Boys Will Be Boys

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The bright blue of the cloudless sky looked like a vast sapphire reaching endless distances as the golden sun burned hotly down on the glorious jewel of Shorehaven. The gleaming ball mocked the name ‘summer’ as too tame as it filled the City with a life that only arises on such a gorgeous beginning to a weekend that promised fun in a whole heap of ways. Faint touches of wind drafted to-and-fro, occasionally lifting the relaxing warmth, but only for the merest of moments. The sparkling blue ocean, and the pure sands of the beaches, were already crowding with what promised to be another of the City’s famed paradise-like weekends, where all dreams came true and the tales for which Shorehaven was widely known were born.

Even so early on a Friday morning as it was, with the sun still a couple of hours shy of its blistering, noon-day peak, excitement buzzed and the City increasingly pulsed with life in the same way that many of its inhabitants pulsed hotter and hornier with lust in their veins — their hearts beating faster as erotic situations slowly unfolded intentionally, or most often unintentionally…and the inevitable explosive climaxes that would shake the very knees of those involved so that they could not stand drew ever closer…slowly, and oh-so-enticingly, like a shuddering, hot breath of…anticipation, desperately needing to be satisfied.

The heat of that same merciless sun and buzzing excitement filled the large house in the upper end of Gainborough belonging to Holly and Chris Clarke, just as it did Holly herself as she placed her toothbrush back in the holder and began to tidy her hair as she stood looking into the en-suite bathroom’s mirror.

Despite having all of the windows in the house open to help cope with the heat the whole house still felt like an oven, and even the thin layers of her usually cooling silk lingerie-style nightgown and silk robe made Holly feel that she was wrapped up in woollens instead of having just gotten out of bed basically wearing the least amount she possibly could right then. Even with bare feet on the floor tiles and the robe hanging above her knees, Holly barely managed to stop herself from just pulling the robe off and throwing it on the floor to try to cool down.

She even thought of letting the strappy nightgown fall from her shoulders too — was there going to be no breeze at all today!? — but instead tried to focus on making her hair at least a little less bed-headed. Hell but she was so looking forward to her nice cool shower! The cooling water running down her burning, hot body would be heaven! She could almost feel the cold, wet drops trailing over her soft skin, showering down on her face, teasing tantalizingly over her soft but oh-so-firm tits, and down her sexy flat stomach…pooling around her feet… Pure bliss! For a moment Holly felt lost in the fantasy, until a warm breeze gusted through the window as if from an open oven carrying the sounds of the world outside and stirring her from her reverie. Before she could enjoy that cool oasis, she had to check on Chris.

Smiling at her reflection as she brushed her long, dark brown hair behind her ears, Holly felt a warm love suffuse her at the thought of her sweet — and hot — husband, a feeling that only deepened while being tinged with loving amusement as the sound of Chris and two of their three sons, Kayden and Reilly, drifted through the open bathroom window as they lumbered around outside, each making jokes at the others’ expenses as, by the sounds of it, they carried various things from the house to the car.

“…need a hand carrying that, or is it the sun making your face that colour? Too many take outs Kay. We could roll you there if you sit down.” Holly heard Chris jokingly call out to their eldest son, to which the 20-year-old let out a good-natured derisive snort.

“I’m bulking out because I work out. Unlike you, dad.” Kayden bantered back “And I’ve got twice as much stamina as you. Sure you don’t need to sit down ‘old man’?”

Holly laughed softly to herself at that, as did Chris and Reilly.

“You got me there.” Chris replied, and Holly stole herself for the quick response she knew was coming. That was one of her husband’s many talents. “I haven’t got the same stamina as you at all. No way I could keep eating as much as you do without bursting. I never knew that lifting your arm constantly from plate to mouth was classed as a workout. You should be an Olympian by now.”

Holly didn’t need to see her eldest son to know his cheeks had grown red at that or to hear the silence to know he had no response — Chris was always playing everyone else up, except her, he knew better than that, and he was good at it. They all were really, all five of them liked to joke around most of the time, but Chris outstripped any of them, and sometimes took a great deal of pleasure in flustering the three of their sons. Holly sometimes had to tell him he was going a little too far — he was very competitive…but Aksaray Escort then, all of the four guys were — but it was all in good fun, even if there was something very ‘male’ about it. As if the four were constantly trying to come out on top. No, Holly didn’t need to see Kayden to know his reaction, nor did she need to hear Reilly laugh — every day was the same in the Clarke house.

“You can shut up, Reilly.” Kayden suddenly said, obviously focusing on his younger 19-year-old brother to avoid trying to reply to his dad. “I’ve never seen you in the gym. Maybe that’s why you only keep picking up the light stuff?”

Reilly was much more like his father in his quickness than Kayden, and so Holly wasn’t surprised by the quick, calm response her middle son made almost as if without thought.

“I run — you know, that thing that your legs are for? No need for me to spend hours ogling other guys in the gym.” Reilly quipped amusedly and Holly heard her husband laugh as she rolled her eyes to herself. Even so, when it was a contest to see whose was bigger — and it always was with Chris — Holly knew Reilly’s upper hand was only momentary.

“That’s not what I hear your last girlfriend has said.” Holly heard Chris jibe and this time it was Kayden’s turn to laugh and Reilly that seemed at a loss for a moment. “I think the exact words were that you ran so much because you’re always chasing the guys and trying to run from her.”

“Oh, burn!” Kayden yelled out happily and Holly heard what sounded like a high-five.

Shaking her head as she finished straightening her hair into a semblance of order Holly quickly ran a comb through it before she looked over her freshly washed face, and pulling the robe close — reluctantly, as it still seemed to be trying to swelter her — headed for the bathroom door. The boys would always be boys, but before things escalated into a round of chest-pounding she would go and make sure everything remained friendly. Oh, they wouldn’t go too far, but still, with how the boys in the family were always trying to get one up on each other things could, and did, get out of hand enough that one or another would do something silly to top the others. That didn’t always go as planned, and Holly had been looking forward to having the house to herself for the weekend too long to risk the guys cancelling their trip because one of them tried to prove how strong he was and then hurt themselves.

And so barefoot, the beautiful 38-year-old brunette mother of three padded out of the en-suite and out through her and Chris’ large, well-lit bedroom, pausing long enough to run her hand through her long hair again as she passed the large stand mirror near the door — damn, she couldn’t wait for her shower, it was just so damned hot! — before she gently walked down the stairs and through the wide-open front door that had bags piled up beside it.

This early in the day the front of the house was still relatively hidden in the shade, but even so the moment Holly’s bare feet hit the stone slabs outside the heat of the already blistering day hit her like a freshly opened oven. Damn, but it was going to be a scorcher — and the forecast had been that this was only going to get worse over the weekend! Even with only the thin layer of her nightgown and robe, and those leaving her legs bare enough for a short dress, Holly suddenly couldn’t wait to get back inside and out of what she was wearing. Maybe today she would just stay inside the shower all day or walk around in her underwear — if that wasn’t still too hot!

Despite the heat, however, Holly quickly found herself smiling to herself as she leaned against the outside of the doorframe and watched her family continue to load the truck, still joking with each other good-naturedly. Chris was still coming out on top, despite both the 20-year-old Kayden and 19-year-old Reilly doing the best they could. That quick wit and sense of humour had been one of the big things that had attracted Holly to Chris in the first place. Hell, but that man could be more charming than anyone she had ever met when he wanted to be, and all in a purely natural-seeming way. He had certainly charmed her quickly enough — three sons in rapid succession were perfect proof of that.

Even so, it was how he looked right then that put the curve in Holly’s soft lips and the playful twinkle in her succulent brown eyes as he hoisted a large military-style bag onto the bed of the truck while teasing Reilly about his ex-girlfriend again. The sun had already begun to shine on the black truck and Chris was wearing his red plaid shirt half open exposing his toned and glistening chest just as the rolled-up sleeves perfectly displayed his sweat-gleaming, muscular arms. Oh, he wasn’t a huge guy by any means, nor defined in a chiselled way, but the way he looked was somehow both strong and sensitive in a way that made Holly’s stomach still turn flips — flips that fluttered deep into her Aksaray Escort Bayan pussy as he turned his gorgeous smile toward her as he finally noticed her standing there.

Damn but that smile made her weak in the knees! It always had. That smile was stunning, cheeky, and charming all at the same time, and perfectly set off his handsome features. Those were what had made Holly fall head-over-heels for Chris from the moment she saw him to now. He had always reminded her of River Phoenix in his looks, if in a slightly more strong way, and what kind of a girl could resist River in his prime!? The thought of her favourite actor set Holly’s pussy fluttering again — fuck but that happened every time: if only she could get Chris to roleplay with her…

Her husband’s sudden voice broke the scintillating young mother out of her fantasy and she quickly looked up with a faint glow to her cheeks that had nothing to do with the ever-increasing heat.

“What was that?” She asked as innocently as she could, trying to hide how flustered her thoughts had made her feel.

The smile that Chris flashed at her — almost as if he knew exactly what she was thinking — only made Holly’s heart, and pussy, beat a little heavier, though she did her best to cover up as much as she could.

“I said to the guys that they had better stop slacking off now the forewoman was here.” Her grinning husband replied as he straightened and leaned on the side of the truck, his brown eyes holding hers as his smile became a playful smirk.

“Us slacking off?” Kayden piped in as he pushed a cooler onto the back of the truck “We’ve done all the heavy lifting. All you’ve done is stood there and mouthed off.”

“Privilege of being a parent, Kayden.” Chris replied with a wink to Holly before turning to grin at their son “Besides, someone has to keep an eye on you both, otherwise you’d both be off staring at Mrs Hayworth and nothing would get done.”

Kayden opened his mouth to reply to that, however the heat in his cheeks and Reilly’s sudden silence gave away how closely Chris had hit the nail on the head. Jennie Hayworth was a neighbour of theirs who lived a few doors down the street, and despite being married for three years at 27 she was still hounded after by all of the neighbourhood’s single guys — including the three of Holly and Chris’ sons.

Holly couldn’t help but smile to herself, though she tried to keep it hidden as much as she could, at how flustered Kayden and Reilly became so quickly. There was just no one who could play people up quite like her husband. Giving him a ‘bad boy’ look, which only made Chris grin wider, Holly did her best to wipe her own smile away as she looked to her two sons.

“Actually, I came down here to make sure that you three weren’t going to start wrestling each other to prove who was the alpha.” She jibed pleasantly as she folded her arms beneath her breasts, which unintentionally pulled the thin silk robe a little tighter around her slender, yet curvaceous body. Bending one leg a little as she rested against the doorframe, Holly added, “I thought it best to step in before you all embarrassed yourself in front of Mrs Hayworth. Including you Chris”, she added when her husband started to grin.

“You know I’ve only got eyes for you babe.” Her good-looking husband replied honestly with another wink, and Holly gave him an amused glance — she knew how true that statement was — before she looked back to their sons.

The red in both Kayden and Reilly’s cheeks had abruptly deepened and the moment that Holly looked to them both quickly turned to look at anything but her and began fidgeting with the last of the bags on the yard. Their obvious embarrassment nearly made Holly burst out laughing — Chris could play them up like no one else and have them sputtering as they tried to think of what to say, but not even he could fluster the three sons as quickly and completely as she could.

Sometimes all Holly had to do was give them just a small look and all three of them could shame a sunset; cheeks glowing and suddenly they felt ruffled enough that they couldn’t stop shifting how they were standing or sitting. Usually one or all would head off to their room when she did that, and Holly found it hard to not laugh — or do it again. This time, however, she decided to be a little more sympathetic — she had come down to make sure that the three of them cooled down with each other, after all.

“Are you sure? I thought you were showing yourself off for…Mr Abernathy.” Holly replied as she gave Chris’ open shirt a significant smirk.

This time it was Kayden and Reilly’s turn to smirk and laugh softly. All three of them knew what Pete Abernathy, their old next door neighbour, was like. Holly and Chris had a nickname for him, ‘Pervy Pete’, and Holly had only managed to stop herself from saying it just then she was so used to the name — a lot of good that would have done, out in the yard Escort Aksaray where Pervy Pete could hear and in front of Kayden and Reilly who would no doubt take that name on forevermore. That would only end in neighbourhood problems, despite how true the name was. Pete Abernathy lived alone and no woman escaped his leering eyes…or his grabbing hands if they made the mistake of letting him get too close. Fortunately Holly had been warned about him long before she ever met him so she stayed as far as she could from Pete Abernathy whenever she couldn’t avoid him completely.

Despite her playful jibe, Chris only took her comment in stride and, with a glance down at his sweat-shining chest, looked up at her with a good-humoured smile.

“Well, who could blame him for staring?” He retorted confidently before he eyed her up and down significantly “Besides, if he was looking, I doubt he is looking at me any longer.”

For a moment Holly had no idea what her husband was talking about until she glanced down and really paid attention to what she was wearing. To her it was just her nightgown and robe. Sure they were short and thin, but she was completely covered even if they did show off her legs — but nothing more was showing than if she was wearing a summer dress.

Even so, Holly absolutely knew how she would look to Pervy Pete if he did actually see her from his house next door — the robe was thin, and as both were silk they outlined her slender curves almost as well as her own skin, her smooth legs were shown off to perfection, and while the way that she held her robe closed with her folded arms revealed nothing, it also more than hinted at her ripe swelling breasts beneath as the thin fabric was pulled tightly around the round globes of soft but firm flesh. That and the fact it was what she slept in and, not to mention, that with one small move the robe would open to reveal the plunging, lace-edged neck of the even shorter nightgown beneath, Holly suddenly became very conscious of what she was wearing.

For his part, Chris only grinned as Holly suddenly straightened and glanced towards the house next door to make sure those oily eyes weren’t anywhere to be seen, whereas both Kayden and Reilly suddenly looked away from her as she glanced at them, fidgeting awkwardly again — no doubt at the awkwardness of hearing their mother spoken about that way.

Before she could stop herself, Holly backed up a little to move inside the open door and away from where Pervy Pete could see her if he did come out, however as she did she caught herself and looked at her more than amused husband who clearly thought he had gotten a point on her as well. Well, Holly wasn’t as easy to play up as Kayden and Reilly, and while she didn’t try to, or feel the need to, compete with the other four in the family, she could still be competitive — especially when someone thought they had won over her.

And so, straightening up, Holly stopped herself from drawing too far back into the house and smiled both playfully and with more than a hint of self-confident challenge at her grinning husband.

“Well, who could blame him for staring?” She replied back with more than a hint of a smirk in her voice.

Chris only laughed at his own words thrown back at him, his only reply was a nodding of his head and a deeper amused grin as he looked at how awkward Kayden and Reilly were obviously feeling at the two of them speaking about each other this way. Poor guys, but Holly couldn’t help but find that as funny as Chris did. Even so, trying to mediate the situation as she always did, Holly decided to change the subject before Kayden and Reilly squirmed themselves under the car in embarrassment. What young man wanted to hear his parents talking to each other that way, after all?

“Have you three managed to get everything ready to go while you’ve been joking around?” She asked with as much affection as humour as she nodded towards the half-full bed of the truck “At this rate you’ll be back before you leave”

Tapping the side of the truck like a drum, Chris gave Kayden and Reilly a quick glance before looking back to Holly mischievously.

“In a rush to get us out of your hair, Hol?” Her joker of a husband asked with an implying tint to his expression

Giving him a light-heartedly dangerous look, Holly replied aloofly, “Three days of peace and quiet? And you have to ask…”

The two boys laughed softly at that as they picked up the last of the bags and placed them in the truck. Chris, however, held his hands over his heart and feigned as if he had been struck by her words.

“Too harsh, baby, way too harsh.” He exclaimed lovingly as he grinned and Holly couldn’t help but laugh softly to herself. He was such a jackass, but she loved him for it. “We would have been finished a while ago but it seems Casey has gone and gotten himself lost again.”

Kayden and Reilly snickered at that as only older brothers can with their younger brother, and that only added fuel to Chris’ fire.

“I swear if your son doesn’t show up soon, he may just miss this boat and have to walk all the way to the cabin.” Chris continued, and Kayden and Reilly laughed a little louder, amusedly murmuring their agreement with their father.

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