing in. The lube encouraged friction and the tingle in her ass began to spread. His mouth on her clit, finger fucking her wet pussy, she could feel another orgasm rising. Yes. Oh yes. The darkness heightened her pleasure. Please let me cum.

“Please. please.” The orgasm began in her ass. Tingling and contracting as she worked to contain it, to ride it as it rose inside her. Her pleasure coming in moans and cries, unable to find the words as he let the climax wash over her.

The silk scarves at her wrists pulled tight then released. Her hands were free. She stretched into the aftereffect of the orgasm, trembling. Her muscles ached from lack of movement. Then he was there in the darkness, pressing into her. His cock was slowly filling her. His body was hard and warm. She pulled him in, hands in his hair, touching his face. Her pussy moist and quivering, wanting touch and barely tolerating it. His kiss was deep and hungry, revealing his own need. He pulled her close, shifting her body underneath him. She felt his cock pulses inside her. The anal beads shifting, as he entered her. She sucked in breath, barely tolerating the pressure. Hands pulled her legs up, hooking his well-muscled arms under her knees to hold her in place. He covered her mouth with his, tasting and sucking as he pressed into her. Her breath came faster as he held her in place.

“Ohhhh. God.” So big. His cock was so big. The beads shifted deliciously insider her ass. His tongue was in her mouth, tracing the inside of her lips. Deeper, his cock was halfway in, with each thrust he went deeper. “Ohhhhh god.” Her pussy was on fire. His forehead on hers, his breathing hitched, and she felt his hips collide with her body. Balls deep, he began to rock her, his cock buried deep in her belly. She clung to him, arms wrapped around his neck, orgasm building with the barely perceptible thrusts.

He gained momentum as her mouth moved over his skin, tasting him leaving her own trail of open-mouthed kisses on his neck, his ear, his chin- her senses were in overdrive. He opened her up, deeper and deeper. His forehead moved to her shoulder as he moved inside her. He filled her completely. The orgasm raced through her thighs.

“Ohhhhhh yes, yes.” The climax carried her higher, moving through her body as she tried to ride it. Cuming, I’m cuming. She thought the words but could not find the energy to summon them. Still, he knew.

She felt him rise up, holding her legs in place as he fucked her. Then he withdrew the anal beads, one by one, pulling them free as her pussy clenched around his thrusting cock. The climax intensified, in her pussy, in her ass, flooding her limbs; and this time when she came, she couldn’t breathe, couldn’t move.

Without letting her recover, he took her higher. Her legs snaked through his as he pumped her. Faster and faster, drawing out another climax, then another. The white-hot light of the orgasms flooding through her muscles and brain. Her body was malleable in his hands, made to satisfy him; only him. Her body told her what her eyes could not; she felt him shudder and knew his own climax was near. His need building as he kissed her. He bowed his head to her shoulder. Submitting to her.

Only her. She felt him stiffen when he came, her name on his lips. She held him as he melted into her, stroking his head and his back. Her hands were free to touch now. His body lax; desire spent as his racing heart return to a normal pace. His breathing slowed. She floated in the aftermath until he shifted her body out from under his weight and spooned her, skin on skin in the darkness. She heard his breathing deep and steady as sleep claimed him.

Only then, she was content to drift in the darkness into dreamless sleep.


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Annabel xoxo

Annabel Lucas – Author