Breathe Ch. 02


Breathe Ch. 2

I started work a month after the non-wedding, a full month earlier than originally planned. I found a small apartment to put my used furniture in, beginning my new life. I didn’t date anyone or even look for several months. When I came home for Christmas, my sister mentioned that Susan had taken a new job in St. Louis as well. I told her to have her call me and I would show her around, not thinking much of it.

Once back in my apartment, I had forgotten about this when on a Saturday morning my phone rang with a strange number. I decided to answer, hoping it was a scammer I could play with for a while (yeah, I was lonely!).




“This is Susan! Your sister gave me your number. She said I could call. I got in town today… I don’t know where anything is. I don’t suppose you could show me how to get around this place, could you?”

“Susan! Hey, of course, I owe you big anyway. I was thinking about going out for lunch soon anyway, I can pick you up and show you around.”
“Sounds good! Let me find my address…” Once she found it, it turned out she was three buildings away in the same complex. I told her I’d be there in ten minutes and gave myself a quick clean-up before heading out.

I arrived at her door and knocked. She opened the door and I think my teeth fell out… I had seen her at the wedding, but I guess I just didn’t notice how hot she was. Five foot six-ish, true red hair that was wavy but not tightly curled, a nice set of boobs set out for viewing in her top, perfect waist-to-butt ratio… and the angel’s face. I think I stood there for a full minute until she started laughing.

“I… I’m sorry. I guess… what the hell, I guess I just didn’t know how beautiful you are! I… Wow!”

“Well, thank you David! You’re a cute guy too. You may want to shut your mouth so you don’t catch flies, though. I’m going to take this as a complement, but I am getting hungry…”

I took her to lunch at a diner close by just to talk to her and calm myself down. She was not only hot, she was funny. She was smart. Her green eyes were looking into mine, sparkling with laughter through most of the lunch. At the end of lunch, she took my hand across the table.

“David… I’ll only bring this up once. Kimberley was stupid. She was a slut… I just figured everyone knew. When I found out you were Leigh’s brother, I knew I had to make sure that you knew what you were getting into. I’m sorry for how it went down. Based on the last half-hour, you’re a great guy and anyone would be lucky to land you.”

“Well… I’m pretty much over it. I haven’t dated yet, but soon. You’re gonna make some guy pretty damn happy too, based on the last thirty minutes.”

“Have to meet someone first, I guess.”

“How is a girl like you not attached?”

“In a word, assholes. Most of your brethren… are assholes.”

“Well… I hope you don’t feel like that about me! Let’s go explore a bit and you can tell me what you need to find.”

We went out, finding the nearby grocery stores and a mall. We found everything she wanted, then on a lark we went to the Arch, taking the elevator to the top. Looking out over the St. Louis skyline, she pulled my hand into hers. “David… you want to go to dinner?”

“I can eat! I’ll take care of it.”

“No… not what I was asking, I guess. I mean, I’m hungry, but… David, you seem like a nice guy. I know I’m friends with your sister, but that doesn’t make me off limits. How about the rest of the evening be considered… more… of a date?”

“I… uhhh… wow. I’ve never been asked out before.”

“You didn’t answer…”

“Yes! Yes, let’s go on a date tonight. I… I like you, Susan. This whole afternoon was fun.”

We went to a pizza place and ordered. We talked, we laughed, and we found that we had a lot in common as we waited for the food to arrive. We ate, both of us managing to get sauce on our shirts, and we laughed some more. We went and had a few drinks before heading home, dancing a few times and getting to know each other better.

Back at her place, as I dropped her off, she stood on tiptoes and gave me a kiss. It started small, but it got very steamy very quickly. After what seemed hours, she stepped back, flushing, said good night and closed the door. I walked back to my place, getting the door unlocked when my phone rang.


“Damn, David, what did you do to Susan?”

“Hey Leigh, what do you mean?”

“She just called me. I think you blew her mind. She’s mad that I didn’t tell her about you years ago!”

“We… I just showed her around, no big deal.”

“And then you took her out, according to her! She said you were literally the perfect guy… David, I think she really likes you. Just don’t screw this up, don’t make her mad at me.”

“Leigh, we only had one sort-of date. We aren’t getting married tomorrow. She’s nice, she’s hot, and I do like her. You know me, I won’t intentionally screw this up.”

“I know… but this is the first time I’ve heard her this giddy about a guy in, like, forever. Just sayin’, I wanted you to ordu escort hear it from me, I guess.”

“Thanks… I need to go to bed, I have some things to do tomorrow. I’ll call next weekend, ok?”

“Sure thing. Love ya Dave.”

“Love you too, Leigh. Later!” I hung up, smiling a bit. I was much giddier about this than I told my sister. She seemed almost too perfect. I decided to wait a day or two until I called her, not wanting to appear too pushy.

The next morning, I woke up and was making some breakfast, just toast and jelly, when there was a knock at my door. I pulled on a t-shirt and opened it, finding Susan standing outside dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, shivering.

“Good morning, David! I probably should’ve called, but… I really need to go get groceries, and I kinda got caught up last night. I don’t suppose you have a small bit of food to spare?”

“Sure, c’mon in! I was making toast and jelly, but I can do something else if you like.”

“Got some strawberry jam?”

“Always, it’s my fave!”

“Me too! I’m in. Make me a couple slices of toast, please!”

We ate and began talking. It seemed like we knew each other already, like we were friends forever. It was easy being with her. When we were done eating, she asked if I would like to go grocery shopping with her. I had things to do, but forgot about them completely and said yes, because that’s what she did to me. I loaned her a hoodie for warmth. We used her car, a little Subaru Crosstrek, and it was packed when we got back. I helped her carry the groceries in, then she told me she was going to make dinner for me as I had made her breakfast. I tried to get my hoodie back, but she told me once I gave a hoodie to a girl it was hers forever. I agreed to meet her there in a couple of hours and went back to my apartment, showering and getting ready. I was far more nervous than the situation called for, which bothered me a bit. I figured it was just that she was the first date I had in months and tried to ignore it. When I was clean and dressed (for some reason I chose dress slacks and a nice shirt), I went back to her apartment.

I knocked and she answered the door. I… I fish-faced, opening and closing my mouth without words. She was wearing a black dress, slit to “here” and cut down to “there” and I just stared, slack-jawed. She began to laugh, breaking the spell as I began to walk in.

“Like the dress, David?”

“Uh…I…yeah. Yes I do.”

“I can tell!” she said with a smirk. I hadn’t even noticed that I was hard, but the dress slacks showed the rest of the world. I began to blush and she leaned in and gave me a kiss. “Girls are lucky you can’t tell when they’re ready… it’s ok. I take it as a complement!”

After that, things were easier. She had made pasta with garlic and olive oil, bruschetta, and asparagus. I helped her finish and plate, and we sat at her dining table. Boxes were still everywhere.

“I like what you’ve done with the place. It has a certain charm.”

“Hey, I haven’t had any time yet, some guy keeps taking all my spare time away!”

We laughed and ate. When the meal was over, I helped her clean everything and put things in the dishwasher. When we were done, she leaned against the counter and looked at me.

“Well… I guess we have to get married now.”

“Uhmmm… why’s that?”

“If we don’t fight about loading the dishwasher, well… my mother told me if I could ever find a guy who knew how to load a dishwasher to marry him immediately!”

She started to giggle, and I started to laugh. I was watching her breasts jiggle enticingly as she laughed when she looked up into my eyes. She stepped over and gave me a kiss that would melt steel, then stepped back, blushing.

“Sorry, David… I shouldn’t joke about marriage, I guess. I… I just…”

I cut her off with another kiss. This time she pulled back after a minute and stepped two steps away. “David… man… look, I like you. Like, a lot. I’m no virgin, but I’m not a slut either. I really, really want to sleep with you, right now, right in my kitchen. I’ve never wanted to do that so… quickly. So soon. Can we… can we slow down a notch? Maybe put on a movie?”

“Susan… I really, really like you too. I don’t want to sound weird, but it’s like I’ve known you for years. I just… honestly, I agree. Let’s watch a movie. Then we can start planning the wedding your mother wants oh-so-much. I’ll show her how to load a dishwasher too.”

She smiled, then started to laugh. It broke the tension, and I started to laugh too. I took her hand and walked her to the couch. “All I have is DVD’s, the cable doesn’t get hooked up until later this week… I don’t have too many. You pick.”

I looked at the sparse offerings and picked “27 Dresses”, a rom-com. She squealed, saying it was her favorite movie. “I still have that horrible orange dress… want me to wear it for you?”

“Oh god no!” We watched the movie, having a few beers and knowing that the evening had to end reasonably early as we both had to work Monday morning. When it was over, I was getting myself together to leave. rize escort She gave me a quick kiss and stared at me a second.

“This one counts too. That’s date number two.”


“Of course. A good girl doesn’t do anything until the third date.”

“Are you a good girl?”

“I thought you knew that!”

“Just getting confirmation. So… whatcha doing this Friday night? I think it’s my turn to make dinner.”

“Shit… you cook too? My mother is definitely planning the wedding! How does six o’clock sound?”

“I can have something ready by then.”

“Keep it light. If we eat like this too much I’ll become a whale.”

“But a hot whale. I’ll keep it light though. I’m going to violate all the dating rules though… I’m calling you every night.”

“Good… We can talk all week… See you Friday, David.”

We shared a kiss and I left. I tried to call my sister on the way back, but it went to voicemail. I got ready and went to bed, thinking of the feel of Susan’s body against mine as we kissed… then my phone rang.

“S’up, Leigh?”

“You called me….”

“Yeah… just wanted to talk a minute.”

“About Susan?”


“I figured… guess who I was on the phone with.”


“I’ve never seen her go head-over-heels before.”

“Well… I’m… it’s just that…”

“Shush. She’s falling for you, I know… and you’re falling for her too. It’s ok. I’m not upset. Just don’t piss her off… she can be vindictive. The whole video thing was her idea, just so you know.”

“Wow… I don’t want to do anything wrong. I did kinda want your permission, I guess though. I really do like her, Leigh.”

“I always knew you would. I kept her away while you were dating the Bitch… I knew you’d like her and it would cause you problems.”

“Wish you’d have introduced us, maybe I would’ve left her for Susan… saved me a bit of heartbreak. Water under the bridge, now. Anyway, I’m glad you called. I do have to go to work tomorrow though. Later this week?”

“Sure… Wednesday night is the best for me. Just… just be good to her, ‘kay? For me?”

“I’m not a dick. I’ll do my best. I have no idea where this is going though. Way, way too early. Talk to you soon.”


The work week went by quickly. I called Susan every night, just talking about anything and everything. We talked politics and religion, we talked about where our careers were going, we talked about everything except sex. There was some teasing, but nothing too blatant. Friday I had everything I needed in my kitchen, and was just finishing the pasta primavera when there was a knock on my door. I opened it to find my red-haired goddess shivering in a short skirt and thin blouse. She was clearly braless. I stopped, again unable to speak.

“Can I come in? It’s cold out here!”

“Uh… sure… sorry…”

“A guy should never be sorry to look at his girlfriend like that…”

“It’s just… you’re amazing tonight.”

“You look… like you’ve been cooking!” She was right, I make a mess on myself when I cook and tonight was no exception.

“Sorry, I was gonna change shirts before you got here, but I ran about two minutes too late.”

“Well… we both know we will probably ruin our shirts anyway. Yours is already a mess, so I guess you’ll be ok.”

“I guess you can wear a bib… or just take it off first.”

Her green eyes flashed mischievously, and her hand strayed to the top button. “Well… purely to make sure I don’t ruin it..” She popped the first button, moving slowly down to the second one. When it opened, I could see the divide to the bottom of her breasts.

“David… breathe for me. I don’t need you dying right now.”

“I… uh… you’re beautiful, Susan.”

“Glad you think so… Maybe we should eat before it gets cold.” We sat down and I served her, watching intently through her open blouse. She sat smiling and blushing.

“David… it’s ok. After we eat, I can’t take it anymore either. Quit staring, you’re gonna get to see them soon. I… I know what we’re doing later and believe me I don’t want to wait… but I am hungry. Anticipation is a good thing, y’know?”

I calmed down a bit, blushing some myself. “Sorry, acting like a fourteen-year-old virgin. Don’t take this weird… but I never wanted Kimberley as bad as I want you right now. All week long you’ve been on my mind, all week long I was hoping, all week long not really believing. Now you’re here, sitting in front of me, and I’m acting like an idiot. Babbling… I… I’m sorry.”

“Actually, I get it… I walked over here three times last week, but I never knocked on your door. I knew if I saw you I couldn’t stop myself. Let’s act like adults for a few minutes, eat some dinner, and then we can see where the night takes us.”

We did make it through dinner with some light small talk. When we finished, she helped me clean up (loading the dishwasher perfectly, I should add), never once buttoning anything up. I was distracted to say the least! When it was done, I looked at her and she at me. She pulled me in sakarya escort and gave me a light kiss. “Ready for dessert?”

“If we wait much longer I’ll have to go to the ER… y’know, four hours and all that…”

“Well… since it is a medical issue, I guess I’ll try to help you…” she said with a sexy smirk. With that, she led me to the sofa and sat me down, getting on her knees between my legs. “Let’s take the pressure off…” she said as she unzipped my pants and slid them down. I’m not a porn star, but I am a solid 7.5 inches with some girth. Never had any complaints… She took a look at it, then looked up at me with those green eyes, opening her mouth. She moved down slowly, taking it in a little bit at a time. I hit the back of her throat and she gagged briefly, then gave a swallow and took me all the way in, looking me in the eyes the entire time. With that, I could take no more and tried to warn her, but she stayed where she was as I spurted down her throat. When it was over, she slowly pulled off of me and licked her lips with a smile.

“J-jesus Susan, that was… it was… it was amazing!”

“Glad you think so… Now that you have a clear head for a minute, shall we head to the bedroom?”

“I’ll follow you anywhere right now!”

She took my hand and led me to my bedroom. She finished undressing me and stood before me, arms out. “Your turn…”

I unzipped her skirt first and it fell to the ground. She was wearing black boy-cut underwear, this particular pair showing a wet spot between her thighs. I finished unbuttoning her blouse, pulling it slowly over her shoulders to the ground. I saw her blushing, and I bent down and kissed each nipple lightly. They had been hard, now they sprung up an extra half-inch. I pulled her underwear off, breathing in the heady scent of her. I laid her on my bed and moved between her thighs, parting them and looking at her slit, hidden by the neatly trimmed bush of red. I sniffed loudly just before taking a lick from the bottom to the top. I started to move my fingers around her wet opening and focusing my tongue near the top, finding a small nub that made her jerk at my touch. She began to moan, but her thighs clamped over my ears so I could hear no more. I put one finger in, moving it slowly in and out, then two. I began to curl my finger as I concentrated on her clit with my tongue. She clamped hard on my head, thighs quivering, until I stopped in hopes of getting a breath. When she loosened her grip, I was able to breathe in and sucked in some life-giving oxygen. I looked up at her and her eyes were closed with a smile on her face.

“Did I do it right?”

“Yes… very right… oh so very right…”

I crawled up beside her, giving her a kiss. She began to lick herself from my face, clearly enjoying it. She spread her legs and gave me a look. I moved between them, with her reaching down to find my renewed cock. “I’m on the pill, David… just so you know.”

“Good… I don’t want to stop for anything…”

She put me at her entrance, humping up to try to get it in. “David… c’mon, I can’t wait… c’mon…”

I slid in slowly, feeling every centimeter as I went in. As I finally hit bottom, she began to squeeze with her pussy. I looked up at her, surprised and she smiled and giggled. “Time for you to get to work now!”

I began to move, taking my time and seeing what she liked best. After a minute of gentle, I began to move faster and harder. I heard her groan and felt her grip my cock. This was what she was looking for. I pounded her hard for a bit, then abruptly pulled out. Her face actually looked sad, but I rolled her over and pulled her on her knees, putting myself back in. Doggie I could do harder and longer. I felt her begin to clamp and flutter on my just as I began to hit the wall, letting myself go as she began to wail. When I was done, I flopped down beside her, breathing hard.

“David… I gotta say, I had kinda built you up in my mind… You certainly didn’t disappoint! Ya gotta give me a minute before we do anything else… I’m kinda tired.”

“Me (huff) too (puff)… “

What we did next still surprises me. We… fell asleep. About two hours later, we woke up and looked at each other, both wondering what happened. “Hey Susan… I think you almost killed me. It would’ve been a great way to go though…”

“So… you think we should see each other again?”

“I think I’d go nuts if we didn’t…”

“Good… me too, David. Me too.”

Thus began our lives. We would stay in either apartment for every weekend, sometimes not bothering with clothes for the two days. During the week we would call or stop by, I sent flowers sometimes, both to her home and office. After two weeks, I secretly started looking at rings. Sounds stupid, I know, but this time… this time I knew.

Every July, my parents would hold a ‘family reunion’ that we were virtually required to attend. It was always us and them, with occasional other relatives showing up. It had only been six months, but I asked Susan to go with me, then broke the news to my mother. She was disturbed, to say the least. The only other girl I had brought was Kimberley, and then only after I had proposed. I’m sure that’s why she had issues. I called my sister and told her she had to smooth it over for me. I don’t know what she said, but all objections were removed the next time I called.