Buck A Bar

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Ah, home at last. It was a tiring day and I just wanted to chill. I ran upstairs, changed into my gym shorts, sans underwear, put on some tunes and burnt a fatty. Relaxation. I live in the end unit of a condo complex and if someone passes my front window, I know they’re going to my door. As I kicked back, I noticed this high schooler dressed in a cheerleader outfit, pass my window. I heard a chime and I went to see what she wanted. She was selling candy to raise money for her schools football team. Buck a bar. She was cute. Brunette with nice legs. I had the munchies and told her wait while I went and got a dollar. As I handed her the bill, it slipped and fell to the ground.

She bent first and after picking up the bill, she glanced up and could look right up my shorts. I’m a righty and the head of my cock was just above the bottom of my shorts and only visible if you look up from below. She stared for a moment, glanced up at me and reached to touch me. She swirled her finger around the head, ending up caressing the underside with a powdery touch. I was getting harder by the second. My cock was now pushing the leg of my shorts up and exposing my balls. She now started to stroke me slowly and to my full length. I was breathless. She moved her head towards my cock, opening Ankara bayan escort her lips when I stopped her. “Not in the doorway.”

I helped her up and we went to the couch. “I hope you’re legal.” “I am.” As I sat back she put her lips on the tip of my cock as if to kiss it and then sucked my cock into her mouth. As I entered, her tongue would tickle my opening and slide under the head and provide exquisite stimulation. She would withdraw my cock from her mouth until she was again kissing just the tip and repeat the whole process. I wasn’t going to last long if she kept this up, so I pulled her up and exchanged places with her. I hooked the waistline of her shorts and pulled them off her. She was shaven and it was beautiful. I pushed her legs back and open and slid my hand down her left thigh. Smooth and soft. I found the little man in the boat and lightly touched him. She hissed through clenched teeth. I kissed and licked my way up her right thigh sucking in her labia and testing their texture with my teeth. I looked up. Her eyes were closed, head pointed towards the ceiling. My tongue darted out and licked her clit. I kissed it and held it in my lips as my tongue ticked its tip. She was moaning loudly and breathing heavily. Time to take her to a new level.

I wetted Escort bayan Ankara my finger and slipped it into her. She gasped. I licked her clit and pumped my finger in unison. After a few strokes, I inserted a second finger, much to her pleasure. Within minutes, I had worked four fingers into her and “oh” was her optimum word. She pulled off her outfit and her neck and chest were bright pink from the glow of orgasm. I wanted to drive her over the edge so we exchanged places again, this time with her straddling me. She reached between us, grasped my cock and guided me in. I love it when a woman’s on top. I continued my assault on the man in the boat, timing my caresses with her pumps on my cock. On the up stroke, my partner would just allow the head of my cock to slip past her labia and then she’d lower herself full tilt. It was nirvana. But in my haste to get going with this honey, I had forgotten to close the front door.

As I looked up I noticed another high school cheerleader staring at our union. This one was a long haired blond with nice tits, flat belly and great legs. I nudged my partner, she looked and motioned for her friend to join us. She closed the door, shed her outfit and knelt between my legs, kissing her friends cheeks and handling my sack. On the Bayan escort Ankara apogee of my partners stroke, I slipped my cock out of her in hopes of having her friend suck it. She got the idea and I could feel her hot breath surround my tool, her lips finally closing around its base. She slipped her lips up over my length, tasting her friend and fine tuning my senses. Her head bobbed up and down my tool a couple of times and then she guided me back into my partner. I told the blond to push her finger up her friends ass and then push forward until she could feel my cock. She did and then I told her to push forward and put pressure on my cock as it caressed the walls of her friends pussy. That did it. My partner was over the hump and having a powerful orgasm. Her head jerked from side to side and her neck and chest were red with passion. She beat on my chest and pleaded through a smile for me to stop. She slipped off and her friend took her place.

Slick with the brunettes juices, I slid right in. I had to slow this one down and she too got into the motion of using the full length of my pole. I told the brunette to push her finger up her friends ass and it had the same result. A few seconds later I was right with’em. “I’m gonna squirt.” and I started to pump my load into the blond. It took me three pumps before I could pull out and have the brunette suck the juices from me. I jerked from being overly sensitive as she sucked with the intent of making me say “Stop.” She didn’t get her wish.

Best buck I ever spent.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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