Broken Zippers Pt. 03


Kevin looked down at his wife’s tits flopping around on her chest as he pounded into her tight pussy. He imagined letting all his friends experience how tight she is, how wet she gets when aroused. He thought back to when he saw them all skinny dipping and they took turns rubbing sunscreen on her naked body. He must have jerked off a hundred times imagining she’d let herself go and opened her legs for them. As he imagined his old roommate Jerry crawl between her legs and line his cock up with Shelly’s aroused slit, he tried to slow down feeling that familiar ache in his balls. He almost was able to get himself back under control when the image of another man’s cock penetrate her other hole sent him over the edge.

Shelly was close to cumming and stifled a disappointed groan as her husband collapsed on top of her spasming inside her. She stroked his back, his hips jerking sporadically against her. She wondered again if he knew or suspected she’d let all his friends fuck her. When she’d gotten home the next day, her vagina sore, her ass stinging he’d immediately taken her to the bedroom, stripped her naked and with little foreplay aggressively fucked her. He didn’t last long, but stayed hard and came twice inside her before she could cum herself. He’d apologized, telling her he’d awakened with a huge boner and couldn’t wait for her to get back and offered to orally please her. She desperately wanted it but told him she was fine wondering how much residual sperm was inside her.

The weeks had gone by without getting together with the boys and Shelly wondered about that. The frustrating thing was she had no idea how much he’d seen and had no idea how to bring the subject up, but not having them over for so long was simply strange. She stroked his back as his breathing returned to normal. When he got up to shower, she would get off, but not without the accompanying guilt. It was always the same fantasy. Shelly being penetrated by all the boys at once. She’d never had as much pleasure as when she’d had a cock in her mouth, one in her twat and another in her ass. It used to disgust her when Kevin would put on one of those movies where the sluts would gleefully let the men have access to any hole they wanted, especially when they went from ass to vagina or ass to mouth. But now in her head, she was the one opening her legs and mouth when the boys wanted to switch holes.

Kevin roused himself, “I’m sorry, honey. I’ve just been so horny recently. I cannot get enough of you.” He kissed her and rolled off the bed, “Tonight. I’ll make it up to you. When I woke up with this aching hard-on I wasn’t thinking…” He rolled off his wife, taking in her unbelievable beauty before heading into the bathroom.

Shelly grabbed a tissue and cleaned the cum leaking out of her and was about to finish what Kevin had started when the phone rang. She heard the water running in the shower and wondered if she should ignore it, but groaned and rolled off the bed, grabbing the phone. “Jerry! I haven’t talked to you in a long time. Kevin is in the shower…Oh, sure, I’ll ask him.” She put the phone against her chest and opened the bathroom door, “Honey, it’s Jerry. Are you up for a barbeque with the guys tonight?”

Kevin opened the door, “That would be great. We’ve been so busy and I’d really like to get together again. What time?” He started to close the shower door, but stopped, “Ask him if he’d rather have it here since it will be really hot and we have the pool. Plus, we got that new gas grill and I’d love to break it in.”

Shelly relayed the question and smiled, “I’m sure you would, but that was a one-time thing. No, I never…I get it. Sure.” She laughed, “Who else is coming…ok, sure, that’s fine. Ok, see you at 3.”

Kevin felt his cock pulse, ‘What was a one-time thing? Did she…they…?’ He looked at his blushing wife, “What was a one-time thing? Are they coming here?” he asked as he stroked his cock behind the door where his wife couldn’t see.

Shelly thought about Jerry suggesting she pick them up and drive them all home afterward…perhaps crash on his couch, but smiled as she replied hoping she wasn’t blushing too much, “He wanted to know if I was going to wear a swimsuit with the weak zipper again. I told him no. I’m not getting naked with your friends again, especially if you’re not going to be there.”

“But if I am there is still a possibility…” he laughed, “Look. It was all in fun. These guys would never take advantage of that,” he said studying Shelly’s face. He saw her get redder, her nipples harden and felt his cock getting harder. For the hundredth time, he wished he knew how to ask her what happened the night he’d gotten that damn migraine.

Shelly turned seeing how Kevin was looking at her, “Fine. We can skinny dip if you’re there and after everyone else leaves, but it better just be them. I’m not about to parade naked in front of strangers, especially a bunch of horny guys.”

Kevin thought about the possibilities escort bayan as he closed the shower door and stroked his raging erection.

Shelly saw his look and thought he’d finally ask if anything happened with his friends and her, but he didn’t. So many times she was prepared to tell the entire story if he just broached the subject, but it seemed like he was never able to bring himself to actually phrase it. On top of that, she was unsure how to ask Kevin to fuck her in the ass now that she’d tried it and liked it. ‘Honey, the guys fucked my ass and I would love it if you’d fuck my ass also, you know, for variety?’

She was about to get back on the bed but decided to cook breakfast. As she got dressed, she thought back to the night with Jerry. Kevin’s libido has been incredible the last few weeks getting her on her back or on her hands and knees two or three times a day, but Jerry was a machine. She’d never been with any man who could get it up after 10 minutes all night long. She might be off in her count, but he took her eight times right up until she told him she had to drive back. She’d gotten no sleep all night, but never once wanted him to stop. Once he’d discovered her ass they must have tried four different positions, each one more arousing than the last as he never neglected her pussy and nipples. He was very skilled at getting her to cum multiple times. She shook her head. If Keven would only hold off long enough for her to cum once she’d be thrilled.


“Guys, long fucking time since we’ve seen you,” Kevin said as he gave each of his friends a quick bro-hug. “I really expected you to call or come by this summer since it’s been so hot.”

Jerry looked at his friends and grinned, “We expected to hear from you, you know, let’s go riding, skating come over for a swim…but since you never called we thought you were busy,” Jerry replied. The truth was, he and the others had at first thought perhaps Kevin had set up being alone with Shelly so they could all fuck her, but as they’d not heard from their friend for a month they all had the fear that he was pissed they’d fucked his wife.

“Come on back, Shelly is still changing. She’ll be thrilled to see you. She was running around all day getting the house cleaned, setting up the pool area, getting beer and snacks. Christ! I have no idea where she gets her energy. I swear she can go all night,” Kevin laughed.

Jerry almost blurted out, ‘I know,’ but bit it back in time. “Who else is here? I invited a few friends from work and in my neighborhood if it’s ok with you.”


Shelly turned and looked in the mirror letting out a groan. Kevin must really want her to expose herself to everyone. This suit would get her arrested at a public pool, and it might be fine for when just a few friends are over, but this was going to be around 30 people, most she didn’t know. Her ass was fully exposed with just a string running between her cheeks. She bent over and could easily see her anus. She turned around and looked at the tiny triangle covering her mons. She opened her legs seeing her shaved labia exposed as there was a one-inch strip of fabric covering her slit. ‘Where the fuck did Kevin find this?’ she wondered, ‘I might as well be naked.’

She heard laughter outside and looked out. She smiled seeing Jerry, Chuck, Al, and John. She missed them and had replayed that night many times with her fingers buried in her twat, and though it might be weird seeing them for the first time since they’d fucked the hell out of her, they were still her friends. She looked back at the mirror and tried to adjust the top so the cups covered her massive breasts, cups being a generous term, but was able to just get the small triangles to cover her large nipples. Shrugging her shoulders, she slipped on the coverall which she hoped she’d be able to keep on for a while.


Jerry grabbed Chuck and nodded towards the house, “Shit, if she’s wearing what I think she is, this will be a fun night.” They watched as the short blonde walked across the lawn, her obviously unsupported breasts bouncing freely beneath the thin cover. “Hey, Shelly! Now the party can start!” He turned to a couple of guys, “These are guys I work with, Eddie and Tom. Guys, this is Shelly our hostess.”

Shelly saw a couple of guys their age, both scanning her body before jerking their eyes back to her face, “Welcome. I hope you found everything you need. Jerry, why don’t they have drinks? You know where the beer is.” She spanked Jerry’s ass, “What would you guys like?”

Eddie looked over at the cooler, “I’m not really a beer drinker. Tom and I brought some wine if you have a corkscrew,” he replied distractedly while picking up a couple of bottles, “we can use the cups over there.”

Shelly laughed, “Nonsense, come with me. bursa vip escort We have everything you need in the kitchen. Don’t be shy, mi casa es su casa. Get what you want, you don’t need to ask.” She turned and headed up to the house.

Eddie couldn’t take his eyes off the ass on this girl as they followed her to the back door. The coverall she had on was far from opaque and her figure seemed perfect. Her ass jiggled wonderfully as she walked and he turned his attention to the house and the landscaping when he felt a stirring in his crotch.

“We really appreciate you inviting us over. Jerry has told us about the times he’d been over here and what a great place this is.” Tom said, “I mean, the pool is bigger than we thought and the privacy here is amazing.”

At first Shelly worried they knew about the skinny dipping among other things, but their tone was more innocent than that. “I’m glad he invited you then. Kevin and I really love having people over. It is private here. We never hear or see our neighbors, though I did warn them about perhaps excessive music tonight,” she laughed. “Come on in,” she said holding the door, “The kitchen is to the right.”

Tom watched the girl come in and saw that her breasts were even more spectacular up close. He took the corkscrew and opened the first bottle while watching the blonde reach up trying to grab a couple of wine glasses. He turned to face the counter worried things might show as her full ass came exposed as she raised her arms.

“Hey, let me help you,” Eddie said leaning against the girl and reaching over her. “You really need a step-stool in here,” he laughed. He took two glasses down quickly pulling his crotch away from the girl’s warm soft ass.

Shelly blushed as she felt the bulge pressing against her, but suspected it was innocent. She was short and the glasses were on the top shelf. She did wonder about the amount of mass she’d felt against her and wanted to check out how much he was packing. ‘When we swim, I’ll have to look. The nice thing about swimming is the way the men’s shorts cling to their bodies when they get out,’ she thought. She turned and smiled at the boys, “Anything else you need? You might want to leave the bottle in here so it doesn’t get hot in the sun. She hugged each man, “Again, thanks for coming over.”

After she left, Tom needed to adjust his cock, “Christ! She’s fucking hot. How on earth can Jerry and the others come over here without fucking that?” He stared out the window at that ass as she headed back to the pool.

“I know. If I came over here regularly, I’d find a way to get between those legs. Look at her ass. Christ! I’d just love to bury my face between those cheeks.”

Eddie nodded, “Come on, let’s go hit the pool and maybe we’ll get a chance to perhaps see a bit more of her. She has to take that thing off eventually.”


Kevin met Shelly as she was heading back, “Babe! I love you. I hoped you wouldn’t chicken out.” He held her by her shoulders and looked her up and down before turning her around. “Wow, this really looks great on you.”

Shelly blushed, “And you aren’t the only one to appreciate this. You better not leave me alone with all these horny guys this time. I know you weren’t feeling well, but I’m afraid Jerry’s friends might already have ideas and I’ll need you here to keep the guys from trying …”

Kevin looked back towards the house, “Why, did they say anything?”

“No, but maybe I’m reading too much into it, but Eddie helped me get down the wine glasses and pressed his…you know, against my ass.”

Kevin laughed, “Honey. I’m sorry. You always jump to the worst-case scenario. Those glasses are on the top shelf and you’re not exactly tall. He was just being nice. Now had he grabbed your ass or a tit, I’d have to have words with him.” He looked back at the pool, “Now come on and let’s make introductions.”


Shelly finally took off her coverall and when she did, conversations stopped and most eyes turned to her. A few of the girls grabbed their boyfriends or husbands and swiveled their heads back, but even many of the girls’ eyes scanned her figure, though perhaps looking for faults. Jerry immediately came over, picked her up and tossed her into the deep end before diving in. This became a macho game as each guy tried to prove who was strongest, but in reality, it was an excuse to grab Shelly anywhere. She finally excused herself and went to grab a beer.

“Watch out for Eddie and Tom,” Jerry said quietly as he came over to the cooler, “They’ve gotten a reputation for going after married women.”

Shelly laughed, “Unlike you and others who would never sleep with a married woman? She punched him softly, “No, sorry. That was a mistake…” she stopped and put a hand on his arm, “Actually, that was not a mistake,” She bursa elit escort looked at her friend, “still might be the best night of my life and I really never thanked you.”

Jerry wanted to kiss her and glanced around, “Um, I’ve been feeling guilty and I wasn’t sure if you were upset with me…with us, but I’m relieved to hear you say that. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to top that night.” He looked over at Eddie watching them, “But I’m guessing Eddie would have no guilt if things were to happen.”

Shelly looked over and realized she’d been kneeling by the cooler, her ass fully exposed and Tom and Eddie staring. She immediately stood up and blushed, “I guess I need to be careful wearing this suit also.”

Jerry laughed, “You’ll be out of it soon enough if all these guys, me included get their wish.” He put down his beer and ran over and dove into the pool.

Shelly went over the Kevin and flopped down on the chair next to him, “This is fun but I think I’m going to change into something a lot less revealing. I’m causing a bit of a distraction,” she looked around at the eyes on her.

Kevin laughed, “I’ve noticed. This is great honey. Admit it, it’s making you hot. All these guys want you and after they leave we’ll use this as foreplay and have the best sex ever.”

He reached over and stroked her leg and she didn’t stop him when he reached the tiny triangle covering her crotch…just closed her eyes feeling the need to cum she’d felt all day. She grabbed a towel and draped it over her crotch and opened her legs slightly as her husband played with her pussy with all these people around.

“Ok, I think you’d better cool off,” he said softly, “I’d hate for you to come with all these people watching.” He laughed as he watched the guys try to throw a couple of other girls across the pool, “You know, that does look like fun. I’ll bet I could throw you the farthest.” He stood up and dove in.

Shelly watched as her husband’s hands were all over the different giggling girls as suits accidentally came off before being quickly put back on. She saw two or three of the couples head over to the area behind the trees and felt a pang of jealousy no one was taking her back there. She watched as suits flew out of the pool and soon all the men were naked and all the women were at least topless. Her husband had a naked Carol on his shoulders playing chicken fight against Chuck and Lexi, who were also naked. Most eyes were on the shimmering bare breasts bouncing in the sun as they wrestled to knock each other off. Carol screamed and raised her hands over her head in victory as Lexi splashed into the water. Carol slid off Kevin’s shoulders, wrapped her legs around him and gave him a big kiss. Shelly felt jealousy seeing that, but it was brief, and the girl dove off and swam over to the diving board.

Other couples paired off and a competition of sorts was brewing with people screaming out they were the champions. The sun was getting to her and she was about to get up and dive in when Jerry and Eddie climbed out and came over and pulled her to her feet. She saw her husband grinning at her as the two men took off her top and bottom without asking, then picked her up and carried her over to the pool edge. She screamed as she was hurled halfway across the pool before splashing in. Two guys immediately came over to try to get her naked body on their shoulders. Being small was not an advantage and with her limited reach, the almost 6-foot tall Carol and other women easily knocked her off, but none of the men was deterred and she found herself in demand challenging Kevin and Carol and other pairings.

It occurred to her she’d been manhandled by every guy here except Kevin who was glued to Carol. She knew why. His porn choices had always been tall, slender blondes. He was very interested in her interactions with all the other guys, though. He watched as the various guys kept coming over and picking her up putting her on their shoulders and then the various women grabbed at her arms and chest, or when she was turned, her ass. She wondered if he was getting hard seeing all the men ignore any modesty she might have when they put their hands on her lifting her up. Her pussy was soaked from all the stimulation and her breasts had red hand marks on them from men and women – many of whom seemed fascinated by her big boobs.

“Ok, enough!” she giggled, “Kevin, you need to start grilling and I need to get into the kitchen to get the side-dishes.” She climbed out and toweled off but when she looked around for her suit, it was gone. She saw Jerry grinning at her so she put on the coverall which really covered nothing. She looked at herself and realized being the only one dressed, but in a totally revealing wrap made her feel even more naked. She shrugged off the outfit and headed up to the house.

“Hey, need some help?” Carol asked, “Tell me what to do.” She looked around, “Do you have an apron for me?” she asked seeing Shelly wearing just that.

Shelly took a moment to look at Carol’s body remembering the kiss and her blonde bush pressed against Kevin’s crotch. “Sure, here.” She thought about how Kevin loved tall blonde women, “You and Keven ever lose a match out there?” she asked, “I never saw you go in.”