Brotherly Love Ch. 07

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The next morning I awoke with my legs tangled in through Mark’s and his arm laying across my waist possessively. I peered over the pillow to see the alarm clock. It was 9:32am.

“Wow, hey Marky, we should get up.” I tried to roll over so that I was facing him but he clamped his legs together holding me still.

“Mm, nope.” He replied sleepily.

“Mm, yup. Come on, we got stuff to do today.” I reached behind me and felt around for his face. I found his cheek and caressed it softly. As I explored his face blindly, I ended up with my fingers on his lips, I reached up a bit further and stuck a finger in each of his nostrils.

“UP!” I demanded.

“OW, hey Jaimes, fuck off!” Mark tried to laugh but with his nose unavailable to use it sounded like a choke.

I started to giggle.

“Come on tough guy, let’s go, get up!” I teased and with my arm over my shoulder, backwards, tried to lift him by his nose.” It didn’t work very well at all.

Mark’s arm that was across my waist moved so his hand was on my hip. He gently ran his fingers up and down my thigh, then clamped down right at the join of my thigh and hip. Hard.

“AUGH! Goddammit!” I screamed as he caught the nerve and my leg stopped working. I struggled to get out of his grip, but had to let go of his nose to do it.

I gave up and let go of his nose, twisting out of his steel grip.

By the time I got myself turned around to face him, Mark had tears streaming down his face he was laughing so hard.

“You’re such a jerk!” I laughed and climbed up on him so that I was straddling his large chest. I rubbed myself all over his chest and then jumped off the bed and flew into the bathroom. “See how you like that! I branded you!” I giggled and slammed the door closed behind me.

When I came out of the bathroom Mark was up & dressed already, standing at the window on his cell phone. The voice on the other end sounded really angry, there was yelling and swearing and lots of it.

I walked closer to him to listen and he swung around, the look in his eyes told me to beat a hasty retreat. He did not want me hearing what was being said at all.

So I went over to the bed & turned on the radio, drowning out the conversation I wasn’t supposed to hear.

It was a good ten minutes before Mark finally stuffed his cell phone in the pocket of his jeans and turned to look at me.

The look on his face told me it was Derek who’d been yelling and that Mark was in trouble big time.

“We should turn on the news…” Mark motioned towards the TV but didn’t move from where he stood.

I jumped up & flipped on the TV, flipping stations to find the news.

“Police are searching for the kidnapper of the 19 year old girl. Her brother has an idea of who it might be and police are offering a reward for any information of the incident.”

“OH shit. Mark that’s not good.” I walked over to him, reaching out to wrap my arms around his waist and snuggle in for a good hug.

He brushed my hands away and started to pace the small room frantically.

“Shit Jaimie, I am in so much shit! Logan’s going to have me arrested, I just know it. I’m so screwed!”

“Mark, calm down. It’s all good, let me go talk to the police; I can smooth it all over. You didn’t kidnap me, you rescued me from my insaniac brother. Once I show them my bedroom door, they’ll understand. You’ll be fine. Don’t worry!” I grabbed his arms as he stormed past me on Etiler escort his tenth lap of the room.

He stopped and I spun him to face me, wrapping his arms around my waist, then putting my own up around his neck.

“Hey, Marky, we’ll be fine, I promise ok?” I reached up on my tiptoes and tried to plant a kiss on his lips.

He kept his eyes averted from me, staring over my head and didn’t return my kiss.

I stepped up onto his feet and tried again to get his attention.

“Hello? Anybody home?” The cold unresponsiveness I got was starting to worry me. I’d never seen him so freaked about anything like he was right then.

I wiggled my toes on the top of his feet, and then decided to just climb up his body. Figured he’d have to pay attention to me then.

I pulled up with my arms around his neck and planted my feet up on his thighs, climbing up his body like a child would do a “mountain climb.”

It wasn’t until my foot slipped and I lost my balance that he came out of his other world and grabbed hold of my waist to keep me from hurting myself.

“Jaimes, what the fuck are you doing?” He growled.

“Trying to get you to talk to me dork. You’re freaking me out. Seriously, talk to me ok?” I wrapped my legs around his waist as he was still holding me up against him. I let him put his arms under my backside to support me and then I took my arms from around his neck and put my hands on his face, making him look at me.

“I’m sorry, I’m not trying to be an ass, but listen to me, this is a lot of shit I’m in ok? I really don’t think you can sweet talk us out of it baby.” Mark finally made eye contact with me, lifting the corner of his mouth up into a disgusted sneer. “I try to do something right by you and this is the thanks I get. It’s fucked up.”

“I know, I’m sorry, Mark if you let me talk to Logan or the police, I’m sure they’ll understand what happened. Well, Logan won’t, but the police will and then maybe we can get Logan thrown in jail for locking me in my room.” I said hopefully.

Mark snorted.

“Doubt that. Nothing would ever be that easy.” He gave me a squeeze and leaned in for a quick kiss. “Jaimie I love you, and I will do anything in my power to protect you from that ass of a brother of yours, but I don’t think I can do it from behind bars.”

“You’re not going to jail, I promise, I won’t let them do that to you. Derek won’t let them. He can help us out of this right?”

“Ha, Derek?! He’s pissed off big time at me. Said this was the dumbest thing I’ve done yet.”

“Ok, so what are we supposed to do? Live here forever? They’ll have our pictures on the news soon enough and room service will recognize us in a matter of days. We can’t stay here, I have to talk to the police, that’s the best thing we can do right now.” I snuggled into him, inhaling his scent, wanting him to believe me that I could fix this. That it wasn’t as big an issue as he really thought it was.

“No police, you aren’t talking to anyone till Derek gets the lawyer to call me.”

“Ok, so he is helping, see, it’ll work out just fine.”

“He’s only helping because he has to help. Not because he thinks I did the right thing. He always told me not to get in between you and Logan and up till now I stayed out. But now that you and me are, well, I just couldn’t not do anything. You know how it is.” He walked us over to the bed and sat down with me on his lap. He placed his Beşiktaş escort chin on my shoulder and rubbed his ear against my hair.

“Baby, I’m sorry, I’m sorry I got you into this.” I apologized and squeezed him tightly.

“Jay it’s not your fault, it’s not at all.” He sighed and squeezed me tight too. “I needed to stay away and just let you & Logan sort shit out on your own, that’s what Derek told me anyway. I know I should have, but I just couldn’t leave you there with that prick. I knew he’d do something awful like what he did and keep you away from me. I can’t bear to be without you and the thought of Logan keeping you from me is killing me.” He kissed me hard on the lips, a deep, thorough kiss that told me exactly how he felt about me, how he’d felt for a very long time.

I pushed him backwards on the bed and began working on his jeans as I continued to kiss him back. He let me open his jeans and wiggle my hands inside. His hands began to wander down my back and to my ass, squeezing my bare cheeks gently. He slid his fingers down farther and found my wetness eagerly waiting his arrival.

When my fingers wrapped around his cock, it surged to life and began throbbing for my touch. I caressed it gently at first and then began to work my hand faster as Mark’s fingers were working faster on me.

Before I knew it, Mark’s pants were down around his ankles and he’d flipped us over on the bed, taking me from behind. He drove into me hard, hanging onto my hips to keep me from falling forwards onto my face.

I pushed back against him, helping him go in deeper, letting out moans of pleasure with each thrust.

When he was about to cum, I heard his breaths get shorter, quicker, and I immediately reached around underneath to hold onto his balls, grabbing them and holding him inside me. He tried to pull out but I pressed harder to him, keeping him where he was.

“Please,” I begged, my face buried in the comforter on the bed.

Mark released inside me, fire raged through my body as the spasms that racked his body sent me over the edge and I began to cum too.

When he was done, I let go of his balls and he pulled out. He put one hand on my hip and pulled me over onto my side, rolling with him onto the bed, holding me close.

“That was probably a bad idea you know,” He whispered as he kissed my cheek.

“I don’t care.” I replied, figuring if nothing else, getting pregnant by Mark would be one way to keep him in my life to spite Logan’s best efforts against it.


I awoke to the sound of pounding on our motel room door. Heavy pounding.

“OPEN UP!!” A gruff voice hollered.

I sat up quickly, realizing Mark wasn’t even in the room. Shit, where did he go and who was at the door?

“Who’s there?” I called out hesitantly, freaked that it could be Logan.

“It’s the police, are you Jaimie?”


“No, sorry!” I replied, hoping they’d believe me.

“Sorry ma’am, but we need to see your face to confirm with a photo we have. We’re searching for a kidnap victim, it’s very important that you cooperate with us.”

I looked around the room for my backpack and my clothes.

“Ok, hang on, I just have to get dressed, give me a minute!” I jumped out of bed and ran over to where my backpack was sitting in a chair. On the table beside it was a note from Mark. I grabbed it, held it in my mouth while I got dressed and then stuffed it in Taksim escort my pocket as I went over to the door.

“If I am Jaimie, what are you doing to do to me?” I asked as I put the chain lock on the door and started to turn the knob.

“We have to take you in, honey are you ok?” The officer asked caringly.

“What if I’m not in trouble or hurt? What if I was rescued by this so-called kidnapper? My brother nailed my door shut to keep me from my boyfriend. All Mark did was help me get out of my room. He wouldn’t hurt me, he loves me and I’m fine. I don’t want to go, please.” I begged as I opened the door to see the face of the officer.

He was an older detective, had a sympathetic face, but I knew I was not going to talk my way out of this one.

“Is Mark in there with you Jaimie?” He asked as he tried to look in over my head through the small opening in the door.

“No, he wasn’t here when I woke up. I’m not sure where he is right now. Please, don’t take me back to my brother. He’s going to kill me and Mark if he gets his hands on us. He’s so mad.”

“Jaimie I have to ask you to please open the door and let us in. We will take it down by force if needed, but I cannot leave you here. It’s my job to make sure you’re safe and protected.”

“Officer, I am safe and protected here, Logan can’t get me here, Mark is keeping me safe, I promise.”

“Sorry, but you need to open the door and come with us. If you want, we can put you in protective custody to keep you safe if you truly feel you are going to be hurt by your brother until we get this sorted out.”

I bit my lip. I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t just let them take me away, Mark would freak out thinking Logan had found me and would go after him, without even thinking and that would be bad, very bad…

“Ok, I need to leave a note for Mark to tell him what’s going on. Do you have a card I can leave for Mark so he knows how to get in touch with me?”

The detective nodded and reached into his breast pocket, retrieving his card. He handed it to me through the opening and let me close the door.

I ran over to the table, putting the card down and writing a quick note on the back of it.

“Mark, police showed up, I had to go with them, call this Detective to get in touch with me. It’ll be ok, I love you, Jaimie”

I picked up my backpack and took out a pair of my panties, leaving them on the table with the card. I knew Mark would appreciate the gesture and realize that I went with the police willingly.

I let out a sigh, gathered up the rest of my things and threw my backpack over my shoulder.

I unhooked the chain lock and opened the door slowly. There were five police officers standing behind the Detective, waiting patiently.

“Thank you for cooperating Miss Jaimie, we understand this must be a very hard time for you but I promise that we will protect you from anyone you feel is harmful to you.”

He reached out and took me by the arm, leading me to the police cruiser. I was seated in the backseat and the door closed.

The sound of that “click” was like a death sentence. I knew they’d just return me to Logan, it only made sense.

But then again, I was 19, I was an adult and responsible for myself at this point wasn’t I?

The Detective and another officer got into the front seat, the younger officer driving and the Detective writing in his report.

The drive to the police station seemed to take over an hour even though I’m sure it was only about 20 minutes.

When we arrived, I was escorted by two officers into an interrogation room. As I passed another room, I heard loud voices, swearing and yelling.

My heart sank.

It was Mark.

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