Business Connection Pt. 02


As I awoke, it took just a few seconds to reconcile where I was. I turned my head and saw Steve, still asleep, gently snoring, his impressive cock in a state of morning wood. It took all of my will power to resist uncovering his meat and going to town on it. But time was short, we were due in meetings within the hour, and I was really hoping for a more leisurely session that evening.

I quietly rolled out of bed, snuck over to my bedroom, and slipped on a t-shirt, shorts, and my New Balance shoes before heading to the fitness room for a quick two miles on the treadmill. I worked out distractedly, pondering whether Steve would want to continue our bi explorations, or would he consider it a one time thing.

When I returned, I dropped my sweaty clothes on my bed, strolling into the bathroom to shower. Steve was just emerging, naked and dripping wet. He came towards me, pulling me close in a ‘bro hug.’ We held the hug for a second, our cocks bumping, as his hand caressed my ass in a way that told me he wanted more, too.

“You smell great,” I said, as our eyes met.

“So do you!” He answered, “Like sex!”

Smiling, I let my hand brush over his cockhead as I moved to the shower.

Not wanting to be the last to arrive for our meetings, we rushed to get dressed, headed to the car, and sped to the plant where the team was convening.

The day dragged on. Steve and I were assigned to separate break-out groups, but I saw that he was partnered with the local plant manager, Phillippe, who had mentored me as a new hire. I was glad that someone was helping ‘the new guy’ but I was not a big fan of Phillippe after he had recruited away my maintenance engineer with an overly generous job offer. Our relationship was strained since that maneuver.

At lunch, Steve and I joined up at the cafeteria line, and I asked how he was doing.

“Hard to concentrate,” he sighed, “I’m fucking horny for your cock!”

“Great minds think alike,” I replied, as we searched for a table.

As we sat, Phillippe and another manager joined us. I glanced at Phillippe and noticed how tired and worn out he looked, probably some drama going on in his life. I had heard through the gaziantep escort rumor mill that he had some sort of messy break-up. We said little to each other, as all conversation was directed at the whole group. Lunch couldn’t end soon enough, and we went back to our meetings.

The day’s meetings ended by 4pm, and we all met up at the local steakhouse for our one company-sponsored meal. Steve and I squeezed into a booth next to each other, our legs touching. I felt my cock stirring just from his proximity. We both inhaled our meals and, when one of the VP’s asked if we wanted to join him and some of our co-workers for drinks, Steve and I declined, making the excuse that we had to work up notes from the day’s meetings for our teams back home.

I drove back to the apartment, stopping briefly so I could get snacks at a convenience store and Steve could grab allergy meds. Once inside, went separate directions, as I dropped the snacks in the kitchenette and he took his pharmacy bag into his room. When I turned the corner towards the bedrooms, he was there, reaching out and pulling me close…dropping to his knees…and unbuckling my khakis…unzipping the fly…sliding them down…and pulling my erection into his mouth.

I was swooning with pleasure as my friend worshipped my cock, but I wanted to prolong the ecstacy. I reached down and guided Steve to his feet.

“Let’s shower,” I whispered, my mouth dry and head spinning.

We finished disrobing as the water warmed up and slipped into the allover shower. I pulled him to me, our heads on each other’s shoulders, and we slowly started swaying, grinding together, our cocks at attention now, our chests pressed tight, hands around each other.

We separated and he grabbed the liquid soap, sharing some with me, then filling his hand. I started lathering his chest as Steve dropped his soapy hand to cradle my balls, slowly stroking my cock. My hands slid down to his cock, balls…returning the pleasure. Our moans echoed in the shower stall.

I slid my hands back up his hairy chest, to his shoulders, where I gently turned him so his back was facing me. My soapy hands slid down his back, to his ass cheeks. I moved closer, and rubbed my face on Steve’s shoulders, my five o’clock shadow lightly scratching him. One hand slid between his cheeks as I soaped his crack, my fingers journeying through the hair just above his asshole, then finding it.

Steve braced himself against the shower wall as I played with his tight hole, rubbing two fingers on either side of it…then circling it with my middle finger. I grabbed the liquid soap, pouring some straight down his crack, then rubbed it, pressing my finger, just the tip, innnnnnnn…

Steve’s moans and exclamations charged up my level of passion and lust for my friend. I knelt down, and pulled his ass to my face, running my tongue up and down his soapy crack…then poking at his puckered asshole. As I rubbed my rough tongue over it, I reached around to stroke his cock, driving him even crazier.

Not wanting to get him off too soon, I stopped, standing up and turning him around. Taking both of our cocks in my hand, rubbing them, I whispered, “let’s finish washing and go to bed!”

Steve lathered my body, making sure he paid just enough attention to my ass, balls, cock and all over, to have me soooooooo aroused. We pulled each other close once again, as the shower washed over us, two men, arms wrapped tightly, feelings strong for each other.

Steve shut the water off and we grabbed bath towels as we held hands, walking into his room. I sidled up to him, whispering in his ear, “Want to 69?”

All he could do is smile, letting out a “mmmmmmmm” as he settled onto the bed. I propped pillows against the headboard and sat against them.

“”I’m hungry for your ass!” I told him, guiding him to straddle me so I could devote my attention to his winking hole. As my tongue began lashing at it, his mouth surrounded my cock, devouring it. I beban licking his hole, his perineum, between his balls…as he caressed my balls…and began fingering my tight hole… The feeling of my cock in his mouth…and his finger in my ass…had me on the edge…when he stopped!

I watched as Steve rolled to his side, his big cock bobbing as he went across the room to retrieve the bag from the pharmacy. He reached in, and pulled out a box of condoms, and some lube.

“James, I want you to fuck me,” he said, as he opened the box and slid out a condom. I slipped off the bed, taking the condom, unwrapping it and slipping it on my cock.

“Lie down Steve, on your back,” I said, as I looked deep in his eyes.

My friend was about to give himself to me in a way that he had never relinquished control before, and I was going to make it as pleasurable as I could. I moved down between his legs, and lowered my head to his chest, sucking his nipple… biting…tugging it in my teeth…one…then the other…as my hand circled his cock, my fingers barely reaching each other…and stroked him.

Kissing down over his tummy, past his cock, I licked…sucked his balls…the base of his cock…up to the tip…tasting his precum…then back down…down…lifting his legs, exposing his asshole…and kissing it, circling it with my tongue…still stroking, gently twisting his cock…

I rose up on my knees, took the lube and poured some on my cock…then leaned close…taking it in my hand, and gently pressing it to his virgin hole…pushing my cockhead in…as my eyes met his…and I began to fuck my friend, as I stroked him…mmmmmm…sooooooo tight…innnnnn…and almost all the way out…and innnnn…over…and over…

We were both so aroused, already on the edge of cumming even before I slid inside of him, that it didn’t take long. I pushed in halfway, feeling the inevitable…and pushed once more…and exploded, shuddering…filling the rubber inside Steve…my cock twitching…as my two hands stroked, tugged his cock…and he suddenly pushed up…cum rising and shooting from his cock, halfway up his chest.

I leaned close, my cock slipping out of him, so I could catch the second spurt of Steve’s jizz, letting it land on my lips, just before I could take his cock between them, sucking it deeply, feeling and tasting the last waves from it.

Both of us spent, I laid down on Steve, our hearts racing, inhaling his scent, rubbing his hairy chest, circling his nipples. “Wow!” was all I could manage.

“Wow, back at ya!” Steve whispered.

We laid like that for the longest time, and each napped, holding each other, knowing that we only had one more night away from reality to explore these desires.