Brad’s Road Trip Ch. 18

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This is the second half of the day that began in Chapter 17. I don’t normally split a day up into two chapters, but I ran off at the mouth (fingers?) a little bit on this day, and I didn’t feel like editing it down. So, I split it in two.

Ch. 17 was a big tease, a big setup for this chapter, so if you don’t read it, this one won’t make any sense. This is where all the sex Brad was working for in Chapter 17 actually happens.

There should only be two (maybe three if the diarrhea of the fingers continues) chapters after this one. It’s been damn near 10 years, but I’m hoping it’s finally coming to an end.

As always, thanks to my editor, AnInsatiableReader, for helping me clean this thing up. When I send it to her, it looks nothing like the finished product you’re about to read.


“Tom!” I shouted, standing up and waving my arm. He’d been looking around and scanning the crowd, and his head snapped directly toward me when he heard my voice.

Chris Cagle had finished his set a little while ago, and he was the final opener before Lynyrd Skynyrd. We probably still had a few minutes before the legendary southern rock band came out, though. I’d gone down to the stream, leaned up against a tree and had actually fallen asleep for about 20 minutes. Since I’d woken up, I’d been texting back and forth with Kelly. I told her about everything I’d done to Sara (and what little I’d done with Liz), and she’d wished that she could handle business again, but she was at a restaurant with her family and spending 10 minutes in the bathroom would be extremely difficult to explain. She told me about what she’d been up to today. She was fairly stingy with the details because she was much more interested in what I was doing, but I gathered that she’d spent some time exploring caves and generally tolerating her dad’s large extended family.

It was time for her to head back home, so I’d had to let her go, and that’s when I looked up and saw Tom approaching. He was in standard civilian clothes now, but he was still easy to identify as a Marine.

“Hey, Brad,” he said, making his way over to the group. “You sure you have room for one more?”

“Absolutely, man,” I said. The gaggle of college girls sharing the same blanket giggled and nodded, too, rearranging themselves so he could sit down.

“Hey, Tom,” Janine said. We had three blankets spread out on the grass, and she and Chad were cuddled up together on the one in the middle. Russ sat behind them with two girls he’d apparently picked up during the day.

“Sgt. Andrews,” he said, nodding at her. He seemed a little confused by her current companion. It was pretty obvious that Janine and I were planning to hook up when I’d first met him last night, and I’d basically confirmed that we had when I talked to him earlier in the morning. I was guessing she hadn’t told him anything about Chad while they were working the booth together, and it wasn’t my place to tell.

“Tom, we’re off the clock,” she said. “It’s Janine.”

He simply nodded at her, clearly waiting for her to introduce her new friend. I handled it so she didn’t have to. “Guys, this is Tom Callahan, another of the Marine recruiters out here this weekend. Tom, this is Chad, and the guy behind him is Russ, along with a couple of his friends that I haven’t met. Chad and Russ served with me in San Antonio.”

Everyone said hi, and Russ even introduced the two women with him. I was impressed he knew their names. Tom grinned when Chad shook his hand then wrapped it back around Janine’s waist, but he seemed to take it in stride. He turned his attention to the girls on my blanket. We both sat down, me on the edge and him to my left.

“And these girls are all students at Mesa State here in town,” I said. “I apologize for not remembering a lot of names, but this is Lindsay,” I added, motioning to the brunette sitting on Tom’s left. She introduced the rest of her friends, then they all went back to giggling about whatever 18- and 19-year-old girls giggle about.

“So, Tom,” I said. “Who handles your recruiting duties when you’re off playing soccer?”

“Sgt. Andrews, mostly,” he said. “Gunny knew about my travel schedule before he assigned me to this office. There might be a couple other recruiters in and out to help out, but I’ll only be gone three business days, so it won’t be too bad.”

“When does the tournament start?”

“Thursday afternoon,” he said. “I fly out Wednesday night, then spend pretty much the next four days playing soccer. I’ll fly back early Monday.”

“Where are you playing?” came a voice from his left. I’d hoped we’d have an eavesdropper, which is why I started talking soccer even though my interest level in the sport was zilch. And Lindsay didn’t disappoint me.

“Oh, I play for the Marine Corps’ soccer team,” he said, turning toward her. “We’re playing a tournament in Washington D.C. next weekend.”

“Wow,” she said. “I guess you’re pretty good, huh?”

“I can play a little,” he said. “What about you?”

She straightened Ankara escort up so he could get a better look at her top, a maroon T-shirt with the Mesa State soccer logo on in it. “I’m on the college soccer team.”

“So I guess you’re pretty good, too?” he said. “What position?”

They went back and forth about soccer for another few moments, and I quickly realized that I wasn’t needed anymore. I smiled to myself and started to get up.

“Aren’t you just the little match maker?” That was Janine, loudly enough to get my attention but not so loud that Tom or Lindsay heard her. “Two days in a row, huh?”

“Hey, I wasn’t trying to make any matches last night,” I said, matching her volume so as not to broadcast our business to all of western Colorado. “I was just trying to scratch a couple things off your list. Whatever this is,” I said, motioning to the two of them still cuddled together, “you guys did that totally on your own.”

“Yeah, but you made the introduction,” Chad said. “Got one more match to make, huh?” He added, motioning his head toward Sara, who for now was sitting alone on the third blanket. She’d changed into a tiny red halter top and baggy blue shorts with a white Air Force logo on them. Liz had gone to get more beer.

“Ooh, that’s right,” Janine said. She whispered something in Chad’s ear.

“I don’t think he really needs that,” Chad said aloud, but she then whispered something else, and Chad’s face lit up like a fucking Christmas tree.

“Oh, yeah!” he exclaimed. “I DO remember that. Thank God I took the boy under my wing when I did.”

“It’s late June, Chad,” I said, my eyes rolling back in my head. “A little hot to pack the hiking boots, so stop with the bullshit, OK?”

He laughed and look past me. “Hey, Winters! Come here a second.”

Sara looked over at Chad, who was motioning her over. She got up and headed toward them, shooting me a look of “What’s this all about?” as she went past. I just shook my head and tossed her a guilty grin, then sat down by myself on the blanket.

“She ditched you already?” Liz’s voice said from behind me. She was holding six bottles of Coors Light, three in each hand. I took a few away so she could sit down without sloshing.

“She’s over there talking to our friends from Texas,” I explained. “How are things with you two? All better?”

“Yeah, I think so.” The twinkle in her eye told me there was more where that came from, but I could wait to find out what it was. Sara had changed out of necessity, but Liz thankfully hadn’t. She was still wearing the yellow shorts and white tank top she’d been in every time I’d seen her today, and her nipples were still straining against the cotton. In fact, neither of them were wearing a bra, and I guessed the same was true about their panties.

A few seconds later, Sara came back and plopped herself down between myself and Liz, which worked out well for me since there wasn’t enough room to sit down between us. She was basically straddling my right leg.

“So what did she say?” I asked.

“Oh, don’t worry,” Sara replied. “She gave you a glowing recommendation.” She leaned in closer to my ear. “A very glowing recommendation,” she finished, punctuating it by sucking my earlobe into her mouth.

“Is that right?” I’m pretty sure my grin stretched into the parking lot.

“She said you were the second best sex she’s ever had,” Sara added. I had to look over my shoulder, where Chad and Janine were smiling widely at me.

“Second, huh?” I called out. “I’m pretty sure less than 24 hours ago I was the gold medalist.”

“I told her that,” Janine said.

“But you know how it is, man,” Chad said. “Once you go black…”

“Don’t get too upset, Brad,” Janine said. “The second-fastest man in the world still runs a mile in under four minutes.”

“Too late,” I said, though I was smiling to let her know I was kidding. “The damage to my fragile male ego has already been done.”

“I wonder what you could do to me in under four minutes,” Sara said from the other side of me, although it was quiet enough that no one but Liz and I could hear.

“I think I showed you that a few hours ago,” I said. “Lucky for you, I won’t have a time limit next time.”

She threw me a demur smile, the first time I think she’d ever done anything demurely, and she turned her attention toward Liz. She was still half-sitting on my lap, but she was having girl talk now, presumably sharing with her best friend some of the naughty details Janine had given her about last night. They occasionally looked my way and giggled, and one time Sara blew me a kiss, but my only contribution to the noise was the clinking of empty beer bottles as I added them to the pile.

I really needed this last show to get started, mainly because I was really looking forward to what was going to happen at the end of it.

I’m not the world’s biggest Lynyrd Skynyrd fan, but as far as southern rock goes, they’re about as good as anyone. I’d seem them a couple years ago down in Texas, Ankara escort bayan and I imagined their set list hadn’t changed much. I started thinking about the different songs they’d sing, and how I could use a few of them to get to Sara prior to what I knew would be their encore.

Before I could get too immersed in my thoughts, the band came out onto the stage, and the whole crowd lost its collective fucking mind. We got to our feet and stayed there through the band’s first two songs. I’d been inching closer and closer to Sara, and by the time the third song, What’s Your Name, started up, I was standing directly behind her. When Johnny Van Zant got to the chorus, I grabbed her around the waist and pulled her back against me.

*What’s your name, little girl, what’s your name?*

I sang right along with the band, my lips less than an inch from Sara’s right ear. I’d had to sing pretty loud so she could hear me over the band, but I was hoping the overall effect was me whispering in her ear. She melted against me instantly, her back and ass somehow molding perfectly against my chest, hips and thighs. My cock had been on high alert all day, and I’m sure she felt it pressing between her cheeks.

*Shootin’ you straight, little girl, won’t you do the same?*

She turned around to face me with a demonic little glint her in eye. “Always,” she said, just barely loud enough for me to make it out. She then mashed her lips hard against mine, forcing her tongue past my teeth and halfway down my throat.

“I’ll shoot you straight,” she whispered into my ear, her hands firmly gripping my ass. “I feel something pretty straight right here” – she emphasized her meaning by pulling my hips into hers, pressing my cock into her stomach – “and I want you to shoot me with it. Right now. We need to go.”

“Uh uh,” I grinned back. “Patience, my dear.”

“You and your patience again,” she whined back. “Fuck your patience. I’ve been patient all day.” She licked my earlobe for effect.

“Like I said before,” I said, pausing to nibble on her neck. “What’s another hour or so? I have something special planned for you, Sara. You just have to wait. I promise it will be worth it.”

She growled at me as she spun around, thrusting her ass against my cock again.

“It better be,” came a whisper in my other ear, from my right. It was accompanied by a light swat on my ass. “After all, you have three years to make up for.”

Things had escalated so quickly between Sara and I that I’d momentarily forgotten Liz was even there. Her face was flushed – a combination of the beer, the heat and her watching mine and Sara’s little show – and her green eyes were blazing.

I pulled her to me and moved my lips toward her, making like I was going to kiss her on the mouth before veering off and kissing her cheek at the last second.

“Trust me. She’ll be telling you this story for years.”

It was a little harsh, knowing that she wanted me and I wasn’t going to be able to do anything about it, but honestly, I had no idea what was going on with the three of us right now. I assumed they both knew this was all about Sara, but they’d both been flirty with me all day, and now Liz was getting handsy.

“Promises, promises,” she said.

The rest of the show flew by. Simple Man was perhaps my favorite song by the band, so I sang the lyrics into Sara’s ear when they played it in the middle of their set. Halfway through, she leaned her head back onto my collarbone and we swayed back and forth, slow dancing by proxy. We sat down on the blanket after that, and when they played Gimme Three Steps, Sara got aggressive, reaching up into my shorts and stroking my cock through the hole in my boxers.

She got pretty close to making me cum, which might or not have been her plan, but I stopped her before it was an issue. The next 30 minutes was going to be some of the sweetest torture I’d ever endured.

Finally, they played the last song – of their main set, anyway – and of course, everybody in the world recognized the opening riffs of Sweet Home Alabama. Sara and Liz both pulled me to my feet and started dancing on either side of me. At one point, we shared a three-way kiss. Their tongues touched, and while I’m not sure that was the goal, it was incredibly fucking hot. Liz also helped me spank Sara once, with her getting one cheek and me the other. Sara’s nostrils flared in anger momentarily, but when she realized what had happened, she simply said “Again.”

So we did it again.

About halfway through the song, though, it was time to set my final plan in motion. I left Liz with a long, languid French kiss, then took Sara’s hand and led her out through the mass of humanity. I had to throw more than a couple elbows to make room, but we eventually found our way to the edge of the crowd.

“Y’all leaving before Free Bird, man?” some drunk college kid babbled as we made our way past.

“Some things just can’t wait,” I shouted back. Sara grinned at me.

“I dunno, Brad,” she said with an Escort Ankara evil grin. “You made me wait this long. What’s one more song?”

“Oh, don’t worry,” I countered, pulling on her arm hard enough to let her know she was coming along. “We’ll definitely still hear it.”

I approached the merchandise booth. There were customers, but not nearly as many as there would be in about 15 minutes. The guy I’d talked to earlier, Jason, spotted us immediately and beckoned us over.

“So that’s what this is all about, huh?” he asked, pulling up a white rope and letting us underneath it.

“Yes, she is,” I said. Sara might have blushed, but she’d been drunk and turned on for more than an hour, so I couldn’t tell. Jason put lanyards around our necks.

“Well, now I understand. Anyway, these will get you past the security guards over there,” he said, waving toward the corner of the band shell, where Skynyrd was on the back side of Sweet Home Alabama. “It’ll get you into the backstage area, too, but don’t go back there, or I’ll be in deep shit.”

“No problem,” I said. “What I’ve got in mind works a little bit better with privacy, anyway.”

Sara was holding my hand, and when I said that, she squeezed it tight.

“Not necessarily, not at these things,” Jason said, laughing. “But I appreciate it. If you go where you said you were going, I think you’ll be just fine. I’d wait till they come back out and start up before you make too much noise, though.”

Sara looked at the ground. There was a line there about her being a screamer, but even though I knew Sara had a thick skin, she was standing in front of a stranger who knew she was about to go have sex in public. I didn’t want to embarrass her any more.

“Thanks, man,” I said. We walked hand-in-hand toward the band shell. The security guards let us through with barely a glance at the cards around our necks. A few more feet, and we were in a huge, dark area to the left of the stage. Another couple football fields would bring us around backstage. This area was well-traveled in between shows, as it was the path fans used to get to the back for meet-and-greets. It would have a ton of traffic after the show, too, but nobody would be leaving until after the encore.

Nobody but Sara and I, anyway. We could clearly hear the band finishing up Sweet Home Alabama as we walked along the plastic shell. I stopped about halfway between the security guards and backstage.

“Brad, I don’t think I’ve ever felt more alive than I do right now,” she said.

“I’m happy to hear that,” I said, pushing her up against the wall and leaning into her.

“I’m just saying,” she said. “After all this buildup… if you disappoint me now, I seriously might kill you.”

I chuckled. I traced the outside of her right ear with my tongue before whispering. “Oh, I don’t think there’s much chance of that.”

“Neither do I,” she muttered back. Our lips met for the umpteenth time that day, but this time it was different. I sensed that she knew the time for foreplay was over, and that what was about to happen was going to be epic. She let me take the lead, her hands simply resting on my shoulders as I kissed her.

*Sweet home Alabama, lord I’m comin’ home to you*

It had a different sound now, as we were much closer but blocked off by the plastic shell. We could hear the closing guitar riffs of the band’s second most famous song as we made out feverishly. I slid my hands up over her tits, pinching her nipples through her halter top.

“We love you Grand Junction!!” came Johnny’s yell, met by thunderous applause from the crowd. Everybody knew the drill – they’d act like they were done for the night and they’d leave the stage, and the crowd would scream its collective head off, chanting “Encore!!” and “Freebird!!” until they came back. And of course, they’d come back and close things out properly.

My other hand dipped south of her waist, but I avoided the moist area between her legs, instead focusing on her hips and thighs. Sara made a direct grab for my cock, but I playfully swatted her hand away.

“Patience,” I whispered again. I wasn’t sure she could even hear me until she groaned. “We’re on somebody else’s schedule now.”

I slid my hand up her back and used her ponytail to gently pull her head backwards. I voraciously attacked her neck, kissing up and down her windpipe and nibbling slightly. Her nails dug into my shoulders as she moaned.

“Whose schedule?” she gasped when she got her air back.

“Theirs,” I said, pointing to the plastic shell behind her. As if on cue, the crowd started up with a vengeance.


“I’ve never wanted to hear a song worse in my entire life,” she said.

“Don’t worry,” I said. “If they wait too much longer to come back out, they’ll start a riot.”

“I know the feeling,” she said.

“Shh,” I said, kissing her passionately. A whimper caught in her throat, but I could hear the vibrations as I cupped her cheek. My mouth left hers, trailing over her chin and revisiting her neck before continuing south. I kissed as much of her chest as her top let me before moving to her stomach, bunching the fabric up below her tits and licking my way to her belly button.

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