Brenda’s Awakening


Author’s note: All characters in this story are at least 18 years old.


Being a “good father” usually means that women notice. When they notice, they talk, and when they talk, they work themselves up, and I get to have some fun. Every once in a while at work, if it’s my lucky day, you’ll see a woman under my desk sucking me off. I used to love my job too, until my wife us – me and Brenda, my then ten-year-old daughter. So, I couldn’t just focus on my work – I had more responsibilities as a “dad”. I never understood that: being a “dad”. How can a man just go from being a man to being a “father” in just a second. Don’t get me wrong, I like my job and I love my daughter but so far as I can think of it – I see my kid as just a kid, not “my kid” or “my daughter”.

I know I’m not the most attractive guy. I’m 5″11 ft, and a bit lean. I have short black hair, pale skin, and an apparently broad back. I work out in my basement regularly, always have, so I have the effect of intimidating people. Chicks love that – and I’m not afraid of using it. It helps with self-esteem, you know? My dick is nine inches long, pretty thick. I love the look of fear in a woman’s eyes, from the time I first “unveil” it, all the way till she’s struggling to take me in. Most of the women at work, and even some of my clients, have either shared that look or have heard of it some way or the other.

Given the headaches of relationships, I always keep mine casual. I’m pretty straight-forward about it, and most women don’t have any issues with it. I almost screwed everything when I fucked one of Brenda’s often-visiting-classmates. It was bitch keeping the girl quiet. The girl thought she was in love with me, just because she’d never had a real man fuck her. I got lucky though, because a month later her parents left town – I think her father got another job or something. Brenda never found out. This falling-in-love bullshit is pretty common with some girls I’ve been with though: it’s fun at first, but then they get all starry-eyed, and want to hang around more often, and one way or another, I’ve got to get rid of them. Fuck relationships.

It still gets a bit tangled up, when you’re raising a daughter – and you have to keep the two worlds separate. In a way, I think I’m the best and the worst thing that’s ever happened to her. It’s nice, because I’ve brought her up well: she’s innocent, she’s smart, she works hard, and she even goes to church (I don’t). The worst thing about it is that, I don’t think I could’ve stopped those two worlds from colliding. I realized eventually, maybe just subconsciously, that it was inevitable.

You see, I’ve watched Brenda grow up, and she’s become quite the woman. She’s amazingly attractive, with a cute round ass, flowing long blonde hair, and a dimpled face. She’s soon going to be my height, and she weighs one-ten pounds. I know I’m not supposed to notice her like that, but I have since she turned eighteen. Heck, if I wasn’t her dad, I’d say she’d be anyone’s wet dream.

Yeah, you’ve noticed the problem, haven’t you? I don’t always think with my head. Anyway, yeah, so she’s pretty quiet and very demure, and has always been intimidated and reserved around me. I’ve played my part – I’m a bit strict with her, “rules are rules” I’ve said, which means sleeping when she’s supposed to, getting her shit done on time, and no boys. A woman’s gotta be disciplined.

Anyway, last week I was supposed to fly out of town for a client meeting, but given the shitty weather, I decided to cancel my trip, and reschedule it for another week. I figured that I’d rather deal with him on the phone, and if need be, go see him later. The plane was supposed to fly at nine o’clock, and just deciding that I didn’t want to go even as I was at the airport, I figured that I’d pick up some take-out food, get home, shower, and maybe call one of my girls.

When I pulled up at my house, I saw a car in my driveway. I was a bit puzzled; I didn’t know anyone who’d be visiting this late. I parked my car silently on the street, and noticed some music coming from the house – not particularly loud, but something you’d notice at ten at night. I narrowed my yes: I’d told Brenda that she wasn’t supposed to have friends over while I was gone.

I went around the house to the backdoor – I didn’t want to give off any warnings. I quietly opened the door, got into the kitchen, and closed it behind me. The music was louder, and even though the lights were on, there wasn’t anyone there.

I took off my shoes quietly, and searched for Brenda. She wasn’t in her room, which was odd. When I got close to the living room, I heard some faint kissing sounds. My eyes narrowed again. Brenda had a guy over. I stood there quietly for a moment, thinking about what I should do.

As I stood there listening, apart from the initial shock, I didn’t know how felt. Was I jealous? Was I getting turned on, knowing that my inexperienced voluptuous daughter was probably escort making out for the first ever? I don’t know. I do know that just thinking about it was pissing me off.

“Wait . . . wait, Todd,” I heard Brenda’s pleading voice. “Don’t go so fast.”

I snuck closer to the living room, and what I saw shocked me. Brenda was somewhat facing me, but couldn’t see me just yet. She was lying back on our living room couch. Her blue top was off, laying on the couch – her firm, round, braless tits completely exposed. Her tits seemed to be defying gravity. Her nipples were bright pink and stiff, sticking up towards the ceiling.

Now I know I was getting turned on.

“Todd” was between her legs, working her panties down her somewhat muscular thighs. He looked her age, had his shirts and jeans off. He gave her an excited smile as her light blonde pubes were revealed.

“Oh, baby,” he said in awe, staring at her revealed cunt. I envied his view. He tugged her panties all the way off, touched her well-toned thighs. He pushed her legs apart.

“Todd, wait,” Brenda said again, sitting up and grabbing his hands. I loved the way her firm C-cups swayed. She gave her boyfriend a pleading look.

Todd tore his eyes from Brenda’s pubic thatch and gave her a confused look. “What? What am I doing wrong? I thought you wanted this, babe.”

Brenda looked apologetic and confused. “I-I’m just not comfortable,” she said. “I mean, m-my dad could find out.”

Todd frowned. “Well, you said you didn’t wanna do it in the car, and we sure can’t do it at school—”

“I know, I know,” she said, then huffed. “I-I just . . . .” she suddenly covered herself up self-consciously, wrapping her arms around her generous tits and crossing her legs. She stared at the floor.

Her boyfriend sighed in frustration and lurched to his feet. I almost laughed when I saw the tent in his jeans. Poor Todd. All worked up and no place to cum.

“Why are you teasing me like this?” he asked in exasperation. “I mean, we’ve been dating for, like, two months! And you keep telling me you think you’re ready, then you back off, then you think you’re ready again, and . . . it’s driving me crazy, babe!”

Brenda looked pained. Fuck, was she hot, just sitting there naked with her jeans and panties laying on the floor, wearing nothing but little white ankle socks. My dick was getting harder, snaking down my left pant leg. This was not good.

“Look, it’s not easy for me,” she said in a little voice.

“And it’s easy for me?” cried Todd. He finally looked back down at her, admiring her body. He forced a smile.

“Okay,” he said, trying to sound endearing. “If you don’t wanna go all the way, then . . . maybe you could try sucking it again.”

Brenda looked pained. She grimaced. “Todd, you know I’m not comfortable doing that,” she said.

Todd held back a frustrated sigh. “Why not? I mean, you always lick it a little when you jack me off.”

Her shoulders sagged. “Do you have to say it like that?”

He rolled his eyes. He was getting close to wits’ end. “Say it like what? Isn’t that what you do? Jack me off?” he breathed out, shaking his head, then spoke in a sarcastic tone. “Oh, I’m sorry. You masturbate me. You tenderly stroke my penis. Jesus, Brenda—”

She suddenly glared at him. “Don’t take the Lord’s name in vain,” she said forcefully.

I sneered. Bad move, kid. You’re definitely not getting any action tonight.

Todd stared at her for a moment, then forced himself to give a soft, apologetic look. He got down on his knees, touched her bare legs. “Baby, look, I’m sorry,” he said. “It’s just that you’re so beautiful, and so sexy, and . . . and I really love you. I just wanna prove it.”

Brenda seemed to melt a little, and she parted her lips, lowered her arms a little. Her pink nipples poked out. “Oh, Todd,” she said emotionally. “Do you really?”

Uh-oh, I thought. I shook my head. I can’t believe she fell for that. If I don’t make a move now, before this gets out of hand.

He smiled up at her face, reached for her hands. “Baby, I can only tell the truth,” he said.

Now I rolled my eyes. Okay, that’s it.

“Tell me again,” I heard her say as I straightened. I took a deep breath, then headed around the corner just as Todd began to respond.

“Brenda, baby, I – holy shit!”

It was actually pretty comical. Todd jumped up, staring at me in sudden fear, stumbling back and falling over the coffee table, He cried out as he fell to the floor. Brenda snapped her head around, seeing me and covering up again, shaking as she reached for her clothes.

“Don’t! Move!” I said in a deep, commanding voice, jabbing a finger at her. Brenda froze, her right arm across her breasts, hand cupping her left tit. Her eyes and lips trembled as she stared at me, absolutely mortified at being caught naked in my living room, and with a boy.

“You!” I snapped at Todd bursa eve gelen escort as the kid scrambled to his feet. The boy paled, looking like he was terrified for his life. His eyes darted over my muscular arms. He was clearly intimidated.

“Get your fucking clothes and get out!”

Todd obeyed quickly, and snatched up his shirt and leather jacket from the floor. He gave Brenda a furtive look, then darted for the door. Without a word, he jerked it open and ran out. I caught the door before it could slam shut, and closed it gently.

I turned back to Brenda, saw her beginning to thread her arms through her little tank-top. I frowned. “I didn’t say you could move,” I said in a threatening tone. “Put that down.”

She looked at me, surprised, fearful, intimidated. “D-Daddy?” she queried.

“Drop it,” I said.

Brenda shuddered, let the garment fall to the ground at her feet. She covered her incredible tits, crossing her wrists beneath her chin. Faintly, outside, I heard the sound of a rattling car engine, then the squeal of tires. Todd was gone.

Damn, she is a beauty, I thought, ogling Breanda’s beautiful body. So young, so fucking ripe! And apparently, a virgin in every way. Well, little Brenda sure as hell won’t be pure by the time I’m done with her.

My dick pulsed in my tight black jeans. I wondered if my buxom little Brenda noticed. But probably not; her eyes were on the floor.

“You know, I trusted you,” I said, pacing back and forth. “At first, I wasn’t too crazy about the idea of letting a teenager being by herself. But you convinced me. You said you were responsible, and I believed you.”

I faced her, drinking in Breanda’s lovely, voluptuous, golden toned young body. Even though her legs were crossed, her thick blonde bush could not be obscured. Brenda shuddered silently and she cried softly, tears slowly dripping down her innocent, little-girl face. My cock throbbed. I could have taken her, I could have grabbed her and thrown her legs open and shoved my cock up inside her. But I wanted her to feel desperate and frightened enough give herself willingly to me. Besides, I was enjoying the torture I was putting her through.

“And now I find out that you’ve been having sex in my house,” I said. “My house!”

Brenda snapped her head up. “N-no!” she protested, her eyes wide and full lips trembling. “I swear! W-we didn’t! I-I promise!”

“You ‘promise?'” I asked, laying it on thick. “Then why the fuck are you naked?”

Brenda shuddered as she cried, squeezing her eyes shut. I watched her tits bounce as she wept. Damn, but for some reason, she looked even hotter with tears flowing down her soft, full cheeks, dripping off her chin. It reminded me of cum.

Hmm, wonder how she’d react to getting a facial, I thought. I took out my cell-phone, moving slowly and deliberately so Brenda would notice. I calmly began pushing buttons at random.

“Wh-who are you calling?” she asked fearfully.

“Your mother,” I said simply. “I’ve had it. I’m sorry, Brenda. I wanted this to work out.”

Brenda’s face contorted. “Oh, God, please!” she cried, and jumped up, apparently forgetting her nudity. Her firm, round tits shook as she grabbed my arm. She gave me the most pathetic, pleading expression I had ever witnessed. “Daddy, please! N-not her! . . . oh God, please, Daddy! Please! She left us!”

I gave her a look, even as admired her curvy young body. Damn, but I hadn’t seen perfect, natural tits like hers in years, and that soft, thick blonde bush . . . .

“And I’m supposed to trust you now?” I asked. “I’m supposed to believe that you’ll never bring your boyfriend over and fuck him on my couch?

Brenda blubbered, squeezing my arm. “I promise, Daddy, I’ve never had sex on your couch, or anywhere else! I promise!”

I narrowed my eyes. “And how am I supposed to believe you?” I asked, and quickly slipped my hand between her muscular thighs, cupping her dewy little blonde cunt. I forced down a shudder of arousal as I felt her sweet lips and the little button of her clitoris. “Next thing you’re gonna tell me is that you’re still a virgin.”

Brenda eyes flew open wide as I groped her young snatch. Damn, but she was so hot and innocent, her pussy so soft and furry. Her pubes felt more like goose-down then hair. I lightly stroked her fleshy little labia with the tips of my fingers.

Surprisingly, Brenda did not pull back from my hand. Indeed, she seemed to grip my arm more tightly and even pushed her hips against my hand. Or maybe it was just my imagination. Maybe.

She didn’t look at my face. “I-I am,” she whispered. Her lips swelled and nostrils flared slightly. Her cheeks glowed with rouge.

“Oh, come off it,” I said, and jerked my hand away. I casually sucked my finger. Mmm, oh, fuck, she tastes good! So rich and sweet and pure! But I said, “You don’t taste like a virgin.” görükle escort

Brenda shuddered. “P-Please, Daddy,” she said, her voice barely a whisper. She looked up to me desperately. “I don’t wanna get thrown out. Please. Please.”

I stared at her. “So am I to believe that you really are a virgin, that you’ve never had sex in my house?”

She nodded slowly, wiped her eyes. “I promise,” she said in a little girl voice.

I kept her gaze. “Prove it,” I said.

Brenda stared, her soft blue eyes wide. Her mouth fell open. Damn, I could just imagine that mouth wrapped around my dick, sucking and pulling eagerly . . . .

“P-prove it?” she asked, shocked. “H-how?”

I smiled. I had her. “Sit down,” I said. “Sit down and spread your legs.”

Brenda blushed deeply, shuddering as she breathed. Her eyes were so wide and bulging I thought they might actually pop out of her head. “Daddy—”

I held up the phone, conveying the implied threat of calling her mother. “If you can prove that you’ve never had sex, I’ll believe you.”

Brenda trembled a moment, blinking profusely as she considered my logic. She was so frightened and desperate that she wasn’t thinking straight. In the moment, I don’t think she realized how inappropriate it was for a father to act like this. If she had, I doubt she’d gone with it. I must’ve really scared the kid.

Mutely, she turned away, went back to the couch, and sat down, her knees together, and settled her hands on either side of her. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and slowly spread her thighs wide apart, slipping her full, firm ass to the edge of the couch.

I stared at her fully-revealed young cunt. Brenda possessed fleshy, plump vulvae that were slightly parted, revealing the bunched-up, bubblegum-colored lips of her pussy and the slender little tube of her clitoris. Her pubic hair surrounded her sweet little sex, thick, soft and bushy. The sight of her fur-coated mound only seemed to accentuate her youth, inexperience, and virginity.

I was getting more turned on by the moment.

I didn’t say anything as I stepped before her and slowly lowered myself to my knees. Brenda did not look at me. Her cheeks glowed red with embarrassment and perhaps even a little arousal. I was hoping she was at least a little turned on.

I set my cell-phone on the couch, and settled my hands on my her wonderfully spread thighs. I could just smell the aroma of her sweet virgin cunt. Brenda trembled slightly, breathed in sharply, stared at me with her young, innocent eyes.

“If you are a virgin, I’ll believe you,” I said. “But if you’re not . . . that’s it.”

Brenda nodded slowly, her soft, full lips parted. I never noticed that she had the kind of full, soft lips that were obviously intended for sucking cock.

She watched as I slowly slid my hands up her thighs. She whimpered, pursed her lips closed. She shuddered when I touched her pussy and gently pried her vulvae apart, exposing her soft, slightly moist, pink inner lips. Her little clitoris swelled slightly, reacting automatically to being exposed.

Gently, I massaged her young cunt, making my daughter tense and whimper. I loved watching the tendons of her inner thighs stand out as her legs twitched. Slowly, I felt her pussy becoming more and more wet. Her clitoris grew and began to slip out from beneath its hood. Whatever her reservations, Brenda was getting turned on. I tried not to smile.

“Now,” I said, and sucked on my middle finger to get it wet. “Don’t push, Brenda. Just relax.”

“O-okay,” she breathed, her body shaking slightly. I watched her firm, full tits shake, just a little, her nipples fiercely engorged. Slowly, I eased my finger inside the girl’s tight cunt. My little darling daughter grunted, her head falling back, mouth gaping open.

“Ohh-m-m-mm,” she moaned as I pushed deep in her pussy. Her tunnel was so tight and hot, and grew wetter and wetter as I probed her. I relished the softness of her pubes, the pliant feel of her vulvae against my hand as I delved deep. My dick was so hard that it felt uncomfortable in my jeans.

Finally, my searching finger felt the soft, stretchy barrier of Brenda’s hymen. I sighed, so incomparably turned on. Thinking Brenda was a virgin was one thing; knowing she was . . . was something else altogether.

“Oh, baby,” I said, finally voicing my arousal.

The girl grunted, still with her head back, her impressive, round tits rising and falling as she breathed deeply. Her young cunt tightened around my finger, relaxed, tightened again. “Ohhh . . . .” she moaned.

I smiled. She’s mine, I thought. And with that realization, I slowly began sliding my finger in and out of her snug, sweet tunnel, which became more and more slick with each stroke. I curled my finger inside her, massaging the roof of her vagina. I found the little spongy bundle of nerves—

“Oh, God!” Brenda cried out, her body suddenly convulsing. “Huh-h-h-hnnn!” She pushed her hips out, almost lifting her incredible ass off the couch, mashing her cunt against my hand. I grinned, chuckling to myself, and placed my other hand on her hairy mound. My thumb graced her clit, massaged it with a circular, rhythmic motion.