Business Trip


It started as a usual business trip to Milwaukee. I travel a few times a year with for my job and was not looking forward to the trip as I would probably miss a holiday with my wife. I am in my forties and am happily married. I married a woman with two children from a previous marriage and adopted them as my own. Our daughter grew up to be a beautiful woman and watching her grow was a pleasure to me.

I spoiled her from the start and she always had me wrapped around her finger. Anything she wanted was given to her if I could get it. My means did not always match her wants but I think she knew I gave her everything I could. As I got older and was able to give her things even without her mother knowing I gave in to her.

As she grew we became more like friends and she confided in me all the things a young girl would to her friend. I answered all her questions about relationships and sex openly and honestly. When questioned about my experiences, I always was open and honest to help her become a well rounded individual.

Enough about the past. The Trip.

After arriving in Milwaukee for the meeting, I received a call from Ajay saying she was in town on business also and had arranged to stay at the same hotel. We met for drinks and a light dinner to just chat. She was drinking a bit more than usual and seemed preoccupied. I told her I was not drinking much tonight because I had a presentation in the morning and excused myself to go to my room. She was getting stares from every man in the room including me. She could be a model with her blonde hair and beautiful green eyes that attract everyone that sees them. The truth was that I could not wipe the thoughts of her out of my mind and knew that I could not sit across from her and hide my erection for much longer. Even in a pair of slacks and blouse she exudes a special sexuality Gümüşhane Escort that cannot be missed.

After getting to my room and preparing for the next day, I had just settled on the bed to relax, watch some television and relieve my aching cock. There was a knock at the door. I slipped on a pair of pajama pants and peeked outside to discover my daughter. I invited her in and asked what was the matter? She explained that some guys had tried to pick her up at the hotel bar and she wanted to leave but was not ready for bed. She asked if she could watch TV with me for a while. Of course I said yes to my angel and she surprised me by going to the bathroom and changing into one of my dress shirts to lay on the bed and watch TV.

I could hardly hide my erection as we lay on the bed and watched as she scanned the channels. As she grew up she would sit in the floor in front of me and I would massage her shoulders to help her relax. I began to rub her shoulders and she commented on how good it felt. I told her I would give her a massage and she rolled to her stomach to allow it.

As I began to rub her shoulders I felt her begin to relax and enjoy it. I rubbed her shoulders and worked my way down her back. As I got to the small of her back I noticed that her shirt had ridden up and the bottom of her ass was exposed. She was not wearing panties! My erection became stiffer than it had ever been. I didn’t want her to see this but knew if she looked my way there would be no denying it. My instinct began to take over and I knew I had to continue.

I moved down to her feet and began to message them. I had some lube set aside for my solo action when she came to the door and began to apply that to her feet. She moaned and that was just a signal to continue up her legs with my manipulations. As I massaged her feet and Gümüşhane Escort Bayan calves I worked my way in between her legs and was ecstatic to see her spread them to allow me a perfect view of her sweet pussy. I could see she was excited by the hint of moisture glistening on her lips. I continued to work my way up her legs and she again opened her legs to allow me access to her creamy thighs.

I resisted the impulse to reach for her pussy and continued up her legs to her now exposed buttocks. As I worked my hands over her ass she moaned and her eyes were closed. I continued up her back and worked her shirt higher and higher. As my hands reached her shoulders again I worked down her sides and rubbed the sides of her breast.

She raised a little at this so I knew that it was now or never and slowly slipped her shirt up over her head. She was now completely naked under me and I was about to orgasm from just looking at her naked on the bed. She was so beautiful. I put more lotion on my hand and continue my attention on her back. As I did this I rubbed her sides and she raised a little to allow me access to her breast. This was the last signal I needed as I began to rub and pinch her nipples from behind. I continued this for a minute listening to her moan before continuing my hands down her back.

As I worked my way down her back I used one hand to remove my pants. My cock had to be free. At this point I am sure she could feel it rub against her leg. After rubbing on her wonderful ass I just could not resist any longer. I lowered my mouth to her ass and began kissing and licking her cheeks to her moans. I worked my tongue between her cheeks and began to lick her tight asshole. This caused a loud moan from her and immediately I could smell the juices from her pussy. I continued to lick and tongue her ass Escort Gümüşhane as I put a finger in her pussy. It was the hottest and wettest pussy I had ever felt. I had to have a taste.

I licked my way down to her pussy and she raised up to give me better access. As I licked her juicy pussy she raised higher and higher on her knees. I turned over on my back and now she was on all fours pressing her pussy in my face. With no one touching my cock it was leaking pre cum like a faucet from her wonderful taste. I worked two fingers in her pussy and began to tease her asshole with another finger. Her ass moved to meet my finger so I inserted one and then two fingers when she responded positively.

As I clamped down on her clit with my mouth and licked for all I was worth she bucked wildly above me. All of a sudden she yelled, “If you want my ass you better take it now” I was not about to pass on that offer and immediately spun around to take her ass. I grabbed her hips and shoved my dick in her pussy for a couple of stokes to get it lubed for her tight ass. It took all my will to pull out of her juicy pussy but knew I had to have her ass before I exploded. I held her hips and immediately plunged my cock in her lovely brown hole. HEAVEN! It was as if it was made just for me. I pumped my dick in her as fast as I could and she met me stroke for stroke. I knew that I would love her for the rest of my life and could never have a better experience.

I could not hold myself from coming for as long as I would have liked but she was just too good. I pushed in to my balls one last time and emptied them deep in her. I thought the spasms would never end but they ended too soon for me. I pulled out and spun her on her back to clamp my lips on her pussy and suck for all I was worth. She grabbed my hair and pulled me to her pussy with all her strength. Her clit was engorged and swollen the way I love as she bucked wildly on my face. I only hope that her orgasm was half as good as mine.

If I live to be 100, I know I will never have that great of an experience for the rest of my life. She is my angel and I love her more every day.