Broken Hands Matt Pt. 02


The next morning Amanda woke me up with a kiss on the lips. It felt soft and warm and I savored the taste of sugar on her tongue. I opened my eyes and smiled, “good morning big sister nurse.”

She smiled back at me, “good morning little brother patient. I’m sorry I was weird last night after … You know … I hope we can go back to normal.”

I breathed a sigh of relief. The night before had been awkward. Amanda barely so much as looked at me all night before declaring herself tired incredibly early and going to bed. I was glad she came to peace with our borderline incestuous act.

“No problem Amanda, I love you. I promise I won’t be weird if you are okay.”

She laughed at me, “Okay no weirdness, we’ll pretend like it never happened.”

Ugh. No! I wanted to pretend like it did happen! I needed more.

“Okay, never happened,” I heard the words come out of my lips despite my brain’s protest.

“Good, what would you like for breakfast?”


“I guess I could settle for some waffles.”

“Okay, coming right up.” She smiled cheerfully standing up to leave.

“Amanda,” I said, and she turned back around.

“What about that kiss, if we’re pretending it never happened?” Her eyes went to the floor as she fidgeted her hands in front of her.

“Um … I guess. I don’t know it just felt right.” She sounded so embarrassed I felt terrible.

“Just kidding Sis, glad it’s all good. I love you.”

With that, she turned and left. Moments later I smelled waffles and I knew it wasn’t over. Not by a long shot.


A few days went by without incident as my horniness was abated by the tub hand job, but eventually, my dick began to scream for release.

I lay in my bed one night, horny again. How could I win my step-sister over? I began humping my Mattress, desperate for some way to make my cock feel good. God, it had been days since Amanda helped me. I used to jerk off two or three times a day! I imagined her melon tits in her soft white tee shirt and humped. It wouldn’t help. I just had to get her close to me.

I called out, “Amanda.”

No response. Only darkness. “Amanda!” I yelled a little louder.

I heard rustling from the next room and knew she heard me that time. Moments later the door creaked open, “What is it, Matty?” She asked, wiping her hand over her tired eyes.

She wore only a small tee-shirt, and a pair of panties. I knew she liked to sleep this way, but I never saw it before. In her half-sleepwalking state, she must have forgotten to put on shorts. My dick went from hard to razor sharp as I looked at those pink panties and the outline of her pussy under her tight flat stomach.

“I can’t sleep again,” I said.

She sighed and walked over to my bed, and as she turned to sit down I saw her amazingly sculpted ass, not covered at all by her thong panty. “Maybe you can just lay with me a bit?” I asked trying not to sound too excited.

“I don’t know if that’s a good idea, Matt,” she said.

“No weirdness,” I blurted out though I had every intention of trying to make things weird. “I promise.”

She smiled softly. “Fine, scoot over.”

I shifted my weight toward the wall of my bedroom and lifted the covers for her. My cock swung forth from beneath, staring right at her.

“Oh my god, Matt!” Amanda cried out in a disgusted tone. “You’re naked!” I knew she was faking the disgust, because her eyes locked on my massive member again, and they told me she wanted it. I laughed.

“Of course, I am, Amanda, I always sleep naked. Like I said, though, no weirdness.”

She hesitated a moment, then sighed and slid into the bed next to me, with her back facing me. I nestled next to her, smelling her musk. Her hair was like a gentle breeze caressing my nose. I rubbed my entire body up the length of her back, including my cock directly into the crevice of her ass.

“Matt!” She called.


“You know what, get that thing under control.” She swatted her hand over her shoulder at my face.

“You know I can’t. Plus it’s not hurting anyone.”

“Fine, I’m going back to sleep,” she said. “Just try to get some rest.”

I waited a few minutes feeling her warmth against me. Her toned ass was torturing me as I pressed my cock between it. Once her breathing turned peaceful, and I thought she might actually be asleep, I began grinding harder and harder between her asscheeks.

I felt the soft channel between her ass cheeks gently squeeze my cock between her as I drove my cock up and down its warm softness. I felt her body naturally buck back at me, or maybe she was awake, but I didn’t care. All I could feel was her amazingly soft but toned ass squeezing my cock.

I felt myself building toward climax when my cock slipped between her legs and ground right up into her barely clad pussy opening.

Amanda gasped in front of me as the head pressed into her clit, and I could tell she had been awake, though she still pretended to sleep.

I drove Fındıkzade Escort my cock harder against the pink panty barrier to her sweet pussy. The panties were warm and drenched wet in her fluid, so they were flexible and hugged my cock with a million sweet wet kisses. She let out a suppressed moan, as the head of my cock felt her warmth close around it.

My dick would not be denied by the thin barrier of her panties, it continued onward driving her panties inside of her with it.

I wanted to continue, I wanted to rip straight through those panties and fuck her all night, but the warmth closing around just the tip of my head, covered in her panty material, sent stars through my head.

I came into her panties and into her pussy in huge convulsions of pleasure like I never felt before.

The warmth and tenderness made my dick throb as her channel squeezed just the head inside of it. I felt my seed dripping out, and realized I had never really entered her, and probably just felt her lips around the smallest tip of my cock head.

I fell asleep anyway and felt amazing as my dick stayed nestled between her lips.


I woke up the next morning to Amanda moving in front of me. She gyrated and her pussy lips caressed my cock just enough to make it spring back to full girth though I doubted if it softened much all night. I tried to grab her hips and pull her back toward me, pressing my dick firmly between her legs, but my casts didn’t allow me to fully grip her, and so she was able to wiggle free. She let out a giggle. “No, no, Mister. You were bad enough last night.”

She slapped my hands away from her hips and leapt out of the bed like a rabbit running from a wolf.

I laid back down in my bed and sighed, at least now she was playing along, and no longer feeling weird about things.


A couple days later I watched Amanda shop in a crowded lingerie store in the local mall. I had not been out of the house in days, so I had begged her to take me somewhere, anywhere. I had not expected to end up here. Her idea of a favor was taking me to the mall.

I sat listening to sterilized pop songs stream from unseen speakers and drank a far too sugary slushy. I exhaled a long deep sigh.

As people streamed by, I saw a pair of girls around my age. Both were blonde, with nice bodies, and I was glad to observe their swaying hips in tight yoga pants which accentuated beautifully sculpted, toned asses. They chattered as they walked by me without so much as a glance toward me and my broken hands.

The ladies entered the rows of panties and bras Amanda was exploring, and as the two blondes walked by my step sister I realized that while I had been gawking at them they were nothing compared to Amanda.

Amanda had a much nicer ass, from her years of gymnastics I was sure, and his tits were larger then both girls by far. The most prominent difference, however, was her lean stomach. While the two other girls were skinny, Amanda was toned like a model, curve and tight in all the right places. My step-sister was a goddess, and I marveled at myself for never having noticed before the past couple of weeks.

I stood and began walking over to her. I had to be near here. The lighting in the store was dimmer then the main hallway of the mall, so her face was outlined in soft features making her appear even more beautiful.

My heart lifted. She looked at a turquoise bra she was holding gently in her hand. I imagined what her beautiful tits would look like in the soft material realizing I had still never seen them, despite the activity which transpired between us the last few weeks.

“Hey sis,” I said. Her eyes flickered up to me and she smiled.

“Hey Matty, bored sitting alone? I’m sorry I’ll only be a few more minutes.”

“No, it’s not that,” I said. “I really enjoy watching you.” Her eyes returned back to the bra as her eyelids fluttered.

“Matt, you shouldn’t say things like that.”

“I know, Amanda, but I’m sick of beating around the bush with this. I think you’re the most beautiful girl ever. I just want you to know how I really feel.”

She said nothing as the bustle of shoppers around us continued to move past, an endless sea of people breaking around us which shrouded our strange relationship in normalcy.

I lifted her chin in my casted hand, trying to be as gentle as possible, so the rough material didn’t scrape her and leaned closer to her lips.

“Can’t we just pretend, after all, you’re not my real sister, and no one here even knows we’re step-siblings. They can all think I’m your boyfriend.”

I leaned in to kiss her in the middle of the store. Her lips were soft on mine, like a satin pillowcase in the morning.

My cock instantly hardened as I realized I was in the middle of the mall, tonguing my own step-sister. It was too hot. I wanted to feel more of her. I had to. I reached down to attempt to grab her ass as I pulled her tiny frame closer to mine. My hands could not feel her Fındıkzade Escort Bayan butt, but still my hand went there anyway.

I felt her warmth despite my casts; it radiated out from her pussy, letting me know she was aroused too. I squeezed her huge tits against me and felt them pressed against my chest. She breathed into my mouth and I tasted her breath, sweet like honeydew before she drew away from me and swatted my hands.

“Even if you were my boyfriend that would be too much PDA mister.” She winked at me. I tried to draw her back in, but again she swatted me away.

“Enough! Just wait till I get you home.”


When we arrived home Amanda went upstairs to unpack her new bra and panties. I waited on the sofa thinking about her. Half of me wanted to chase her upstairs and throw her down and take her. Patience I told myself, she’s about to crack.

“Matty,” Amanda called down the steps and I sat up straight as a board.

“Yes,” I said.

“Come up here, I think it’s high time we gave you another bath don’t you think?”

I did think so.

I jumped up from the couch and was upstairs before I could even think about what she’d said. She laughed as she saw me bouncing my way up the stairs.

She stood with her blonde hair tied in a ponytail, to keep it from the water. And she wore the same outfit as the first time she bathed me; a white tee shirt, cut low to show her DD breasts, and a pair of black shorts, skimpy and plain.

“Don’t get too excited Matty, you just stink is all.”

“Okay, you’re right,” I said, smelling myself despite knowing what she was really after. I did stink, though, like a teenage boy’s gym locker.

I went into the bathroom and waited for Amanda to join me. She turned on the hot water and looked at me with a sultry grin.

“Where’s my bathing suit?” I asked, jokingly.

She smiled and took a playful swing at my arm.

“You behave or I will make you wear one again. Now strip.”

Her eyes were on my cock before I could remove my shorts, and I knew she was dying to get another look. I pulled my shirt off first, and then my shorts. My cock was rock hard again, feeling her gaze upon it. Her deep breaths drew her tits in and out, and I stared at them intently.

I would finally see them, I swore to myself.

I had a plan.

I lowered my body into the soothing water, careful not to get my casts wet. Then I leaned back and relaxed and let her rub me down with soap.

Her hands started rubbing the slick bar against my chest, then she continued downward. She skipped down to my calfs just when I thought she would work my cock with the soap.

Then as she worked her way up the inside of my thighs I saw her eyes hungrily looking at my dick, and she bit her lip.

“I suppose we should wash him too right?” She asked.

“Yes, I suppose someone has to. I certainly can’t.” my breath was ragged.

She leaned forward and started rubbing the soap against my cock, careful not to touch it with her hands. She circled the slick soap up and down the inside of my thighs, tickled my asshole with it, and returned to the shaft.

She rubbed the soap along the shaft teasing me with the slick pressure. Finally, after what seemed like hours, she dropped the soap and started massaging my cock with her delicate fingers.

“Just gotta work the soap in deep right, Matty?”

“Right sis,” I said.

She jerked my cock hard and fast, using the slick soap as a gentle lubricant. Her fingers were tight and warm, and I stared at her bobbing tits and she jerked me off.

I had to see them. I put my plan in motion.

I moaned in pleasure, and jerked my hips upwards into her hand as hard as I could causing water to splash up from around the tub and into her white tee shirt covered tits.

She jumped backward from the wave, and looked at me with suspicion.

“Sorry,” I said. “It just felt really good, why don’t you take that off? It’s all wet now.”

Her eyebrow raised as she stood. A slight grin twisted on her lips.

“I suppose I’ve seen all of you right?” She said.

I nodded my eyes eager. She peeled the white shirt off her toned wet stomach. Her bra held in her tan breasts, wild beasts ready to be freed. She unclasped the bra and her tits were free. They didn’t sag from being released, in fact quite the opposite. Despite their massive size, they hovered as if sitting on an invisible shelf. Her nipples were small, and evenly centered, with plump cherry bite sized buds. Perfect.

My dick resurged at the site of them as she leaned back over me and began stroking me again.

I leaned in and kissed her neck, careful to be gentle as she stroked me. A moan escaped her lips, and I continued to nipple my way down the soft flesh of her neck until I reached the change in flesh that marked her breasts. I rubbed my face into them as I made my way to her nipple.

I popped it into my mouth and swallowed hungrily on the swollen Escort Fındıkzade morsel. I heard Amanda moan loudly and squeal, “Matty, you’re so bad.”

I smiled and enjoyed the feeling of her tits pressed against my face. Eventually, she leaned forward stealing her breasts from my mouth, and I let out a cry of complaint until I realized where she was going.

She leaned forward away from me to lick a bit of precum off my cock. Her hungry eyes looked back up at me as she just barely licked the tip.

She couldn’t stop herself any longer and she licked up my shaft with her tongue, like warm velvet stroking me, before plunging the head of my cock into her mouth.

It wrapped around me like a warm glove, stroking, wet and soft. I cried out as the feeling as she continued to jerk me into her mouth. Stroking the shaft while sucking strongly on the head. I was about to cum, I couldn’t handle anymore.

“Amanda, I’m gonna cum,” I said loudly, jerking my hips and causing water to slosh in and out of the tub. I didn’t care, I was in ecstasy, stars shot through my brain as warmth exploded, and Amanda plunged my cock all the way down her throat to accept my seed pouring out.

She slurped and sucked and gaged on my engorged cock as it cascaded semen down her throat. I closed my eyes and could think of nothing but her lips, and tongue as she milked my cock dry.

She swallowed every drop, not releasing my member until it began to shrivel inside her mouth. I cried when it was released into the cold air.

“All clean Matty,” Amanda said.

“Although I think I’m a little dirty?”

My mind swirled as to what she would do next. I knew she couldn’t mean what I thought she meant. But she did, and my wildest fantasies came true as she leaned over to grab her waistband.

Her tits dangled lovely in front of her as she lowered her wet black shorts down from her hips to the floor, and stepped out of them. She stood there completely naked before me, and my mouth hit the floor. S

he looked at me and giggled.

“Maybe you should invite me in so I can clean up as well Matty?”

I could barely speak, my mouth watered as I parted my lips to talk.

“Yeah, Um … sure, come on in and we’ll clean you up.” I shifted in the tub noticing there was not much room for her to squeeze in until I realized she was going to lay right on top of me. She looked down and stepped into the tub straddling me, and lowered herself on top of me.

She pressed her toned wet flesh against mine, and I was in heaven. The feeling of her huge naked breasts pressed against me while her pussy ground on my re-engorged cock was too much. I tilted my head back and moaned into her breasts.

“I wish I could help wash you with my hands, Amanda,” I said, and I meant it. My casts were truly the death of me, as I couldn’t squeeze or fondle her amazing ass or tits. I couldn’t grab her hips and drive my cock into her. I was at her mercy.

Amanda didn’t skip a beat as she began lathering me up again.

“That’s alright Matty, You’re plenty soapy I’ll just get clean from you.”

Once a thick lather sheened across my chest she began rubbing her breasts against me. The slipperiness of the soap caused her to glide gently, easily, against my skin. Her hips continue to pulsate against me. With each gyration she lifted the engorged head of my cock right up into the opening of her pussy, until it hung there, begging for entrance, and fell out.

I swore it would slide in every time, but every time it slipped out. I grunted with each miss.

“Careful, Amanda, it might slip in, I’m so hard, and you’re so wet.”

“What might slip in Matty? It’s okay I’m just getting clean right?”

Her voice was rough with passion and desire. Her hot breath warmed my neck.

“Yeah, you gotta get clean,” I said.

“And I can only get clean by rubbing against you,” She said and continued to buck her small, amazing frame against me. Again my cock lingered on the entrance of her pussy, and she looked down to me, locking my eyes.

“I love you Matty,” she said, then plunged my cock deep into her warm velvet pussy.

I gasped onto a nipple I was biting and called out, “I love you too, Amanda. I can’t believe I’m fucking my step-sister.”

“Believe it stud,” She said while grinding her hips hard into mine, driving my cock deeper and deeper into her.

The water sloshed through the tub as she rode me, gently. She leaned back from me, pressing her hands into my chest so I could no longer reach her breasts with my mouth, but the new angle of her back caused her butt to clasp around the base of my shaft.

I felt the smooth fit mounds of her ass cheeks against my lap and cock as she lifted up and down. Every time my cock left her pussy, her ass squeezed me again.

Her back arched in a way that made my animal desires fire. I leveled my wrists on her hips and drove into her, her small, tight leg muscles felt wonderful.

I saw myself enter and exit her as my casts were soaked in water, but I didn’t care. She looked into my eyes and I wrapped my wrists around her neck.

My soaked casts were heavy and awkward, but I pulled her into me again. I couldn’t feel her ass pressed into my lap anymore, but her huge tits and tight stomach pressed into my chest.