Brother’s Incestuous Bet Ch. 07

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Big Tits

Sister Helps Breed Mom

Sean Reenburg

Anger was rising in me despite the bliss that billowed through me from cumming in my sister’s pussy. She was trembling against me, sandwiched between Dad and me, his cock buried in her asshole. He had a pale look on his face.

He wasn’t thrilled having to deal with his secretary, Vanessa, who he, apparently, was fucking. A woman who’d abused my little sister today. When I came home, Maria was depressed and moping in the gazebo. I thought she was just dejected that Dad rejected her.. I cheered her up and motivated her to go fuck Dad while I realized what I had to do to seduce Mom.

Turned out, Dad’s secretary was a cunt.

“How are we going to do it?” I asked, Mom’s large breasts rubbing against my back. She shifted behind me, her wet bush rubbing on my ass. She’d humped against me as I fucked my little sister. “Get back at Vanessa?”

“Yeah?” Dad agreed. “She can… blackmail me.”

“You should have thought of that before you fucked her,” Mom hissed. “But I’ll clean up your mess like always.”

Dad squirmed.

Mom rolled away from me. Her breasts swaying as she stood up, those lovely mounds jiggled. “We’ll worry about that later.” Mom glanced at me, her face softening. “Come along, Sean and Maria. I’d like some quality time with my children.”

My dick throbbed in Maria’s pussy.

“Um… what about me?” Dad asked, his voice quiet.

Mom’s expression when hard again. “You can sleep on the couch and think about the consequences.”

I rolled away from Maria, eager to have more fun with Mom and to play with Maria at the same time without Dad around. If Maria wanted to fuck Dad, that was her business.

Maria rolled over and kissed Dad on the lips. “Sorry, but I want to go play with them.”

“Yeah,” Dad groaned as he rolled over on his back.

I grabbed Mom’s hand, then snagged Maria’s as she rolled off the bed. They stood side by side, Mom’s breasts larger, Maria’s perkier. They both had blonde hair, blue eyes. They looked close together, Mom a mature version of Maria. My little sister a blossoming version of Mom. She’d inherited good genes.

I led them out of my bedroom and heading towards the master bedroom, my eyes flicking back and forth between them. Their swayed, Mom’s more than Maria’s. My dick twitched, but it wasn’t getting hard.

I’d fucked a lot in the last hour. Maria outside. Mom twice. Then Maria again as Dad and I pounded her. I was feeling my limits. I didn’t want that to be the case. Not when I had my mom and sister to play with.

My hands squeezed theirs as I backed into my parents room, the bed still mused from our family fucking. Feeling a little embarrassed as I brought them to the bed, sitting down on it, both of them before me, their bodies pressed together.

“I’m feeling… a little tapped out,” I said. “I’m going to need a minute.”

“Oh, running out of lead?” Maria asked, a mischievous smile on her face. She grabbed my pussy-soaked dick.

“I have something for that,” Mom said with a mysterious smile. She padded into the bathroom. She paused and unstoppered the bathtub. She was taking a bubble bath when I interrupted her.

Maria arched an eyebrow at me as the water gurgle down the drain. “Is she getting you a little, blue pill?”

I shrugged. “No idea.”

“So, you’re really tapped out?” Maria leaned over, her round, firm tits swaying, almost dangling in my face. “Not going to get hard when you see Mom licking my cunt clean.”

“Don’t know,” I said, my dick feeling limp. I had nothing going on down there.

Mom returned to us holding a red pill in her hand. “I got this from Cheryl.”

Cheryl was my mom’s paralegal who was out on maternity leave. She just had her son’s child. She was Clint’s mother. He was a guy who went to my college and had made a harem of his sisters, mom, aunt, and a few other girls. The last year, he had changed everything at our school with his antics.

It was the reason that my sister and I started fucking.

“It’s a form of Viagra,” continued Mom. “When I told her about your father’s… fatigue, she gave it to me.” My mom’s face was tight again. “Now I know why he was fatigue.” She shook her head. “Anyways, she gave this to me to help out. It’s experimental, but she assured me it’s safe.”

I shrugged and popped it into my mouth. It slit down my esophagus and reach my stomach. I shifted from side to side as I felt as a weight in my gut. I was struggling to see if it was doing anything. If it was affecting me. Was there a slight tingle at the tip of my cock? Was it growing hard in Maria’s hand?

No, still limp.

“Now let’s give your brother a hand,” Mom moaned, kneeling down before me.

“Ooh, yes,” my sister moaned, her hand squeezing about my cock.

My sister joined Mom. They were both leaning in, their cheeks pressing together as they came closer and closer. Their tongues flicked out, brushing the crown of my dick. I groaned. My toes clenched. My balls grew tight. A twitch yabancı gaziantep escort flexed up my cock.

Their tongues danced over it, licking up Maria’s pussy juices. My mom and my sister were cleaning my dick. I grinned at them, waiting for my cock to get hard, to swell and blossom. It was so hot. Their tongues danced over my cock, caressing me, brushing each other. Their lips pressed together.

They kissed.

I groaned as I watched my mother’s and sister’s lips melting together. Their tongues danced together. My cock rubbed against their cheeks, stimulation rippling down it as I watched the naughty sight of them kissing.

Their tongues were dancing. They moaned as they loved each other. My heart pounded in my chest. Pleasure surged through me. My cock twitched and twitched. Precum beaded out the slit. My balls grew hotter and hotter.

Was the pill working?

“God, that’s hot,” I moaned, watching their tongues dance.

My little sister broke the kiss. “Just a big perv, aren’t you, bro?”

“The biggest,” I said, grinning.

“Mmm, is your dick growing harder watching me kiss your sister?” Mom cooed. She licked the tip of my cock.

“Are we making you hard?” my little sister asked. She rubbed her thumb against the side of my dick’s crown. “Your twitching.”

“Maybe you are,” I groaned, my cock swelling harder. Throbbing. It ached. Maybe the pill was working. I was feeling hot. “Damn, you two are just sexy as fuck.”

Their tongues fluttered on either side of my cock. I groaned, my dick swelling faster and faster. It was happening. My hands grabbed their hair. I gripped their blonde locks, Mom’s lighter shade than my sister’s. My fingers slid through her silky hairs.

Every lick of their tongue, every suck of their lips, caressed me. My heart hammered in my chest. I gripped their hair, holding them tight. I was almost at that peak of my passion. I was feeling my balls growing tight.

“Goddamn, you two are hot,” I groaned. “This is my dream. You two, sucking my cock.”

“Mmm, you’re such a naughty son,” my mom purred while my little sister sucked my dick into her mouth. Mom gasped, “Maria!”

I grinned as my sister sucked around my shaft, bobbing her head, working those lips up and down my cock. My dick throbbed, the ache swelling at the tip of my cock. That wonderful urge to explode in her mouth.

Maria popped her head off my cock and grinned at Mom. “See, we can share. Don’t be selfish, Mom.”

“Selfish, young lady?” Mom asked, giving her an exasperated look. Then she sucked on my cock. She bobbed her head. Her hair brushed my thighs. She had such a warm mouth, loving my dick with as much passion as my sister.

They passed my cock back and forth. It was incredible. My mom and little sister engulfed my dick one after the other. Their tongues danced around my crown. Pleasure radiated down to my balls. My heart pounded in my chest.

My balls grew tighter and tighter. Maria bobbed with a frantic delight. Mom sucked with such passionate hunger. Her blue eyes stared up at me as she loved my cock. I groaned as they loved my cock. They were coaxing me to cum.

“Damn,” I moaned. “I’m going to explode on your face. I’m going to coat both of you in my cum.”

“Yes!” Maria moaned while Mom groaned about my cock.

They switched. Mom’s lips popped off, my dick caressed by the air for a moment. Then Maria’s warm mouth engulfed me. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked hard. Her tongue swept across my dick. My balls grew tighter and tighter.

My sister bobbed up and down my dick. Mom’s hands found my balls. She massaged them, staring up at me with such hunger in her blue eyes. She kneaded them. They were full of cum. I groaned as I stared at her.

“You’re going to cum all over my face,” Mom moaned. “Such a naughty son. Mmm, I gave birth to such a strong man.”

“I’ll bathe you, Mom!” I growled. “Both of you, make me cum. I’m almost there!”

My little sister popped her mouth off my cock. Her hand fisted up and down my hard dick, stroking my shaft. She pressed her cheek tight against Mom’s. She stared up at me with the same shade of blue eyes.

“Jizz on our faces, bro!” Maria moaned. “Just coat us in cum! We want it. Mom and I are both sluts for your spunk.”

“Yes!” I groaned, my dick throbbing. “Just keep stroking it. Keep playing with my balls.”

“Ooh, yes, balls heavy with all that cum,” Mom moaned. Her tongue flicked across her plump lips. “Just release it.”

“Fuck, yes!” I snarled, the ache building. “Fist my cock faster, Maria. You want that cum! You and Mom… You’re both my whores!”

“We are!” she whimpered, her eyes glassy, like Mom’s.

“Cum on us!” Mom moaned, her voice so throaty. “Just explode on us.”

My balls twitched. My cock throbbed. Cum fired out of my dick.

My orgasm exploded out of me. Pleasure surged through me. My jizz splattered across their faces. They splashed across their faces. The cum gaziantep yabancı escort spilled over their faces. Pearly spunk pained lines across their features. From Maria’s cute face to Mom’s lush features.

It was so hot. It was amazing to see their faces covered in cum. My mother and sister. My orgasm fired harder through me. Darkness fuzzed across my vision as I unloaded my spunk on them. My hands gripped their hair.

“My beautiful sluts!” I moaned.

“You’re coating us!” Maria moaned.

“So good!” Mom whimpered. Her tongue swept out, gathering my cum on her lips.

“Yes!” I snarled as the final blast of my cum spurted out, dribbling over Maria’s hand. My heart pumped rapture through me. My pleasure peaked.


I panted, watching as Mom stared at me in awe, her face coated in cum. “I’ve never had that. You came on my face! It’s so…”

“Degrading?” Maria asked. “But it comes from Sean. So it’s also sexy and hot. Makes me feel like he finds me hot!”

“Yes!” Mom moaned.

My sister turned her head. Her tongue licked across Mom’s cheek. She gathered up the cum off her features. She lapped it up, gathering my pearly spunk off our mother’s face. It piled on her tongue then vanished into her mouth. She gathered more and more.

My dick twitched, hardly going hard. There was heat in my balls. This red pill worked.

I groaned as Mom turned her face and flicked her dick over my mother’s faces. She fluttered her tongue over my sister’s cheek. They were licking each other clean, their bodies turning, Mom’s heavy breasts pressing against my sister’s tits.

Their tongues danced over each other’s features, gathering more and more of my cum. They were moaning, loving it. The incestuous sight made my dick ache. I wanted to do more naughty things with them.

Then their mouths met in a cum-filled kiss.

“Goddamn,” I muttered as I watched their tongues passing my pearly spunk back and forth.

Their lips worked together. I caught flashes of their tongues while more of my cum dripped off their faces. I grinned, loving this delight. It was an amazing treat. I may have lost the bet, my sister might own my car and would let Dad breed her instead of me, but right now…

Right now I felt like the luckiest guy in the world.

* * *

Maria Reenburg

Sean’s salty cum tasted amazing as I kissed Mom. Our tongues danced together, passing his spunk back and forth. It was so hot to please him, to be my brother’s slut with Mom. My hands grabbed Mom’s boobs, kneading her tits, digging through her breasts. Her fingers rubbed round my nipples. She pinched them.

I shuddered, cum dripping down my face.

She had more cum on her, too.

I broke the kiss and flicked across her cheek. I lapped across her forehead. I tasted her skin than his cum. I gathered it off her face while she moaned. Her fingers twisted my nipples. She pinched them, twisted them. My cunt clenched and dripped down my thighs. My juices coated my thighs. I wiggled my hips back and forth, the heat building and building in me.

This was so much fun.

Mom’s tongue caressed my cheek. She moaned as she hungered for my brother’s cum. I dug my fingers into her pillowy breasts as we cleaned each other. More and more salty cum spilled over my taste buds. I swallowed it while jizz leaked out of my cunt. My asshole.

I felt like such a wicked whore. It was incredible!

And through it all, Sean watched, making my pussy hotter.

“This is so good!” I moaned, pulling my mouth away, most of the cum cleaned from her. “Mmm, you’re just a cum-slut, aren’t you?”

Mom’s cheeks blushed. “For… your brother.”

“Mmm, I get it. He’s such a sexy stud.” I glanced at him watching us with lust. He was a younger version of Daddy, handsome and strong, his hair blue and he had blond hair instead of dark. I shivered. “I love his cum, but there’s something else I’m hungering for.”

“What?” Mom asked.

“Your pussy!” I moaned. “I want to eat your pussy again! Mmm, I want to eat you all up. I want to lick your cunt!”

“And what’s your brother going to do?” Mom asked.

“Oh, I’m sure Sean will think of something,” I said, bounding to my feet, my breasts bouncing. “He’s creative. He’ll figure out some place to stick his cock. I have a few options.”

I winked at my brother.

He grinned back.

I pulled Mom to her feet, her breast swaying. I kissed her hard, melting tight to her body. I pressed my tits into Mom’s big boobies. I loved the feel of them as our tongues dueled. Her lips were hot, tasting salty with my brother’s spunk. It was the delight to experience. I shuddered, juices running down my thighs.

I maneuvered her to the bed. I pushed her away from me. She gasped as our lips parted. She settled down on the bed beside Sean, stretching out on her back, her breasts pillowing into twin, jiggling mounds. Her nipples thrust up, pink and hard.

My hands pressed her thighs apart, escort gaziantep yabancı revealing her blonde bush soaked by her passion. I sank down to my knees. I leaned in and inhaled. Her tangy musk filled my nose. Her plump pussy lips peeked through her silky curls.

My mouth watered.

“Mmm, lick Mom’s cunt,” groaned Sean as I leaned my head in closer and closer. “That’s where you came from.”

“I did!” I moaned, my fingers sliding up through her bush. I felt the wet heat of her pussy lips. I pulled them apart. Her pink depths glistened on her inner walls. Her silky depths clenched and rippled as she twitched. “Ooh, that’s a beautiful sight.”

“Yeah,” Sean groaned. Then his hand grabbed the back of my head.

I gasped as he pressed my face into Mom’s pussy. He rubbed my mouth and nose into her cunt. Her tangy scent filled my nose. Her juices spilled over my lips. I groaned in delight, getting hotter feeling my brother take charge.

“Make Mom cum,” growled my brother. “She brought you into the world. Give her pleasure, slut.”

Slut… I loved it when he called me that. It made me so hot. My pussy dripped with more than his cum. Jizz leaked out of my sore asshole. I had a threesome with Sean and Daddy, and now I had an awesome one with Sean and Mommy.

I felt so excited by this.

My tongue licked through her folds. I gathered up her tangy juices. I thrust my tongue deep into her spread-open folds. She groaned, her breasts jiggling as she shuddered. Her flat stomach flexed. Her thighs clenched around my face.

Sean stood up and moved behind me as I feasted on Mom. Wiggled at him, my knees shifting on the floor as I spread my legs wider. More of his cum poured out of me. I was so sloppy. I felt so juicy down there. I loved it.

“Fuck her, Sean!” Mom moaned, her voice so throaty. “Ram that cock into your sister’s cunt! She’s such a wanton, little whore.”

Sean’s cock rubbed at the sloppy depths of my cunt. He rammed into me. I groaned into my mother’s snatch. My tongue flicked and fluttered through her parted folds. I licked up to her clit. I batted it as my pussy clenched around my brother’s dick filling me.

His balls smacked against my balls. Pleasure sparked through me. I groaned as his cock speared into me. He pumped away at me, fucking me with that wonderful shaft. I squeezed around him as I fluttered my tongue against Mom’s clit.

“Yes, yes, fuck her hard!” Mom moaned. “Ooh, yes plow him! You’re such a strong, handsome, young man! Mmm, she’s groaning into my cunt. She loves your dick in her!”

“So much!” I moaned, my hips wiggling, stirring my brother’s cock around in my sloppy depths.

Mom grabbed my hair. She ground my face into her pussy while my brother fucked my cunt harder. He slammed into me, my butt-cheeks rippling. Pleasure spilled through me with his every plunge, a buzzing delight.

A tease of true rapture to come.

My fingers, holding her pussy lips open, twitched. I stroked her, caressed her as I sucked on her clit. Her tangy cream coated my chin. Her stomach flexed. Her back arched. She moaned out in delight as she kneaded her own tits.

“Yes, yes, you’re such a handsome stud!” Mom moaned, staring at my brother. “Ooh, yes, yes, fuck your sister’s cunt! Just pound that hot, tight hole!”

“Pounding her hard, Mom!” growled Sean.

“Mmm, I made that cunt you’re fucking!” Mom moaned. “I birthed her! I made you both and now you’re ramming your cock into her!”

Sean slammed into me harder, his balls smacking against my clit. “You’re not trying to hide your voice now, Mom,” he growled. “You’re being so loud.”

“Yes!” Mom screamed. “I want your father to hear you fuck your sister! You’re making her moan into my pussy! She loves it!”

“Ooh, yes, yes, fuck my cunt!” I moaned, bucking my hips back into his thrusts.

I jammed my fingers into Mom’s pussy. I sank then into her juicy sheath. Her snatch clenched around them. I sucked on her clit hard. I pumped and churned up her cunt while my brother’s dick speared into me over and over.

My squeezed on my brother’s cock. I drank in the friction. I wanted him cumming in me. I wanted him spurting all that jizz into my cunt. I loved it. Dizzying pleasure shot through me. He churned up my cunt, his plunging shaft forcing out more of his jizz to run down my thighs. Luckily, he built up fresh load spunk to fill me in this heavy balls smacking into my clit.

I wanted my brother’s cum in me.

I sucked hard on Mom’s clit. She gasped, fingers digging into those pillowy tits. Her stomach arched. Her toned thighs clenched about my face. My tongue flicked around her bud between my nursing. Her pussy squeezed around my fingers, drinking in the friction.

“Make Mom cum!” growled Sean, slamming into me. “She’s so hot! So beautiful! You both are! She brought us in the world, Maria! She needs pleasure! Give it to her!”

I whimpered, sucking on Mom’s clit. I nursed on her bud, her fingers plunging over and over into her cunt. Her snatch squeezed around my fingers. Her silky cunt massaged them, soaking me in her tangy passion.

Mom moaned. Her body trembled. As Sean’s strokes brought me closer to cumming, my thrusting fingers and licking tongue brought Mom closer to her eruption. I wanted that. I wanted her to explode. My pussy drank in the friction of my brother’s dick. I loved it, my climax building and building.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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