Business Can Be a Pleasure Pt. 02

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“Oh god please no,” I whimpered, pushing my hips back to try to get him fully back inside of me, “please just fuck me.” His grip tightened on my hips and he moved with me so that just the head of his sweet cock stayed inside of me.

“You answer it, or I will,” he growled, which slowly turned to a chuckle as he saw me reach for the phone.

I took a couple of deep breaths to try to get myself under a little bit of control before I thumbed the screen and lifted the phone to my ear, working to keep my voice normal as I gasped, “hello baby.”

As my wife and I talked, I felt Len’s grip on me relax, and my eyes darted over when I hear and felt something fall on the bed beside my head. It was the box of condoms I’d brought and laid out for him to use, and the realization that I was being fucked bareback by a dominant black man while trying to talk to my wife on the phone hit me hard, just as he grasped my hips again and started easing his cock back into me, slow and steady, until I felt him filling my ass — his ass now — completely.

I couldn’t keep from moaning when he started a slow, rhythmic, almost gentle fucking, pulling back gradually until just the head of his cock was in me before pushing back in until his balls pressed against mine. The motion of his body causing my again-hard cock to grind against the comforter and stimulate me in ways I’d never been before.

“Damn honey, what’s Sakarya Escort wrong,” I heard from the phone, which snapped me back to the reality of the moment. I struggled to come up with something plausible that the love of my life would believe so that she didn’t find out that I was a slut for cock, especially black ones.

Gasping and moaning, working my hips in time with Len’s so that I was using his asshole to milk his cock, I told her that I’d gone to the hotel gym after I’d got to my room and had hit the treadmill a little too hard, and that I had a calf cramp that was killing me. Thankfully, blessedly, she said she would let me go and told me to go sit in a hot tub, and I told her I would before murmuring a soft “I love you” and hanging up.

Len pushed his cock into me completely and held it there as he ground his hips side to side. “Let me see a picture of her,” he said, and I didn’t even hesitate, grinding my hips the same as he was as I pulled up the folder marked “Tina” on my phone and handed it back to him. “Damn, she’s fine,” he said as he swiped through the pictures, and I knew he was finding not just the face shots, but the “fun” ones I’d taken of her in the bathtub, in the shower, and on the bed waiting for me to fuck her.

He tossed the phone down onto the bed beside my head again and I felt his body covering mine as he laid on me. His hands slid out my arms to my Adapazarı Escort wrists to pin them to the bed and his lips pressed against my ear. He pulled his hips back and then started a steady, firm thrusting — not gentle but not hard either, just fucking me into the bed beneath him.

His voice was a wet, hot whisper into my ear, “I bet she’d be hot as fuck, waiting her turn with me as she watched you take my cock in both your holes after she finds out what a cumslut she’s married to.”

His words had the desired effect on me, driving me crazy and making me move my ass under him as much as I could, pinned the way I was. “Yeah, I thought you might like that, bitch,” he said, raising up and moving his hands to my shoulders, thrusting his sweet black cock into me harder and faster with each stroke until the fronts of his hips were slapping my asscheeks hard enough to make them bounce.

I fucked back against him, completely lost in the moment, using my ass to squeeze and milk him, wanting and needing to get him off, but wanting it to last as long as possible at the same time. But I guess the moment was too much for him, too, as I felt his thrusts grow shorter, harder, his breaths coming ragged, grunting gasps until he pushed into me and held, his body jerking and shuddering behind and atop mine, his cock seeming to swell before I felt it explode in me, his cum flooding my insides Serdivan Escort as he marked me as his.

Finally, he collapsed onto me after shuddering to a stop, gasping for breath in my ear, his cock still spasming softly inside of me as I felt his seed leaking out around and down over my balls. He moved slowly then, pushing himself upright after taking my phone from where it lay on the bed next to my head. I heard the shutter sound as he snapped pictures, and I knew he was getting shots of his thick black cock stretching my hole with his cum oozing out around it, and then as it eased out of me slowly, and finally shots of my gaping freshly-fucked hole that he’d just bred.

He tossed my phone back to the bed before he grasped my hips and turned me over to my back, then laid on the bed beside me, resting on one elbow. He reached out and grasped my cock, gently, as his head lowered until his lips pressed against my ear. “Cum for me, my little cumslut,” he whispered harshly, just as his grip tightened and he started jerking my cock fast and hard.

I screamed, my back arching and my legs stiffening as I exploded, the feel of his hand and the sound of his words pushing me over the edge immediately. My cum erupted from me again, all over my stomach, each spasm making my ass clench in a sweet pain-pleasure that radiated from his still-tender hole.

He kept jerking and tugging at my cock until I collapsed to the bed, spent, gasping for breath. My eyes were closed but I felt his hand release its grip on me and lift, his fingers dragging through the cum that covered me before lifting to my lips. I didn’t have to be told, I just licked and sucked them greedily as he fed me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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