Bus Stop


I saw the lone figure, huddled in the glass bus shelter, trying to stay out of the wind and driving rain.

Thirty five years old, single. After midnight on a Monday, a few drinks under my belt, I was headed home, looking forward to my nice warm bed, and I thought I might as well give this poor soul the heads up.

I rolled up slowly and lowered the passenger window on my Jeep. “Hello? I hate to tell you this, but the last bus was at Eleven. Won’t be another until about Six AM.”

The shadow moved, looking at a paper in the dim light. I heard a soft voice say, “It says Midnight here. I’ve been waiting for half an hour so I didn’t miss it.”

“You must have the Summer Schedule. Ended after Labor Day. Check the date.”

After a moment, the slight figure came cloer to the window. He was male, early twenties, I figured, but not very manly, almost sheepish. “Is there any other way to get to the train from here?”

“It’s about five miles. Long walk, or you can use my Cell to call a cab…”

He shook his head. “I can’t afford that.”

“Well, you’re welcome to a lift. I’m going right by there.”

“Really? That’s so nice of you. Yes, please, I’ll take it, just to get out of this rain!”

I unlocked the door. I don’t usually pick up hitchers, especially out here so far from any businesses, but he seemed non-threatening enough.

He pulled back the hood from his wet head, and I was stunned by his smile, bright and white, standing out in the darkness. His eyebrows were shaped and tweased as so many young men do now, more feminine than manly for my liking, not that I have gay or bi tendancies, its just noticeable. His black hair was worn to his shoulders. Smooth features with high cheek bones. With a little makeup and the right outfit, this guy would have fooled Hugh Hefner.

“Thank you ever so much! I’m Ronnie, I don’t know how I get myself into these things, but he seemed so nice at first, then, when he started… Oh, you don’t escort bursa want to hear any of this.” He stuck his hand out and I shook it. It was limp.

“I’m Harry. Glad I could help. I hate to tell you this, though. If you were taking a train back to New York, you missed that, too. The next one is another hour.”

“Oh Damn it! Well, at least I’ll be dry in the Station.”

That damned station. The area has gone down, especially after Labor Day. Someone like Ronnie would be targetted by any number of sleeze-bags, either trying to rob and mug him, or worse. They would see him there alone, and no one knew the schedules or police patrols better than the Skells.

“You may want to keep a low key at the Train, Ronnie, some of those guys can get pretty mean. And you won’t be able to just walk away, like you did tonight.

Ronnie was eyeing me cautiously. “You mean, because of the way I am?”

I felt flush. “No, I mean, they’re rough down there. I wouldn’t want to spend any time there, either.”

“And you definitely look like you can take care of yourself. I saw that the moment you pulled up. Okay, so what are my options?”

“There’s a coffee shop. I can give you a few bucks so you can sit and have a cup of coffee and a Danish.”

“That’s very sweet of you, Harry.” His hand patted mine on the gear shift between us. “I hate to be such a burden! Give me your address and I’ll send you a check when I get home.” He gave my hand another squeeze as he slowly drew it away.

Like I said, I’m straight, but Ronnie was more feminine than a lot of women I know. He was flirting with me, and I was both horrified and excited by it.

We rode in silence and then he said, “You know, if you’re not in a rush to get home, maybe we can just sit someplace…, and talk?”

I looked over and his eyes were glazed, and he spoke slowly. “Maybe I can repay you for your kindness, in some small way.” Then he licked his lips.

I looked bursa merkez eskort away, and I think he saw my fear. His hand was on mine again, and he said, “It wouldn’t mean anything, Harry, just me showing my appreciation.”

I heard my voice, deep and throaty, say, “I’m not gay.”

He leaned close, to my ear. “I know, Honey, but you’re attractive, and I want to thank you the best way I know how… with my tongue.” With that, his hot breath caused my cock to jump.

“Where?” was all I could get out.

“An open lot? So you can keep watch?”

There was a Hardware Store along the way. I slowed as I approached, and glided into the open series of spots, finding a vantage point where I could see someone coming. I backed in, and shut the lights and engine.

I felt my heart pounding in my chest as he whispered, “Does that seat go back? Yeah, good, just relax, Imagine whoever you want me to be.”

I watched as he expertly undid my jeans, speaking in soft feminine tones, telling me how manly I was, how he knew right away that I was a stud. I raised my hips at his request, and we both tugged them down, along with my jockeys. The vinyl seat felt sticky, but my cock was already hard.

“Ohh, Harry! It’s perfect!” he purred as his finger slowly encircled my head, around the crown. It felt like an electric charge ran through it.

“Sit back and enjoy, Baby, just keep watch.”

I leaned back and watched his head lower onto me, and felt my cock immersed in his hot mouth. He slowly used his tongue, slushing around, churning up my excitement. This guy knew what he was doing!

His hands kneaded my thigh as he slurped, then he was licking my shaft, now a full seven inches as he flicked at the head. “Ooooh, yes, baby, what a beautiful cock!”

I recalled a woman, with a deep, sexy voice, who had haunted my dreams for years but never turned to reality, and it was her who was now sucking me, that bursa sınırsız escort one elusive blowjob. I could almost hear her, slathering my cock with her juices, building my passion to new heights, then I felt Ronnie tighten on me, his jaw applying more pressure, not enough to hurt but surely meant to bring me to the edge.

I felt feverish, and didn’t know his ultimate plan, but thought I should warn him. “Getting close now, getting close!”

He was now stroking my full length, hovering over my head. “Come for me, Baby, give it all to me!”

The first spurt flew from me, catching him on the cheek. He was down on me now, for the second, and I felt him suck, draining me, like soda through a straw. Again and again, I shot, and he hummed as he took it all, staying on it even after I was done, just swirling his tongue around my tender head.

He sat up and smiled as he wiped my cum off his cheek, then slowly licked his fingers clean. “Hmmm, I love the taste of hot cum! Oh, Harry, this turned out to be such a fun night! I’m so glad I met you! Are you okay, honey?”

I nodded, knowing I enjoyed that way more than I should have. I felt self-concious and he said, “Don’t worry, Baby, I didn’t turn you to the Dark Side, just showed you another pleasure! You’ll be back to chasing girls in the morning!”

It was like he read my mind, and I had to laugh with him. I looked at him again, and wondered what he looked like when he was who he wanted to be.

“We’d better be going, or I’ll miss my train, Baby.” He sat up as I dressed, and he searched his pocket, finding the old schedule and a pen. As I drove in silence, he wrote his number.

As we neared the station, other people were around, since the train was due to leave soon. He would be safe here, now. He folded the schedule and stuffed it in my glove compartment.

“Don’t think about that now, but someday, in the future, if you’re gonna be in the City, give me a call. Maybe you can stop over. Or we could get a drink? Think about it, okay? No pressure.”

He kissed his fingers, then patted my hand. “Thanks again, Handsome. Call.”

With that, he was gone, into the station, onto the train. I rode home with a half-erection and had to pound it again before I could get some sleep.