Business Lunch


It was just the usual lunch with the guys at work when Jeff noticed her.

Check out the M.I.L.F. 3 o’clock, He blurted a bit too loud.

I didn’t know who it was at first I just felt a petite woman brush by me her perfume leaving feminine floral scent behind her. Turning my head instinctively I saw tan muscled legs in sheer black hose leading into a tight formal black skirt. Her hips were full and round, so tight was her dress that I could clearly see the distinctive lines of french cut panties. My thoughts instantly turned toward sex. Then she suddenly turned to face me.

“Jase?” she said.

Startled I looked up to find it was Christie I was ogling.

“Oh hey Chris, what are you doing here” I said quickly trying to cover the fact I was just busted checking her out.

“Oh, I’m just having lunch with a client, which reminds me. We need to get together sometime, it’s been forever.”

Her voice leading me to believe she knew nothing of my impure thoughts.

“Yeah, definitely.” I said assuming nothing would come of it.

“What about next Thursday?” she chirped.

“Sounds great,” I responded, “I’m in all week, just Email me.”

I waved as she disappeared into the crowd her soft brown hair bouncing as she walked.

“I bet she was hot back in the day,” said Jeff.

“What?” I thought. “back in the day”? I guess she is a bit older but that woman is beautiful. He must be crazy.

“Yeah, she’s one hell of a MILF” I told him.

“She’s married right, can you imagine her wedding night?” Jeff quipped.

“Yes, I can.” I responded emphatically.

We finished up our lunch and headed back to the office, my mind still reeling with the memory of how her thick tight ass twitched as she walked. I made a quick excuse and turned into the men’s room before heading to my desk. Hoping for some quick relief I ducked in and quietly closed the door. Looking into the mirror I unbuckled my belt and lowered the zipper letting my slacks fall to the floor. I stood for a moment and studied my cock. I imagined what Christie would say if she knew what I was doing right now. I reached down and began to slowly pump myself. Closing my eyes, I drifted off into her arms, my hands became hers as she held me from behind jacking me off. Suddenly, I heard a knock at the door.

“Hello, anyone in there” the unknown voice asked.

“Um yeah, I’ll be out in a minute” I replied.

The moment was lost I simply zipped up and went back to my desk. I spent the rest of the afternoon frustrated and horny, too afraid to try my sneaky jerk session again. Just as I was about to log out and head home an Email popped up. It was Christie, she said she enjoyed seeing me today and she hoped I enjoyed seeing her too. I couldn’t tell is she was alluding to my staring at her ass or if it was just friendly banter. I assumed the later. She went on to say she’d meet me in the lobby next Thursday at noon and for me to find a place I wanted to eat. I sent back a quick reply, “I enjoyed seeing you very much, and I’ll find us a good spot by then. See you next week.”

Driving home through rush hour I kept myself entertained by making up little fantasies of Christie. Every scenario ended up with her in some form of lingerie and me naked. Each time the car stopped I gave my semi-hard member a few slow pulls. After more than an hour of this “on the road” tease I arrived in my garage. I drove in and closed the door behind me allowing the darkness to envelop the car. I stepped out into the darkness and stretched, allowing my body to unfold. The only sounds audible were the car simmering and cooling from the drive. I was so worked up I stripped completely nude right there leaving a pile of clothes in the corner. I was totally exposed, standing alone on the cool hard floor. I could finally finish what I started way back after lunch. I walked around to the front of the car and leaned the bumper. There in the pitch black of the room, I allowed myself to simply enjoy my cock. I could feel my chest tighten as my heart rate increased. Using both hands, I eagerly milked myself. This time I was going to cum and all I cared about was doing so. I freed one hand from my shaft and reached down to fondle my balls. That was all it took. As I came the stress of the entire day poured from my cock. It pulsed in my hand cum leapt away from me. I could hear a soft splatter hitting the concrete beneath my feet. Once the haze of lust cleared. I carefully stepped over the unseen mess, picking up my clothes before entering the house.

It wasn’t until Wednesday evening that I remembered my lunch with Christie. I was folding laundry and looking through clothes for the next day Holding up my jockeys and had a naughty little thought. Why not go commando? That way if I get the chance I can give myself a little rub under the table while chatting with Chris. I chuckled to myself. “What the hell,” I said aloud. The next day came and I was busy as hell. All I had time for was work, I thought little Escort of Chris or the impending meeting. In fact was so busy I forgot about her entirely until my phone rang.

“Hello, Jase Conner,” I said in my best business voice.

“Hey Jase! Did you find a nice spot for lunch?” Christie’s voice was as chipper and fresh like she was.

“Sure,” I replied, “there’s a little Italian place I’ve always wanted to try out”

“Great, see you in a few.” she said.

I rushed to get my work done, not wanting to be rushed to get back. All the while my heart was beating like a first date with the anticipation of seeing her again. Looking out from my second floor window I watched her car pull up, she stepped out and walked across the parking lot. Christie is in her mid 40’s and true to Jeff’s comments; she must have been hot “back in the day” because she sure was hot now. About 5’2″ with short brown hair and strong muscled legs capped by that near perfect ass. She had a swagger when she walked that made heads turn. Some women just know how to work heels and Christie is one of those women. She has a kind of bouncy strut that screams of sex. She wore a loose white silk blouse that aplayed with her tits as they wobbled back and forth. I was hypnotized with every step. I finally shook myself free of her spell and took a few minutes to gather myself before heading downstairs.

She was already seated in the lobby when I came around the corner. She rose as I approached her and as she did I got a clear view of her panties. She had on a shiny black thong that showed above her slacks. Being fan of women in panties I was impressed to say the least and was almost caught staring again. I stumbled slightly on the chair as I rounded it loosing my balance. Without underwear my cock swayed loosely in my pants. The friction from my clumsiness combined with the image of Christie’s thong caused my cock to grow rapidly. Without thinking I turned to give her the usual hug, but this time I unconsciously ground my now rigid cock into her thigh. I was as startled as she was. We both sort of stepped back. The normal easy rhythm of conversation paused for a moment. She finally broke the silence,

“You ready?” She asked.

“Definitely” I said.

Her car was one of those low sporty two door Mercedes that I always wanted. I sat down in my side and as she lowered herself in I caught a view that thong again. “It’s beautiful,” I said, referring to the car but looking at that her panties.

She must have noticed because she asked, “What, the car?”

I just smiled and said, “Yeah, what did you think I meant?”

She just shook her head playfully. Once at the restaurant she walked up to the door as I lagged behind trying to get a better view of her as she moved. She wore low-rise tan slacks with strappy black heels that showed off her amazing rear. The loose fitting top was semi sheer and her lacy black bra was quite visible. I enjoyed just being with her. Just being seen with a beauty like that is a thrill. As we waited for our table we fell into the usual conversation.

“So how are the kids?” I asked.

“Argh! running me ragged, I don’t even have time to go to the gym any more” she responded.

Amazed I said, “That’s impossible with a body like yours?”

I stood back a little allowing myself to openly gaze at her.

“You really think so?” she said as she twisted as if trying to see herself.

“Jim, seems to think I need to lose a few pounds” she added.

This is where I wish I could have said something smooth, but I froze. I was simply struck by her. How could she not see what I saw or her lazy ass husband for that matter? Here before me stood the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known, the object of my most fervent fantasies, and she couldn’t see how absolutely stunning she was. Once we got to our table things calmed down a bit. We basically just chatted about common friends and our respective families, and her kids. It seemed she had forgotten about the cock/thigh incident. The lunch hour was over all too quickly, and she stood up to pay our bill; it was a business call after all. As she did I leaned in to get another view bra. It was a very lacy demi cup that held her perfect B cups with care.

Refreshed and happy we headed for the car. While driving our way back to the office she mentioned what a beautiful day it was and how sad it was we had to go back to work. This is where this average day became something special.

“Let’s not go back,” I said.

“Really, what should we do then?” she said with a hint of naughtiness.

“Do you still have a pool?” I asked hopefully.

“Oh sure, this time of day the water is really warm too” she answered.

“C’mon let’s do it, I don’t want to go back,” I replied my heart jumping out of my chest.

Christie, just looked at me smiled and said, “You sure you can do this?” her voice starting to crack.

“As long as you don’t mind me swimming in my shorts, or naked” I hoped she would say something about the “naked” part but instead she mentioned. Her oldest was about my size and I could wear his trunks.

“That’ll work,” I said nervously.

Her house was just outside the city and not far from the office so it took only a few minutes to get there. We filled the brief time with comments about “playing hooky” and how beautiful the day was. We pulled up in her driveway, and what a beautiful place it was. A well kept little rancher surrounded by lush landscaping. The perfect cover I thought, already scheming. I knew this was my chance. As we started to walk towards the house she began to fumble with her keys. I glanced over and saw her nipples creating little points on her blouse. Could this woman really be into me, I thought? Once inside she showed me toward her son’s room and began looking through his drawers for his swimsuit. All the while bending at the waist showing off that impossible backside of hers. It was all too much for me, my cock was literally throbbing and I was drunk with lust.

“Here it is, she said turning suddenly.

Her eyes dropped to my obviously erection. She held the shorts up to me only inches from my aching manhood. Then without a word she handed me the shorts and headed toward the door.

Finally looking over her shoulder said, “take your time, I’ll meet you out back”

Every cell of my body was shaking with anticipation, I didn’t know what was next but I knew at the very least I was going to get to see Chris in some form of swimwear. I slid into the shorts, they were a bit tight but manageable. Before I left I took a quick peek in the mirror to gather myself. Everything checked out, except a very visible painfully hard cock stretching my shorts. “Well here goes,” I said to myself.

Stepping outside for the first time I was surprised to find she had already laid out two towels and a bottle of tanning oil. I pulled up a lounge and laid out my towel carefully. Standing next to the pool I poured a bit of oil in my hand. The warm sensation of it made me think of masturbation.

“Want some help?” Christie said as she stepped from the house.

I was stunned. She was more incredible than I imagined, she looked perfect. She was wearing deliciously small black string bikini, thin white cords tied at the hips with silver caps at the ends that rattled when she walked. Her small perky breasts were loosely held by tiny triangles of shiny black cloth. She left her hair up and heels on, which made her look like a swimsuit model.

She must not have understood my reaction because she asked, “What’s wrong, does it make me look fat?”

“That’s impossible,” I said.

she suddenly changed the subject, “Can you reach your back?”

Before I could answer she said, “Here, let me help.”

Sauntering over to me. I reluctantly turned giving her access to my back. I remember the sound of her heels as the clicked across the cement, closer and closer. As she reach around me to pick the bottle off the table her breast pressed firmly into my back. I let out a quiet sigh, feeling her still stiff nipple poking into me. She raised her self slowly finally separating us. I could hear her whisper to herself before squeezing the oil into her hands.

“C’mon Christie, just do it.” she said almost inaudibly.

“This suit is a little small for you isn’t it,” Christie’s voice now somewhat forced.

“Yeah, I guess so,” is all I could say.

Her soft slick hands began to rub my back, I could feel her long manicured nails dig into me.

“Amazing,” I said without thinking.

“What is?” Christie said shyly.

“Just keep going,” I begged her.. “please”

Her hands pushed harder into me, sliding down my back. Her touch was both soothing and sensual. She had small delicate fingers that followed the rise and fall of my lean frame as they moved. She paused for more oil, and told me to lie down so she could get to my shoulders. I found my towel covered chaise and eased my body face down into the warm cloth. Christie’s heels clicked as she stepped one leg over me.

Once standing there she quipped, “You look pretty amazing yourself”

“Mmmm,” I was too aroused to speak.

Her hands touched me again as pleasure oozed through me. Slowly they worked up and down my back, releasing every bastion of tension left within me.

Breaking the brief silence, “I saw you checking me out last week” she admitted.

“Did you like what you saw?” She said.

“I couldn’t get you out of my head. When I got back to work I had to ja…” catching myself, I continued, “get some work done.”

She let out a little gasp, and whispered to herself again.

“Why don’t you loosen these shorts a little so I can get some lotion on your sides” Christie seemed to be following a unseen script.

I reached under myself and untied the knot. Her small hands began to make increasingly lower circles down my back. Eventually at my butt and then after a moment, she just kept going. I was totally enslaved by my lust for her. The trunks slipped down with each pass eventually exposing my entire backside.

She slowly came to a stop and told me to “turn over,” her voice was forceful and direct.

I did as I was told exposing my condition to her. She stood back with her arms at her sides, staring. My cock was rigid and dripping with precum. As brightness of the sun blinded me, I could see only her shadow.

“We don’t need those anymore” she said, pointing at my suit.

“Look, here’s the deal Jase” she cooed, “I think you like me, but you have to be quiet about all this. I can’t have my neighbors gossiping about some 20 year old boy at my house, do you understand?”

I was still in a state of shock and arousal, so I simply nodded.

“OK, lay back” she said with a lilt, “I think I know what you want.”

She slid her thumbs into the strings of her bikini and stepped out of her bottoms. Leaving her top and heels on she walked back over to me, her hands were shaking a little. Kneeling beside me she reached over and spread her hands across my flat stomach then ran them down my thighs carefully avoiding me cum seeping cock. She rubbed my upper thighs and kept her eyes glued to my erection, only taking quick glances up at me to make sure I was still OK with this. After she was satisfied I was sufficiently hard, she ran one fingernail up my shaft causing it to jump and sway.

“Argh” I moaned.

“Keep it down Jase, my neighbor might be home.” She chided.

Again she lightly stroked my aching tool, letting it dance for her in the hard sun. Then she put her hand firmly around the head.

“Is that good?” she whispered.

I nodded. She began to pump me, slowly at first then faster. Constantly asking if I liked that or mentioning what a great cock I had. Just as I was about to explode she stopped and tightly squeezed the base of my cock.

“Not yet” she teased.

“Do you like to eat pussy?” Christie said as she swiftly straddled my face.

“Get it good and wet,” she pleaded.

Leaving my dick alone she placed her hands on her knees and ground her closely trimmed cunt into my chin. I raised my hands and pulled her hips into me savoring all she would offer. It wasn’t long before she pulled her hips off me. My face shiny with her juice she smiled as she spun around, lowering herself on my aching cock. I watched as she eased her sweet hips down on me, I gasped again loudly.

“Fuck the neighbors,” I thought.

Taking me to the hilt I could feel her full weight on my thighs. Without a word she began to rhythmically pound into me, taking the full length of my shaft with each stroke. Leaning over she placed her hands on my chest. Christie began to moan uncontrollably as her ass slapped against me. I wasn’t going to last long and told her so. With that she increased her speed and began to emit a stream of commands and cursing that made her seem possessed.

“Oh shit that’s good,” “C’mon fuck me, fuck my pussy” Hearing her light girlie voice say these things sent me into overdrive.

I grabbed her at the waist and pulled her into me. She grunted her approval, begging me to cum for her. Her eyes shut tightly and her mouth opened in a silent scream as I finally reached my climax rushing all the cum I had inside her. She held herself still for a few moments before slowly sliding up and down my shaft a few last times, causing our juices to run down my cock onto my thighs. She collapsed on my chest her perfect little tits heaving on my chest. We didn’t speak for what seemed forever, as I slowly fell asleep with an angel on top of me

My eyes opened to a much different sun. Long thin shadows reached across the pavement. It was late afternoon and Chris had just rolled to my side. She was kneeling now staring at me examining me. Her top was pulled to the sides allowing her tiny stiff nipples to reach toward the sun. She gently bit her lower lip and began to silently milk my cock to life. She bent over and lightly ran her tongue over the soft glazed head. I looked down in time to see her take in my full length with one fluid motion. I watched as my shaft pressed against her cheek. I groaned my approval. Her light brown hair danced on my chest sending goose bumps down my thighs. I contorted myself to admire those full hips and thighs as they swayed with each gyration. That’s when she began to really suck me. She seemed anxious for my orgasm. I raised my hips up to meet her lips. I could hear her coo approval as she mixed in her hand as well. It only took a few firm strokes and I was cumming again. She made this sexy little surprised kind of moan as she swallowed me. She held there for a moment allowing me to soften slightly. With great concentration she slowly pumped me then pulled her head away leaving me smooth and clean.

“We have to go,” Christie said with a broad smile.

I watched her walk across the concrete then stop to pick up her long lost bottoms. Bending over at the waist for full effect she looked back at me, and said, “By the way, what’s a milf?”