Brothers in Arms Ch. 01

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The chapel was dark, lit dimly by the light of a few guttering candles. Samuel hid in the shadows, waiting and watching. Soon enough, he heard light footsteps on the wooden floor. A tall figure stopped at the altar, knelt briefly, then turned in Samuel’s direction.

“I can hear you breathing,” the figure said quietly, his voice deep and rough.

Samuel grinned and stepped out from the shadows. “You always were too keen for your own good.” He moved closer to the tall figure and embraced him.

“It is good to see you after all this time.”

“And likewise you, my brother,” the man replied, tightening his arms around Samuel briefly and then holding him at arm’s length. “You’ve grown older.”

Samuel chuckled ruefully, “But unfortunately not wiser, I’m afraid. It seems I can’t do anything right these days.”

“Things must be going terribly wrong for you to have summoned me,” the deep voice remarked.

“A truer word was never spoken, Jonah. Come, walk with me a while and I will tell you everything.” Samuel said, turning to walk out the side door.

“Wait,” Jonah said, hesitating. “Is it…?”

Samuel turned, and the guttering candles glittered in his sad eyes. “That is one of the things I must tell you. Now come, before someone sees us together.”

Jonah put the hood of his cloak over his head and followed Samuel out. A wintry breeze was filtering through the forest as they walked, their footsteps softened by a carpet of pine needles. Jonah sniffed deeply, relishing the aroma of the pine trees and the perfume of the crushed needles. He knew exactly were Samuel was leading him, although he had not been there in many years. When he and Samuel were boys, they had run through these very woods so often he could have navigated them in his sleep. Many things change, Jonah thought to himself, but the forest is ever steady.

As they reached the small hut hidden in the trees, Samuel stopped at the door and beckoned Jonah in ahead of him. Jonah, wary as always, hesitated, then walked in with his hand on the hilt of his dagger. Seeing at once that the single room was empty save for some rough pieces of furniture, he relaxed and stepped aside to let Samuel in.

Once inside and seated, Samuel and Jonah both removed their hoods and looked closely at each other. Although they were not twins, they bore such a striking resemblance that most people who met them thought they were. Samuel was the elder by two years, but it was hard to determine either of their ages. They were both tall and strikingly handsome. Dark-haired and broad-shouldered, they were slender but strong. Although they both had brilliant green eyes, Jonah’s eyes were that of a hunter. He was born to fight, and there was not a weapon invented he was not the master of. Samuel was a fighter as well, although he had ultimately chosen a milder life than that of his younger brother. Both had been raised by a hard man, a man who believed one had to fight for all the good things in life. Although Jonah was the younger brother, he was sent to be apprentice a master-at-arms and learn to fight for his living, while Samuel remained behind to tend to the family business of breeding and raising horses. He had toyed with the idea of becoming a monk, but soon gave that up because he loved women and was too vulnerable to so-called sins of the flesh. He knew he would not be able to remain celibate. His father, Rowell, had different ideas – he was convinced Samuel would have been too tempted by the flesh of the other men in the monastery and that was why he had chosen against that life. Little did he know it was his other, favored son for whom this temptation was so great.

“So, brother. Enough skulking about. Tell me why you’ve called me home,” Jonah said.

“It’s Theo,” Samuel said shortly.

Jonah felt his breath catch in his throat. “Is…is he…?” he stopped, unable to continue.

“He’s fine…for now,” Samuel said. “He’s in hiding at the moment.”

Jonah stood abruptly, “I must go to him,” he said desperately, walking past Samuel toward the door.

Samuel reached out and took his sleeve in an iron grip, surprising Jonah into stopping. “Softly, brother,” he said, soothingly. “You need to hear the whole story first, then I will take you to him.”

Jonah peered hard at Samuel, trying to gauge the depth of his sincerity. Samuel sat, looking back at him mildly, knowing Jonah’s innate trust of him would win out. Soon enough, Jonah sat back down with a sigh.

“Theo has found your absence to be very…difficult,” Samuel began. Jonah winced. He was well aware of how difficult it was to be apart. He had succumbed to temptation often enough during his absences from home, but he never once doubted his love for Theo or acted upon any impulse he felt would harm Theo in any way.

“As have I,” Jonah said, somewhat defensively.

“And yet, you remain away while he remains here, with memories gaziantep escort of you surrounding him every day,” Samuel said reprovingly.

Jonah bowed his head, feeling a flush creep over his tanned face. “As you say, brother.”

“There have been others for you, I assume?” Samuel asked.

Jonah raised his head defiantly. Samuel had the courtesy to blush at this outlandish question, but he did not back down.

“A few,” Jonah admitted, “but Theo knew. I have never kept that side of me from him, nor have I ever implied he was not allowed similar liberties while I am away.”

“That may be so,” Samuel said. “Nevertheless, he has chosen to act out. More so than perhaps your…er…agreement with him was intended.”

“For the sake of the gods man, out with it! What has he done that is so vile you summoned me with such urgency?” Jonah demanded.

Samuel sighed, “Oh, Jonah. He has generally been discreet out of respect for you, and those few in the village who know have been willing to overlook his…trysts…due to his reputation and his skill as a soldier. This time, however, he has gone too far. He has fixed his attentions on the son of the constable.”

Jonah groaned. “Not Constable Priam?”

Samuel grimaced. “Yes, the very same.”

Jonah was stunned. He knew what he and Theo had together was considered abhorrent by many villagers, but some tolerance was shown in certain cases. One of the reasons he had chosen to spend so much time away from home was because he feared he would not be able to keep their relationship a secret, for whenever they were together something overtook them and they could not hide their feelings. He was desperate to keep his true nature from his father, so he spent most of his time on the battlefield, covering himself with glory and pleasing his father no end. Theo was not part of the traveling army, instead being stationed in the village to help keep the peace and protect it from marauders, which meant the two lovers spent months, sometimes years, apart. It was difficult, to say the least.

Jonah was better able to tame his desires when he was away from Theo, but Theo was not as disciplined. Constable Priam was constantly on the lookout for those who chose to engage in illegal behavior, so for Theo to have dallied with his son – and to have been caught out – was incredibly dangerous.

“Tell me what happened,” Jonah said, his heart trembling with fear for Theo.

“Apparently, this has been going on between them for some time,” Samuel said. “They have been sneaking around for months, according to what Theo told me. They were hiding their assignations well, for I had no inkling anything was going on, nor did anyone else. About a month ago, Priam left on a journey to Richbourg, which should have taken him the better part of a week. He had not been gone an hour before Stephen had Theo in his bed. They were…er…in the act when Priam returned unexpectedly, having forgotten some document or other he was meant to take to the constable in Richbourg. He walked in on Stephen and Theo and flew into a rage, calling for Theo’s arrest.”

“Dear god,” Jonah said weakly. He could just imagine the scene.

“Stephen somehow managed to help Theo escape, and he came running to me, pleading for my help. Naturally, knowing what he means to you, I helped him.”

“And for that I give you my deepest thanks, brother,” Jonah breathed fervently.

“However,” Samuel said, “Priam had Stephen publicly flogged and then imprisoned until he confesses his sins, renounces his vile nature, and tells Priam where Theo is hiding. Stephen has so far held out, but I fear he won’t much longer. Theo is in grave danger, brother.”

“So he is, the fool,” Jonah said, beginning to get angry. “And now I suppose I’ll need to rescue Stephen as well, or I’ll never hear the end of it from Theo.”

Samuel shifted uncomfortably. “Jonah…you know I cast no judgment upon you for your…inclinations. I never have, and I never will. You are my brother, and I love you with all my heart.”

“I know this,” Jonah said, surprised at Samuel’s words.

“I must ask, though – why would you risk your life to rescue Stephen, knowing he and Theo have been together all these months while you’ve been away?”

Jonah shrugged. “I’m not threatened by Stephen. For Theo, he is an attraction, yes – perhaps even more so due to the forbidden nature of who his father is – but that’s all. We are both free to do as we please while we are apart, and have always been so. It would be too much to ask for men with drives like ours to remain celibate while apart, so we don’t ask that of each other. Still, I know Theo, and he will shoulder the blame for Stephen’s imprisonment. He would never forgive me if I didn’t try to help.”

“I…I see,” Samuel said.

Jonah allowed himself a small, grim smile. “No, you don’t, but it’s enough that you helped Theo in my absence. That’s all the understanding I need. Now, take me to this fool and let me deal with him as I see fit.”

The brothers left the small hut and headed deeper into the woods. After an hour or so of hard walking, Samuel appeared to be heading right into a large rock. To Jonah’s surprise, he disappeared as he approached it. Cautiously, Jonah moved forward, looking intently at the undergrowth, until he noticed Samuel’s arm beckoning him. There was a secret path, completely invisible to the eye. Jonah chuckled – leave it to Samuel to find a place like this.

As he ducked his head and entered what ultimately turned out to be a large cavern, he stopped to let his eyes grow accustomed to the light cast by a fire toward the back of the cave. Samuel was in front of him, and gestured at a figure kneeling beside the fire, his naked back turned toward the mouth of the cave. Jonah’s heartbeat quickened and his stomach tightened at the familiar sight of Theo’s strong young back and broad shoulders. Samuel watched him, sympathy and understanding in his eyes.

“Theo,” Jonah said, his voice husky.

Theo turned in surprise and stood up, his jaw dropping as he saw Jonah standing there. He looked at Samuel, gratitude in his eyes, then rushed over and flung himself into Jonah’s arms. The two men kissed fiercely, and Samuel, although embarrassed, could not tear his eyes away. He had always known of his brother’s inclinations, but had never actually seen evidence of it. He was a bit discomfited to feel himself becoming slightly aroused at the sight of these two tall, muscular men running their hands all over each other’s bodies, their love and lust for each other plain to see.

They broke apart, panting, then Jonah shocked Samuel by drawing his right fist back and slamming it into Theo’s jaw, sending him flying. Theo landed flat on his back and then, quick as a cat, was on his feet again and rushing at Jonah, growling in anger. The two men, equally matched, grappled one another for purchase until Samuel was finally able to pry them apart. The stood, facing each other, panting, as Samuel held them apart with his hands.

“Jonah!” he exclaimed. “What the devil…?”

“You stupid oaf!” Jonah shouted. “What were you thinking?”

“Damn you, Jonah!” Theo cried, “What right do you have to…”

Jonah pushed Samuel aside and wrapped Theo up in his long arms, crushing him against his body. Theo struggled at first, then realized with a shock that Jonah was sobbing. Samuel was shocked, as well. He could not remember ever seeing Jonah cry.

“Oh, Theo…Theo, my love. You have really done it this time,” Jonah moaned, still holding tightly to his lover’s body. Theo began to run his hands up and down Jonah’s back, murmuring in his ear, soothing him. Samuel watched, unable to stop staring at them. Theo and Jonah, seeming to forget Samuel was there, began to slowly caress each other. Jonah was still wearing his leather traveling clothes and cloak, but Theo was dressed only in a pair of soft pants and leather boots. Gently, Theo began to undress Jonah, kissing him gently on the lips, neck, and chest as he hungrily reached for the front of Jonah’s trousers. Jonah groaned as he felt Theo’s hand close over his rigid member, and Samuel found himself groaning as well. He stood up abruptly and turned to leave, but got no further than the cave entrance before he turned to watch again.

The two lovers were completely oblivious to his presence. Theo had finally gotten Jonah’s belt undone and was lowering his trousers, grasping Jonah’s erection in his strong hands. Jonah moaned again and forced Theo to his knees. Samuel gasped as Theo leaned forward and took Jonah’s huge erection in his mouth. He had heard of men doing this, of course, but had never seen it happen. He was riveted to the sight of Jonah’s long hard shaft sliding in and out of Theo’s mouth. Jonah placed his hands on Theo’s head, his hands tangled in Theo’s long dark hair. Samuel could hear his harsh breathing as he murmured to Theo.

“Yes, my love. Yes, just there. Ohhh…” Jonah moaned, moving his slim hips in time to the rhythm of Theo’s sucking. Theo reached into his own trousers with one hand and pulled his cock free. Samuel gasped again, for it was even larger than Jonah’s at full erection. Theo began stroking himself with long, slow strokes as he continued to take Jonah deeper into his throat. Samuel groaned at the feel of his own cock growing harder and rubbing against his rough trousers. He clutched himself, trying to will his erection away, but it was no use. Reluctantly, feeling as though he was condemning himself to hell, he slid his hand inside his trousers and began to stroke his cock.

Jonah pulled Theo up and began kissing him again, their mouths crushed against each other. Samuel watched, panting, wondering how it must feel to have a man’s rough beard pressed against one’s skin. Theo was clean-shaven, but Jonah had worn a trimmed beard since he was able to grow one. Unconsciously, Samuel moved closer, watching the interplay of their tongues as they kissed with growing passion. Jonah reached his arms around Theo and, cupping his muscular buttocks, pulled him in closer. Theo made a sound deep in his throat, reaching in between them to stroke Jonah’s cock. Jonah moved his hips back and forth and Samuel could see the tip of Theo’s cock rubbing against the hair on Jonah’s hard belly. This interplay continued for a time, Samuel watching and stroking himself, wondering what it must feel like to have another man’s cock in one’s hand or mouth.

Just as Samuel was about to explode, he was shocked to see Jonah turn Theo around and pull him in tight, so they were standing back-to-chest. Jonah was about two inches taller so he had to bend slightly as he took one of Theo’s ears in his mouth. Theo moaned and reached back, pulling Jonah in closer to him. Jonah began thrusting gently into Theo, and Samuel saw Jonah’s hand reach around and begin stroking Theo’s rigid cock. Samuel could not believe how thick and long Theo’s cock was, and he wondered how Jonah was able to take it in his mouth if he ever did such a thing. Theo turned his head slightly so they could continue kissing, then suddenly pushed Jonah’s hand away.

“Take me now, Jonah. Please, take me now. It’s been so long,” he gasped.

Samuel’s mouth went dry and the hand on his cock went still as he watched Jonah bend Theo over, then spit on his hand and lather his cock with it. They were side on to Samuel, their hard bodies outlined in firelight, and he could see Jonah’s cock disappear as he slid himself inside Theo. Both men grunted, one in pain and one in pleasure, then Jonah began to fuck Theo frantically, pulling Theo’s hips to him as he slammed in and out. Theo cried out in pain but didn’t pull away, instead reaching behind to pull Jonah in deeper. Jonah’s body was slick with sweat, his muscles gleaming, and he was panting, talking to Theo as he continued thrusting harder and harder.

“Was Stephen this good, Theo? Was he? Did he slide his thick cock up inside you like this?” Jonah grunted. Samuel was shocked. He had never in his wildest dreams imagined his brother behaving in such a way.

“Ohhh Jonah…” Theo moaned, gasping as one of Jonah’s thrusts went particularly deep. “Stephen’s cock is not as big as yours…he could never fill me like you do…”

“Did you fuck him, Theo? Did he feel your huge cock split him in two?” Jonah said furiously, pumping even harder. Samuel felt as though his heart was going to explode from the intensity of their…lovemaking? He hardly knew what to call it.

“Gods yes…yes…he was so tight the first time…a virgin boy…and I broke him in…” Theo gasped. Jonah groaned and reached around again to grasp Theo’s cock, stroking him roughly as he thrust harder and harder. Both men were gasping for breath now, sweat-slicked bodies gleaming in the firelight. Samuel’s hand went back to work, stroking his cock faster and faster, knowing he was going to explode soon. He felt Theo couldn’t take much more, and just as he felt his own cock begin to throb, both Theo and Jonah cried aloud. Samuel saw thick white seed shoot from Theo’s cock as he cried out, then his own seed exploded out of him as he saw Jonah stiffen and pull Theo toward him, thrusting faster with each throb of his spewing cock.

“Gods yes!” Jonah shouted, pushing himself further in as Theo shouted encouragement. Samuel squeezed his cock, amazed at how much was shooting out, trying to control his ragged breathing so the lovers would not notice him. Immediately ashamed and horrified at what he had just done, he backed away as quietly as he could and walked out of the cavern and into the forest. He was trembling, his breath steaming out, and he realized his cock was still outside of his trousers. He grabbed it to put it back in, but as he touched himself he was overcome with such a wave of desire that he groaned, stiffening again. He went to a tree with a thick trunk and sat down with his back against it, closing his eyes as he began to stroke himself again.

“I can never tell Jonah what I just witnessed,” he thought to himself. He tried desperately to think of all the times he’d had sex with women, how it had felt the first time a woman held his cock and stroked him, the first time he had penetrated a woman and licked her cunt, but the images he had just witnessed kept coming back to him instead. The raw, rough power of the sex between his brother and Theo was shocking and intense in a way Samuel had never experienced before, and he could not stop wondering what it must feel like to have strong, rough hands touching his entire body…to feel a strong, warm mouth and tongue kiss him and suck him and…

Before he realized it, he was stroking faster and harder, making his cock throb. He exploded again, muffling his cries in his cloak. Panting, he wrapped himself up and, dreaming of men’s bodies and mouths and cocks, fell into a deep sleep.

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