Brotherly Love



My adopted parents already had a son who had left the nest when they adopted me. I had spent time in a couple of homes and was pretty much into my early teens when they signed the papers. For the longest time I only saw the pictures of their son Ray – pictures of him growing up, high school pictures with his friends, playing football. There was also his army enlistment picture, all decked out in his uniform, before he went over seas.

It was the end of my senior year of high school when he came home from the army. I was quickly approaching nineteen years old because of all the school I had missed over the years and had set my sights of a small teaching college in the Midwest. I remember that I was going over some literature about the school when he came home unannounced. Boy was he good looking. Rugged tanned face, well defined muscles throughout his arms and chest. I guess I must have just stared – he got up right in front of my face and spoke my name. Ray spoke my name all surprised and then hugged me. I fell in love with him right there as only a teenage girl can – but he was my ‘brother’ – wasn’t he?

It was two days later that we were alone in the house in the evening. I had just come out of the bathroom from showering and was heading down the hall to my room when he stepped out into the hall not more than three feet from me. Coming out so suddenly had scared me and made me jump. The towel I had wrapped around my head slid down, covering my face. He laughed and took the towel from my head and remarking how silly I looked. When he then asked why I had so many towels wrapped around me, I explained how it took a separate towel just to dry my hair. Ray stepped behind me, took the towel he was holding and started drying my hair. I can’t describe the feeling that came over me. Here was this gorgeous guy gently working my hair and head.

When I didn’t object, he moved from the hair down to my shoulders-slowly drying me from my neck to my shoulders. All the time he keep talking about how pretty I was and how soft and nice my skin was. He then placed his hand on my neck and kissed my shoulder. I turned to meet his lips and we kissed for what seemed hours. Almost without my notice, he undid the towel I had wrapped around me and let it fall to the floor. I stood there completely naked before him. My breathing was so deep and rapid that my breasts rose and fell with each breath. My brother smiled at my excitement and dropped to his knees letting his hands slide slowly over the breasts and nipples. He leaned me against the wall, lifted my leg over his shoulder as the sound of the garage door going up filled the hallway. I grabbed my towels and ran to my room and slammed the door. In the safety of my room, I leaned back against the door trying to catch my breath. I was incredibly wet with excitement at Ray starting to go down on me and almost Gaziosmanpaşa Escort getting caught. The one thing I knew at the moment was that Ray would try again-I only hoped soon, oh, let it be very soon!


Do you know how it is to want everything to be just perfect? That’s how I felt about my adopted brother, Ray. After the incident in the hallway, I couldn’t have been any more primed to make love to him! That evening, I showered, shaved, powdered and perfumed myself to no end! I put on pj’s that were just a little too small. I don’t think I had worn them since I was thirteen. The material was silk and the top was tight enough that my nipples protruded clearly through the fabric. From my bed I watched for the doorknob to turn and my older brother to sneak into the room. As I intensely waited for that doorknob to turn, I played the experience in the hall with Ray over and over like an old movie. Re-living the excitement of the way that he kissed me and touched me and almost placed his lips and mouth to my wet pussy. I wanted him so badly that I ached inside!

Some time during the night I must have fallen asleep, for the next thing I knew Ray was leaning over me with his hand on my breast. I wish I could say that I moaned and pulled him on top of me. Unfortunately for Ray, I had never been coaxed out of sleep by someone fondling my breast and nipple. I shot straight up in the bed, whacked Ray on the side of the nose, beneath his left eye with my head. That hurt so bad! I grabbed my forehead and started to cry and Ray hit the floor moaning. To make matters worst, my Mom heard the commotion and headed for my room. By the time she opened the door and flipped the wall light on, Ray had crawled behind my bed and pulled the bed spread over him. I sounded like an idiot trying to explain why I was crying-telling her I had a nightmare and must have fallen out of bed. She told me it was all right and to stop my crying before I woke everyone in the house.

About ten minuets later, Ray kissed my softly and left-so much for plans and expectations. Yes, I know, everyone expects a story about how wonderful, lusty sex just happened! For me, everything I had imagined and planed for just plain fell apart. But you know, when we did make love, it was, well.. unexpected, unplanned, and simply wonderful.


Embarrassing moments have a way of becoming ‘white elephants.’ You know, obvious things that people pretend aren’t there. Ray and I didn’t talk about what happened in the hallway or the escaped in my bedroom. We just pretended it never happened, pretty strange considering I had broken his nose when I hit him with my head.

About two days later I got a letter from the library that I had sixteen books over due and if not returned they would charge $12.00 a book. I tore my room apart until I found all sixteen Gaziosmanpaşa Escort Bayan books and started out walking to the library. I’d gotten about half way down the block when Ray pulled along the curb in his pickup. I didn’t want to get in. I guess I was still embarrassed and, well, confused. I was thinking that maybe all this with Ray was not meant to be. When he wouldn’t go away and leave me alone, I gave in and let him give me a ride. Ray stayed in the truck as I returned the books. When I finished and got back into the truck, he just turned and looked at me. I have already said how handsome and rugged he looked – well, that had changed! His nose was taped with big strips of white tape, his check was puffy and purple, and his left eye almost swollen shut. Damn, that boy was a mess! As I stared into his good eye, I started to laugh. Then we both broke out in to one of those laughs that make makes it hard to catch your breath.

Ray drove me to Meacham farm, where there was a second barn used to store hay. He parked the truck behind the barn and picked up a blanket from behind the front seat. Ray took my hand and led me into the barn and up to the loft where he cut open a bale of hay. After spreading the blanket over the hay, he turned to me and kissed me gently. He told me that his mom had sent pictures of me starting from the first day I arrived to live with them. He told me that he thought I was pretty hot at fifteen and had now become a beautiful sensual woman. I told him how I had spent hours staring at his pictures, wondering about him and as I spoke, he unbuttoned my shirt, pulled the tail out of my jeans, and let the shirt fall to the floor. I watched his hands caress my breasts and trace the shape of my nipples through the fabric of the bra. I couldn’t do anything but watch! The feeling was wonderful–it was like being at the movie, watching and waiting for the next thing to happen.

His hands glided over the fabric to the snaps in the back. With a short pull, he unfastened and removed my bra. I could feel the breeze against my skin. The cool breeze and the excitement of being caressed caused my nipples to become full and erect. He rolled the stiff nipple between his forefinger and thumb.

Even when you have normal ‘B’ size breasts, you can feel small compared to the girls with the ‘C to D’ boobs. Ray made me feel like my tits were the most perfect tits in the world-he touched and caressed me like I was special. It was the way that he touched me that excited me when he undid my jeans and pulled the zipper down. I moved in close to him as he put his hands on my hips and slid my jeans and panties down. I stepped out of the clothes and stood completely naked in front of him, like an offering. I heard the breath slip out of him and he said almost in a whisper, “Damn, you’re so beautiful!” I know Escort Gaziosmanpaşa that doesn’t seem like a powerful statement, but the sound of those words and way that they were spoken made me want him like I’d never wanted anyone. He undid his jeans, pulled them down some as he sat down on the blanket. I pulled his boots off and then grabbed the pant legs and yanked the jeans off. No shorts, no boxers, nothing-Ray sat there all beautifully exposing his partially erected cock. It was long and tilted to one side with two large sacks hanging from the shaft with a patch of dark hair shooting out.

Ray pulled me gently down onto my back. Spreading my legs, he slowly kissed and stroked from my tits to the inside of my thighs. He ran his fingers along the outside folds of my pussy and down the length of my slit, from the small opening to the enlarged clit. He then brought his head down and tried kiss and suck my wet, waiting cunt, but stopped. I think it hurt too much from the broken nose and all. Shit!! Why couldn’t I have broken his foot or something? Here I was craving his lips on my warm cunt and his tongue deep inside my wet hole and it wasn’t going to happen! I was frustrated and mad to the point of screaming. What that did was make me more aggressive than I had ever been in my life. I pulled Ray up to me, pushed him on his back and slid down his chest between his legs.

“Damn boy, looks like you have a problem!” came shooting from my mouth. I couldn’t believe that it was me talking, much less that I was holding his marvelous cock in my hands. Ray looked as surprised as I brought my lips down to kiss the tip of his cock, tasting the bead of pre-cum that had formed there. He moaned as I wrapped my tongue around the head of his cock and took the warm flesh into my mouth. Alternating the pressure on the head of his cock, I sucked for a while and then would run my tongue and lips down and up each side of the shaft while messaging his balls. It didn’t take long for his dick to start to twist and quiver.

As I watched in amazement, his erection became huge! I don’t think I was prepared for the size of that thing in me, but before I could think much more about it, Ray pulled me up and over onto my back. He placed the tip of his engorged cock at the opening of my wet pussy. Pressing firmly, the head of his cock stretched past the opening inside me. I tried to wrap my legs around his waist and hang on as he plunged faster and deeper inside me with each stroke.

Finally, he was filling me completely with each thrust of his cock. I could feel his balls smack against my butt and hear the sound of the suction of my wet pussy pulling on his shaft. A warmth that came from the very center of my pussy, started to spread over my entire body and a wave of pure excitement flooded over me. I heard myself scream, “Damn, I’m cumm..ohhhh!!” As the orgasm shot through me, Ray thrust three or four more times before arching his back and grunting loudly. He plunged his cock as deep as he could before exploding wave after wave of hot cum inside me.

We lay there for sometime before he withdrew from inside me. I kissed him and told him how glad I was to finally have a big brother.