Boxing Match to Remember

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I had never thought for one moment that I would be the kind of guy that would experiment with bisexuality, but then I guess that just goes to show that you can never be sure about anything until you have tried it yourself. It was with my best friend Jamie when I was in my twenties that I changed my views and broadened my horizons you might say.

I’m Ryan I’m a 23 year old champion boxer, and although I say it myself I have to say I’m a pretty hot guy. Standing just short of 6 feet I’ve got a dark brown shaved head, blue eyes, broad shoulders, rippled arms and a good shaped chest and abs. Naturally smooth all over including my tight tanned bubble butt. My best friend and training partner is Jamie. Jamie is a year older than me and about the same height, blonde also with a shaved head , he has blue eyes the most amazingly toned body with a natural tan and baby smooth skin.

One thing that that you need to understand about the two of us is that we’re very ‘straight’ guys. Both boxers with steady girlfriends we are the last guys that you would expect indulge in gay sex.

One summers day I was home alone watching TV when the phone rang, it was Jamie. Our girlfriends had gone shopping together and although we didn’t usually box at the weekend, we had a big competition coming and knew that we’d have the place to ourselves. We decided to meet about lunch time and stay there for the afternoon.

When we arrived we did the usual routine warming up on the treadmill before getting into a boxing match with each other. After about an hour we decided to break for a drink. As we sat there we engaged in the usual guy chat about cars, girls kaçak iddaa and sex. Our conversation got pretty detailed and graphic and in the end Jamie joked that we’d better get back ‘to it’ as he was getting a bit horny. When he said that we both looked at each other with a slight embarrassment as we realised that we had actually been turning each other on. That was ok though, we were both straight guys and good friends so we could handle that.

While we were boxing there were times when we would be having more of a wrestle than a fight, Jamie had taken his top off leaving him in just his shorts as had I. This allowed us to feel each others bodies as we made contact and I have to say it was turning me on slightly. I think the fact that there was no one else there made us relax more and judging by the bulge that had started to appear in Jamie’s shorts it was obvious he had a semi hard penis. I was starting getting really excited about the thought of being naked in the locker room after we had finished.

After a couple more ‘wrestling’ episodes I could feel that I was getting a little too excited so I suggested that we go have a shower. Jamie jumped at the chance and we headed off to the locker rooms. As we stripped we couldn’t hep but check each other out, although we had seen one another naked many times before it was like this time was different. I found myself almost lusting after him and although I had always found him attractive, this time, I really noticed how hot he was.

While we were showering we chatted about different things an once again we got onto the subject of sex. It was like we had both manipulated it that way. kaçak bahis I was saying that I wasn’t entirely happy with my girlfriend but didn’t feel I had the confidence to find another girl.

‘Hell man’, said Jamie ‘I don’t know why you feel like that, you’re hot!’ as he said that he gave me a smile and looked at my ass like he was checking it out.

‘I’m not in the same league as you though’, I replied ‘you’re a real stud!’ I gave him the same glance to his ass and felt myself go red as I said it.

With that I changed the subject and asked Jamie if he’d mind soaping up my back. This wasn’t an unusual request, we did it all the time. When you get as sweaty as we do its important to make sure your back is clean so you don’t get spots, and seen as we’d both always been comfortable with each other we did it quite often. I turned my back and handed Jamie my shower gel and he began to soap me up. He began by slowly caressing my shoulders before moving down my back, every now an again I felt the tip of his penis brush past my ass. I could feel myself getting really turned on and it wasn’t long before I my dick started to swell up. I think that Jamie sensed this, when he got to lower he did something that he hadn’t done before and began to soap my ass. At first he ran his hands over my cheeks but then began to move in between.

By this time I was fully hard and I knew he must have known that. I gave out a gasp of joy and with that he moved closer to me and put one hand on my stomach to pull me closer. He carried on for a little while longer before the inevitable happened, I had to turn around and face him. As I did we looked into each illegal bahis others eyes and our lips met. It felt totally natural, we kissed and moved our hands all over each others bodies, exploring with lust.

Jamie’s hands moved back over my ass and this time he put his second finger inside, using the soap as lube. We both moaned with pleasure as our now throbbing wet cocks massaged against each other. I was so excited and couldn’t hold back any longer, I kissed his neck and made myself down to his cock. I looked at it with amazement as I took it in my mouth. Circling the top half with my tongue, I rubbed the bottom with my hands. I could feel that it was getting harder and harder and knew he wanted to come.

Just at that point he stopped me and whispered in my ear ‘do you want me to fuck you?’

‘Yes’ I replied straight away, I didn’t need to be asked twice.

He bent me over with the hot steamy water washing the last of the suds off my back and began to tease my ass with his wet dick. I let out a loud moan as he made the first thrust inside me. He pumped slowly at first then faster and harder until I felt him climax. With a loud moan he squirted stream after stream of juice into my ass. As he did this he rubbed my cock harder and harder and I too let out an ecstatic cry of pleasure. With that Jamie pulled out of me and turned round to catch my cum in his mouth. He savoured every last drop and swallowed it with a look of total pleasure on his face.

‘Man that was hot!’ he said to me. ‘How do you fancy coming back to mine-its hours until the girls come home.’

‘I’d love to’, I said. With that we both dressed and made our way home for a whole afternoon of pleasure. We spent the rest of the day playing with each other and exploring each others bodies and knew that this was a training session this was here to stay…

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