Brian Ch. 14


“Son, that was so good. You have almost worn me out. Almost,” Wendy said as she rolled over on the bed. She was covered in sweat after riding her son through four incredible orgasms. She lay beside him and placed her hand on his heaving chest. He too was covered in sweat. When her son’s big cock had vacated her wet pussy, it made slurpy sounds as the trapped air gushed out followed by the large amount of cum Dylan had deposited there. “You have turned out to be quite a lover, lover.”

“Thanks, mom. You are not so bad yourself. You have the tightest pussy I ever thought imaginable, especially after three kids. Truly fucking amazing,” he told her between breaths.

Wendy’s hands stroked her son’s strong chest as they both came down off their orgasmic highs. Wendy traced the toned muscles of her son’s chest and abdomen until she came to his flaccid cock resting on his stomach. Her hand touched it and came away slimy from their combined juices. It was wet and warm, covered with slick juices. She placed her hand back on his cock and began to lightly stroke it.

Being only nineteen, almost twenty, like all men that age, he was quick to recover. As she stroked his cock it began to come back to life. “Mom, don’t you ever get enough?” he asked her.

“Nope. Are you complaining there, stud? I could always get it from somewhere else ya know,” she told him gripping and pulling his cock playfully.

“No, I am not complaining. You will never have to go look anywhere else. I will always be there. Your only problem is that I won’t be able to keep my hands off you. You had just better be careful how you bend over. I might just sneak up behind you and stick this thing between your pussy lips or I might just stick my tongue there,” he answered.

She was lightly stroking his cock and it was returning to its hardness. She thought about the last couple of days and what had happened. After the search and rescue had been called off, they took it upon themselves to find her husband and daughters. They did not try to mention it between them and when they found themselves alone, they took comfort in each other’s arms. That usually led to wild sex. At first it started out as something novel but it built onto something else. They were concerned about their family and knew that eventually they would be found, hopefully alive. Wendy thought in her mind what it would be like after they were found. She didn’t want to give up Dylan’s cock since she had come to enjoy his youthful exuberance. He was very much like his father in many ways she thought. He could go all night if necessary or be done in a minute, depending on the circumstances and her needs. Tonight was one of those long ones and would probably be even longer.

During the day they would pour over current charts to see if a boat drifted which way it would flow. Even though the search and rescue people knew the islands well, Wendy didn’t think they went about the search correctly. She looked at the charts and noticed there were many small islands spread throughout the area and the current easily took them past the islands. The rescuers were concentrating on the area between the main island and the island the were traveling to. Then they would go out from that distance. They were not looking in the correct distance off the path of travel in Wendy’s mind.

After consulting the charts, the rest of the day was spent airborne in a rental plan looking along the furthest distance that could have been traveled. Then they were working their way back. It would be slow going but Wendy was not going to give up. She would look until they had no money left and she would sell everything they owned after it ran out to keep up the search.

She continued to stroke his cock and soon it was at full mast. She was gently stroking it in long, slow strokes. Her hands were slimy but this only added to the lubricant to make her strokes smooth. She watched in fascination as the skin moved back and forth along its length. She would grip it tight and move her hand toward the end causing a drop of cum to leak out. She would take the drop and use her thumb to smear it along the head causing him to moan.

Even though Dylan had just fucked her royally she was in the mood for more. It was her way of dealing with the loss of her family. She felt that if she took her mind off the problem she could handle it easily. And she was just plain horny. She found a new play toy and wanted to do nothing but play.

As she stroked Dylan’s cock lazily she could feel her pussy starting to long to have it back inside her. Her pussy was already creaming heavily from the huge load her son had already deposited there, but she was still oozing her own cream. She could tell that her pussy was beginning to tingle again and that tingly meant she was ready to get laid again. Her clit was starting to swell again; it did not go down that much from the previous fucking so it didn’t take much for it to get hard. As she started to get hotter she began to stroke Eyüp Escort Dylan’s cock harder and faster.

“Oh, mom, that feels so good. You are such a hot woman. Why don’t you suck it for me?” he told her.

Wendy, always being one to be the feisty one told him, “Nah, I think I have had enough for tonight. I think I may get dressed and go down to the bar and see if there is any action going on.”

She turned loose of his cock and spun around away from. He Dylan could have seen her face he would have seen her smile wickedly. Wendy reached for the nightstand to grab a cigarette. She had started smoking again after the family disappeared. She never smoked before except when times were hard and Brian gone on training missions. It was worse when the Gulf War started because even though she didn’t know where or what he was doing, she knew he was deep in the middle of it.

This irritated Dylan to no ends. “Mom, put those away. They stink and you smell like an ashtray.”

“Well, I like them. So if you don’t want me to smoke, just try and make me stop.” She looked over her shoulder and purposely pulled a deep drag off the lit cigarette and blew at Dylan’s face.

“Alright, you want me to stop you, I will. Gimme that.” Dylan lunged for the cigarette as he spoke.

This got the response from Wendy that she wanted. She knew he would try to grab it and just as he lunged for her, she moved out of the way. Naked, she ran around the room trying to stay out of his reach. She moved around the furniture as he chased her trying to grab either her or the cigarette. When possible she would take a quick drag and blow it at him, only making him try harder to get the cigarette. Wendy laughed at him as he was unable to get her. Her eyes drifted down to watch his hard cock bounce off his stomach as his body moved and his huge balls swung back and forth between his legs.

Dylan was grabbing and reaching for his mom. She managed to elude him for several minutes until he simply moved a chair out of the way and now had a clear lane to get to her. With a fake of one hand, he grabbed at her with the other, catching her hand holding the cigarette. He gripped her hand and used the other one to take the cigarette out of her hand. The doors to the balcony were open and with a quick flick threw the cigarette out the door, its glowing ember disappearing over the edge.

“Now that I got you, what am I going to do with you?” he asked himself out loud.

“I will tell what you are going to do. You are going to let me go and then you are going to march over there and bring me my cigarettes young man,” she told him sternly but her smile gave way to laughter. “You had better do it or I will paddle your butt. You aren’t too big for my to spank you.” With that her other hand came down and swatted his sweaty asscheek. Dylan yelled out with the stinging pain.

“All right, you want to play games, you got it. Come here, I will show you who is boss and who will spank who,” he scolded her. He drug her to the bed and sat down bringing her face down across his lap.

“You wouldn’t dare, you little fucker. You wouldn’t dare spank me, I am your mother. WAAAHHHHHH! That hurts,” she screamed as the first blow landed on her soft ass.

Wendy tried to use her free hand to stop or at least cover her butt cheeks before the next telling blow landed. She was struggling with all she could to get away. What started out as a little fun was starting to become slightly painful. But it was also exciting.

Dylan saw her hand come to cover her butt so he grabbed it and brought the other hand he still held to the small of her back. He now had her arms pinned behind her and all she could do is move her legs. WHACK! Another stinging blow landed on her other cheek. She now had two red hand prints on each asscheek. Her legs were squirming so much that he could not keep her still. When she started to wiggle her way off his lap, he slid her forward and brought his other leg of hers and effective trapped her on his lap. There was no way she could get away now. His legs were strong from his martial arts training and all the wrestling he did through high school and now college.

“Ok, mom, you asked for it. When I tell you to do something from now on, you will do it without question understand,” he said and to add meaning to what he meant he popped her again on the ass.

“OUCH, you little fucker. When I get up from here I am going to beat your ass, you hear me.” Wendy was yelling at Dylan because it hurt. Yes, it hurt she thought but at the same time she was excited beyond compare at the thought of one being spanked and the other at being tied down.

She and Brian had tried both before. She loved to be tied down and not be able to resist anything Brian wanted. There had been nights at home that Brian would tie her to the bed using old ties from his closet and he did things to her that drove her wild. He made it where she would either be spread eagle or just with her Eyüp Escort Bayan hands tied out from her body. The best she liked it was when he would tie her hands over her head or hold her hands down where she couldn’t move. He even tied her once to the bed and had her standing up. Just the thought of those memories of Brian made her pussy cream heavily.

She was quickly brought back to reality when another stinging blow hit her other cheek. “You are going to spank me? Excuse me, who is the one being held down right now. And who is the one who is doing this.” WHACK, WHACK. His hand slapped hard on her ass. “And whose ass is being spanked until it is nice and red.” WHACK, WHACK, WHACK.

Wendy’s ass was now a bright pink. She had stopped struggling and was now squirming on his lap. As much as it hurt her ass, she loved every minute of it. Dylan taking charge was very much like his father. Brian loved to spank her ass and many times she would play the little not-so-innocent school girl that would get in trouble and have to be spanked. They waited until the kids had been put to bed and they knew they would not wake up, then Wendy would come and sit in Brian’s lap and start her routine. Brian would then take her upstairs and paddle her ass until it was tender and then they would end up fucking the night away. Wendy had tried it on Brian once and he didn’t go for it all that much. However, it never failed that when Wendy was on her hands and knees being pounded by Brian that he would swat her ass to add to the pleasure. He had done that since the very first night they had sex and it had never stopped.

WHACK, WHACK, WHACK. Wendy’s ass was tender. Brian was really laying into her. And he was doing it so good. Wendy was squirming hard on his lap, not to get away but because she had a hard cock that was against her pussy mound. The way she was laying on Dylan’s lap had made he cock move until it was perpendicular to her pussy slit. The spanking Dylan was giving her was turning him on as much as her. His cock was already hard from her stroking it. Now he had her naked body lying across him and his was alternating rubbing her ass and swatting it. His cock was hard and its knob was rubbing her pussy slit, right at her clit. Her movements were causing her clit to rub harder and harder against it and she wanted more.

Dylan would slowly rub his mother’s tender ass feeling the warmth from his blows radiate into his hands. When his mother would stop squirming, he would swat her on each cheek causing her to try and move away from the blow and more on the end of his dick. He looked down at her body and she was sweating profusely. He was not sure if it was from the heat in the room of the heat in between her legs, but she had beads of sweat all over her body. He was sweating also, but his was from the effort to hold his mother down.

He moved his hands to her thighs and as he lightly moved them up he relaxed his leg holding her legs down. Her hips shifted as his fingers got closer to her pussy. Soon he relaxed his grip on her arms and turned her loose. Then he moved his legs until she was lying weakly across his lap. His hands continued to caress her warm asscheeks and the other hand traveled back and forth along her thighs.

He moved his fingers until he found the wet opening to her pussy and pushed a finger inside her. Her moan told him that he was doing it right. He pulled out the finger and brought it to his mouth, tasting the combined juices of their previous love making. It was more her juice than his because he realized that she had pushed most of it out was he was spanking her and the chase around the room. His inner thighs were soaked and he could now feel the damp spot on the sheet under him. He pushed his finger back inside her and then pulled it back and pushed another in beside it. He was kneading her ass with the other hand as he finger fucked her with the other. After she had gotten used to his two fingers, he placed a third inside and pushed it in deep bringing a deep moan from her.

After finger banging her for several minutes and having her squirm all over his lap, he wanted to try on more thing. He used his other hand to spread her asscheeks apart. He brought his wet fingers to her asshole and smeared the wet juices around it and started to push.

Quickly Wendy reached back and grabbed her son’s hand. She turned her head over her shoulder and with a soft voice said, “Dylan, no. Honey, you can to anything you want to me but that is the one thing I can’t let you do. I am sorry, but not now. Maybe some day, but not right now. Do you understand?” She looked at Dylan in a way that he didn’t understand but after a second he did. He knew why she had stopped him and he understood.

“Yes, mom. I understand.” He moved his fingers away from her asshole and started to push them back inside her pussy.

Wendy knew the moment had been broken. Everything was going great and her orgasm was closing fast but it all went back to Escort Eyüp several steps when she felt him start to probe her ass. It was a mental thing in her mind that she swore to Brian that no one but him would ever fuck her in the ass. She had had several lovers since that time and they never once were allowed to fuck her in the ass. If the situation had been different she would have let Dylan be the only other one besides his father to put his cock there.

She knew she could not leave it like that. Her pussy was still in need of a good cum and she could tell by Dylan hard cock poking her clit that he was needing to cum also. “Dylan, let me up and follow me. I got an idea,” she said. He released her grip and she slid off his lap and stood up. “Damn my ass is sore. But you are going to make it so much better. Follow me, stud.” Wendy reached down and grabbed his swinging cock and used it like a leash. She pulled him across the room and then out onto the balcony.

“Mom, aren’t you afraid someone will see us?” he said as he was looking around to see if someone could see them.

“Baby, trust me, no one can see us. The balcony is has enclosed sides for privacy. No one can see us from the beach. Now put that thing in me and fuck me silly.” She bent over and placed her elbow on the railing and used her other hand to guide him into her pussy.

Dylan stepped up and moved his cock towards her tight opening. She guided his cock until it was right at the opening and then she let go, placing her elbow back on the railing. Dylan lined his hips up with hers and used his feet to push hers wider apart. With one thrust he buried his cock inside her. Her felt her warm ass resting against her stomach and he held her there by her hips. He slowly pulled out and when the head was just inside her he thrust again hard and fast. Each time he thrust into her she would let out a moan and a rush of air. She was pushing back against him hard as he thrust into her. Soon they had a steady rhythm going, she was pushing back against him as he thrust into her hard. He would pull back slowly and then ram it in hard.

They were working up a sweat in the cool night air as they continued to pound into each other. Wendy was now cumming on almost every stroke. Her legs were shaking and she was on her toes. She would rock into the railing each time Dylan forced his way into her. Her tits were hanging and striking the railing as they heavily swung back and forth. Finally Wendy had to grab them to keep them still. As she grasped them her fingers found her long hard nipples and pinched them. This only added to the sensation and compounded her orgasms. She was cumming and as soon as one would end another would begin. It was one long continuous orgasm of highs and higher.

She could tell that Dylan was close to cumming. She could feel his cock starting to swell and the frequency of his grunts became more and more. She knew that she was going to cum all over his cock since she was already. But this was going to be a good one. Dylan had slowed down his speed but not his power. His was trying to ram her hard. He would grip her hips and pull her hard into him as he thrust forward. Each time he thrust in he would come to the end of her canal and rub her cervix. He would not hit it as often as his dad did when they made love; Brian would hit it every time causing her wonderful pain. But Dylan was doing a damn fine job of making her cum.

“Mom, I am about to cum. I am going to cum inside you again. Get ready, get ready. Awwwww, here it comes. I am cumming. Take it mom, take it all.” Dylan was yelling as his cum erupted into her tight pussy. Each blast squirted deep inside her pussy, and then forced itself out along the edges of his penetrating cock. “Oh mom, so good, so good.”

Wendy felt his cock blow inside her. She felt the cum hit her inside and she could tell from the swelling inside her pussy as his cum moved along his cock. His orgasm set her off with another series of orgasms. Wendy was truly a multiple orgasm woman. Depending on her mood, she could have up to twenty or more orgasms in a sex session. She and Brian had laughed one time that he had counted the orgasms she had. It irritated her that he was counting because it made their love making sound like a contest but she was amazed at the number she had. Brian said he counted twenty-eight that he could tell.

But she was cumming like crazy now. She was cumming all over her son’s hot cock as he pumped it in and out of her box. Finally they both had the lust satiated. Dylan pulled his cock out of his mom and stretched his back out. He then looked for a chair to sit. He looked over his shoulder and found a chair moving slowly backwards and sitting down. Once seated, he held his hand out to Wendy. She was still leaning against the railing trying to catch her breath. When she could breathe somewhat normally again, she turned and took his outstretched hand. He pulled her to him and she sat in his lap. He held her close to him and she sat on his wet cock, still sticky from their cum. Wendy laughed when she sat down and felt the wetness on her leg. They both laughed hard when Wendy let loose with a wet pussy fart and a rush of cum spilled from her pussy and dripped to the balcony floor.