Business Trip


My boss had sent me to Brighton at short notice as she decided at the last minute that she didn’t want to go. Apparently she had something better to do. The fact that it was my birthday didn’t seem to bother her too much. I usually liked the chance to get away for a couple of days as I’d sneak in some of the wife’s sexier things in my bags and spend my evenings in my room all dressed up and nowhere to go. But this time I would be missing out on spending quality time with Suzy. We’d only been married three years so we still made the effort when it came to birthdays. I had thought of bringing Suzy along to Brighton, but she couldn’t get the time off at such short notice.

So that was why I was sitting in the hotel bar getting more and more drunk. The company would be picking up the tab so I’d started on the malt whisky which always went down to quickly. I was just thinking about heading to the restaurant for something to eat when I noticed a stunning blonde walking in. She had the Dolly Partons about here, you know, big hair. Big blue eyes. Big red lips. Big breasts. Really big breasts. And long, long legs in the shortest of skirts. All perched on the highest of come fuck me shoes. Wow, this lady was hot.

I’d like to say that the bar went quiet as she walked in to the bar as everyone turned to look at her, but that wouldn’t be true. I was in the bar by myself so it was just me staring at her.

This vision of sex looked all around the bar then settled her gaze on me and walked straight up to me.

“You must be Chris?”

“I wish I was. I’m Vinny”

“Damn. They said to meet Chris here at 7. Do you mind if I sit with you whilst I wait?”

Did I mind having the sexiest girl I’ve seen in the flesh sitting with me? Hell no.

With that she sat down on the bar stool next to me and slowly crossed one long nylon-clad leg over the other. I couldn’t help but notice the top of her stockings poking in to view. From my vantage point I also had an eyeful of her cleavage struggling inside her tight top.

“By the way, I’m Nikki.”

“Well Nikki, let me buy you a drink whilst you wait.”

As the company was paying for it I ordered some champagne and filled the two glasses that the barman had left on the bar. I’m usually tongue-tied with women but as I’d already drained a few drams I had more confidence than normal. Besides, it looked like Nikki was either on a blind date or was an escort. It looked like Chris was a going to be a lucky boy tonight.

We sat chatting and drunk our way through the bottle of champers and no one who looked like they might be Chris turned up.

“Well it doesn’t look like Chris is showing up does it?”

“No. Looks like I’ve wasted my time tonight.”

“Why don’t you join me for something to eat Nikki? It’s my birthday and I hate to eat on my own. Besides, the company is picking up the tab.”

“Okay Vinny, why not?”

We got up and headed for the restaurant. By now there were people in the bar and this time the eyes did follow Nikki as we walked through the bar. I have to say I let her walk in front of me so I’d get a good look at her ass as it weaved from side to side on those monster heels. Chris was a fool!

Over dinner we worked our way through another bottle of champagne and talked like we’d known each other for ever.

At the end of the meal I popped in to the gents to gather my senses. Should I make a move on this gorgeous girl? She was well out of my league but we seemed to be hitting it off. Why not? I decided I’d try my luck when I got to the table.

But when I got back to the table it was empty. Perhaps she’d gone to the ladies. I waited five minutes but no sign of her. I waved the waiter over and asked if he knew where the lady had gone.

“Sorry sir. She left whilst you were in the Gents. Is there a problem?”

No problem. Oh well. Another lonely night in my room … on my own … on my birthday.

On my way back to the room I grabbed a bottle of red wine to keep my company through to bed time. As I staggered to my room I was thinking about Suzy and perhaps I should give her a call before bed time as I felt a little guilty about the unfaithful thoughts I’d been having about Nikki. After the call I wouldn’t feel quite so bad and I’d lie in bed and dream of the lovely lady I’d spent the evening with.

I opened the door and had the biggest surprise. There she was, sitting in my chair.

“Hi Vinny. How would you like to unwrap me for your birthday present?”

It wasn’t my lovely wife Suzy, but the sexy Nikki. I was a little lost for words but fortunately my hormones took over. I put the wine down, walked across the room and pulled Nikki up to meet me. I know I shouldn’t but this girl, who I’d only just met, had put herself on a plate for me.

We kissed deeply and I couldn’t keep my hands off her kaynarca escort body. I’ve never been a breast man but I could make an exception with Nikki’s boobs. I popped them out of her low top as they didn’t need much assistance. Her nipples were equally huge and standing to attention. I suckled on one of her big tits whilst squeezing the other. Nikki leaned back and began moaning. As I was suckling her she was ripping my shirt off of me.

“I shouldn’t be doing this Nikki. I’ve never slept with another girl since I met Suzy.”

“Don’t worry Vinny. I can be our little secret. I want to fuck you senseless. Don’t you want me?”

Well, how could I do nothing. I’d like to blame it on the booze, but in reality I know that if I’d been stone cold sober and Suzy was in the next room I’d still be wanting to make love to this girl.

From there it became a bit of a blur. Before I knew it I had pulled Nikki’s top off leaving her in her short, short skirt, her stockings and her frighteningly high heels. I had got rid of my shirt, shoes and socks and was just about to pull of my trousers. It was then I remembered that I was in a pair of Suzy’s silk French knickers. What would Nikki think when she found out that I liked to dress in women’s underwear?

Nikki got down on her knees and yanked my trousers down my legs.

“Oh my Vinny, what cute knickers you’re wearing. Is that why you’ve been playing hard to get all night?”

She leaned forward and stroked by cock through the cool material. My erection was getting harder by the second. As Nikki stroked my cock with one hand the other was probing the read of my panties. Slowly Nikki pulled my cock over the top of the panties and kissed the tip. As she looked up at me she ran her tongue around the tip of my cock lapping up the pre-cum.

“Looks like you’ve been having dirty thoughts Vinny. So much pre-cum. What would your little wife say if she knew you were having your cock sucked by a dirty little slut?”

God this girl was getting me hot. As she swallowed my cock she was fingering my ass. Suzy had never fingered me before. She’d only sucked me once and that was on our honeymoon. Even then she told me never to expect to get another one from here. She’d not been able to swallow my whole cock. But soon Nikki’s lips were brushing against my balls, leaving her red lipstick all along my shaft. This girl was good.

“Jesus Nikki that feels good. Oh! Nikki! Please stop. I’m going to cum …”

Rather than releasing my erection, Nikki stuck a second finger in to my ass and started humming. The vibration around my cock was too much. I couldn’t hold back any more. As I was cumming Nikki pulled back a little so that just my cockhead was left in her mouth. I don’t think I’ve cum that much since I was a 15 year-old school boy.

When I finished cumming, Nikki let my cock drop out of her mouth and she tucked it back inside my knickers. She stood up and smiled at me.

“That was just the most amazing thing ever Nikki. Thanks so much.”

Nikki grabbed my face and started kissing me. Her tongue was still covered in my thick white cum. I have to say it was the sexiest thing ever to have a horny girl forcing my cum in to my mouth and I was soon sucking her tongue fighting to taste as much of my cum as possible.

“You seem to be liking the taste of cum Vinny. Is that your first time?” I just nodded. “I bet it won’t be your last will it? Are you ready to fuck now Vinny? I really need to fuck.”

“You’ll have to give me a few minutes Nikki. You’ve just emptied my balls!”

“I’m sure we can think of something to do whilst we wait. Those panties really turn me on. I love a man who likes to explore his female tendencies. Here, see how turned on it gets me.”

Nikki held my hand and pushed it beneath her skirt and inside her panties. I was expecting to find a sexy wet pussy … but instead my fingers found what was unmistakably a hardening cock. I tried to withdraw my hand in shock.

“That’s right Vinny. It’s a cock. And it’s hard. You made it hard. Would you like to see it?”

I took a step back. Nikki was so pretty. She had the biggest boobs I’d ever suckled. And the longest, sexiest legs. But she also had a cock. That couldn’t be right. Nikki stepped out of her skirt and her panties were definitely hiding a cock … a big cock. I looked back at her face. Nikki just smiled as I dropped to my knees and I lowered her knickers.

“That’s right Vinny, taste my cock. Make it nice and hard.”

Nervously I poked out my tongue and licked the tip of her cock. This was the first time I’d seen a cock this close up. I wasn’t sure I would be able to make Nikki happy but once I started stroking it and put the head in my mouth it seemed that Nikki was enjoying it. I’d love to say I was a natural cock sucker but I was listening to küçükyalı escort what Nikki was telling me to do.

“Suck my head Vinny. Use your teeth and keep stroking it. Put my balls in your mouth and suck them. I need a finger in my ass Vinny. Stroke my legs. I love feeling a man running his hands up and down my silky stockings. Can you swallow my cock Vinny? Oh that’s good for your first time. Breath through your nose Honey.”

When she stopped giving me instructions I thought I must be doing something right. Soon Nikki was thrusting her cock in to my mouth as I just kneeled there with my mouth wide open. Suddenly Nikki took a step back grabbed her cock and sprayed her cum all over my upturned face. I kept my mouth wide open to catch as much as possible. But most of her cum went all over my face. Up my nose, in my eyes, in my hair. As she stopped cumming I grabbed hold of her cock and fed in back in to my mouth to clean it all up. When it was clean Nikki dropped to her knees and licked her cum off of my face.

“Not bad for a first time Vinny. Shall we start on that wine now?”

As I turned around to pick up the wine Nikki gave me a friendly slap on my ass.

“You’ve got a great ass for a man Vinny. Perhaps we should get you dressed up a little more.”

“Well I’ve got more of Suzy’s clothes in my bag. I’ve never shared this with anyone before, but after what we’ve just done my boundaries seem to be changing real quick.”

As I found a couple of cups to pour the wine in to Nikki was going through my bag to see what I’d brought with me.

“Corset, very nice. Black tights, red tights and tan tights. All very sheer! Black lacy top. Leather mini skirt. Looks like your Suzy’s a bit of a slut on the quiet.”

“Not really. I bought here these in the hop I could get her to wear them. She’s worn them a couple of times but only to keep me happy. It’s not really her thing unfortunately. I don’t think she’ll notice that they’re missing. I even bought her a black latex catsuit but she refused to wear it saying it was a step too far. Shame really as I got her some knee high boots to go with it.”

“More the fool her. Here, let’s get you dressed up in these things and then we can have a long fuck.”

This was the best birthday ever. I’d finally found someone who wanted to share my love of dressing in slutty clothes. I was soon dressed in the Suzy clothes. The corset held me in beneath the lacy top. The skirt felt so good as it slid up my legs, rustling against the sheer black tights. It was a good jog that the tights were holding my cock tightly to hide the bulge in my skirt.

“We need to sort your face out now.”

With that Nikki started working on my face. She used her make-up to paint my eyes as slutty as hers. Deep red blusher on my cheeks and then the red lipstick to match her lovely lips.

“And the finishing touch. I always carry spare eyelashes.”

Okay, I was no Marilyn Monroe, but I looked presentable. If I could do something with the hair I could pass … in a dark club … if the clientele were a little drunk … but I could just about pass.

“Nikki, my ultimate fantasy is to be dominated. You can tie me up if you like.”

“If you insist Vinny,” Nikki laughed, “Get on the bed you little sissy!”

I got on the bed as ordered. Nikki used the other tights in my bag to tie my wrists to the bed. She then peeled down her panties and stuffed them in my mouth. I could taste her pre-cum soaked in them. She then pulled my knickers down and pulled them over my head, blocking my vision. Finally I heard her taking her stockings off. She used them to pull my legs wide and tie them to the bed.

There I was in my wife’s slutty clothes, blind folded and gagged, tied to the bed by a girl I’d only just meant. And not any girl. Nikki had a hard cock which put mine to shame. This was the best birthday ever.

As I laid there thinking how lucky I was I felt Nikki get on the bed alongside me.

“Promise you’re not going to scream?”

I nodded and she removed her panties from my mouth.

“Are you ready for some more fun?”

“Yes Mistress. Do with me what ever you want.”

“If you’re sure Vinny.”

I felt Nikki move on the bed and I could smell her muskiness. Nikki had turned around so that her cock was hovering over my mouth. I tried to reach up and suck it on but Nikki was teasing me. She sat on my chest and started slapping her cock around my face. I could feel she was leaving her pre-cum splashed across my face. I finally managed to get it in my mouth and started sucking the tip.

“Oh that’s good sissy. Do you like to suck my cock? How does it feel to have a girl with a bigger cock than you dressing you up? Does it make you hard sissy? I bet you’d love me to fuck you wouldn’t you Sissy? Feel me sliding my cock in to sancaktepe escort your virgin ass. Pumping you with my cum. Oh, can I feel your little girly clit getting harder?”

I just nodded as I carried on sucking. Nikki was right. Yes, my cock was getting harder. Yes, I’d like to feel her cock in my ass. Yes, I’d like to have her fill me up with her cum.

Then there was a rap on the door.

“Ignore it.” I said.

“I can’t do that. It could be important.”

I felt Nikki get up from the bed and go to the door. I heard it open and a whispered conversation.

As I lay there I started to panic. Here I was in an hotel room in my wife’s clothes, tied to the bed having sex with a girl I didn’t know. This could have been a big setup and I was about to be robbed. Perhaps I was about to be setup for bribery. Perhaps I was going to be raped!

After a few seconds, which seemed like minutes, I heard the door shut and Nikki returning to the bed. I was so relieved.

“Did you get rid of them?”

“Not exactly. I’ll be with you in a while sissy. You’ll have to be quiet again.”

With that she forced her panties back in to my mouth. I was panicking again. What was going on? I then heard Nikki talking to some one soon followed by laughter.

“Yes she does look good tied up doesn’t she? Here, look at her cock under her skirt. It’s not very big is it? But she was a pretty good cock sucker. Would you like to have a taste of my cock too?”

Nikki sat down on the bed next to me as her new friend started slurping on her cock. As she leaned back her big hair started rubbing against my leg. The light touch was getting me further aroused if that were possible. Judging by Nikki’s moaning it seemed that her lover was a better cock sucker than me.

“Oh that’s the best blow job I’ve had all night,” Nikki laughed, “but now it’s your turn. I’m going to fuck your ass. Do you want me to fill your ass up with my cock?”

I can only assume that Nikki’s lover nodded in agreement. Nikki stood up and I felt her lover join me on the bed. I heard a zip being opened as I assumed that her lover was removing her skirt. This was soon followed be a low moaning. It sounded like Nikki’s lover was feeling the pain as Nikki slid in to her ass. Slowly the moans of pain turned to moans of pleasure. As the moans started to get louder her lover started to play with my legs. My cock was getting harder still listening to these to making love. Her lover reached down and released my cock from it’s nylon prison. It slapped her in the face as it sprang free, splashing her in my pre-cum. Her lips felt wonderful on my erection.

“Are you ready to feel my cum in your ass?” Nikki screamed.


Nikki’s lover’s lips left my cock as she shook to an orgasm. It seemed like Nikki and her lover had cum at the same time. My cock was standing straight up from my waist but I could smell the sex in the room. I needed to cum.

“Fuck me. Your asshole was so tight. That’s the best fuck I’ve had in ages. Now it’s your turn Vinny. Are you ready for a fucking?”

All I could do was nod. I felt my legs being untied and assumed that I was going to be released from my position. I was wrong. The girls grabbed a leg each and pushed them up against my chest, pushing my cock flat against my stomach. I then felt a hole being ripped in my tights, or more accurately in Suzy’s tights. I’d have to hope that Suzy wouldn’t notice one less pair of tights in her underwear drawer.

“Here it comes sissy. You’re going to lose your anal virginity. Are you sure you want this?”

Again I just nodded and moaned in to Nikki’s knickers. I felt a cock head rubbing against my ass hole. Slowly it eased itself in.

“Relax Vinny. It’ll be easier if you relax.”

I relaxed as much as I could. I felt the cock sliding in. Slowly it entered me further and further. Bit by bit my body was getting used to this invasion. I have to say, it started to feel good. In fact it felt so good that I started to wrap my legs around the invading body. I hooked my heels around the ass. My feet were rubbing against a shiny backside.

“Looks like sissy deserves a treat.”

With that, Nikki’s panties were removed from my mouth. I thought I was going to be rewarded a pussy to lick. Imagine my surprise when I felt a cock slapping against my cheeks. I tensed up. If there was a cock in my ass and another at my face, who was Nikki’s lover?

“What’s up sissy? What were you expecting? Perhaps it’s time to show you who’s be fucking your ass.”

With that, my knickers were removed from my head. I blinked a little to see a naked Nikki kneeling beside me with her cock poking straight at my face. I looked between my legs to see a girl in a latex catsuit with a strap-on poking between her legs thrusting away. My eyes looked up the sexy, shiny body.


“Happy birthday Vinny!”

My cock exploded all over my gorgeous wife’s corset for the first time. It’s a shame that I was wearing it at the time but I just knew that it wouldn’t be the last time that Nikki, Suzy and I would be cumming tonight.