Brother/Sister Tickle Slaves


My sister and I live in a tiny apartment and sometimes struggle to pay rent. Luckily my sister has a lot of guy friends who give her money usually in exchange for different types of sessions. Most of the sessions are tickling sessions. It’s not that my sister enjoys tickling, she enjoys money. When we were little kids, she would usually let me tickle her in exchange for a few dollars. But after tickling her, she would usually get me back since I’m ticklish too around my ribcage and feet.

Now, I’m pretty sure most of you readers are interested in where my sister is ticklish and how she looks like. She’s about 5 feet, 100 pounds, athletic body (her abs aren’t toned but she has them), long black hair and B cups.. Well, over the many years of tickling her, she’s ticklish EVERYWHERE. You TOUCH her and she’ll probably jump. Her worst spots are her armpits, her chest, and her “lower part”. How do I know that? Did I tickle her there before? Nope. One of my good friends dated her for a short time. One time when we went over at his place and came back in the living room after we went in his swimming pool, he asked me to hold her down (she was still in her bathing suit). He kept tickling her breast which made my sister squirm like crazy. Then he proceeded to squeeze the part in her inner thighs that gave an equally strong reaction. So that’s how I know.

Our next door neighbors heard about our rent problem and decided to help us out. They are an elderly, fat couple who were into a lot of kinky stuff. They asked us if we wanted to be their “pets” overnight. I talked to my sister about it and we agreed. It’s not like we had a choice.

So that night, we went over to their apartment. Unlike elazığ escort our apartment, theirs were big with multiple rooms and saw much equipment for various things. We were immediately escorted to the bedroom and forced to strip our shirts and pants. I was wearing thin boxers while my sister was wearing a red bra and small red underwear (don’t know why, it barely covers her butt). They tied our arms and feet together to the bed and they got on the big bed. My sister was on the left and I was on the right and they were in the middle facing me. The wife (Mrs. H) started to rub me. Even though she was old, it felt great. Mr H went towards my feet and slowly started to stroke his finger up and down my foot which made me squirm and giggle a bit.

“Oh, so you’re ticklish huh? Honey, you know what to do.” Mrs. H stopped her stroking, grabbed my hard on, and started to tickle the tip which tickle like fucking crazy. I started thrashing a little bit clenching my teeth. It was the next thing they did that started to make me laugh. Mrs. H reached her hand under my ass and started to tickle my hole along with Mr. H tickling my feet. I was tickled for around 10 minutes until they made me an offer.

“Do you want us to stop?” Asked Mrs. H. I nodded. “If we stop tickling you, we’ll tickle your sister. Okay?” I hesitated. Of course I like seeing my sister tickled, but not by an old man and women. I kept my mouth shut. “You know, my husband is bi and you’re hard right now. He can blow you off any time.” “Tickle my sister.” I said immediately. The wife moved over and sat on my sister. “Hi sweetie, you’re really cute and beautiful. Where are you ticklish?” She asked. My sister didn’t say anything. Mrs. H turned to her husband, and the husband started to stroke me up and down. I tried moving my body away but it was hopeless. He was too heavy. And adding insult to injury, he started to tickle my ribs along with it. “Now sweetie, if you don’t answer, we’re going to continue tormenting your brother.” But she still didn’t say anything. I didn’t want to continue being stroked and tickled by him, so I screamed “Everywhere!” and the torture stopped and Mr. H moved over to her too. My sister grilled at me.

Mr. H sat on my sister’s arms while the wife was on her thighs. And the tickling immediately started. Mr. H’s fat fingers dug into my sisters armpits while the wife kept squeezing my sister’s sides. She screamed LOUD and I saw her trying to turn, but with all the weight on her, I was surprised to see a slight movement. Not only was the husband tickling my sister’s armpits, I also saw him rubbing her boobs a little and saw a bit of an erection from her nipples. I didn’t enjoy watching her getting tickled by them, but I couldn’t keep my eyes off.

After the long tickle torture for my sister, the couple removed their clothes (nasty). My sister was worn out from the tickling. She looked and acted like a zombie, gasping for air. They took a pair of scissors from the drawers from the drawers and cut off our remaining clothing. Mr. H released my sister and carried her to another room.

“Hey! Where are you going with her?” I asked nervously. The wife gagged me with a gag. “Shhh, he’s going to do some bad stuff to her. Don’t complain or he’s going to make it 10 times worse.” She said. She then took out oil and covered my body and started to stroke me again which made me lose my worries about my sister. But I got my senses back and started resisting and screaming. *Sigh* “I warned you to behave. Now as your punishment, you will see what my sister is doing to your sister. She left the room to bring her husband in with my sister and laid/tied her to the bed. He fingered her while tickling her. All you can hear from my sister was “huh huh huh.” He then shifted his body and started to fuck her while tickling her breast until Mrs. H pushed him off and she started eating her out. The husband had nothing to do so he got on me and started to suck me off. I was trying hard not to explode which the husband saw.

“Hey, I’ll stop if you tickle your sister.” I agreed and they released me. I felt sorry for my sister, but at the same time, tickling is tickling, which I like and I went in on her armpits. I then moved to her feet and started tickling her toes.

“Get into doggy position and suck her toes.” Ordered Mr. H. I obeyed and started to suck her toes. Her feet were naturally smooth but also pretty stinky, so it was a mix of sweet and sour in my mouth.

“Now go on the floor, on your knees, and lick her soles.” It was better than sucking her toes, but still pretty nasty. I saw the husband get on my sister for a few more tickles and started to fuck her while the wife got on my sisters face and played with her breast. She finally passed out and I was next.

Mrs. H 69 positioned me and started to blow me while Mr. H was licking my nuts. It didn’t take long for me to explode.

I was tired from the session and we decided to sleep. Mr. H released my sister and cuddled with her while I cuddled with Mrs. H. And that was how we got to pay our rent for the month. Let me know if you guys want to read more of my sister and/or me getting tickled.