Brotherly Love


I grew up in a large family. My oldest half-brother, Leslie, moved back into the attic apartment in our family home with his two young sons after his divorce. His wife turned into a drug addict, and he divorced her and got custody of the boys, Joshua and Jeremy.

Leslie was a coal miner, doing shift work at a local mine about 20 miles from our home. Because of the constantly changing shifts he worked, one of us kids still living at home would have to watch the boys for him. He paid us to watch them, and they were good boys, so it was not a bad deal, except that it meant we couldn’t go out with our friends; we had to stay home and babysit. My oldest sister, Alana, had a job at the mall, so she was rarely available to watch them. Mainly the task fell to my older brother, Tommy Joe (TJ) and me.

One Saturday night, Leslie got a call to go into work. At the time, the mines were just about to go on a lengthy strike, which meant that unemployment was looming and all the miners were trying to get in as much work as possible before the strike began. So when Les got the call to pull a double shift, he immediately bird-dogged TJ and me to watch the boys.

TJ had plans and tried to dodge the bullet for that evening, but since he had tickets to the Steelers’ game on Sunday, he knew that he was nailed. I had no particular plans, but I wasn’t going to agree to watch them all night Saturday and all day Sunday too. After a lot of grousing, TJ agreed to babysat Sat. night if I took over on Sunday. With that agreement pending, Leslie left for work.

Not much was going on at my house that night. I watched Saturday Night Live in the living room, and was going to head for bed when I decided to go up to the attic and talk to TJ before hitting the sack.

There are two ways to access the attic apartment; one is through a winding set of outside stairs that were installed when it was renovated into an apartment, and the other (little-used) set of pull-down steps in my closet. I went up this way because it was easiest. I Escort Bayan was climbing up the last set of stairs when I could hear the tv playing in Les’s room.

I decided that I would scare the crap out of TJ for being such a whiny baby about watching the boys, and just because that’s the kind of thing kid sisters do to big brothers all the time. Because he had the tv on, TJ couldn’t hear my approach, and I giggled silently at how surprised he would be.

The set-up of the attic is one large, multi-purpose room opening up off the stairs, with a small bedroom for the boys off to its left, and a bigger bedroom for my brother at the other end. A miniscule bathroom is cordoned off of the kitchen / living area. There is no way someone in my brother’s bedroom could see someone approaching from the closet stairs. I crept closer. I could hear the tv, and heard a lot of strange sounds, like someone was in a lot of pain. I figured TJ had on Chiller Theatre and it was a good one. Maybe I’d stay and watch it, since I’d have company and wouldn’t be so scared.

Right outside the doorway I paused. From this vantage point I could clearly see the tv, but TJ’s back was to me and he was unaware of my presence.

There were two naked women and a naked man on the screen! They were doing all sorts of things to one another that had caused the “painful” moans and groans I had heard. TJ had his jeans unzipped and was stroking his cock with his hand while he watched the scene on tv.

One girl was being fucked doggy-style by the man while she buried her face in the crotch of the beautiful girl spread-eagled in front of her. The sight caused my knees to go weak and my pussy to swell and twitch. I watched in lust-crazed wonder as my brother beat his meat, harder and faster as his eyes remained riveted to the screen. I never had seen a penis before on a grown man. It was huge! At least 9″ or 10″ long and very thick in circumference. It was very red, almost purple in color. He stroked faster and faster, mumbling, “That’s right; like her clit! Suck on it while he fucks your ass!”

I didn’t know what to do; I knew I should get out of there but I was so aroused by the sights and sounds that I couldn’t move. My hand crept up under my nightie and into my panties. My cunt was soaking wet! I thought that I had peed my pants. I started moving my hand back and forth across my pussy, then up inside where it was even hotter and wetter. I eventually found my clit and started to finger myself faster and faster. I was almost there, and let out a soft moan of my own as the orgasm approached.

“Amythyst! What the fuck are you doing up here!” my brother had spun around, cock still in hand when he heard my moan.

“Oh TJ!” I gasped. “Oh my God!” I had been so close to my first orgasm! And now it was all snatched away! “I can’t stop now. Please!” I begged him. My cunt was aching, a dull throb that I instinctively knew would be eased by orgasm. My fingers were still busy in my pussy.

“You should never have come up here!” he said. “You’re going to get me in a lot of trouble.”

“Let me watch it with you. Please! I just want to watch it and make myself feel good! Please TJ! It won’t take long; I was almost there!”

“We can’t watch porn together, Amythyst! We’re brother and sister.” I noticed that although he was no longer stroking his huge cock, it remained hard.

I moved toward the couch. “I’ll sit at one end and you at the other so we don’t even touch.”

He groaned and shook his head. “You’re gonna get me in trouble,” he repeated, but I noticed he had resumed stroking himself. “Just sit there, ok?”

I sank back against the cushions and started thrusting my fingers in and out of my cunt. It made a wet, squishy sound that was turning me on even more. I opened my eyes and noticed that TJ was no longer watching the action on the screen, but was instead riveted by my masturbating. I had pulled my white cotton panties to one side. In a strangled voice, TJ gasped, “Take off your panties!”

I smiled. “Do you want to see me better?”

“Yes, dammit!”

I discarded the sopping panties and spread my cunt even wider. He was on his knees in front of me, stroking harder and faster. I moved my fingers to my clit and started rubbing, but I missed the penetration.

“Oh, Amythyst! I can’t stand it! Will you let me fuck you, just one time?” He was begging.

But I was scared. What if I got pregnant with my brother’s baby! Apparently, TJ thought about it too, because then he changed his request.

“Just with my mouth, Amy. Please let me make you come with my mouth.”

“Yes, TJ! Make me come, and you come too!”

He dove into my pussy, licking and sucking and finger-fucking me while he jacked himself off. One finger slid into my asshole and I jumped, then settled down to enjoy the sensation. It was incredible! My brother was sucking my clit while three of his fingers slid in and out of me. His pinky finger was buried to the hilt in my ass. Suddenly he moaned, “I can’t hold off anymore!”

As he started to spurt, he jerked his cock right over my clit and the hot juice spurted out onto me, sending me over the edge and into my first orgasm. His come was all over me! After he had shot his wad, he was still hard! He lowered his mouth to my pussy and licked off every drop of come from my cunt. This sent me into a second frenzied orgasm, and suddenly he was on top of me, his hugely swollen cock pumping in and out of my formerly virgin pussy. He was crying as he fucked me. “I’m sorry, Amy! Oh god Amy I just want to keep on fucking you!”

I pumped back, harder and harder, squeezing his dick with my vaginal muscles. I felt him stiffen and he reached his hand down and diddled my clit so I came again with him. I couldn’t believe that anything could ever feel this good!

When it was over, we showered together, washing the juices from each others’ bodies. We agreed that we couldn’t risk a pregnancy, so we couldn’t do that anymore. However, TJ said that there were many other things that we could do, and one day I’ll come back and tell you all about the things my brother and I did together…