Brown Sugar Quest

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After not seeing Marcus for over two weeks, I was horny for some of his great sex. Henri, Julius and Althea had given me good lovemaking, but I wanted his hard fucking, fucking that he had shown me that I didn’t want to be without.

I called him Friday evening, to ask what he would be doing on Saturday. When he answered, I said: “Hi Marcus, what have you been doing? I miss you.”

He answered with: “What have you been missing? Have you been getting any from Julius? What about Henri? Aren’t they taking care of you?”

I replied: “Baby, they give me that good brown sugar, but I want some of your good fucking.”

He went on with: “Why me? Do you like my fucking?”

“Yes, baby. No one can fuck me as good as you. I need to feel you filling me, fucking me so hard and so deep. I want to be under you.” I said.

He told me that he would be busy Saturday and Sunday, but that I could come over now if I was cleaned out.

I told him: “Baby, I cleaned myself out a little while ago, and I could be there in a half hour.”

He said: “Put some pretty panties on, bring some weed and get over here. I will give you what you need. My cock is throbbing, and ready for your white ass.”

I dressed and went over to his place, thinking of how well he had fucked me in the past, and knowing that I would leave his place well fucked.

When I got to Marcus’ place, he had me come in, and then pulled me to him, holding my ass cheeks and kissing me hard. He was wearing a towel, and I felt his cock pressing against my belly as he kissed me.

Slapping my ass, he asked: “Whose ass is this, baby?”

I replied: “It is Mandingo ass, honey. I am yours but my ass belongs to you Mandingo men. I want you.”

He said: “Let’s smoke a bowl and then we can get what we need. But first, get on your knees and kiss the Black Snake that you love so much.”

I undid his towel as I lowered myself to the floor, and took his cock in my hands. I love his thick cock, and even semi-soft, it was big enough to fill my mouth with its thickness. I fondled it with one hand while I held his nutsack with the other. Moving his cockhead to my mouth, I kissed it, and then let it inside so I could lick it with my tongue.

In my mouth, with me sucking it, I could feel it stiffen and grow even more. I wanted to make him cum in my mouth, and began to suck harder, but he pulled my head off it, and moved back.

He said: “You will get plenty of this tonight, but let’s get a little buzz going first. Get the weed and undress so we can get high.”

I had the bowl filled, and as I handed Marcus the bag, I lit the bowl and took a good toke. After filling my lungs with smoke, I passed the bowl to him and he hit it.

We passed the bowl back and forth, smoking, as I undressed. When I got to my panties, Marcus told me to leave them on for now. He brought his cock to my lips and pushed it into my mouth.

He said: “Here is the meat that you love. See what you can do for it. I want to cum in your mouth before we fuck.”

As I sucked him, I could feel the buzz taking effect, making me even hornier than I already was. I put his hands on my head, and took more of his cock into my mouth. He knew what I wanted and took control of my head, pulling me onto his cock, sinking it deep into my throat. My mouth was stretched wide and my throat was full of his black fuckstick. I was getting the black cock that I loved so much.

It didn’t take long before Marcus was ready to cum. When he began, he pushed my head back until the head of his cock was at my lips and then emptied himself into my mouth. As he finished, I sucked harder on his cock head, pulling the last of his love juice into my mouth.

He pulled away from me, then slapped my cheeks with his cock, saying: “That is what you wanted, isn’t it, bitch?”

Swallowing his cum, I replied: “Baby, I love to feel you shoot your load. Fucking my throat like that makes me want you in me, pounding that big tool deep into me. I want you so much, baby. I have been wanting you, needing to feel you putting your Mandingo cock inside me.”

As I got to my feet, Marcus pulled me down to the sofa and pinched my thigh with his big hand. He handed me the bowl and lighter then put his finger under the panties that I was wearing, hooking the crotch and pulling on it.

He said: “I like you wearing these. I would rather play with you through these than with you in a pair of boxers. If those tits grow any bigger I will have you wear a bra when you want to get fucked. But let’s get into the bed so I can have some of this ass of mine. My cock needs to be soaked.”

He got me up and when I started to walk toward his bedroom, he turned me and said: “We’re going into the den.”

When we got into there, I could see that the sofa bed was opened out and that Marcus had it ready for fucking. The coffee table had a tube of Astrolube laying on it. Walking in, he told me to get on the exam table. As I laid down, he put my feet into escort kayaşehir the stirrups, and opened them wide, spreading my legs and opening my hole to him.

I said: “Baby, I want to be in the bed when you fuck me. Please?”

He replied: “Bitch, we will be in the bed then, but now I want to check this Mandingo ass of yours to see that it is fit for our black cocks. I have to look out for our property.”

He got out 3 Vaginal Speculums of different sizes. I could tell that the smallest one was what had been used on me when the Mandingos initiated me, with the two others being larger. He lubed the smaller one, and pushed it into my ass.

With the speculum inside me, Marcus opened it wide, and said: “Bitch, that pussy of yours is cleaned out. I am going to enjoy packing it for you, but first I want to see if your hole will be able to handle my man Ty when he comes in from Montgomery. His cock is pretty thick and if he can’t get into you, he will be disappointed.

He worked the speculum around, while opened to its fullest, and then picked up the medium sized one, and lubed it, and switched. Pushing it in, he began to open it, and I could feel him opening my sphincter even more than his cock opened it. He relaxed it, and when I had adjusted to it, he suddenly opened it wide open. I had never had anything this big in my ass, and he began to move it around, in and out, letting it close some, then opening it wide.

After using the medium speculum for awhile, he put some lube on the larger one, and switched to it, pushing it into my ass pussy, making me feel filled more than ever. It wasn’t opened up, and was still filling my hole. With it inside me, he put one hand on my mouth and opened it all the way, muffling my sounds with his hand as It stretched me more than I thought possible.

Taking his hand of my mouth, I said: “Oh my God, baby, what are you doing to me. This hurts and it is too big. I could not fuck a cock this big. It would ruin my ass.”

He smiled an replied: “Yes you can take one this big and you will. I will train you with this and you will see that you can open up that little hole to take big cock. Now, lay there and take this while I work on you.”

He had it wide open and locked and began twisting it, moving it side to side, and pulling back and pushing in deeper. It was making me feel cramps, and not at all comfortable.

Leaving it in me, Marcus stepped back and came around to me, saying: “Just lay there while I go get the bowl. We need a toke.”

When he came back in, I said: “Baby, will my ass be ruined now? Will I be able to feel you fuck me after having it spread this wide? This don’t feel that good. It hurts, and I am worried that I won’t be able to close it up.”

He laughed, and said: “You have been reading too much porn. Your ass will close back up, and when it swells, will be even tighter than normal. When Ty fucks you, I will have you loosened up and he will get into you to give you his ride. His cock isn’t any longer than mine, but he is as thick as a beer can. When he fills your hole you will be cumming from the time he starts until he pulls out. You should have some woman with a small hand give you a fisting. You would love it. We might have one at the party when he comes, and if we do, I will have her get your ass ready for Ty.

We smoked the rest of the bowl, and then as he released the speculum, and pulled it out of me, he took a picture of my ass, and then helped me get off the exam table and lay on the sofa bed. I could see that his cock was hard, but he was in no hurry to get into the bed and fuck me.

I begged: “Fuck me baby, I want to feel you fucking me, pushing your cock into my ass. Please”

He said: “Bitch, I want that asshole to close up and then I will come into you and push it open again. We are going to fuck for awhile. When you leave today, your ass will be well fucked.”

He refilled the bowl, lit it and took a toke, handing it to me to use. As I finished my toke, he took it and laid it on the coffee table, and put the Astrolube on his cock, turned me onto my stomach and pushed deep into me in a single stroke.

I couldn’t move, I was impaled, it hurt but yet I loved what he was doing to me. I began cumming as soon as I felt the head of his cock deep inside me. He pressed me into the mattress, not withdrawing, making me feel as full of him as I felt when he had the biggest speculum inside me. He was right, I had retained my original size, but had swollen because of the workout that he gave me with the instrument.

As his cock settled to the bottom of my pussy, he pulled his knees tighter to my crotch, and began to stroke me hard and deep. He had never made me feel this full before. My swelling let me feel him from the opening to the bottom of my deep ass pussy I loved the way that Marcus fucked me, and today he was doing the job even better than before.

Marcus noticed the difference too, saying: “Bitch, your hole ain’t never felt escort anadolu yakası so good. You got my dick wrapped tight from your brown eye to your belly.”

I said: “Baby, let me get on my hands and knees so I can move it for you. I am feeling good with you fucking me, and I want to move it for you.”

Holding my hips, he raised me up so I could get my knees under me, and with his cock still buried in my ass, he slapped me, and told me to get to fucking him.

I did that. While he pounded to the bottom on each stroke, I moved up and down and side to side as he came in and out. He was putting his black snake all over inside me. I had heard that “Nine is Fine”, but I could say that “Eleven is Heaven”. I was getting fucked, and getting what I had long dreamed about as I considered just what type of man to man situation that I would most want. I love to be the man that I am, able to do any “hands on” job that might present itself, and to enjoy shooting and using firearms; but I also always wanted to ‘close the bedroom door and be all femme for a well endowed black man’, and now I was getting just that treatment.

As we fucked, my growing breasts were swaying below my chest, and my very sensitive, oversized, nipples were just brushing across the bedding below me. I couldn’t take it any more and started to cum. Deep inside, I was trembling, squeezing, shaking, and moving harder and harder onto Marcus’ big cock.

I wailed: “Baby, I am cumming. You are wrecking me with this fucking today, I can’t stand it. Baby, you own me. I am yours. Please, pull it out, and let me get on my back. I want to watch you fuck me. Please?”

Marcus pulled back, barely out of my tight pussy, and I squirmed around, getting on my back and under his big body. I put my hands on his waist and pulled him to my pussy.

With my knees touching my shoulders, he pushed back into me. Taking him deep, I wiggled my ass, and he dropped his mouth to mine. He pushed his tongue ahead of his lips, putting it into my mouth and then settling his lips on mine, pushing deep, as he pushed his cock as deep as he could get it. Holding me like that, with his belly pressing against the backs of my bent legs, my lover owned me.

Marcus looked into my eyes and said: “Bitch, when I put Ty on you, he will put it in just like this; with you on your back and your knees on your chest. He will lube it, and put some on you and then he will give you his black cock injection, not stopping until you have all of him that he can get into you. After he fucks you, I will let you rest and then I will get some of this sweet ass. You move it good and take care of what I need.”

I smiled and said: “Baby, you have all the lovin’ that I need, but I will take care of your brothers for you. But honey, is Ty really that thick? Is he really going to open my ass like that?”

We had begun moving, fucking, stroking and slapping together, I was cumming, and just letting it happen, letting Marcus pound his cock into me because I wanted to give him my best. We were beyond fucking each other; I was fully fucked, more than satisfied, and had totally given myself over to the pleasure of my lover. I humped up to meet his down strokes, slid my ass from side to side, and I just kept cumming, moaning, nearly sobbing at the fucking I was getting. I was totally blacked, totally his black cock slut. Just to get his fucking I had let myself become the property of his club of Mandingo studs, to give myself to them anytime they wanted it, and I was loving being in this position.

Marcus smiled and said: “Bitch, he is gonna lay you down and put it too you, that big, and 11 inches long. He is going to remodel your pussy, and when he pulls out, you will be fully fucked just like now, and will ask him for more. Now, keep that pussy moving, I want to fill it up with some black seed.”

He moved up, over me a little more, and began dropping his cock straight down into me, going deep, and hitting I hard. I love the way this man fucks me. He uses my ass, takes me to the limit, and hangs me over the side, and I love the way that he does it.

As he got close to having his orgasm, (mine hadn’t stopped, I was on nonstop cum mode.), he dropped his mouth to my nipple. He sucked it into his mouth, then held it with his teeth, biting just enough to be able to hold it. I lost it. I began cumming harder, more passionately, and then in response to him starting to cum inside me. I took his seed, and some more hard strokes and then he let my legs out, and laid his belly on mine, staying inside me.

I took his face in my hands, looked him in the eye, and said: “Baby, I love the way you fuck me. You are the best ever. I want you whenever you need to get things handled. Just take me when you want it, I am yours.”

He raised his face a little, looked at me, pushed his cock deeper, hard against my insides, and said: “You are mine and my brothers too. We are all claiming you. You are carrying our mark. escort avrupa yakası You are our property, and we take care of what is ours. If you take dick, you will be taking it for us. And when you are on your back, you move that ass as good as you do with me. Don’t be slack, take them for a ride, and if it is there, get some for yourself too.”

As Marcus softened, we slid apart, and I got off the bed, went to the bathroom and wet a washcloth with hot water and went back to the bed. I lay beside my lover, and slowly washed his cock and balls, warming them, and making him feel good. Finishing the wiping, I lowered my mouth to it and sucked it in as deep as possible, and just loved on it, feeling it begin to stiffen again.

It felt good, knowing I could make my man get a hard cock right after fucking me silly, and I sucked him even harder, deeper, and with much more movement. With my head and throat bent to be as straight as possible, I could take him deep. He knew to pull back up soon so I wouldn’t gag and mess up our fun. As we got going I picked up his hands and put them on my head, telling him that I wanted him to use me.

Marcus used my head like he was masturbating, pulling me up and down on his cock. The image this produced with me, along with the feeling of his cock moving through my throat, made me begin to cum again.

I moaned: “My ass baby. Please touch my ass. I am cumming, please finger me. Bayyyyyyyyyybeeeee!!”

He reached around and put his middle finger in my ass and began to work another in beside it, making me have a massive orgasm. That made Marcus lose his load in my mouth, letting me hold it without swallowing it. As he finished draining it, he pulled back and I smiled at him and began swallowing his seed.

As we rode our orgasms out, we rolled apart, just touching each other. After a bit, Marcus got off the bed and ordered a pizza. I got up and we went out to his dining room and got some water and sat down.

Taking his hand in mine, I said: “Damn baby, you sure know how to satisfy a guy. Do you take care of a lady that good? I would think so.”

He said: “I get some pussy that wants me to come back for more. You aren’t the only one that will call me for some of my black snake.”

I replied, saying: “Baby, I love that cock, but just as good is the way that you put it down. In bed, I love that you show me that you own me, that I am yours to use. If I was dumb enough to want less I might find myself in bed with some 5 inch skinny white dick, pushing ever softly into me. Nope, that ain’t for me. I want to be fucked, and you know how to get it done.”

He picked up his phone, told me to get up and lean over the table. As I did, he took a picture of my ass. He told me to sit back down, and shared the photo with me. It was the first time that I had really seen my Mandingo mark since it had all healed. I liked it, being right beside my asshole, which was fully closed now.

The Pizza arrived, and Marcus tipped the driver, and brought the pizza to the table. As we ate he explained that while I am not the only one that he is fucking, that I am the only guy, and that any ladies are disease free. He went on to say that he had one girlfriend, a latino, that he told that he would have me eat her some day He told me that she loved to be eaten and that she had a very hairy pussy, covered all the way to her asshole with thick black hair. I told him that I would love to eat that. He said that he had told her that he was fucking me.

We went into the living room where Marcus asked me what type of porn most excited me. I told him that it was Interracial with black guys fucking white girls. He asked if I didn’t want to see black guys fuck guys. I told him that I didn’t feel anything from that, but preferred to see the real housewife, with a black stud, over seeing the porn actors and actresses using fake moans, fake moves, etc.

He had some videos from Homemovies dot com that he put on a play list, and started the TV, and then we filled the bowl and sat together smoking and watching black cock pound some nice white pussies. The longer we watched, the hornier we got.

I got the lube, and said: “Baby, you are picturing fucking those girls, while I am picturing having that guy fucking me. Let’s do it. I am the girls in the videos. Let me get on you.”

I straddled him and lowered myself onto him, laying my back against his chest as I settled. As we watched, I was picturing “new” things that I might want in the future.

We didn’t actually “stroke”, but just moved around, feeling every part of his cock and giving him all of my hole. He reached around my chest and took my growing breasts in his hands. Kneading them, hefting them, I could feel him as he took them over, using them to increase my pleasure. When he held my nipples and began squeezing them, he pulled a new orgasm out of me.

Marcus spoke, asking: “You like riding that pole, don’t you, Eddie? Is sitting on it like this going to take you all the way?”

I replied: “Baby, this feels good. I love it, but it is not as good as when you are on me, pushing it to me like you do. I never knew for sure that I would like to be fucked hard like you do me, but you have shown me that your fucking is just what I have been wanting.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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