Brothers Return Ch. 02

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Dinner was interesting.

I got downstairs, dressed in my baggy lounge pants and a tank top, as Luc and our mother were dishing out. He winked at me over our moms head and I smiled. I still couldn’t believe what had happened upstairs and the thought that we might get to explore each other more was making me quiver in excitement.

“Okay, so tell me. Did you ever get hurt? And tell me the truth.” Mom asked Luc as she shared the rice between three plates.

He laughed a little at her question and then shrugged. “I hurt myself a few times, but nothing huge, just cuts and bruises… I did dislocate my shoulder in one training exercise… That wasn’t fun…”

Mom looked at him slowly. “And why didn’t you tell me?” She asked in a hurt voice.

Luc smiled at her and hugged her, rubbing her back. “Mom, there was nothing you could do from here… And anyway, once they popped it back in, I was fine…” He finished, stretching his left arm above his head, smiling again.

Mom had her back to me again, with Luc facing forward, so I thought I’d tease him.

“Were you stiff after?” I asked innocently, looking over my shoulder at Luc.

I was standing by the fridge getting drinks for the three of us and had to take a quick sip as Luc’s mouth dropped. “You know, your arm?”

Luc coughed and smiled a little. “Uh, yeah… I was sore, sure…”

“Well I wish you’d told us.” Mom murmured and then shrugged as she shared out the curry. “Anyway, did you make any friends? Do you know who’s on your team?”

“Yeah, I met some cool guys… There was Scott and Frankie… They sat with me a lot of the time… And Talon…” Luc continued to name people as he looked at me.

I winked at him and then slowly licked my upper lip. He paused mid sentence, but then cleared his throat and carried on talking, never taking his eyes off me. I ran my hand over my hip and stomach and paused at my breast. Luc looked away for a distraction and picked up a piece of chicken off one of the plates and stuck it in his mouth. His eyes however, came back to me.

He was just swallowing when I pinched my nipple and bit my lower lip to keep from making a noise.

“Luc? Are you okay?” My mom asked as he started to cough. I jogged over and hit him on the back, trying to help. He wheezed and his eyes where watery as he looked at us.

“I’m fine… Just went down the wrong way… Thanks Paige…” He said, giving me a look that promised pay back.

“I’m starving” I sang as I took a plate of food and then my drink from the counter and went to the table. Luc and Giresun Escort Mom followed and sat down, Luc next to me and Mom at the top of the table. Then we were all eating and chatting.

We were almost finished eating when I felt something on my inner thigh. Luc’s hand was massaging my leg and I couldn’t help but open my legs wider. Our chairs were close enough that it didn’t look like we were doing anything and Luc was still eating, though only with his right hand. His hand moved higher and then he was cupping my mound, his middle finger running up and down my slit.

“So Paige, we’ve talked enough about me… What about you? How’s gymnastics?” Luc asked as he ate another forkful of food. He looked at me and waited.

I cleared my throat and tried not to think of his hand and what he was doing to me. “It’s good” I said lightly, smiling at him. I wouldn’t let him win this little game. He could try as hard as he liked…

And I hoped he did.

“Paige just competed two weeks ago. She got first place!” My Mom beamed happily, patting my hand.

Luc’s fingers had found my clit through my pants and he was rubbing little circles around it, making me lose my mind. I struggled for control as his petting grew more and more intense. If I didn’t get out of the room and away from Mom in ten seconds, I was going to cum like crazy.

I quickly ate the two bites left on my plate, hurrying. “Hey Mom, is it alright if we take our desert upstairs and go watch a movie?” I asked rushed, clamping my legs together and looking pointedly at Luc. He smiled and looked at our Mom. “That alright?”

“Sure, that’s fine, just clean up after. I’m gonna wash up and then do some laundry downstairs. Luc, you have anything you want washing?” She asked as she collected the plates. As soon as Luc’s hand left my mound, I stood up and walked over to the freezer, getting out some ice cream and two spoons.

“Nah, I’m good… Thanks… Get the DVD going Paige…” He said with a wink as I walked as quickly as I could upstairs, getting as much space as I could away from Mom. I went to his room, as he had a pretty good speaker system for watching movies and listening to music. I put down the ice cream and spoons and then picked up a random movie from his shelf and put it in.

He walked in then, a huge grin on his face and his hands held up in surrender. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry… But you were asking for it, giving me that little show!” He said defensively as I stalked over to him. For a SEAL, he sure looked scared.

I leaned past him and closed the door, then Giresun Escort Bayan I pushed him against it and glued my mouth to his, a desire I couldn’t fathom spreading through my body. My tongue licked his lips and I nibbled them, making him groan. When his tongue entered my mouth, I bit it lightly, making him gasp and pull back.

“You bit me?!”

I was breathing roughly as I pulled my tank top off, revealing my firm breasts to him. “That’s not all I’m gonna be doing to you…” I murmured as I backed up towards the bed and leaned back on it, presenting myself to him. “Now lock that door and turn up the TV… Wouldn’t want Mom to hear you scream…”

Luc had been staring at my chest, his eyes sparkling with heat and his breathing growing faster and faster, as his groin had grown bigger and bigger. He slowing turned the lock and then walked to the TV. The movie had started and it looked like I’d chosen well. Car chases and explosions would hide our moans of passion perfectly. He turned it up enough to get away without Mom making an unwelcomed appearance and then he pulled his t-shirt over his head.

I gasped as his toned abs and stomach appeared, making my mouth water and my pussy weep. I rubbed my thighs together as he approached slowly, unsnapping and zipping his jeans as he came. He was a glorious sight and I found myself wondering how I’d gotten so lucky, to have a brother like him.

“You know I won’t stop this time…” He murmured, bracing his arms on either side of me as he leaned down. I didn’t budge at all. I was horny and I’d be damned if I was going to climax first after the stunt he’d pulled at the dinner table.

“I hope you don’t…” I said huskily as I breathed him in. He nuzzled my neck and kissed my soft sensitive skin. “You ready for me?”

Luc pulled back so our noses were brushing and we were looking into each other’s eyes. “Hell yeah…” He groaned and then he tackled me down, his mouth finding and ravaging mine as his hand closed over my exposed breast. I arched my back and moaned, clamping my legs around his waist and rubbing myself against him. My hands travelled all over his skin. His back, his chest, his arms. He was growling into my mouth, a powerful dangerous sound that promised I’d be well satisfied when this was over.

He pinched and rolled my nipple hard, making me cry out and then tenderly massaged me, only to do it again. My hands snaked down to his jeans and I worked at the denim, getting them out of my way so I could find the treasure inside his boxers.

“You’re not messing around Escort Giresun are you?” He groaned as I yanked his boxers down and took hold of him. I was surprised at the size of it in my hand. It was long and quite thick, so I knew that when the time came, it was going to hurt good.

“What gave you that impression?” I said and then rolled us, so I was on top. Luc looked startled for a moment and I took that opportunity to crawl down his body and take his erection in my mouth. He let out a curse and his hips arched, driving more of him into my mouth. I couldn’t fit it all, so I used my hand to pump him whilst I sucked.

I moaned as my pussy flooded more and my core heated. I couldn’t believe I had my brothers cock in my mouth!

I’d only had two previous boyfriends, one of which I had never slept with. I lost my virginity a few months after my birthday to Kieran, a long time friend, in his bedroom when his parents had been out. I hadn’t been in a rush to lose it, but it felt like the right time. I had discovered I had quite a sex drive and regularly pleasured myself, but he hadn’t been the same. I’d broken up with him because of it and been looking for someone who could keep up with me.

I’d struck gold with Luc.

“Oh fuck… Oh… Paige, shit… Ease off or I’m gonna cum… Fuck, that feels so good…” Luc was moaning and playing with my breasts as I got him off, which was bringing me closer to my completion too.

Luc groaned and went stiff under me. “Fuuuuuuck… I’m cumming…” and then he was cumming in my mouth and I struggled to swallow it all. He tasted amazing, warm and creamy. It was all man and I had a mini orgasm with him.

He slumped back on the bed and breathed deeply. I crawled up his body, kissing and licking as I went and then lay on him to gentle chew his nipples. It was bliss to lie there with him, enjoying the afterglow of his orgasm.

“Shit, that was the best blowjob I’ve ever had… How’d you learn to do that?” Luc murmured, his hand rubbing my back lazily.

I looked up at him and winked. “I tried it once with a boyfriend, but he thought it was nasty, so I watched some dirty movies…” He muttered about how a guy isn’t a guy unless he likes a good blowjob, and then he rolled us over so I was beneath him. He kissed me gently for a while and ran his hands all over my body.

“I needed that… I never appreciated women so much until I joined the SEAL’s… Going without sex is shit…” He said smoothly in my ear, making me shiver.

“Well, you have me…” I purred hooking my leg on his thigh. He chuckled and then reached for something from the nightstand.

He had the ice cream and a look in his eye.

“You’ve had your desert…” He said, thrusting his now fully recovered cock into my groin, making me purr. “And you’ll get seconds later… But first… It’s my turn…”

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