Brothers: Ben’s house

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This Story contains acts of homosexuality and incest of young teenage boys, so if you have any problems with these topics do not read on!!!!!

After their day at the pool and the night spent together at Niall and Cian’s, Ben and the other boys were looking forward to spending the night in Ben’s. During the day Cian rang Sam and asked him to come with them to Ben’s house.. This time his mum agreed and allowed him to go with the other boys. Ben lived in the country in a huge house which had 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, a kitchen, dining room, two living rooms, an office and a games room. Also he had an outdoor tennis/basketball court and lots of land surrounding the house. When the boys arrived about 6pm Ben greeted them at the door wearing nothing but his boxers. The three boys were slightly shocked and asked where Ben’s parents where. Ben replied with a huge grin on his face and said ” they are away for the night at a party with friends and they wont be back until afternoon tommorrow!” The other three boys loved the thought of having the house to themselves for a whole night and entered enthusiastically.

They went straight towards Ben’s games room which contained a pool table, numerous computer consoles, a massive selection of board games and much much more. As they reached the room Ben asked the guys if they were hungry and they decided to order pizza. After a while the pizza arrived and the boys devoured it immediately. They then sat around playing video games and just chatting. Ben decided to make the first move and asked the boys if they were horny “if you are follow me” he whispered. Niall Sam and Cian all stood up immedaiately and followed Ben up the stairs towards his room . The three boys eyes were all glued on Ben’s bubble butt which was so cute looking in his tight grey coloured boxers. The reached Ben’s room and Ben said “i have a dress code for my room you know?” The others looked confused…. I only allow guys in my room if izmit escort bayan they are in their underwear. Sam took the lead and removed his navey tshirt, followed by his blue shorts which revealed a pair of bulging orange boxers. Cian was next and he removed his white tshirt, followed by his navy traxsuit trousers which revealed his pair of white boxers. Niall was last as he stripped slowly the other boys watched with great intent and saw him eventually reveal a pair of skin tight black boxers. Ben then allowed the boys to enter his room.

As they entered they saw Ben had a king sized bed. “Plenty of room to have fun on that” murmered Cian to the other boys. Ben went towards his walk in wadrobe and emerged with his laptop bag. He removed his laptop and then turned it on and began searching for porn. After a few seconds searching they came accross a site which had young guys sucking, licking, fucking and just about everything. The four boys penises were begining to become erect and a bulge was visible beneath all their boxers. They downloaded some movies of guys sucking and wanking each other off and then they decided to play truth or dare while watching the movies.

Cian went first and picked dare, “Take off your boxers” respnded Ben. He slowly removed his white boxers which unveiled his beautiful 6 inch uncut hard on. ” Ok I’m next, dare” said Sam. “You know what you gotta do” replied Niall. Sam then removed his tight orange boxers which gave everyone a view of his nearly 6 inch hard cock. Eventually after Sam told Cian to strip and Cian had told Niall too, alll the boys were sitting there naked with their raging hard ons exposed.

The second round of dares is where it got more interesting. It was once again Cian’s turn and Ben told him to kiss Sam. Cian stood up and made his way over to Sam and slowly and passionately placed his lips on top of Sam’s and they began to kiss. After about a minute of this Niall kocaeli escort bayan said enough and told Sam to stand up and bend over and insert his own finger into his ass, Sam stood up in front of the other boys and bent over revealing his smooth hairless asshole to the other boys, he sucked his finger and inserted it into his ass slowly. The others sat there watching Sam finger fuck his hole for a full three minutes. Next Ben stood up and went to Niall kissed him gently on the lips and placed his small hand on Niall’s throbbing hard on, “I want you to fuck me” he whispered gently into Niall’s ear. Niall said “ok”. Cian and Sam began to make out and their tounges were exploring each others mouths so passionately. In the meantime Ben went to another room and came back holding some baby lotion, “wanna have some real fun guys?”. Niall’s smile grew even wider than before as he just ran and pinned Ben down on the bed the two of their young teenage cocks grinding against each other. The ground cock to cock for a few minutes while Cian and Sam were still fondling and kissing each other’s naked bodies. Sam kissed gently down Cian’s body kissing every part of him and eventually kissing the tip of his new found lovers 6 inch hard piece of meat. Sam took a deep breath and engulfed all of Cian’s cock, he began to lick in and around the head which was driving Cian crazy. After a few minutes of this Sam began playing with Cian’s ass hole and after sucking his finger to lubricate it placed it into his lovers hairless hole.

As this was happening Niall and Ben had applied baby oil on each other’s holes and cock’s. They walked towards Sam who was still on top of Cian’s now pulsating cock, they could hear Cian moaning and groaning in happiness. Niall squirted some baby oil on Sam’s hole which was well exposed due to the position he was in giving Cian head. Sam stood up, turned and kissed Niall. Cian stood up and Ben stood behind him kocaeli escort placing his hand on his shoulder and pushing him gently in order to get Cian to bend over slightly, as he did his hairless pink hole was slowly being lathered up with baby oil by Ben’s small hands. Ben then lined his 5.5 inch hard on with Cian’s hole slowly and gently he inserted his cock into Cian’s slippery ass. As Ben’s cock fully entered Cian’s ass, Cian was squirming in pleasure and moaning loudly. Sam then told Ben to bend over slightly and he slipped two fingers into Ben’s hole and within seconds switched his fingers with his lushes nearly hairless 6 inch cock. Finally it was Niall’s turn he put his cock quickly into Sam. As the boys were in each other they were moving in rhythm .

As he was being fucked by Ben, Cian was furiously wanking his own cock. All the boys loved being inside each other and they were all screaming in extreme exstacy. Ben’s 5.5 inch cock was so far inside Cian’s ass his balls were slapping off Cian’s as he drove his body forward. After nearly five minutes of this Ben could feel his orgasm approaching fast and yelled out ” I’m cumming” as he said it he unleashed two large shots off cum deep into Cian. As Ben was cumming his ass tensed which pushed Sam over the edge and he unleashed a wad into Ben. As Sam was recovering from cumming he was still being pounded by Niall, Niall’s 5 inch cock was entering and exiting Sam’s ass as quick as lightning after two more minutes of this he screamed ” I’m cu………mmm……i” before he could finish he shot rope after rope of cum into Sam. All the boys had unleashed a load of cum from their young sacs apart from Cian. Sam kneeled down in front of Cian and once again engulfed his cock, after a few seconds Cian was close to orgasm, his first shot hit the back of Sam’s throat this was followed by a second, third and finally fourth rope of sweet boy juice. There was too much cum for Sam to keep in his mouth and it began to dribble down his chin onto his chest. The four boys were exhausted and decided to go have a shower to clean up……….

This is the fourth in a five part series the final part will be up very very soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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