Brothers’ Love Ch. 01


Kara tossed her backpack on the floor od the front hall and slammed the door behind her. Her long, red hair swung wildly and her green eyes flashed as she kicked her heels off.

“Stupid bastard… Who the fuck breaks up a week before senior prom?” She fumed as she began stomping up the stairs.

“Mom and dad would kick your ass if they heard you using that kind of language.” Her older brother’s voice came from the top of the stairs. Kara froze half way up and looked up to glare at Matt.

Matt and his twin brother, Paul, leaned against the the walls, grinning down at Kara. They mirrored each other perfectly, down to the twinkle in their green eyes and the drape of their silky brown ponytails.

“Good thing they’re in Vegas for a week, huh?” She spat back. She climbed the last few stairs and pushed past them, heading for her room.

“Bad day, lil’ sis?” Paul asked, tilting his head mockingly as she collided with his shoulder.

Kara didn’t normally confide in her brothers, but it had been a long day and she couldn’t take one more person taunting her about the whole dreadful situation.

“Ken dumped me!” She cried, wheeling back to face the men. After a moment of silence, they surprised her by coming forward and hugging her.

“I’m sorry, Kara.” Matt murmured as he wrapped his arms around her. She started crying for the first time since Ken had broken the news. As she hugged Matt back, Paul stroked her hair.

“Why don’t you come up and sit with us a while?” Paul asked.

The offer intrigued her. She wasn’t very close with the twins but she didn’t want to be alone and her friends had already abandoned her for their own prom romances. When Paul began leading them towards the stairs to the twins’ attic apartment, Kara went along with them.

Once inside, Matt led Kara towards the beds and Paul closed the door. The beds were set up like those in any hotel, two king size beds side by side with a narrow desk between them at the heads, serving as both nightstands and a spacer. Matt sat Kara down on one, then sat across from her on the other.

“Did he say why he dumped you?” Matt asked.

“He wants to go with some bitch in his math class named Lindsay. It wasn’t until I threatened him that he admitted she was easy. He knows she’ll put out on prom night.”

“And you won’t?” Paul asked, kneeling on the bed behind her.

Kara blushed at the question, realizing she’d talked herself into a corner. Paul began to rub her shoulders and as his hands worked her tense shoulders, she lost herself in the feeling long enough that she was out of time to come up with an answer other than the embarrassing truth.

“I’m a virgin. Ken and I fooled around but he – ” She stopped short, blushing an even deeper red.

“He what?” Matt pushed, his usual mischievous grin back in place. He was teasing her and Kara didn’t like it, so she squared her shoulders and decided to just tell them everything,

“He could never get me off, so I figured he wasn’t worth sleeping with.”

Both twins froze for a moment before they burst out laughing.

“Be glad he dumped you! You might only be eighteen, but you shouldn’t have to put up with someone so inept.” Matt said.

“He always said I was just difficult.” Kara said, wondering why she was defending Ken.

“Some women are difficult, but that’s never stopped us from getting them off.” Paul added, resuming Kara’s shoulder rub. Matt shot him an odd look and Paul squeezed his sister’s shoulders once before moving off the bed.

The brothers moved to the entertainment center on the wall opposite the bed, murmuring to one another. Kara watched them as they shuffled through CDs, shocked by Paul’s brazen words.

“You guys are in university, of course you’re more experienced!”

“Not all college men are created equal, ya know. Your brothers are incredibly good to their women.” Matt said.

Kara blushed bright red and looked away, wondering how the topic of conversation had changed so drastically. Her brothers seemed to notice her discomfort. They whispered back and forth for a few more moments before setting the CDs down and coming back to the beds.

“We know you’re still upset about Ken, so we want to show you something that might distract you for a while.” Paul said, holding out a hand to his sister. Kara took it without thinking and he led her to the seating area in the wide space beyond the beds.

“It’s a – a magic trick>” Matt said, following them.

Paul led her to the center of the open area. A couch was on either side of her and a big-screen TV took up the wall in front of her. A door behind her led to the twins’ private bathroom. An odd-looking piece of furniture was in front of the TV and it irritated Kara that she didn’t know what it was. It stood three feet high and looked to be made of random wave shapes and blocks. The whole thing was covered in soft-looking grey fleece.

Paul released her hand and turned back towards the entertainment center.

“Get on your knees and close your eyes.” İkitelli Escort Matt said as Paul put in a rock mix CD and turned the volume up.

“If anyone else told me to do that, I wouldn’t listen.” Kara said, obeying her brother even as she teased him. Despite not being close with then, she trusted them and didn’t hesitate to do as Matt asked. He smiled down at her as he spoke, glad to see her eyes were closed tight.

“Now I’m going to set the trick up, so give me a second.”

A hand suddenly grabbed her ponytail and pulled down, forcing her face up.

“Wha-” She had barely opened her mouth something was shoved inside. Another hand took hold under her chin and it was another moment before she realized that the object in her mouth was Matt’s cock and the hands holding her head were Paul’s.

“No teeth, little sister.” Matt breathed, drawing out until just his head remained in her mouth.

“Why?” She managed around the cock, the word garbled as she tried to push her brother’s member from between her lips.

“You’ve grown up to be quite sexy.” Paul began, his hands holding her head perfectly still. “We’ve been lusting after you for a while. Couldn’t tell you why, but no other woman has been able to keep our attention.”

Matt remained silent, rubbing the head of his cock along Kara’s tongue. Each stroke left the taste of precum. Kara had given Ken countless blowjobs, and she enjoyed sucking cock, but she had no idea how to react to her brothers’ violation.

“Take her ponytail,” Paul said. Matt took the offered length of hair and wrapped it once around his hand to keep her head still as he began fucking her face more deeply.

Kara automatically adjusted the rhythm of her breathing to match Matt’s thrusts. She lost the rhythm for a moment as she felt Paul’s hand slip under her uniform skirt to trace the length of her panties. She considered fighting them off, but her arms seemed frozen at her sides.

“She’s getting wet.” Paul said, his voice a growl. “Go deeper.”

Matt grinned as he took a good grip of her ponytail and slammed the entirety of his thick cock down her throat. She closed her eyes and tried not to gag, but she couldn’t deny the electric tingle his actions sent to her belly.

“Suck, Kara. I’ve heard Ken brag about your mouth, so I know you’re talented.” Matt ordered.

Kara tried to shake her head and Matt buried himself down her throat until her nose pressed against his zipper.

“Suck or I’ll face-fuck you, and I won’t be gentle.”

A shudder ran through her as Kara began to work the thick member with her tongue. She sucked lightly and Matt withdrew enough that she could breathe.

“Good girl,” Matt said with a groan. Kara tried to remove herself from the situation, but her natural love of fellatio was taking over and she found herself enjoying the moment. She began bobbing her head slightly, dragging her tongue along the bottom of Matt’s shaft. She tried to convince herself that she was doing it out of necessity, but the more she said it the more hollow it sounded. She couldn’t deny her excitement any more when Paul, no longer content to stroke her damp panties, slipped a finger inside the elastic and slid it between her lips with ease.

“She’s so wet, Matt. Are you enjoying this, little sister?” Paul asked. Kara nodded without thinking and Matt released her hair in shock, watching her for signs of trickery. Her hands moved to unfasten Matt’s jeans. With the button undone, she pulled them down and was not surprised to discover that her brother had nothing on underneath.

She pulled back from the spit-slick cock, her hands working the shaft and balls as she looked up at Matt.

“You’re both suck fucks for wanting to fuck your sister, even if she didn’t want to fuck you.” She said “But it’s been a while since I’ve had someone appreciate my oral skills. And, truth be told, I’ve always thought your girlfriends were lucky bitches. So, yes, I am enjoying this. And you,” She continued, turning towards Paul. “You need to put your money where your mouth is and get me off.”

The brothers looked at each other for a moment before they pulled away from their sister. Laying hands on her, they lifted her from the floor and Paul held her arms behind her back. Matt ripped her blouse open, buttons skittering across the wooden floor. Paul released them and Matt removed the shirt entirely, revealing their sister’s large breasts straining against a black lace bra.

He dropped her blouse and grabbed her arms, pulling her to him as Paul crouched and pulled a knife from his pocket. He slid the flat of the blade along her outer thigh, then sliced the side of her panties away. As he moved the other side, Matt leaned forward and forced his tongue into Kara’s mouth. Paul made the final cut and pulled the fabric from his sister’s pussy, revealing her shaved lips.

“Shave bare, huh?” Paul asked, running the pad of his thumb along her slit.

“She’s completely shaved?” Matt asked and Paul cupped Kara’s pussy for a moment before İkitelli Escort Bayan nodding. “Oh you’re in so much trouble now.”

For a second Kara though about backing out, but Matt seemed to read her mind and held her tighter.

“Nervous?” He asked and she nodded. “Paul, distract her.”

“Oooooh!” Kara cried out as one of Paul’s fingers slid inside of her, thicker than Ken’s fingers had been and obviously more skilled.

“You’ve got the tightest pussy I have ever felt, sis.” Paul said, his mouth inches from her ear.

They remained completely still as Paul fingered Kara. Her eyes fluttered shut with every thrust as heat flooded her chest and face.

“Let’s really blow her mind.” Matt said.

“Bed?” Paul asked, and Kara opened her eyes just in time to see Matt nod. Before she could say anything, Paul pulled his finger from between her swollen lips.

“Please…” She breathed, and her brothers laughed.

“Better than that dipshit ex of yours?” Paul asked.

“Yes…. Oh, god yes.” Kara replied with a moan.

Desperate the feel her brother’s fingers inside of her again, Kara let them lead her to the bed and position her on her hands and knees. Matt stood next to the bed and guided her mouth back to his cock.

“Have you ever been eaten out before?” Paul asked, removing his shirt and pants. Kara did her best to shake her head without losing suction on the cock in her mouth. Paul grinned and crawled onto the bed behind her. “My poor baby sister. Let me show you what you have been missing.”

Kara jumped as Paul slid his tongue up her labia, holding her hips to keep her in place. She bobbed her head on Matt’s cock as Paul’s fingers joined his mouth at her pussy. He began rubbing her clit with the pad of his thumb as he pushed his tongue between her slick folds. Paul and Kara moaned at the same time. Pulling away from his sister, Paul looked over at his twin as he began fingering more deeply, her new position giving him better access.

“She’s got one sweet -” Paul suddenly stopped, his finger resting inside his sister. “Matt, she’s a total virgin.”

Kara tried to pull away from Matt’s cock as she felt Paul shift on the bed. Matt grabbed her head in both hands and began face-fucking her. Kara tried to focus on her breathing, until something much wider than Paul’s finger rubbed along her pussy. She shook her head wildly, trying to tell her brothers to stop. Matt kept fucking her mouth but Paul got the message.

“You don’t want me to take your cherry?” He asked. Again, Kara shook her head.

Paul eased up the pressure but kept rubbing his head along her soaked lips.

“You liked my fingering, didn’t you? And my tongue?” This time Kara nodded. Paul bent over and reached around his sister to play with her clit. “You’re so wet, Kara, and I know it’s not all from sucking Matt’s cock. Your face is flushed, and the way your pussy grabbed my fingers… you’re enjoying yourself.” Kara tried to move her head, but Matt’s grip had tightened. Paul looked up at his brother and Matt released her enough that Kara could nod more easily. “Do you want me to stop?” Paul suddenly pulled away, ending all contact with his sister. Kara screamed in frustration, sure she had been close to her first orgasm.

“Felt like a ‘no’ to me,” Matt said. The twins exchanged a grin and then Paul began again.

“I need your pussy, Kara. It’s torture being this close without fucking you.” He began to rub her clit in earnest. “I either need to sink my cock into you, or I have to stop.” Paul waited until Kara was almost to orgasm before removing his hands again.

“NO!” She screamed, pulling back from Matt’s cock. “Don’t stop, for the love of god don’t stop.” She looked over her shoulder at Paul, her eyes begging.

“Say it, little sister.” He pushed.

Kara finally broke, her desire to cum overwhelming everything else.

“Fuck me, Paul. Do whatever you want to me, just make me cum!” She hadn’t planned on begging, but she was so desperate that it felt right.

“To the couch.” Paul said.

Once again Kara was lifted and moved across the room. Paul laid down on the odd-shaped cushion that Kara had noticed before, his head and hips slightly elevated. Matt moved Kara over Paul so that she straddled her older brother, her knees on blocks to either side him. She felt straps wind around one leg and looked down to see Matt securing her to the “couch”. She didn’t move as he secured her other leg, not caring what they did so long as she got to cum soon.

“Please, Paul…” Kara said, her hand slipping down her body to play with her clit. Matt suddenly appeared again, pulling Kara’s arms behind her and securing them with leather cuffs. Paul took hold of his sister’s slender hips and pulled down, hard. The move caught her off-guard and her knees buckled, pushing her brother’s cock up between her labia and deep into her pussy. She whimpered as he thrust past her virginity, but it didn’t hurt as much as she had thought it would.

“Good god.. ahh.. Escort İkitelli you feel… holy fuck…” Paul moaned, throwing his head back as his entire cock disappeared into his sister’s body. He rested a moment, giving her time to adjust to the girth of his member and its sudden residence in her pussy. After a few seconds he began to fuck her, slowly.

Kara moaned loudly and Paul picked up his pace, bouncing her on his cock. Her large breasts bounced too, and Matt stepped forward to unclip her hands and her bra. She threw the bra across the room and went eagerly when Matt pushed her forward and once again secured her hands, this time one on each side of Paul’s shoulders. Once she was secure, Paul leaned forward and kissed her, his tongue pushing into her mouth with possession as he really began slamming up into her captive pussy.

She surprised him by kissing him back, her body grinding down on his. Matt watched his siblings fuck, his brother driving up into their sister’s body as hard as he could, bare cock glistening with Kara’s juices. Feeling left out, he grabbed a bottle from his bedside table and moved to join in the fun,

Kara felt something else nudge her, slowly slipping between her ass cheeks towards her anus. She broke her kiss with Paul, intending to scream a protest, but he pulled her face back to his and kissed her again.

“Relax,” he said, releasing her lips for a moment. “You’ve enjoyed everything so far. Trust us, pet.”

“We’ll start you slow, I promise.” Matt said, sliding the injector into the tight opening. With a push of his thumb he sent lube deep into her ass, preparing the way for the plug he had in his other hand. He took a moment to fuck her asshole with the injector, enjoying the way she tensed around the narrow tool as Paul continued his intense use of her pussy.

Kara felt the injector slip out of her ass and felt a mix of relief and regret. She hadn’t expected to enjoy the violation of something up her ass, but she couldn’t deny the excitement as she felt yet another tip poke at her tight hole. After a moment of pressure the tip slid inside, and Kara moaned as Matt pushed the plug deeper into her ass.

It felt long, slender, and slick in her ass.

“Most women can’t take so much so fast.” Matt said. “You’ll be ready for my cock sooner than I thought.”

He underscored his words by pushing the plug as deep as it would go. Kara felt a flash of pain as the ball at the base popped into her tight hole, but it slowly faded as Matt pressed the plug against her. He suddenly removed the plug, bringing a cry from his sister. The sound had barely faded before Matt buried the plug inside her again. Over and over, he fucked his sister’s ass. Her cries quickly turned to moans and she pushed back against the plug when she felt it at her entrance.

“I was going to go slow, but your ass looks too inviting.” Matt said, his breathing ragged.

The plug was removed again, but the next nudge Kara felt was something much larger. Matt’s cock head was slick with lube as he rubbed it against her cheeks.

“Do you want my cock in your ass?” He asked. When Kara whimpered but didn’t answer, Matt smacked her hard across the ass.

“You answered Paul, answer me.” He commanded.

He smacked her ass again, even harder. Crack and crack flashed across her cheeks and she quickly broke.

“YES! The plug felt so good, your cock will only feel better. Stop making me beg and fuck me!”

Happy to oblige his now-obedient sister, Matt positioned the head of his against her asshole and thrust forward. His head pierced her tight hole and Matt groaned.

“Who knew our sister was so tight?”

“We put this off too long.” Paul replied. He remained still, buried inside Kara’s pussy, as Matt began to fuck her slowly.

“Ooohh…. it hurts!” Kara cried.

“Give it a minute and you’ll really start to enjoy it.” Matt promised. He continued fucking her ass, drizzling a little lube on his cock now and then. After a few moments Kara began to whimper and push back against him.

“You warm up fast, little sister.” Paul said, beginning to thrust once more.

Both brothers picked up speed, pinning their sister between them. With her arms tied to the cushion and her body impaled on two cocks, Kara had little choice but to moan and grind back against her brothers. The sensations of their cocks filling both her holes were more intense than anything she could have imagined, making her scream out whenever the brothers alternated their strokes and she felt their heads strike one another inside of her. She was so caught up in the sensations that she didn’t notice Paul wiggling something between them until she heard a buzzing start and felt the vibrations against her belly.

“Tell me when it’s in the right spot.” He said. He slowly pushed the vibrator down over her clit.

“Right there!” Kara said, jumping as the vibrator struck home over her clit. She began to shake as the vibrations drove her closer to an orgasm.

“You feel close to cumming.” Matt said , panting. Kara nodded and both brothers sighed in relief.

“Good, because I can’t hold off any long.” Paul said and Matt nodded. Kara panicked for a moment, remembering that neither brother wore a condom, but Paul ended her train of thought by grabbing her nipples and pinching.