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Swimming is my life. Well, OK, I have friends, family, and I did this whole thing last year where I went away to college. Even passed all my classes! But in the pool is where I’m truly happy. And I’m good. It’s my swimming that got me admitted to Big State with a scholarship, and it’s been the reason for the only traveling I’ve ever done, from state and regional competitions in high school to meets in college.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not headed to the Olympics or anything. Those athletes are my heroes. I was watching old video of Janet Evans at the 1988 Olympics when I first became obsessed with the sport as a little girl. My current favorite is Kaitlin Sandeno – and not just because we share the same first name. I’ve watched her medal-winning performance in the 400 IM from the 2004 Olympics so many times, and I always imagine I’m channelling her when I compete in that same event, which happens to be my specialty.

My high school coach always used to say that the IM (individual medley) was the most challenging event in swimming – requiring the swimmer to incorporate all four strokes into one race – because it requires a balance of skill, speed, and endurance that few athletes can harness. I think it was my talent for the event that brought me so much of his attention; Alex had been more than a coach to me, he was really a mentor.

It was Alex I was hoping to see that day. I had just flown back into town yesterday, gotten settled at my folks’ house for the summer, and was eager to share the accomplishments of my first year of college swimming with my old coach. Since it was still late May, I figured I’d find him on his usual schedule, working with a couple of athletes in the pool after school.

Obsessed swimmer that I was, I wore my suit under my clothes, on the off-chance that he’d challenge me to a swim, or offer a chance for me to show off for his current students. As I walked into the building, smelling the familiar chlorine, hearing the sounds of swimmers splashing through the pool, I caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror and paused for a moment, realizing how much I’d changed over the past year.

My figure had changed – I was stronger and leaner after my more intense college workouts, but much to my delight, my tits had grown a little fuller. I was practically bursting out of my racing suit – so much so that I had chosen a more feminine suit to wear today, with C-cup support. I had let my naturally blonde hair grow long, so that instead of framing my face as it had last spring, it now traced down over my shoulders and came to rest over my tits and reached half-way down my back.

The weather was warm, so I had chosen to wear nothing but a sundress over my suit, the teal-green spandex which vaguely complemented my eyes showing through the light white cotton fabric. And I was more tan than I had ever been in my life, as the workout pool at Big State was outdoor, so I’d been spending several hours a day in the spring sun. It was then that his voice interrupted my self-absorbed stare into the mirror.

“Kaitlin, is that you? My god, you look so… so grown up!”

“Hi Alex,” I said with a smile, welcoming the big bear hug that I knew was coming. It might sound strange that I called him by his first name, but Alex was a coach who worked hard to break down any artificial barriers between himself and his athletes. He once told me that he figured he needed a name short enough for students to get out even when they were breathless from dozens of laps.

“Wow, you really do look great! Please, come sit by the pool – these kids have a couple more laps to do, but I’d love to hear all about your first year at Big State!”

I took off my sandals and sundress, lowered myself to the edge of the pool, and dipped my feet in the water, watching as he lectured one athlete and high-fived the other, and then sent them both off to the locker room with his usual “keep it up, see you tomorrow!”

Smiling görükle eskort again as he dove in and swam over to me, I began sharing all of my great swimming stories as soon as his head was above water. Much to my surprise, Alex had followed my meets, keeping track of my times, watching my progress. He was proud of my accomplishments, but still aware of my weaknesses.

“So, Kaitlin, it was great to see you win that race at regionals, but I noticed you still haven’t gotten past your plateau time on the 400 IM. What’s the hang-up?”

“Jeez, you know me too well. It’s still my turns. I’m too concerned about technique as I transition from one stroke to the next, and it’s slowing me down. It still doesn’t flow.”

“Anything I can do to help?”

“Well, it would be great if you’re up for one of our races. I’m sure I can beat you now, and that would be a cool confidence builder.”

“Oh, I see, one year of college and you think I’m too old to keep up with you now?”

One of Alex’s best coaching techniques was that he was willing to compete against his students, and even though he was probably about 40 and no longer as fast as he used to be, he was still in fabulous swimming shape, and was still more disciplined and skilled than most kids. It was cool that he was willing to get in the next lane and work hard, but it also showed me where the weak points were in my race. I was sure I could take him now, something I’d never been able to do while still in high school.

We did the full 400 IM, and much to my disappointment, I fell behind him on each turn, and was a full body-length behind by the time we finished. Seeing the disappointment in my eyes, Alex offered his condolences, “Hey, Kaitlin, don’t be too hard on yourself. You should have had that beautiful long hair of yours up in a cap, I’m sure it slowed you down. And hey,” he said with a wink, “those turns of yours are even worse than you had described them – I think you’ve suffered in your time away from me!”

I giggled, as I always did at his humor, and he proceeded to work with me on the turns, having me do each one for him in slow motion as he encouraged me to make small adjustments to my form. “Do you mind if I touch you, Kaitlin? I never go there with my high school athletes, but if you’re OK with it now, I think it would really help?”

“Oh, sure, Alex, no worries.”

Several more turns, his hands illustrating what he meant by a more compact body. One hand was on the small of my back, the other on my stomach, as he encouraged me to pull in tighter. It was immediately clear that this gave me more spring off the wall, and I was delighted with the development.

“This is great progress, Kaitlin! OK, just a few more, I want to make sure you remember how this feels. And let’s have you go a little faster this time.”

On the next turn, his hand brushed past my breast. I wasn’t offended by his touch, which I’m sure was accidental anyway, but I was shocked by my reaction. I could feel myself blushing as I came up for air after the turn, wondering how it was possible to suddenly see this man in a completely new light. A few minutes earlier, he was my old coach, someone I respected and admired but had never even imagined in a sexual context. Now, suddenly, I was turned on by his touch, and very much aware that we were alone in the pool. Get a grip, Kaitlin!

I knew he had noticed my blushing cheeks, but I decided to play it cool, diving right back under the water to practice a few more turns. But it happened again. His hand brushed against my breast, this time lingering, deliberate. I made the slow-motion turn, but didn’t push off the wall, instead remaining for a moment, under water, his hand still touching, then cupping my breast.

Slowly, my feet found the pool floor and I stood, my back to him, making no effort to shift away from his touch, hoping that he would realize I was giving him permission bursa merkez eskort bayan to continue. He froze for a moment, then continued his slow exploration, his other hand now finding my other breast. As he began kneading my tits with more intensity, I groaned and let my weight fall back against his chest.

He pressed into me, his body fully enveloping mine, and I felt the bulge in his trunks grow against my ass as he continued to feel me up. Tired of the constraints of the spandex, I reached up and peeled off first one, then the other strap of my suit, my round tits springing free of the tight wet fabric as I pulled it down to my waist.

He was kissing me now as he began pinching my nipples more firmly, exploring my earlobe and then my neck with his tongue. Instinctively, I pressed back into him and began making circular motions with my hips, massaging his cock. He responded by letting one hand fall from my tits to my crotch, where he began gently rubbing me through the fabric of my suit.

Until this moment, I had been completely lost in the heat of his touch, forgetting my surroundings completely. Suddenly, though, I came to my senses and realized several things – I was topless in the pool, the building was still open, one of Alex’s current students could come in at any moment and find us, and last but not least, the pool water wasn’t exactly my lubricant of choice.

I turned around, facing Alex for the first time since his touch had permanently changed our relationship, and stood on my tiptoes to whisper in his ear, “Is there somewhere else we can go?”

“How about the sauna?” he asked, looking down at me with a lusty fire in his eyes.

At the edge of the pool deck by the locker rooms, the sauna had been a recent addition, something Alex had insisted on for the benefit of his athletes, and had been awarded in the last budget because his team had been so successful. I only got to use it once before graduating, and certainly not in the way it was about to be used now.

We went through the door, closed and locked it behind us, and Alex set the temperature. “Kaitlin, do you remember what I used to tell you about the challenge of the IM?”

“Um, yeah?”

“Because I’m guessing those same talents will serve you well in sex. Skill, speed, and endurance, with lots of different strokes thrown in.”

“I think we’ve already covered the breaststroke, what’s next?”

“Hmm, how about we get you out of this suit, and see where that leads us?”

“Well, you too then, I don’t want to be the only naked one,” I said as I reached for his trunks and pulled them down, freeing his cock.

“Wow, you’re so hard already. I think I’d like to pleasure you with my mouth, if you don’t mind.”

“Dream come true, Kaitlin, dream come true.”

He sat down on the bench, and I kneeled before him, crawling in between his legs and taking his cock and balls into my hands. I began slowly, exploring the tip of his cock with my tongue, learning from his reactions which touch was the best. Soon I was taking a few inches of his length into my mouth, while continuing to gently tickle and roll his balls in my fingers.

Just as I was getting into a rhythm, taking in a bit more of his length with each stroke, he pulled me up onto my feet and encouraged me to climb on top of him into a 69 position – my first. Actually, to be honest, no man had ever gone down on me before. I had let a woman in my dorm do it last year, not so much because I was attracted to her, but because I was dying to experience the sensation – and it turned into the most powerful orgasm I’d ever had. So needless to say, I was excited about the potential of a hot, experienced guy performing on me.

Once I was comfortable kneeling above him, I took his cock back into my mouth, and slowly, with great expectation, lowered myself down onto his waiting tongue. He grabbed bursa sınırsız eskort bayan my ass with both hands, holding me firmly so as to control my already-wild motions, and began ever-so-gently licking my pussy lips until they parted and let him in, my juices already flowing quite freely.

Already driven wild with pleasure before he had hardly begun, I focused all my attention on his cock. I was now taking in all of his length, his shaft choking me with each stroke as he pounded into my throat. I moaned with my mouth full as his tongue touched my clit for the first time, and couldn’t continue sucking when he began flicking it and nibbling it gently with his teeth.

I began jacking him off with one hand, my head resting on his thigh as I succumbed to my first orgasm. Just as my pussy began to pulse and throb, he thrust two – wait, three – fingers deep inside.

“Oh god, Alex. That’s incredible! Yes, fuck me with your fingers as I cover them with my cum! God, yes, I’m cummmmmmmming!”

I don’t know how long he let me lay there, recovering, before he lifted me up to shift our positions. His cock still jutted out from his body, hard and erect, as he again sat up on the bench, this time encouraging me to straddle him and sit on his cock. Facing him, my knees on the bench, I slowly lowered myself down, first stroking his tip against my pussy lips, then gradually taking in every inch of his length, groaning with pleasure as his cock filled me completely.

I remained motionless for a moment, then slowly began gyrating my hips, keeping his length entirely inside me. He grabbed my tits again, pinching my nipples firmly, much to my delight, and I squealed with pleasure as I began slowly moving up and down on him. After a few minutes of this slow and steady pace, I began fucking him faster, before long bouncing up and down on him as fast as I could, the intense motions quickly bringing me to the brink of a second orgasm.

Before I could cum, he grabbed my shoulders and eased me first to a slower pace and then to a stop. Frustrated, I nonetheless gave in, figuring he had an even better plan. “Time to work a new stroke, Kaitlin. I want us to cum together, and I have the perfect plan to make sure that happens. Just trust me.”

“Oh, I do! As long as it involves you fucking me hard and fast!”

Responding aggressively to my dirty talk, he stood up from the bench, grabbed me, spun me around, and pushed me down so that my hands were on the bench, and came up behind me, his hard cock poking me in the ass. “So you want it hard and fast, huh?”

“Oh, yes, give it to me!”

He thrust into my pussy with one smooth stroke, grabbing me by the hips as he did so to guide his motions. His skin slapped against mine as he pounded into me with firm strokes – first slow, then fast, then slow again. I screamed out with pleasure at each stroke, even more so as he reached around to stroke my clit as he fucked me.

The sensations were overwhelming – sweat dripping from every pore in the heat of the sauna, Alex pounding my dripping-wet pussy, my sore nipples throbbing in erect pleasure – and I felt as though I were experiencing one long, constant orgasm.

“Yes, Kaitlin, that’s it! I’m going to cum, I’m going to shoot my load all over your firm ass, is that what you want?”

“God, yes, Alex, I want you to cover me with your hot, sticky cum!”

“Oh, fuck yes, yes, yes!” After a few more jerky thrusts, Alex pulled out of me, and I could feel the warm oozing liquid land on my ass. As he recovered from his climax, he rubbed his hands on my ass, making a hot mess with his cum and our sweat, and reached around to stroke my clit once more.

It was more than I could handle, and my long constant orgasm hit a peak. I cried out something unintelligible as I came, my juices oozing down one leg, before collapsing onto the bench.

Alex sat down next to me, and we stayed for a while, catching our breath. Eventually, I sat up next to him, our eyes meeting for the first time in a while after the intense pounding from behind I had just taken.

“So,” Alex said, “I see you still have a little to learn from me about endurance. Nothing to worry about, we’ll have plenty of time to work together this summer.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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