Boundaries Ch. 05


Kaylee crawled into bed with me later that evening. I barely remembered stirring as she walked into the bedroom.

I felt her warm body slid underneath the covers and nestle up against me. There was a soft kiss on the forehead and then unconsciousness reclaimed me.

“Wake up, sleepy-head,” my daughter’s voice invaded my dreams the next morning.

I growled and pulled the covers over my head.

Fingers walked across my back. “I’m hungry. I need blintzes.”

“Need…,” I grumbled. “You know how to make them yourself.”

“They don’t taste as good when I make them.”

I felt her cradle me, her bare breasts mashing into my back. I felt her soft nipples rub against my spine.

“Pretty, please? With sugar on top?”

“Alright, alright.” I rolled back to face her and rubbed sleep out of my eyes. “I’ll make you blintzes.”

“Thanks, Mom.” She gave me a quick peck on the lips. “You’re awesome.”

She was out the bedroom door in a flash and I heard the bang of pans and the clink of silverware as she prepped the kitchen.

I sat on the edge of the bed, letting myself wake up and wondering how she moved that fast. Age was creeping into my muscles and joints. I noticed her boots leaning on each other against the closet door and her embroidered skirt crumpled up next to the bed. Even at eighteen, my daughter kicked her clothes off like a child.

My daughter hadn’t slept next to me the whole night since she was young.

I pulled on some clothes and plodded into the kitchen. Most things were laid out, except for a few essentials. My daughter sat at the kitchen table, waiting.

“You sure are animated this morning.” I commented.

Her cheeks reddened. “I’m just happy.”

She hummed excitedly as I poured the mix into the blender. I saw her tap her toes to her own beat as the mechanical whirr of blades reverberated throughout the kitchen.

The skillet was already sprayed, so I began making the blintz shells.

“Be a dear and get the oil ready?” I asked Kaylee.

She jumped up happily. “Not afraid I’m going to burn it?”

“Just put it on low. It will speed things up.” I looked up and down at her naked form. “You’re in no way to mind a stove, anyways. You’re not even dressed.”

She practically skipped to the counter and bent over to reach beneath the oven where some of the other skillets were kept. Those sinuous glutes stretched, accentuating the lovely feminine curves of her hips. Framed between her dancer’s muscles was her beautiful pussy. The lips, closed up normally, yielded and exposed her treasure trove to the world when she was excited.

My eyes never left her statuesque figure. I imagined those folds yielding to my tongue as I tickled her pussy with my tongue, giving my daughter the most exquisite relief.

“Ready.” Kaylee scampered back to the table.

The oil was warm enough when I was ready for it and I wrapped three blintzes, browning them quite nicely within a few minutes. Kaylee beamed when I sat her plate in front of her. I spooned some leftover lasagna from dinner into a chipped bowl for myself and nuked it.

Despite her giddiness throughout the morning and the general comfortableness of our new-found physical relationship, she seemed suddenly quiet when I sat down.

“Was what we did yesterday, uh, alright with you?” Kaylee finally spoke.

“Actually,… I felt a little awkward, afterward. Thinking maybe I shouldn’t have shown that to you.”

“I don’t know. I couldn’t imagine any one else showing something that intimate to me and being that patient. I couldn’t keep my hands off myself in the car on the way to Kristen’s. Thinking about it.”

I barely held back a moan imagining my daughter thrusting her hands down her panties in traffic. “Me, too.”


I gave my best casual shrug. “I can’t imagine it being wrong if we both enjoyed it.”

“I felt a little weird after. But it felt so good that I also thought that it shouldn’t be that weird. And I know you wouldn’t ever show me anything that was bad.”

“You got that right, kiddo.” I smiled. “I’m proud and lucky to have such an insightful daughter that can see that.”

“There is one thing I am wondering about, though, Mom,”

“Yes, hun?”

“Are you only giving lessons? Or can we also do that… uh, not as a lesson?”

I almost dropped my spoon.

“Kristen and I masturbate in front of each other all the time,” Kaylee continued. “And I didn’t know how much fun it was in front of you until we tried it.”

The world seemed to slow down and I felt my pussy throb. I could barely speak as I imagined Kaylee naked with her girlfriend Kristen, masturbating for her, and then imagining Kaylee kissing Kristen’s nipples. My knees felt weak.

“W-We both enjoyed it, obv-obviously,” I stammered. “I don’t see why we couldn’t continue outside of a lesson.”

“Like now?”

Oh God! I wanted to crawl across the ground and lick my girl’s pussy right there.

“Blintzes, now. Masturbation,.. some other time.”

Kaylee nilüfer escort frowned, but didn’t give up. “Fine. I masturbate. You watch?”

* * *

I had just returned from work and was in the kitchen making myself a sandwich. There was no ballet tonight and I could hear Kaylee listening to My Chemical Romance in her room.

Her bedroom door opened and the music spilled loudly into the hallway. She walked around the corner, singing quietly.

“Oh, Mom!” She stopped immediately. “Didn’t know you were home.”

“Just got back. Sorry, I didn’t tell you. Was hungry so I went straight for food. I know we have that movie date tonight.”

She nodded and reached for the refrigerator door handle. “Wow… You’re wearing that skirt.”

“This? Yeah. it’s the one we picked up. Remember?”

“I know.” She eyed the whole length of my figure. “Just hadn’t seen it on you yet. It looks smoking. The guys at work must be going crazy.”

I flushed. “I noticed a few of them turn their heads at work today.”

“That mean you finally going to get some penis?”

“I don’t fancy any of my co-workers, Kay.”

Kaylee shrugged. “Having a penis around here might not be a bad thing.”

My daughter turned back to rummage through the fridge. She bent almost in half, knees straight, reaching for the bottom shelf. It made her dress slide up the back of her legs, showing me the smooth backside of her thighs, and made me wonder whether she wore underwear. I imagined her showing me more of that ballet-honed flexibility with a strap-on dildo.

“Kay,” I said as gingerly as I could. I laid a caressing hand on the small of her back as she opened a tub of yogurt. “Maybe we could forget the movie tonight. Y’know?”

She moved into my hand and looked at me. Her eyes dilated.

“For serious? Tonight?”

“I’d love to. If you are in the mood.”

“Mom. I thought you’d never ask.”

“You’re in luck, sweetie.” I ran the back of my fingers delicately against her cheek. “Work has been stressful the last few weeks. It just drained the energy from me and it wasn’t on my mind. I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.”

It was a lie, and probably for prudent reasons. I had this incessant fantasy of my daughter cumming hard on her dildo in front of me almost every night this week. A small part of me felt terrible thinking about her like that. Only a small part, though.

She beamed and forgot her food. Giddily, she accepted my hand and I led her into my bedroom.

“Like last time. Except no lesson,” I assured her.

Kaylee blushed, sheepishly. “Only if you want to.”

What I really wanted to do was rub my pussy against her slender dancer’s body. “Yes. Definitely, hun.”

Kaylee vibrated with energy as she started for my dildo box. She stopped, deftly turned to scamper into her room, and then returned with my vibrator.

“You’ve been leaving me wetter than usual. Always keeping that thing in your room, y’know?” I remarked.

“How could I not?” Kaylee turned a deep shade of red. “You taught me things about my body I had no idea about.” She pointed at me with the vibrator. “Stay there. I got an idea.”

She daintily placed the vibrator next to me and crawled toward me.

My breath caught short as she hovered over me and stared into my eyes with a smirk, almost touching her breasts against mine. I felt like a mouse in a cat’s paw.

I flinched slightly when she reached her right hand underneath my skirt and gripped the hem of my pantyhose. “If this isn’t a lesson, then we should make it at least kinda sexy. Right?”

Her other hand glided up the inside of my right leg and then slipped to the outside, grabbing the other side of the pantyhose. She spread the pliant material and slowly eased them down my hips and legs.

“I might take this out of context.” I winked, trying to figure how far my daughter might go with this.

“I don’t even know what that means, Mom,” she replied as she tossed my jet-black pantyhose behind her. Can’t blame a girl for trying.

Her hands resumed their silky slide up my legs and to my hips, pushing my skirt higher.

“Amazing legs.” Her fingers traced circles around my stomach and waist as she stared at my rapidly moistening pussy. “And I can’t wait to see that vijayjay of yours have an orgasm.”

“V-vijay-jay..” I was breathless as she unhooked my skirt’s front buttons and pressed her hands against my pubic bone. It made me want to crawl out of my skin with desire feeling her hands move near my pussy. It wasn’t right to enjoy this so much.

With another gentle smile, my daughter slipped the skirt down my legs.

“Wait, let me try this.” Kaylee said.

She brushed her chest against mine, her soft breasts raking up my body from my knees to my ribs. The movement was like an exaggerated upward dog from a yoga video I used once. The feeling was completely sensual and turned me on something fierce.

My daughter laughed. “Okay. Maybe that was fun for you. But it just felt silly görükle escort to me.”

Kaylee wrapped her legs around my torso and straddled me. She enjoyed my reaction more than a daughter should as she slowly undid the white plastic buttons and pulled apart the shirt. She grazed a hand from my cheek down my neck, across my collar bone, and then slowly along the underwire of my bra cup. My heart thudded in my ears and my breath unconsciously paused with a sharp intake of air as I felt her fingers glide across my breasts. My nipples grew and strained against my bra.

My daughter’s accustomed fingers floated up to the neckline of the cup and ran her fingers down the sensitive flesh of my breast. I shifted underneath her and let out a breathy pent-up half-moan.

“I’m glad you enjoyed that.” Kaylee flopped onto the bed next to me. “My turn.”

I pulled my shirt and bra off the rest of the way and then scooted my daughter toward the center.

My unease about physically teasing my daughter quickly dissipated with how excited it made me. The gleam in her eyes, the heave of her breasts, and the twitch of her thighs gave me courage.

Kaylee practically moaned when I ran my hands along her legs, up her skirt, and to the inside of her thighs. I pushed the dress up to her chest and then laid on her so that my stomach was against her pussy.

Maybe she was worked up from the ministration she gave me, but she was already shifting beneath me and in a breathless excitement. Seeing that, I grabbed her hips and moved my stomach between her legs, right where she wanted it.

“I can’t wait to see your pussy have an orgasm, babe,” I husked, overcome with the reaction I was generating in my daughter.

I heard a moan underneath her breath.

I slid in a reverse of the downward dog movement she did to me, until I was between her thighs. I heard her breath pick up pace.

“You really do have the prettiest pussy, sweetie. So perfect,” I complimented.

Kaylee growled as I brushed my fingers along her pussy lips to pull off her thong. She wore a dress and my lusty mind gave me some inspiration. I leaned down to grab the strip of fabric with my teeth.

I heard another appreciative noise from Kaylee. The smell and taste of her juices coated the sodden thong as I pulled it down her honed legs. I sat up with the wisp of red fabric hanging from my teeth. The fire in Kaylee’s eyes brightened.

“God, you’re good, Mom.” Kaylee reached for her pussy.

I raised a finger. “Before you do that… You gave my titties a tickle. It’s only fair.”

I ran the back of my hand down the side of her cheek, down to her breasts, as she had done to me. Her chest heaved again as I ran my fingers slowly along the cup and the sensitive flesh. Her eyes tracked my every movement.

“That feels good, Mom.” Kaylee panted.

“Sit up so I can unhook your bra.”

She obeyed and I used it as an excuse to mash my breasts into her stomach. In a fluid movement, I tugged off her bra.

“Your nipples are hard just like mine.” She stared at them as I pulled away. “Mind if I touch them?” she asked awkwardly.

Music to my ears. “Of course you can. As long as I can touch yours, sweetie.”

She grinned and we moved closer to each other. Her fingers brushed my erect nipples and she studied them as they grew harder under her touch. I let out a sigh of enjoyment and she giggled. “This is fun hearing you respond.. oh…”

Her voice trailed off as I slipped both hands onto her soft flesh. I ran her hard nipples underneath my palms and relished how they moved against my skin. My daughter’s eyes fluttered and she was lost for a moment. Her hands forgot me and clasped my hands firmly against her chest.

“Wanna tickle my breasts while I masturbate?” she asked coyly.

Yes! But I wanted something a little more carnal. “That would be fun, babe. But I think I have something better.”

I laid a soft but assuring hand on her chest and guided her to lay on the bed. Her eyes stayed with mine as I laid her lengthwise. For a moment, I hovered over her, purposefully letting the tresses of my dirty blonde hair tease her hard nipples. There was a slight uncertainty in her eyes but she skimmed a loving hand across my side and hip.

“Just stay there,” I instructed.

I slid down her body, her flesh withdrawing as my hot breath kissed her skin.

“Oh.. Mom..,” Kaylee squealed and writhed as my breath rolled past her stomach.

I stopped to linger over her pussy and breathed in her musk. Her muscular limbs flexed as I breathed on the inside of her thighs.

“I know how you like masturbating in front of people. How about we keep it sexy and I watch you masturbate.. really close?” I asked. I emphasized the closeness by placing my face a few inches away from her sopping pussy.

“I’ve never had a girl that close to my vijayjay. Not even Kristen. You really want to see it that close while I touch it?”

“Mmhmm…” I tried to put a little purr into my voice. bursa escort “It’s pretty hot to watch a person’s juices spill out and then to hear them grunt and make a mess of themselves. Don’t you think?” I hoped that didn’t gross her out.

She shivered. “T-That does sound really good..”

Kaylee groaned as she flicked the vibrator on and the first sensations of mechanical pleasure gripped her. I was mesmerized by how quickly her juice made the pink plastic glisten and how her pussy lips opened up invitingly to the phallus.

The vibrator glided the whole length of her pussy and she intermittently pressed it hard against her opening. That movement was interspersed with another series where her stroke became extremely slow and unhurried. She’d pull it away, pause, and then reward herself by pressing it against her sticky slit again. The whole series would start over again and her body reacted according to her will like a master musician playing an instrument. My daughter had learned a lot from her illicit practice.

Her eyes were heated slits. I saw them rove over my body as she continued the stroking technique that was giving her so much pleasure.

I rewarded her look with a kiss on her inner thigh. She shuddered and sped up her pace, tapping her clit.

“Easy, hun. You’re going to frig your clitty right off,” I warned.

“Your lips…,” she panted. Her ass cheeks were wet from the vibrator smearing her juices around. “You wanna… see me… just d-drench.. c-cum all over this.. t-thing?” Her voice seethed.

“I want… you to cum all over my face, sweetie.” She responded to me with a grunt. “But I want to enjoy it, first, too.”

“Y-yes. I wanna… watch you.. while I do that.”

Kaylee shoved the still-buzzing vibrator in my face.

“I’m going to copy you, babe. So I can feel what you feel.” I rasped.

“Yeah. Feel… what you feel.” Kaylee’s eyes widened and her hips rolled.

She slipped her fingers between her folds. She calmed herself down by slowly massaging her swollen pussy and giving herself a break from the intense pleasure of the vibrator. My daughter’s dainty digits probed her slit, and I saw the tips disappear inside herself and reappear on the way out. Her eyes hungrily settled on my hips and breasts.

A charged euphoria hit me. I sucked on the vibrator to taste my daughter before I pressed it against myself. Kaylee drummed a sticky rhythm on her slit as she watched me enjoy her leavings.

I did something that popped into my lezzy brain and I couldn’t stop myself. I grabbed my daughter’s fingers and kissed them, getting another taste of her sweet pussy. She smothered a gasp.

Undaunted and drunken, I kissed the back of Kaylee’s drenched hand again and heard another moan.

My kisses became more fervent. I slipped my tongue the whole length of her drenched fingers and eagerly slurped her juices. On my second pass, I felt my tongue brush wet pussy.

Her body jerked and she let out a throaty sigh from the unfathomable depths of her being.

“Mom… I’m so close…” My tongue was still grazing my daughter’s sopping pussy. Her fingers adjusted to give me a little more access to her.

For the first time, my most fervent desire was being fulfilled with my beloved Kaylee. And I was going to share in the most intimate release of my daughter. I knew I shouldn’t be doing this but I wanted it with every ounce of my soul.

Kaylee held on for as long as she could, groaning, breathy, growling her desire. Her eyes were fixed to my hands between my legs. I shifted more to show her the release I was getting from my vibrator but the bed was not large enough to accommodate two people end-to-end. I gave her a glimpse as best as I could.

Her body writhed as her orgasm gained momentum. Her fingers were speedily rubbing her pussy, while my tongue was grazing her busy digits, sucking in her warm nectar.

“Yeah… rub your vij…,” Kaylee groaned.

She shuddered in waves with her eyes glued to the vibrator that was madly fucking my pussy. Her body jerked intermittently as she drew out successive orgasms, one after another.

My orgasm hit me like a brick wall with my vibrator buried deep inside me. It exploded from my core and spread. Her hips mashed against my face. My nose was wedged between her slick fingers and I breathed in the haze of bittersweet pussy juice.

I extracted myself from the post-coital jumble of limbs and pulled my daughter into a motherly cuddle.

“I think my whole insides are gone, Mom. I don’t think I’ve cum that hard. Ever.” Kaylee declared approvingly. “I saw stars and everything.”

I was too overwrought to respond. I laid there, cradling my daughter.

“How did you feel, Mom?” Kaylee asked after I hadn’t responded.

I had a wide and satisfied grin. “It felt absolutely amazing, Kay. Really good to hear you enjoyed yourself.”

“God. Having you there between my legs… Ugh, feeling like I was cumming on your face was surprisingly… passionate.” She gave me a kiss on the cheek.

“Seeing you get excited like that. And seeing it so close…” I shivered. “…got me so wet, Kay.”

“And I felt so close to you. Like we were sharing something erotic and caring. Does that sound weird?”

I shook my head. “No, Kay. I think that is what turned me on about it.”